As a major administrative center of Vietnam, Quy Nhon, a beautiful city in Binh Dinh province, attracts tourists with its long coastline that embraces the city, forming a charming crescent shape, clear blue water, and famous tourist spots with breathtaking landscapes such as Ghenh Rang, Queen’s Beach, peaceful Trung Luong sea… Additionally, Quy Nhon is known as a city of poetry, a graceful city nestled between mountains and the sea, creating a picturesque landscape that invites visitors to explore.

Here, tourists can visit the memorial site of the poet Han Mac Tu in the spacious pine forest; admire the Twin Towers, one of the beautiful and distinctive Champa architectural masterpieces; stroll along the coastal road Xuân Diệu, the central square of Bình Định province, and visit Phuong Mai peninsula with a system of rocky mountains alternating with long sandy hills stretching towards the sea. Located in the center of Quy Nhon city, Quy Nhơn Beach stretches for 5km from Mui Tan to Ghenh Rang. Along the long stretch of golden sandy beach are dining and relaxation services. Especially, the beach is close to the seafood street Xuân Diệu, where visitors can enjoy fresh seafood while swimming.

Furthermore, Binh Dinh is also known for many beautiful and pristine beaches such as Nhon Ly – Eo Gio Beach, Hon Kho, Ky Co Beach, Cu Lao Xanh… In addition to that, visitors to Binh Dinh have the opportunity to explore Hoi Van hot springs, the scenic Ham Ho, Thi Nai lagoon, Thi Nai bridge, Kinh Thien observatory, Quang Trung museum, Tay Son Tam Kiệt temple, Hoang De citadel, the memorial area for Nguyen Sinh Sac… Not only visiting historical sites and scenic spots, but tourists also get to experience traditional art forms, folk festivals, traditional craft villages, Bình Định’s traditional martial arts, and savor unique local cuisine.

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