Mikazuki Water Park in Da Nang is a complex situated right on the Da Nang beach, offering breathtaking views of one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. This attraction is particularly beloved by both domestic and international tourists when visiting Da Nang. Let’s explore the activities here together with DanangPrivateCar.com!

General Introduction to Mikazuki Water Park Da Nang – Mikazuki Water Park 365

  • Address: Located in Xuan Thieu Tourist Area, Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Da Nang City.
  • Opening Hours:
    • Daily (Monday – Friday): 09:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    • Weekends (Saturday – Sunday): 08:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Hotline: 02363 767888

Ticket Prices at Mikazuki Da Nang in 2024: Range from 350,000 VND to 400,000 VND for adults and from 170,000 VND to 250,000 VND for children. Children under 1 meter tall receive free admission. Please note that the ticket prices include access to both the Water Park and Onsen (excluding meals) and may vary based on the time and day of your visit.

Spacious grounds at Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park.

Mikazuki Da Nang 2024 Entrance Fee Table – Latest Detailed Update

Service Type Monday – Friday Saturday and Sunday
Water Park & Onsen Adult Ticket: 350,000 VND

Child Ticket: 170,000 VND

Adult Ticket: 400,000 VND

Child Ticket: 250,000 VND

 Combo Ticket (Play & Meal) Adult Ticket: 700,000 VND

Child Ticket: 450,000 VND

Adult Ticket: 750,000 VND

Child Ticket: 530,000 VND

Hinode Villa Room Prices: BB Package 2,400,000 VND BBOW Package: 2,850,000 VND

Deluxe Room Prices: BB Package 3,250,000 VND BBOW Package: 3,650,000 VND

Premium Deluxe Room Prices: 3,750,000 VND BBOW Package: 4,150,000 VND

Family Room/Premium Family Room Prices: 4,850,000 BBOW Package: 5,650,000 VND

Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park is the brainchild of the Mikazuki Group, inaugurated at the end of 2020. Despite being a relatively new entertainment spot, it has attracted a considerable number of tourists. The water park project has an investment capital of over 100 million USD, covering a construction area of over 62,000 square meters. Recognizing the demand of travelers who wish to combine relaxation and entertainment in one location, the 5-star Japanese-style resort in Da Nang has established the 365 indoor water park system. This system features numerous spacious pools that operate year-round, allowing visitors to relax and have fun.

This hot indoor water park in Da Nang is an indoor playground with many expansive pools, equipped with a year-round hot water system, enabling you to visit at any time, even during the chilly winter months.

Guide to Getting to Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park

Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park is located at Xuan Thieu Tourist Beach within the premises of the 5-star Mikazuki Japanese Resort & Spa in Da Nang. The location is not too far from the city center, and it only takes a few minutes to reach the airport and train station. Specifically, it is 7 km from the center of Da Nang, 10 km from Da Nang Airport, and 45 km from Hoi An.

Starting from the Han River Bridge, head towards the bridge’s base – Bach Dang Street. From this point, travel along Bach Dang Street towards the sea. After a distance, when you reach a roundabout, continue straight to cross 3/2 Street. At the intersection of 3/2 Street and near the base of Thuan Phuoc Bridge, turn onto Nguyen Tat Thanh Street and follow that road straight to the location that mimics the image of Mount Fuji – that’s Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park.

If you encounter difficulties during the journey or, unfortunately, get lost, you can ask the people around or check the map on Google Maps. The people of Da Nang are friendly and always ready to help and assist you. Additionally, you can also use the private car rental service with drivers in Da Nang from DanangPrivateCar.com’s. With a professional and experienced team of drivers, they will ensure you have the best journey to Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park.

When is the best time to visit Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park?

The distinctive feature of Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park is its massive dome system that covers the entire facility. Additionally, there is a water reservoir with temperature adjustments for cooling in summer and warmth in winter. Therefore, you can visit for entertainment and recreation at any time of the year without worrying about weather conditions.

What fun activities are available at Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park?

Underwater Entertainment

The underwater play area at Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park boasts a large-scale design. Here, you not only get to enjoy and beautify yourself but also receive health care. With the large canopy system and adjustable water temperature, this park promises to provide you with unique and enjoyable experiences. Upon entering the play area on the first floor, you will encounter the water crossing area with the Dragon Slider, a large dragon-shaped water slide with a partially enclosed and open design, complete with double and single floats to enhance your experience. Particularly noteworthy is the wave pool area, ideal for families with children due to its spacious layout and appropriately adjusted water temperature. You can allow your children to swim without worrying about them catching a cold.

What could be better than the whole family enjoying leisure time together at this place on the weekend?

Unique Children’s Play Area

Another area designed for children is the second-floor play area of this Da Nang water park. Children can participate in various games such as racing, grabbing toys, a ball house, slides, and even virtual reality games. The game machines are fully arranged and suitable for kids.

The children can play and frolic comfortably with their friends

Beauty Services at the Spa

Located on the third floor of this park is the spa area, offering moments of relaxation, beauty treatments, and health care after the fatigue of daily life. Visiting Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park allows you to both enhance your appearance and immerse yourself in gentle, tranquil musical rhythms – an excellent experience not to be missed.

After a spa session for skincare, just sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of tea while watching the sunse

Relaxing in the Hot Spring Onsen

On the fourth floor is the Onsen area, where you can comfortably bathe. The park is designed with separate bathing areas for men and women, and there is also a shared bathing area if you prefer. For the private bathing area, it is mandatory to be “nude” to enter, providing a very comfortable hot spring bathing experience. If you feel shy, you can choose the shared bathing area.

The communal swimming pool is beloved by many young people

The Onsen area is designed with a strong Japanese style, featuring water slides, wave pools, and a lazy river that stretches up to 450 meters. The water temperature in the Onsen area is adjusted to be around 38.5 degrees, making it quite comfortable and relaxing for soaking. Additionally, in the private bathing areas of this Da Nang water park, there are cold baths, whitening baths, and steam rooms, ensuring that you feel comfortable and extremely relaxed. There is also a coffee and tea area with tatami-style seating arrangements for a delightful beverage experience.

Enjoying Exquisite Cuisine

Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park is a place for those who appreciate Japanese cuisine. With a menu and decor in authentic Japanese style, you can freely choose and savor the flavors of delicious dishes here. The spacious and elegant space, combined with various seating styles, accommodates the preferences of customers. This area is also considered a great dining spot in Da Nang with a rich variety of quality dishes.

The restaurant is designed with luxury and adorned with exquisite decorations

A notable advantage here is the arrangement of play areas along with lockers, dining areas, and resting spots conveniently close to each other. You can bring outside food comfortably, and payments are made convenient by loading money onto your wristband. If you don’t spend it all, you can easily get a refund at the reception.

Tips for Enjoying Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park – Mikazuki Water Park 365

Here are a few tips to make your experience at this water park even more perfect:

  • Bring along stylish outfits to create Instagram-worthy photos, and don’t forget to accessorize for that extra touch.
  • Prepare necessary documents such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, etc.
  • Choose compact and convenient outfits to comfortably participate in the various recreational activities.
  • Bring an extra plastic bag to carry your phone, allowing you to capture memorable moments while keeping your device safe.

We hope these insights about Mikazuki Da Nang Water Park from DanangPrivateCar.com’s will be helpful for your upcoming exploration of Da Nang. Don’t forget to include a visit to this water park in your Da Nang itinerary!

Traveling to Da Nang in January is a popular choice for many people to enjoy the lively atmosphere as the city prepares to usher in the Lunar New Year. During this time, the weather in Da Nang is pleasantly cool, fresh, with gentle sunlight, making it suitable for outdoor activities, visiting various interesting attractions, and savoring delicious local specialties. So, is it worth visiting Da Nang in January? And what interesting things can you experience during this time? Let’s explore right away with DanangPrivateCar.com’s.

