On March 27, two flights from Singapore and Thailand will resume international routes with Da Nang after two years of Covid-19.

A representative of the Danang Department of Tourism said that two flights bringing tourists from Singapore and Thailand will land in Da Nang at 11:05 and 11:30 on March 27. The Department of Tourism and Da Nang International Terminal Investment and Operation Joint Stock Company (AHT) will organize welcoming programs for visitors.

Nine airlines have reopened 10 direct international routes to Da Nang. It is expected that on April 1, there will be flights from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Bangkok (Thailand), from Singapore on April 10 and 15, from Incheon (Korea) in April. In particular, a new route connecting Da Nang Nang with New Delhi (India) will operate from September.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Binh, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism, said that Da Nang hopes to restore its aviation like before Covid-19 with 31 international routes, including Doha (Qatar), Jakarta (Indonesia), Cebu (Philippines) )… helps connect Da Nang with major markets in the region and the world.

Next June, Da Nang cooperates with Informa Routes, UK and IPP Group to organize the Asia Route Network Development Forum, with the participation of many airlines and air travel service businesses in the region. region and the world.

On the occasion of the city’s reopening to the international sky, the Hot Air Balloon Festival will take place at the extended Bach Dang Street, in front of the expanded APEC Park with the kite symbol, located along the Han River (Hai Chau District). There will be 17 hot air balloons hovering in the sky in the center of the city. Residents and visitors can also watch a lantern show of hot air balloons from 19 to 20 with fire dragon performances, bridge blowing, and bridge building.

Miss Luong Thuy Linh, Travel Blogger Son Doan, hot TikToker brothers Long Chun and Long Be were also present at the event. Earlier on March 25 and 26, the hot air balloon festival also took place in Hoi An ancient town, in a series of events to open the National Tourism Year – Quang Nam 2022.

Da Nang welcomes its first international visitor in two years
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Dragon Bridge Da Nang spray fire – bearing desire

Danang is famous as the city of the bridges. Just a few kilometers away you can see a bridge in this city. Everyone is not the only bridges but they have unique features and unique uniqueness unmatched in any where is it in Vietnam? Dragon Bridge spitting fire – water spray is the most famous bridge in Da Nang.


Dragon Bridge Danang – full of pride of Danang’s local

With its location across the Han River, the bridge stands tall and stands out in the center of the city. Bridge making any Danang local looking at it feel extremely proud. Dragon bridge was built in the style of an architecture in the shape of a Dragon in the Ly Dynasty. As it reached out to the sea, a very meaningful idea expressing the growing aspirations of Da Nang city and still statues.


This is the first single steel arch bridge in Southeast Asia, inaugurated and opened right on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the liberation of Danang. The bridge was also built with a lighting system with a total of 15,000 LED bulbs. It must be repeated again that this bridge design is elaborate, extremely unique and impresses.

Dragon Bridge Danang brings in its unique design

The distinctive feature of the bridge is the model of steel beam structure system in the form of a dragon flying over the Han River, facing the sea.

In addition to the architectural impression, Da Nang Dragon Bridge is also designed with a function that surprises visitors. This is like a magnet that attracts all directions about tourism in Da Nang.

Dragon Bridge To Spray Water
Dragon Bridge To Spray Water

Time table of Dragon Bridge to spray fire and water

Every Saturday and Sunday, at the time mentioned above, the Dragon Bridge will spray both fire and water at the same time. It is including fire sprays 2 times, each turn 9 times and sprays 3 times, each turn 1 time.

Places to watch the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang spit fire, spray water

Standing on Dragon Bridge, Tran Hung Dao Street, Bach Dang Street or Top view Bar.

On a trip to Da Nang, watching Dragon Bridge spitting fire and water is always the most interesting thing. So be prepared for the schedule above to see Dragon Bridge spit fire and water.

If you want to go to the Dragon Bridge, we offer transportation to Dragon Bridge as well as the locations in Danang:

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Dragon Bridge In Da Nang
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For those who are dreame, Da Nang is a perfect choice, because Da Nang not only has the dynamics of a young city, the city of event also captivated. Danang Cathedral, also known as the chicken church or pink church, is one of them.

It can be said that the chicken church is one of the few architectural works left over from the French colonial period, bringing with it the old ancient features imbued with the time and lines of French architecture in the heart of modern Danang.

Danang Cathedral - Danang Private Car
Danang Cathedral

It was built in February 1923 on the vacant land of Rue du Musée (now Tran Phu street), Danang Cathedral was designed and built by Father Vallet. On March 10, 1924, through a very short period of time, the construction was completed, the church celebrated the dedication and inauguration.

As a typical work of Gothic architectural style, the Cathedral of Da Nang attracts visitors with its soaring lines and mysterious ancient caverns. The interior of the church is decorated with pictures and statues illustrating Bible events, similar to the motifs of churches in the West. In particular, the church is painted an elegant pink color, which is an eye attraction and impressed with those who have ever visited.

It is not famous on the city tour program, but not so that Danang Church is not widely known. In contrast, located on Tran Phu Street – one of the most beautiful and crowded streets in the city, close to the Korean market, it attracts a large number of tourists.

In the spacious grounds of the church, there are scenes and contexts that follow the biblical remains such as the caves of Mary, which are modeled after the model of Lourdes in France. Therefore, with its beautiful and peaceful beauty, this place is chosen as the favorite location for wedding photography of couples.

Once coming to Da Nang, try to visit the “pink fire spot” that warms the city, to admire the moss of time and French features in the heart of Da Nang. Come to hear my heart soften, and leave a the hustle of life out there.



Danang Cathedral
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