Should you travel to Da Nang in January?

Da Nang experiences only two seasons throughout the year, the dry season and the rainy season. January marks the beginning of the dry season, making it the most beautiful time for traveling to Da Nang.

What is the weather like when traveling to Da Nang in January?

The weather in Da Nang in January is quite pleasant, with little rain and warm sunshine, but not overly intense. The temperature during this time ranges from 19 to 28 degrees Celsius, and it may be slightly chilly at night, so don’t forget to bring a jacket.

However, the rainy season in Da Nang typically lasts from September to January. Therefore, when traveling to Da Nang in January, there might be occasional sudden rain showers, but they are likely to be infrequent. Before heading out, it’s advisable to check the weather forecast and be prepared with an umbrella and raincoat, just in case.

Is the airfare expensive for traveling to Da Nang in January?

Generally, during the rainy season, airfares for traveling to Da Nang tend to be much cheaper compared to the sunny season. Especially in January, the airfare prices have not significantly skyrocketed as in the peak months in Da Nang.

Therefore, you can purchase air tickets to travel to Da Nang at an affordable price. Additionally, if you want to save even more, plan your trip in advance and hunt for flight tickets early to take advantage of extremely low prices.

How about hotel prices when traveling to Da Nang in January?

During this time, Da Nang still carries the lingering effects of the rainy season, so hotel prices have not undergone significant increases. If you book your hotel in advance, you will have more options to choose from, experiencing modern and comfortable spaces at incredibly favorable prices. Therefore, take advantage of traveling to Da Nang in January!

Transportation in Da Nang?

Travelling to Da Nang in January offers various transportation options for you to choose from, including:

  • Private car rental: If you prefer the freedom to move around and explore the city according to your own schedule, renting a private car with a driver in Da Nang is a great option. DanangPrivateCar.com’s is a leading provider of car rental services in Da Nang, offering professional drivers with years of experience to ensure your journey is safe and comfortable. Additionally, considering the January weather in Da Nang, which may include occasional rain, having a car is a convenient choice.
Choosing a private car rental service for traveling to Da Nang in January helps you avoid unexpected rain showers
  • Motorbike rental: Another option to explore Da Nang is by renting a motorbike. You can easily rent a motorbike from local rental shops, allowing you to move flexibly within the city and explore surrounding areas.
  • Bus: Da Nang has a well-developed public bus system. If you want to travel at a reasonable cost and experience local commuting, taking the bus is a convenient option.
  • Taxi: Taxi services are also popular in Da Nang. You can easily hail a taxi or use a mobile app to book one.

The choice of transportation depends on your personal preferences, itinerary, and travel budget. Each option has its advantages, and you can select the one that best suits your needs for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

What’s interesting about traveling to Da Nang?

Similar to other seasons throughout the year, traveling to Da Nang in January has its own unique attractions waiting for you to explore.

Explore Da Nang’s culinary culture

As a tourist city, Da Nang not only offers diverse entertainment spots but also boasts a distinctive local cuisine. When in Da Nang, you must not miss the opportunity to indulge in fresh and delicious seafood, directly sourced from Da Nang’s beaches. Local specialties in Da Nang, such as mi quang (turmeric noodle dish), banh trang cuon thit heo (pork rolled in rice paper), banh trang kep (rice paper sandwich), bun cha ca (fish cake noodle), kem bo (avocado ice cream), bun mam nem (noodle with fermented fish sauce), are renowned. To choose the best places to eat, you can refer to reviews on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, etc., before heading out.

Experience hotspots in Da Nang

Da Nang is acclaimed as the most beautiful coastal tourist city, so it hosts outstanding landscapes and attractions for you to experience when traveling to Da Nang in January. Some must-visit places include Ba Na Hills, iconic bridges like the Dragon Bridge, relaxing on the beautiful My Khe Beach, and exploring the mysteries of the Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son).

Marble Mountains is an ideal destination in the journey to discover and travel to Da Nang

Admire the architecture of Da Nang’s bridges

Da Nang is not only famous for its beach tourism but is also known as the “city of bridges.” The city boasts numerous impressive bridges that have gradually become symbols of its beauty. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to travel to Da Nang in January, don’t forget to check-in at famous bridges such as the Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge, and Golden Bridge.

Visit famous temples

In addition to famous landmarks, Da Nang is also known for its sacred temples. Especially when traveling to Da Nang in January, approaching the lunar new year, visiting and paying respects to the famous temples is an experience that many tourists should not miss. Perhaps, Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula is one of the most famous destinations in Da Nang. It is one of the largest and most sacred pagodas in Da Nang. Other notable temples include Huong Son Pagoda in the Marble Mountains area, Nam Son Pagoda, and Quan The Am Pagoda in Hoa Vang district.

Linh Ung Pagoda is an ancient temple with a nostalgic and sacred beauty, attracting a large number of tourists from both inside and outside the country.
Linh Ung Pagoda is an ancient temple with a nostalgic and sacred beauty, attracting a large number of tourists from both inside and outside the country.

Explore famous markets in Da Nang

If you’re not sure where to eat or what to eat in Da Nang, you can plan a culinary tour or explore the famous markets in Da Nang. Con Market, Bac My An Market, and Han Market are the most popular and diverse food markets in Da Nang. Here, you can easily find any local specialty of Da Nang, either enjoying it on the spot or buying food items as souvenirs.

Da Nang Han Market is very famous

What to bring when traveling to Da Nang in January?

When traveling to Da Nang in January, you should prepare the following:

  • During this time, Da Nang has just ended the rainy season, so occasional unexpected rain showers may occur. Therefore, when traveling to Da Nang in January, it’s advisable to bring an umbrella and raincoat to be prepared for emergencies.
  • You should bring cash and necessary personal documents when traveling to Da Nang in January because the number of tourists visiting Da Nang is quite large during this period. Avoid wasting time waiting for bank transfers when making payments.
  • It’s recommended to bring some common medications for cold, fever, headaches, stomachaches, or personal bandages for urgent situations.
  • Finally, don’t forget to bring skincare products, and a jacket to protect your health and appearance after the trip, allowing you to enjoy your journey to the fullest.

Hopefully, the information provided in this article will help you easily decide whether to travel to Da Nang in January or not. Additionally, we have suggested some entertainment venues to visit in Da Nang in January, as well as items to prepare for this trip.

Sky Bar 36 is one of the top entertainment spots in Da Nang. Alongside the vibrant development of the coastal city, many services have emerged, and entertainment services with alcoholic drinks and lively music have also made their presence in Da Nang. And Sky Bar 36 is an outstanding representative of that.

A Few Highlights about Sky Bar 36

  • Address: Floors 35, 36, and 37 of the Novotel DaNang Premier Han River Hotel – 36 Bach Dang, Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM
  • Phone: 0901 1515 36
  • Email: info@sky36.vn
  • Website: http://www.sky36.vn/
  • Age Requirement: 18 years and above
  • Business Types: Sky Bar, Nightclub, Lounge, Event Venue
  • Music Genres commonly played: Hip Hop, EDM, R&B

Located atop the tallest building in Da Nang, Sky Bar 36 is an ideal destination that you cannot miss in your Vietnam travel journey. Sky Bar 36 is sure to provide distinguished guests with unforgettable experiences while admiring the city of Da Nang at night. Situated on the 36th floor of the Novotel hotel, when you visit Sky Bar 36 Da Nang, panoramic views are condensed into your line of sight, offering sights of the vast ocean, the romantic Han River, and majestic mountain ranges. Many visitors find delight in the modern glass elevator system running straight from the 1st floor to the 36th floor, creating an exhilarating feeling before entering Sky Bar 36.

The Entertainment Scene with Lively Music at Sky Bar 36

With its upscale entertainment model, delicately combining a lively dance floor of a modern nightclub with a luxurious Lounge space, Sky Bar 36 is an appropriate venue for organizing intimate and private gatherings. This is a perfect design for those seeking stylish and sophisticated experiences.

Experiencing the Heat at Sky Bar 36

Sky Bar 36 consists of 3 floors with a total area of 1000m2 and an average capacity of 500 guests per floor. This Da Nang bar is a harmonious combination of outdoor and indoor spaces, offering tourists a stylish and fashionable experience.

Floor 35 – Indoor Lounge Area of Sky Bar 36

This area features impressive sofa seating with an open space and VIP rooms designed with utmost sophistication, exuding an elegant and modern ambiance. It is grand with high-end furnishings, suitable for VIP guests, meetings, private conversations, and intimate gatherings.

  • Capacity in the common area: 700 guests
  • Capacity in private rooms: 50 guests. Each room has a private balcony, sofa seating, LCD TV screen, air conditioning, and modern sound system.

The Luxurious Lounge Area of Sky Bar 36

Floor 36 – Outdoor Sky Bar Area

As a bustling outdoor area, it completely captivates guests with an ideal view of Da Nang city at night. With the most advanced and modern sound and lighting system, Sky Bar 36 promises to deliver fantastic entertainment experiences and a lively atmosphere in the peak music space. This is the area with a nightclub and bar, catering to guests who enjoy dancing and a vibrant atmosphere.

  • Capacity: 500 guests
  • VIP tables available
  • Features a stage, DJ booth, LED screen, and central bar counter
The renowned 36th floor of Sky Bar 36, featuring a cool and expansive outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy a panoramic view of Da Nang city at night

Floor 37 – Outdoor Event Organizing Area

With a capacity of 200 guests, this is an ideal place for grand and unique events or luxurious parties such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, year-end parties, and more.

Menu at Sky Bar 36

In addition to enjoying music, Sky Bar 36 in Da Nang always updates its offerings, making them fresh and enticing according to different themes for weekly events with interesting content. The menu caters to guests with a rich and diverse selection. The drinks at Sky 36 are not only delicious, unique, and exotic but also visually appealing, presented with a professional touch. Whether it’s strong liquor, fragrant cocktails, smoothies—everything is crafted and presented in a flawless version that reflects the distinct style of Sky Bar 36.

The Eye-catching and Delicious Drinks at Sky Bar 36

As you savor a glass of aromatic cocktail and listen to the melodies of music, life feels light and enjoyable. Furthermore, you can immerse yourself in impressive bartender performances that add excitement to the experience.

Light snacks like fruits and pastries at Sky Bar 36 are intricately presented, with flavors harmonizing with the drinks, creating a wonderful sensation. Combo options for food and drinks cater to groups of travelers, offering value for money. They aim to satisfy customers with each dish, pleasing even the most discerning palates.

Events at Sky Bar 36

With its convenient location and fantastic outdoor space, you will easily notice many events celebrated at Sky Bar 36, especially during holidays and Tet (Vietnamese New Year). In addition to that, Sky 36 frequently invites some of the hottest artists in Vietnam.

Performance Celebrating the New Year at Sky Bar 36
The elevated location makes the New Year fireworks even closer to you
Vibrant Christmas Night at Sky Bar 36

What should you keep in mind when visiting Sky Bar 36?

  • Ensure that you are at least 18 years old to enter by bringing your ID card or citizen identification card. Another small note when coming to Sky Bar 36 is to wear shoes and avoid wearing shorts.
  • Choose an outfit suitable for this type of entertainment.
  • Familiarize yourself with the English names of some types of drinks.
  • Absolutely do not use stimulants; opt for low-alcohol content beers or wines. Enjoy the entertainment in a sophisticated manner, dance to lively music with friends, sip on a glass of wine, and admire the beautiful cityscape.
  • Use public transportation to get to the bar, such as a taxi, rideshare services, or rent a private car with a driver in Da Nang from DanangPrivateCar.com.

If you love lively music, then you definitely shouldn’t miss Sky Bar 36 in your itinerary when visiting Da Nang. It’s a place that helps you release all the stress, immerse yourself in music alongside exploring the attractions of Da Nang and discovering its culinary delights. With a fantastic atmosphere, vibrant tunes, a few drinks with friends, Sky Bar 36 will add more joy to your life.

Every Christmas season, young people, families, and couples eagerly seek out the famous Christmas destinations in Da Nang to have a meaningful Christmas with friends and loved ones. However, not everyone can find interesting places that are budget-friendly and satisfy their loved ones. Below, DanangPrivateCar.com’s introduces to you the famous Christmas destinations in Da Nang, ensuring that once you’re here, you won’t want to leave. Explore these Christmas entertainment venues in Da Nang that you should visit this holiday season.

Ba Na Hills, Da Nang

The first destination on the list of Christmas attractions in Da Nang is Ba Na Hills. Aside from the splendid and colorful scenery of lights and decorations, visiting Ba Na Hills during this festive season allows you to experience the characteristic Western Christmas chill. In the chilly weather, holding hands with your loved one in the enchanting fairy-tale space of Ba Na Hills is indeed a fantastic Christmas plan.

Bana Hills is one of the most attractive CHRISTMAS ENTERTAINMENT destinations

To have a complete Christmas night, finding transportation is essential. DanangPrivateCar.com’s offers you private car services with drivers in Da Nang to meet all your needs. With a professional team of drivers with years of experience, we will help you have the most joyful Christmas season.

Da Nang Cathedral

  • Address: 156 Tran Phu, Danang

Da Nang Cathedral, also known as the Chicken Church, is the cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, located on the vibrant Tran Phu Street. With a rich history and the uniqueness it brings, this cathedral has become one of the tourist attractions during Christmas. Built during the French colonial period, the cathedral bears the Gothic style of ancient Western cathedrals. Each column inside the cathedral is adorned with a carved rooster made of alloy, giving the church its distinctive feature.

During every Christmas season, this place becomes very dazzling, shimmering, and incredibly magical

During Christmas, the place transforms into a dazzling and magical space with harmonious LED lights resembling colorful stars on decorated Christmas trees. Visitors can participate in unique and enjoyable Christmas games and feel the solemn atmosphere when joining the crowd in the countdown to the birth of Jesus.

Don’t miss this place!

Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge is a must-visit Christmas destination in Da Nang. When you arrive here, you will be amazed by the overwhelming beauty of this bridge. The image of the dragon breathing fire with sparkling electric lights has made it an ideal Christmas destination for many tourists.

Dragon Bridge To Spray Water
Dragon Bridge To Spray Water

Phuoc Tuong Church

  • Address: 311 Truong Chinh, An Khe, Thanh Khe, Da Nang

With its simplicity and being the oldest church in Da Nang, Phuoc Tuong Church gives a sense of closeness to visitors. The interior of the church is adorned with splendor and brightness. During Christmas, you can feel the festive atmosphere with vibrant music and colors. You can participate in unique and fun games organized by the church. Immersing yourself in the crowded atmosphere, you’ll experience the warmth and excitement of the place.

Phuoc Tuong Church

Sky36 Novotel

  • Address: 36 Bach Dang, Thach Thang, Hai Chau, Da Nang

During Christmas or any festive day, many people gather at bars and pubs to socialize and relieve stress. Sky36 Novotel, located on Bach Dang Street, offers a beautiful, spacious view. The food and drinks here are reasonably priced, and the DJ plays excellent music. To secure a good seat, it’s advisable to make a reservation in advance due to the high number of customers.

The explosive Christmas crystal party at SKY36

Han River Bridge

Han River Bridge, with its sparkling beauty, always attracts thousands of people every night and is a Christmas destination in Da Nang that you cannot miss.

Asia Park Da Nang

  • Address: 1 Phan Dang Luu, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Known as a cultural park with a strong oriental style, Asia Park is unique and fascinating with historical architectural works, rich cultural lines, and famous cuisines from 10 countries worldwide. Asia Park includes three main areas: the outdoor entertainment park, the cultural park with artistic architectural works symbolizing 10 Asian countries, and the intersection of modern and traditional culture – Sun Wheel amusement area. This is undoubtedly an interesting destination during this Christmas season.

Asia Park Da Nang Noel

Shopping Centers

  • Address: 910A Ngo Quyen, An Hai Bac, Son Tra, Da Nang

Vincom Center, one of the famous shopping centers in Da Nang and Vietnam, offers a sparkling and magical space with music, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and small angels. It also provides various games suitable for young people and children, making it the ideal place for Christmas photos.

Vincom Da Nang sparkling on Christmas night
  • Address: 6 Nai Nam, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

This is a suitable place for families with young children, offering dining and playing areas for children, as well as a perfect spot for family photos during the Christmas season.

It would be wonderful if, on Christmas day, we could visit one of the famous Christmas attractions in Da Nang. With the information provided, I hope your Christmas season this year will be truly special and enjoyable. Wishing you and your family a warm and peaceful Christmas season.

The city of Da Nang always brings impressive and unique fireworks displays to welcome the first moments of the new year. Therefore, there is currently a lot of interest in the location for the New Year’s Eve 2024 fireworks in Da Nang. In this article, let’s predict together the locations that will host the New Year’s Eve 2024 fireworks in Da Nang!

Timing for the New Year’s Eve 2024 fireworks in Da Nang

The fireworks displays in Da Nang are not just a representation of a particular special event but also provide a fantastic, colorful, and magical experience for the spectators.

They create moments of wonder when the sky becomes brilliantly illuminated by sparkling lights, and the echoes of fireworks explosions resonate in the hearts of everyone.

Fireworks displays in Da Nang always receive attention from both locals and tourists

For the New Year’s Eve 2024 celebration, the schedule for fireworks in Da Nang will take place at specific times as follows:

  • Gregorian New Year’s Eve: To welcome the new year according to the Gregorian calendar (international calendar), Da Nang will organize a fireworks display precisely at midnight, at 00:00 on January 1, 2024. This is an exciting opportunity for you and your family to celebrate the transition between the old and the new year in a vibrant and lively atmosphere.
  • Lunar New Year (Tet Nguyen Dan): For the year 2024, Tet Nguyen Dan will fall on February 10, 2024, according to the Gregorian calendar. In Da Nang, a special fireworks display will take place on the night of February 9, 2024 (the last day of the Year of the Cat) and continue into February 10, 2024 (the first day of Tet), creating a festive and symbolic space for the new beginning of the Year of the Rooster.

Therefore, you can choose to participate and enjoy the fireworks display on one of these occasions to join Da Nang in welcoming an impressive and meaningful New Year.

Fireworks Locations for New Year 2024 in Da Nang

Da Nang is a city renowned for its natural beauty and diverse culture, always ready to welcome the New Year with vibrant events and dazzling fireworks. In the following part of the article, let’s together predict the locations for the New Year’s Eve 2024 fireworks in Da Nang.

Da Nang is always ready to welcome the New Year with colorful events and dazzling fireworks

Please note that the information provided is based on events that took place during New Year’s Eve 2023.

  • Hoa Vang District Administrative Center: The Hoa Vang District Administrative Center could be one of the venues for organizing the New Year’s Eve 2024 event in Da Nang. Located approximately 14 km south of the city center, this location has the potential to host activities to welcome the new year.
  • Nguyen Van Troi Bridge: Nguyen Van Troi Bridge could also be an interesting choice for hosting the New Year’s Eve 2024 event in Da Nang. With a romantic setting along the Han River, this location could create a unique and exciting space for New Year’s celebrations.Note: During the fireworks display, motor vehicles are not allowed to pass through Nguyen Van Troi Bridge. If you plan to travel by car, be sure to first find a parking location and then proceed on foot to the bridge.
  • Lien Chieu District Administrative Center: The Lien Chieu District Administrative Center could also be a suitable location for organizing the New Year’s Eve 2024 event in Da Nang. This area may provide a spacious and convenient space for hosting New Year’s activities, depending on your specific needs.

Experience Watching New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Da Nang

In this section, we will share some suggestions and experiences for watching fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Da Nang, helping you enjoy a sparkling light show and a truly special atmosphere.

There are plenty of spaces for you to enjoy the fireworks display on New Year’s Eve in Da Nang

Recommended beautiful locations to watch New Year’s Eve 2024 fireworks in Da Nang:

In addition to the three predicted New Year’s Eve 2024 fireworks locations mentioned above, you can consider some other fantastic spots to admire the fireworks:

  • Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Dragon Bridge Da Nang, and Han River Bridge: These three bridges are excellent locations to watch fireworks, and the best part is that they are entirely free. From these bridges, you can freely enjoy the dazzling and colorful fireworks in the sky.
  • Memory Lounge: This is a restaurant and bar with a unique design located along the Han River. With a spacious area and a beautiful view, Memory Lounge is one of the top places to watch fireworks in Da Nang.
  • Sky 36: Sky 36 is a rooftop bar with an open space, providing a direct view of the Nguyen Van Troi Bridge. Here, you can easily observe the fireworks without any obstacles blocking your view.

Some Important Notes When Going to Watch Fireworks

There are a few things you should keep in mind to have a safe and enjoyable fireworks-watching experience on New Year’s Eve:

  • Stay Informed: Update yourself on road closures before the event starts, and thoroughly research the routes and parking locations.
  • Maintain a Safe Distance: Keep a safe distance when watching fireworks to protect your eyes (it’s recommended to stay 200-500 meters away from the fireworks).
  • Secure Personal Belongings: Be cautious in safeguarding your personal belongings to prevent theft.
  • Avoid Crowding: Steer clear of overcrowding and pushing to ensure safety for yourself and those around you.

Hopefully, with the information provided in DanangPrivateCar.com’s article, readers have been able to envision to some extent the areas and locations for welcoming the New Year 2024 in Da Nang. Don’t forget to choose our private travel car rental service in Da Nang for the most convenient and comfortable trip to Da Nang.

The Thuan Phuoc Bridge in Da Nang is one of the city’s iconic architectural structures. The bridge not only serves transportation purposes but also stands as a uniquely picturesque check-in location in Da Nang. In the article below, we invite you to explore this longest suspension bridge in Vietnam with DanangPrivateCar.com!

Introduction to Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is particularly captivating when the night falls, adorned with a unique lighting system. To date, the bridge still holds the record as the longest modern suspension bridge in Vietnam, thanks to meticulous investment, design, and construction processes.

Where is Thuan Phuoc Bridge in Da Nang?

Thuan Phuoc Suspension Bridge is situated in a truly special location, at the end of the Han River, spanning the Da Nang Bay. It is approximately 24 km northeast of the city center, within the administrative boundaries of Son Tra District and Hai Chau District.

It can be said that Thuan Phuoc Bridge occupies a unique and unparalleled position. It stands at the “crossroads” with one side facing the vast ocean, another side overlooking the Han River, and the front facing the Son Tra Peninsula.

When was Thuan Phuoc Bridge constructed?

Thuan Phuoc Bridge, a suspension bridge spanning the lower reaches of the Han River, is a must-visit check-in spot when traveling to Da Nang. Construction began in 2003 and was completed on July 19, 2009. This is the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam, with a total investment of nearly 1 trillion VND.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is one of the iconic structures of Da Nang

The bridge has 4 lanes, 3 spans, a length of 1,856m, a width of 18m, and the main span is 405m. The two main pillars of the bridge are 92m high, constructed using stiffened girder technology according to international standards. The estimated construction cost of the bridge is around 650 billion VND.

The Role of Thuan Phuoc Bridge in Da Nang

Thuan Phuoc Bridge not only facilitates transportation connectivity, paving the way for the economic development of Da Nang but also stands as a prominent architectural structure boosting the city’s dynamic image and fostering tourism development.

Advancing Transportation and Economic Growth

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is one of the most critical bridges in Da Nang’s transportation system. Positioned uniquely at the point where the river meets the sea in the south of Da Nang Bay, the bridge connects two coastal roads, Nguyen Tat Thanh and Hoang Sa – Truong Sa.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is an important transportation route.

This creates a continuous transportation route from the coastal tunnel at Hai Van Pass to the Son Tra Peninsula, Mân Quang Bridge, and links to the Son Tra – Hoi An route. This provides highly favorable conditions for developing transportation networks to drive economic growth.

Promoting Tourism in Da Nang, Hue, and Hoi An

Inspired by the idea of winds blowing towards the ocean, the construction team applied the latest technology to highlight the beauty of Thuan Phuoc Bridge. Notably, the bridge’s lighting system is invested in with dynamism and durability.

The bridge also plays a crucial role as a commercial route. Thuan Phuoc Bridge in Da Nang is expected to become a tourist attraction, especially with its new lighting system. From every perspective, Thuan Phuoc Bridge reflects a modern, charming, and splendid scene.

The vibrant displays of the bridge’s colors will serve as a lively backdrop for the city’s annual international fireworks festival. The bridge is not only the “golden key” unlocking the tourism potential of Son Tra in Da Nang but also contributes to the development of tourism in nearby areas such as Hoi An and Thua Thien – Hue.

Moreover, as night falls over the Han River, Thuan Phuoc Bridge becomes even more radiant under the colorful lights, likened to a ribbon spanning the Han River.

How to Get to Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang?

You can reach Thuan Phuoc Bridge by bicycle, motorbike, taxi, or bus. The choice of transportation depends on your starting location.

From the center of Da Nang, take Au Co Street to the intersection, turn left onto Highway 5. Then, go straight and turn left onto Nguyen Luong Bang Street. After a short distance, turn left onto Phan Van Dinh Street and reach the end of the road. Then, turn onto Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, and you will arrive at Thuan Phuoc Bridge.

  • The bridge is approximately 6 km from Da Nang International Airport. You can choose to ride a motorbike or bicycle to reach the bridge.
  • Thuan Phuoc Bridge is about 4 km from Da Nang Station. Travelers can also opt for a motorbike or bicycle to reach this beautiful bridge.
  • Thuan Phuoc Bridge is around 32 km from Hoi An Ancient Town. With this distance, you can choose to take a taxi or bus to reach the bridge.

If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to travel to Thuan Phuoc Bridge or many other tourist destinations, the private car rental service with drivers in Da Nang from DanangPrivateCar.com will meet all your needs. With door-to-door service, English-speaking drivers will ensure your trip is safe and easy.

Records of Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is not only a crucial transportation link connecting the coastal roads of Da Nang but also contributes to enhancing the beauty of the city, earning it the title of the “city of bridges.”

To date, Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang holds two records that are lesser-known:

The longest suspension bridge in Vietnam

Thuan Phuoc Bridge has a total length of 2.1 km, with the bridge itself measuring 1.85 km and a width of 18 m. The bridge is divided into 4 lanes for cars and motorcycles, 2 lanes for bicycles and mopeds, and 2 pedestrian lanes.

One remarkable feature is the 655m-long suspension span, with the main span reaching 405m. With this ideal length, Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang is hailed as the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam (as of the current date).

Construction records

To achieve such a large suspension span, Thuan Phuoc Bridge set additional records during construction, with the diameter of the main cable of the bridge reaching nearly 35cm. It is linked to galvanized truss girders with anti-corrosion capabilities.

Additionally, the structure of the two bridgeheads is placed on unprecedented foundation wells. The main girder structure is considered a “masterpiece” due to its aerodynamic box girder system, creating a resemblance to a thin ribbon crossing the Han River when viewed from a distance.

Moreover, the dismantling structure of the pier is also a record-setting element created by Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang.

Thanks to these impressive features, the bridge has become famous, attracting many domestic and international tourists who come to admire its unique design.

When to Visit Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang?

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is charming at any time of the day, so visitors can come here at any time. If you want to have the clearest view of Thuan Phuoc Bridge and capture the most beautiful photos, it is advisable to visit on sunny days.

Particularly, many people consider the late afternoon, during sunset, as the most beautiful time to appreciate Thuan Phuoc Bridge. Additionally, in the evening, when the bridge is illuminated, you can come to enjoy the light spectacle from one of the most beautiful bridges in Da Nang.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang: What Makes It Unique and Attractive

With its luxurious and exquisite beauty, highlighted by sparkling lights, Thuan Phuoc Bridge is a source of pride for the people of Da Nang. The bridge is a destination for many locals and tourists alike, offering unique and interesting features.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge – A Stunning Check-In Location

When it comes to the top check-in spots in Da Nang, Thuan Phuoc Bridge is undoubtedly a must-visit. On the bridge and in the surrounding area, there are numerous breathtaking photo opportunities.

Standing on the bridge, you not only get to admire the vibrant and youthful city of Da Nang but also witness the expansive seascape and serene mountains. This location promises to provide a vibrant backdrop for your virtual life.

The magnificent beauty of Thuan Phuoc Bridge when illuminated

According to the experience of many Da Nang tourists, it is recommended to visit on sunny days for the clearest view. The best times are from 7 am to 8 am or from 4:30 pm to 6 pm.

Especially during late afternoons and sunsets, Thuan Phuoc Bridge is considered the most beautiful. In the evening, when the bridge lights up, you can come and enjoy the light spectacle from one of the most beautiful bridges in Da Nang.

Virtual Experience at the Base of Thuan Phuoc Bridge

The base of Thuan Phuoc Bridge is one of the attractive check-in backgrounds for many young people. Positioned at the end of the Han River, the bridge offers a unique and captivating view.

Stunning view from the base of Thuan Phuoc Bridge

From the bridge’s base, you can capture beautiful photos with the backdrop of the river and expansive sea. With the impressive architecture of the bridge against the perfect sky, you will have plenty of high-quality photos for lasting memories.

Sunset Views at Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Visiting Thuan Phuoc Bridge in the late afternoon, you will perceive the bridge as a love story. Standing on the bridge or any nearby corner, you will witness the sun gradually setting, casting a layer of romantic orange-yellow hues.

Sunset is the most beautiful time at Thuan Phuoc Bridge

From the bridge, tourists can oversee the Han River below and the buildings along the riverbank. Additionally, the entire Da Nang Bay, river mouth, a portion of Son Tra Mountain, and Hai Van Pass are all within sight. This is the perfect location to enjoy both sunrise and sunset.

Admiring the Han River at Night from Thuan Phuoc Bridge

At different times of the day, Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang adorns itself with various “attires.” As night falls and the city lights up, the bridge begins a colorful light festival with hundreds of sparkling LED lights, casting reflections on the gentle and mystical river.

What to Eat near Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang?

When mentioning Thuan Phuoc Bridge, one cannot overlook the famous eateries near this bridge. Therefore, when visiting this bridge, do not miss out on the incredibly enticing dishes sold near Thuan Phuoc Bridge.

Banh Canh (Noodle Soup)

  • Address: Thuan Phuoc Bridge’s Base, End of Tran Hung Dao Street Corner Le Van Duyet, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, Vietnam

The Banh Canh eatery at the base of Thuan Phuoc Bridge is the oldest and most renowned in Da Nang. This place is known for its delicious and affordable Banh Canh.

The quality of Banh Canh at the base of Thuan Phuoc Bridge in Da Nang has never disappointed diners due to its appealing flavor. A bowl of Banh Canh includes rice flour, ground fish, fish sausage, fried shallots with eye-catching red oil, and a few fragrant herbs.

The taste of Banh Canh is delightful, with a rich and sweet broth accompanied by a hint of chili. It is a favorite dish of many Da Nang locals for its deliciousness and affordability. Each bowl of Banh Canh is priced from 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND.

The Banh Canh eatery operates from around 2:00 PM until late at night. However, the place is always crowded, so the only drawback is that you may have to wait to enjoy your meal.

Mi Quang (Quang-style Noodles) at Ech Bep Trang (White Frog Kitchen)

  • Address: 441 Ong Ich Khiem, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, Vietnam

This Mi Quang eatery is located about 4 km from Thuan Phuoc Bridge. The frog-based Mi Quang here is famous among all Da Nang residents. The Mi Quang is made from firm-fleshed field frogs. They are stewed with lemongrass and turmeric to absorb the fragrant aroma and spices into each piece of frog meat.

Particularly, the noodles here are unlike those in other places—soft, thick, and larger. The meticulous preparation makes it no surprise that this dish has become a distinctive specialty of Da Nang.

Mi Quang is served with peanuts, herbs, and rice crackers, creating an unforgettable combination. Anyone who has tried Mi Quang with frog meat has to leave compliments for the unique flavor of this dish.

Bridges Crossing the Han River Besides Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang

Crossing the Han River not only involves the Thuan Phuoc Suspension Bridge but also several other famous bridges that attract millions of tourists.

Han River Bridge

  • Address: An Hai Bac, Son Tra, Da Nang, Vietnam

The Han River Bridge is located 2.68 km from Thuan Phuoc Bridge. It is the largest and only swing bridge in Vietnam. It has become a tourist symbol of Da Nang. The Han River Bridge connects both sides of the river, contributing to the local transportation and facilitating trade.

Built in 1998 and completed in 2000, the bridge is nearly 490 meters long. Its unique feature is the ability to rotate 90 degrees in the middle to allow boats to pass.

At night, strolling along the Han River, you can admire this famous bridge sparkling magically under the lights. You can appreciate a serene Da Nang from the bridge and enjoy the spectacle of the rotating bridge at night.

Dragon Bridge

  • Address: 23 Cau Rong, An Hai Trung, Son Tra, Da Nang, Vietnam

The Dragon Bridge is located 3.9 km from Thuan Phuoc Bridge. It is the most famous bridge in Da Nang, characterized by its dragon shape. Inaugurated in 2013, the Dragon Bridge, with its dazzling beauty at night, has become a new symbol of Da Nang.

Dragon Bridge has a unique design with the head facing the East Sea.

Located in the city center and spanning the Han River, this bridge has quickly attracted more tourists and locals for sightseeing.

The Dragon Bridge has a unique design, shaped like a winding dragon reaching into the distance. This represents the local people’s desire for strong development and a better life.

The bridge is 666 meters long with 6 traffic lanes. It is equipped with a lighting system consisting of a total of 15 thousand bright LED lights. At 9:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays, the bridge sprays water and shoots fire, providing visitors with a unique experience when visiting Da Nang.

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge

This is the first bridge crossing the Han River, a testament to the various stages of history. Nguyen Van Troi Bridge was constructed and completed in 1965 with a unique steel arch structure.

Although the bridge no longer serves vehicular traffic, it has become an ideal pedestrian bridge for relaxation, sightseeing, and interesting entertainment.

Tran Thi Ly Bridge

Right next to the Van Troi Bridge is the Tran Thi Ly Bridge. This bridge has a design resembling a sail catching the wind. Originally built by the French in 1950 as a railway bridge, it was reconstructed in April 2019, named after the resilient revolutionary Tran Thi Ly. Besides enjoying the cityscape, visitors can also capture stunning “Instagrammable” photos here.

Suggested Sightseeing Spots near Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang

In addition to the unique beauty of Thuan Phuoc Bridge, visitors can explore other unique tourist attractions in Da Nang near this bridge. Each location possesses its own unique features, making your Da Nang trip more vibrant.

World Wonders Park

  • Address: 01 Le Van Duyet, Nai Hien Dong Ward, Son Tra District

If you want to check in with famous wonders from around the world, head to the World Wonders Park on Le Van Duyet Street, near Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang and the GoldenBay Hotel.

Here, there are replicas of world wonders such as the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, One Pillar Pagoda, windmill, and the Giza Pyramid, allowing you to freely check in.

Da Nang Cathedral

  • Address: 156 Tran Phu, Hai Chau, Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang Cathedral is located 3.2 km from Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang. The cathedral, approximately 70 meters high, is designed in Gothic style, representing an excellent architectural work.

Danang Cathedral - Danang Private Car
Danang Cathedral

The highlight of the cathedral is the stained glass windows of medieval saints. The Da Nang Cathedral has been awarded the medal of the Vatican.

Da Nang Cathedral is a splendid religious site, worthy of a visit when you want to explore the beauty of Da Nang’s land and people.

Cham Sculpture Museum Da Nang

  • Address: 02 2 September Street, Binh Hien, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, Vietnam

The Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture is located 3.92 km from Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang. Built in 1915 in the Cham architectural style, using simple and delicate lines.

Cham Sculpture Museum – preserving Cham culture

Currently, the museum exhibits about 300 sculptures made of sandstone and terracotta. These sculptures were collected from Cham temples in Central Vietnam, specifically the area stretching from Quang Binh to Binh Thuan.

After exploring the sculptures in the exhibition rooms, you can visit the outdoor exhibitions. Cham art is mainly sculpture, but sculptures are just one part of religious architecture.

Tips for Visiting Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang

To have a perfect sightseeing journey at Thuan Phuoc Bridge, pay attention to some issues such as:

  • Renting a motorbike: It’s advisable to rent a motorbike to explore Thuan Phuoc Bridge for flexible transportation. You can easily and quickly tour the bridge, reach its base, and move around.
  • Visiting at around 5 PM: It’s recommended to visit Thuan Phuoc Bridge around 5 PM to enjoy the sunset. Afterward, you can indulge in delicious dishes at the base of the bridge and continue to admire the bridge illuminated at night.
  • Choosing the base of the bridge for check-ins: Many people prefer the base of Thuan Phuoc Bridge for check-ins. At this corner, you can capture the entire bridge within your frame.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang, with its sophisticated and modern beauty, is undoubtedly a must-visit stop if you are planning to explore the central capital. Don’t miss the super trendy check-in spot with no additional costs for this experience.

Hoi An’s Old Town is located just about 30km from the center of Da Nang. To facilitate flexible transportation for both domestic and international travelers, many bus routes from Da Nang to Hoi An have been implemented.

If you’ve visited Hoi An many times, have you had the opportunity to try the Da Nang To Hoi An bus? If not, don’t miss the chance to experience this cost-effective, enjoyable, and safe mode of transportation, which is favored by many tourists and local residents!

List of Da Nang to Hoi An public bus routes

Route No. 1

  • Distance: 36km
  • Estimated travel time: 40 minutes
  • Operating hours: 5:30 AM – 5:30 PM daily
  • Frequency: Approximately every 20 minutes
  • Estimated fare: 20,000 VND per trip

The route for Bus Route No. 1 is as follows:

Departure: Da Nang Central Bus Station – Ton Duc Thang – Dien Bien Phu – Ha Huy Tap – Ha Khe – Nguyen Tat Thanh – Ong Ich Khiem – Le Duan – Chi Lang – Hung Vuong – Tran Phu – Trung Nu Vuong – Nui Thanh – Duy Tan – Tran Thi Ly Bridge – Ngu Hanh Son – Le Van Hien – Tran Dai Nghia – Hoi An Bus Station.

Return: Hoi An Bus Station – Tran Dai Nghia – Le Van Hien – Ngu Hanh Son – Tran Thi Ly Bridge – Duy Tan – Nui Thanh – Trung Nu Vuong – Bach Dang – Hung Vuong – Chi Lang – Le Duan – Ong Ich Khiem – Nguyen Tat Thanh – Ha Khe – Ha Huy Tap – Dien Bien Phu – Ton Duc Thang – Da Nang Central Bus Station.

You can view the bus route map below for a clearer understanding:

Schedule and departure information for the Da Nang To Hoi An bus

Route No. 14

  • Distance: 60km
  • Estimated Travel Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Operating Hours: 5:30 AM – 5:30 PM daily
  • Fare: Approximately 30,000 VND per trip
  • Operating Times: 5:30 AM, 7:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM, 4:45 PM

Route Details:

Departure (Da Nang to Hoi An): An Ha Residential Area – Quang Phu – Le Thanh Tong Street – Duy Tan Street – Phan Chau Trinh Street – Nguyen Du Street – Le Loi Street – Hung Vuong Street – Tran Phu Street – Phan Boi Chau Street – Nguyen Van Troi Street – DT 615 Street – Coastal Road 129 – Cua Dai Bridge – DH 15 Street – Tran Nhan Tong Street – Ly Thuong Kiet Street – Ly Thai To Street – Hai Ba Trung Street – Nguyen Tat Thanh Street – Le Hong Phong Street – Hoi An Bus Station.

Return (Hoi An to Da Nang): Hoi An Bus Station – Le Hong Phong Street – Nguyen Tat Thanh Street – Hai Ba Trung Street – Ly Thai To Street – Ly Thuong Kiet Street – Tran Nhan Tong Street – DH 15 Street – Cua Dai Bridge – Coastal Road 129 – DT 615 Street – Nguyen Van Troi Street – Phan Boi Chau Street – Tran Phu Street – Hung Vuong Street – Le Loi Street – Nguyen Du Street – Phan Chau Trinh Street – Duy Tan Street – Le Thanh Tong Street – Quang Phu – An Ha Residential Area.

The buses from Da Nang to Hoi An are all public buses, providing an affordable means of transportation for both locals and tourists

Shuttle from Da Nang to Hoi An

Review of Da Nang to Hoi An Shuttle

You can refer to the Da Nang to Hoi An shuttle schedule to plan your trip:

Place of departure Place of arrival Departure time Travel time Fares
At Da Nang International Airport, Da Nang Train Station, or your hotel in Da Nang Your hotel in Hoi An or or the vicinity Every hour from 5 AM to 11 PM 45 – 65 minutes 115,000 – 250,000 VND

One of the key advantages of taking the Da Nang to Hoi An shuttle is its convenience. It can pick you up directly at the airport, the train station, or your hotel in Da Nang, and then take you to your hotel in Hoi An or a nearby location. This option is ideal for travelers with a lot of luggage or valuable belongings. Moreover, you can pre-book to ensure a smooth journey.

Shuttles from Da Nang to Hoi An run hourly from 5:30 AM to 11:00 PM and typically take about 45-65 minutes to complete the journey, depending on traffic conditions. Keep in mind that travel times may be longer if the bus makes additional stops to pick up and drop off passengers along the way.

Da Nang to Hoi An Shuttle Recommendations

Inner-City Shuttles from Da Nang to Hoi An

These shuttle buses serve as an efficient means for travelers to move around the inner-city areas of Da Nang and Hoi An. They typically operate on regular schedules and stop at various popular locations. Here are some comfortable shuttle options:

  • Hanh Cafe Shuttle: This renowned shuttle service offers both 45-seat and 40-seat sleeper buses. The beds are clean and comfortable. Buses depart from Da Nang at 6:30 PM and arrive in Hoi An at 7:30 PM. The fare is around 300,000 VND.
  • Sinh Cafe Shuttle: This company provides the Da Nang to Hoi An route as part of the Hanoi to Hoi An line. With a fare of 200,000 VND, Sinh Cafe offers one daily trip. You can book your ticket via a hotline or through their online booking platform.
  • Queen Cafe Shuttle: Among the most popular shuttle services from Da Nang to Hoi An, Queen Cafe offers four trips per day. They depart from Hanoi at 6:00 PM, arrive in Da Nang at 9:30 AM, and reach Hoi An at 10:30 AM. The fare is 450,000 VND.
  • Ha Linh Shuttle: Operating on the Da Nang to Hoi An route within the Da Nang to Ninh Thuan line, Ha Linh provides one daily trip, departing from Da Nang at 11:30 AM. The fare is approximately 320,000 VND.
  • Truong Thinh Shuttle: This company offers premium sleeper buses with modern amenities. The shuttle fare for the Da Nang to Hoi An route is 100,000 VND.
Hanh Cafe is a renowned shuttle service that operates between Da Nang and Hoi An.

Private Car from Da Nang Airport to Hoi An

  • DanangPrivateCar.com: With DanangPrivateCar.com’s private shuttle service from Da Nang Airport to Hoi An, you’ll experience a fast, punctual, and safe journey. Our drivers will meet you at the airport gate with your name on a sign. Along the way, you can make stops to visit attractions like My Khe Beach and Ngu Hanh Son,… You can book the service here: Danang To Hoi An Private Car.

Characteristics of the Hoi An to Da Nang Bus Route

Getting to Hoi An by bus has become incredibly easy and convenient nowadays. Many people opt for this mode of transportation due to its advantages, including cost-efficiency, environmental friendliness, and the opportunity for new experiences.

Here are some notable features of the bus route from Hoi An to Da Nang:

  • The bus fare for the Da Nang to Hoi An route is quite affordable, at only around 30,000 VND per trip, saving on travel costs compared to many other means of transportation.
  • The Hoi An to Da Nang bus routes cater to a diverse audience, serving not only tourists but also students and locals.
  • Buses from Hoi An to Da Nang operate continuously every day, including Sundays. There are over 60 trips per day (both one way and return), with buses departing approximately every 15 minutes, ensuring minimal waiting time.
  • Bus stops along the Hoi An to Da Nang route are conveniently located throughout the city, making it easy and hassle-free to catch a bus.
  • The final stop is the central bus station in Hoi An, which is in close proximity to the historic Old Town, making it just a short walk for tourists.
The bus stops near the vicinity of Hoi An’s Old Town, making it very convenient for tourists to move around in the area

Taking the Bus from Da Nang to Hoi An and Essential Tips

To travel on the Hoi An to Da Nang bus route, here are some key pieces of information to keep in mind:

  • Arrive at the bus stop at least 10 minutes in advance to avoid missing the bus you intend to catch. Being just a few minutes late might result in having to wait an additional 15-20 minutes for the next bus.
  • The Da Nang to Hoi An bus routes only pick up passengers within the city center. If you’re staying outside the city center, you should find a way to get to a bus station (e.g., by motorcycle taxi or taxi) in order to catch the bus.
  • If you want to take the bus from Da Nang Airport to Hoi An, you’ll need to go to the bus station outside the airport to catch the bus, as buses cannot enter the airport premises.
Tourists should take note of some essential information before traveling to Hoi An by bus
  • It’s a good idea to prepare some motion sickness remedies, as most Hoi An to Da Nang buses have aging interiors and may experience rough rides, which can make passengers prone to motion sickness, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue.
  • If you’re a tourist traveling on the Da Nang to Hoi An bus, you may be required to pay an additional luggage fee of 10,000 VND per item (if applicable).
  • When making payment, ensure that you inquire thoroughly and request a ticket, especially if the driver is charging a fare higher than the listed ticket price.

In addition to understanding the Danang to Hoi An bus routes, don’t forget to keep in mind some highly useful travel tips for Hoi An and Da Nang. These experiences will enhance your journey and make it truly memorable. With the detailed information about the Da Nang To Hoi An bus route provided above, it is our hope that you can plan your upcoming trip more conveniently and easily.

Quang Noodles are ranked among the top 20 specialties of Da Nang that are worth trying as gifts when visiting this region. Although it is a simple dish, it is very popular among guests. Quang Noodles served with rice paper make for a fantastic combination. Check out the Quang Noodle restaurants in Da Nang recommended by DanangPrivateCar.com’s below. With prices starting at only 20,000 VND, you can be assured of both deliciousness and cleanliness, all at an affordable price.

Explore 12 Delicious Quang Noodle Restaurants in Da Nang

Quang Noodles at Bà Mua in Danang

If you ask me, “Where to eat delicious Quang noodles in Da Nang?” then let me tell you, it’s Bà Mua’s Quang noodles. This is one of the 30 familiar breakfast spots for locals in Da Nang. Its fame attracts many tourists as well. Enjoy the delicious aroma of their noodles, which has made Quang noodles a local specialty.

The Quang Noodle Ba Mua – Delicious Dish in Da Nang System

Bà Mua offers a wide variety of options on their menu. You can order shrimp and meat noodles, beef noodles, chicken noodles, cuttlefish noodles, frog noodles, and more. No matter your taste preferences, Bà Mua is sure to satisfy them all.

  • Address: 19-21 Trần Bình Trọng, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 AM – 9:30 PM
  • Price: 25,000 – 44,000 VND

Frog Quang Noodles at Bếp Trang – A Famous Quang Noodle Restaurant

When you travel to Danang and don’t try Quang noodles, you’re truly missing out. Bếp Trang, a Quang noodle restaurant in Hai Chau District, Danang, is a high-quality choice for food enthusiasts. They use fragrant and nutritious frog meat along with various fresh vegetables as accompaniments.

Frog Quang Noodles at Bếp Trang

Of course, seafood is an essential part of Quang noodles. The more you eat, the more you’ll crave this delightful dish.

  • Addresses:
    • 10 Hà Bổng, Hai Chau, Da Nang
    • 441 Ông Ích Khiêm, Hai Chau, Da Nang
    • 26 Lê Hồng Phong, Hai Chau, Da Nang
    • 186 – 188 Phan Châu Trinh, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 AM – 10:30 PM Price: 25,000 – 44,000 VND/bowl

Delicious Quang Noodles in Thanh Khê District – Hương Quê Quang Noodle Restaurant

If you choose a hotel in Thanh Khê District as your base for exploring Da Nang, then head to Hương Quê Quang Noodle Restaurant for breakfast a day before your adventure. Besides their famous frog Quang noodles, Hương Quê also serves Quang noodles with snakehead fish, eel, and chicken.

  • Address: 78 Phan Thanh, Thanh Khê District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Price: 20,000 – 30,000 VND/bowl

When indulging in the specialty of Quang noodles, don’t forget to use the private transportation services in Danang provided by DanangPrivateCar.com’s. Ensuring quick and safe transportation, booking a private car with a driver in Danang is essential for enjoying the local cuisine and exploring famous attractions. With a professional team of drivers and basic English language skills, we will ensure you have the most comfortable journey. Contact us today for detailed information: Contact us.

Quang Noodles 1A – A Delicious Dining Spot in Da Nang

Quang Noodles 1A is the go-to place for authentic Quang noodles. It’s not just about the noodles; it’s also one of the affordable dining spots in Da Nang. You can enjoy a wide variety of delicious, clean, and reasonably priced dishes here. With professional and friendly service, you won’t want to leave.

Quang Noodles 1A makes customers want to come back again and again
  • Address: 1A Hai Phong, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Price: 15,000 – 39,000 VND

Delicious Quang Noodles in Da Nang – Quang Noodles Bích

Many reviews have selected Bích as the best place for Quang noodles in Da Nang. The reason is that they serve incredibly delicious Quang noodles at an affordable price, starting from just 20,000 VND per bowl. The bowls are filled with frog, fish, and chicken, accompanied by grilled rice paper and fresh herbs for a true coastal delicacy.

Quang Noodles Bich serves until 9:00 PM every day.
  • Address: Located in Liên Chiểu District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Price: 20,000 – 25,000 VND/bowl

Bà Vị Quang Noodle Restaurant in Da Nang

Bà Vị Quang Noodle Restaurant is the oldest establishment in Da Nang. This is why it has gained recognition and become a renowned brand. It never disappoints diners with its traditional preparation of Quang noodles, resulting in fragrant and unique flavors.

At Bà Vị’s restaurant, they use fresh and delicious seafood to bring a unique and unforgettable flavor.

Not only does Bà Vị serve Quang noodles, but it also offers various dishes such as fish soup, Da Nang-style grilled fish noodle, and chicken Quang noodles. Bà Vị is a great place to have a delicious breakfast in Da Nang.

  • Address: 66 Lê Đình Dương, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Price: 30,000 – 55,000 VND/bowl

Cô Sáu Quang Noodle Restaurant in Da Nang

Cô Sáu Quang Noodle Restaurant in Da Nang is worth adding to your list before you visit. While not as famous as some other places, the Quang noodles here are absolutely delightful. From the tangy broth to the soft noodles, coupled with a clean environment and enthusiastic owner, you’ll have a satisfying meal.

  • Address: 37B Phạm Quảng Ảnh, Sơn Trà District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Price: 10,000 – 45,000 VND/bowl

Tam Restaurant – Delicious Snakehead Fish Quang Noodles in Da Nang

If you’re looking for Quang noodles with snakehead fish in Da Nang, Tam Restaurant is the perfect choice. The owner meticulously prepares the snakehead fish, enhancing the taste by removing the fishy and bitter flavors. Along with a generous portion of noodles, you’ll get a variety of fresh vegetables to enjoy as you please. With prices starting at only 20,000 VND per bowl, Tam Restaurant is a familiar spot for many students.

Tam restaurant – A Delicious Catfish Quang Noodle Restaurant
  • Address: 65 Vũ Ngọc Phan, Liên Chiểu District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Price: 18,000 – 25,000 VND/bowl

Jellyfish Quang Noodles in Da Nang

Unlike other restaurants, Jellyfish Quang Noodles in Da Nang is only open in the morning and at noon. So if you want to try their jellyfish Quang noodles, one of the delicious Quang noodle options in Da Nang, make sure to arrive early.

The bowl of noodles becomes more flavorful thanks to the sauce and the broth from simmered bones
  • Address: 59 Lê Hồng Phong, Phước Ninh, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Price: 30,000 – 70,000 VND/bowl

Bà Ngân’s Quang Noodles – Delicious Quang Noodles in Da Nang

Bà Ngân’s Quang noodles are known as one of the busiest breakfast spots in Da Nang. Quang noodles are considered the specialty of the restaurant, with hundreds of servings daily. You can also enjoy pork rice paper rolls, bánh bèo, bánh xèo, and various other local dishes.

  • Address: 108 Đống Đa, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Price: 15,000 – 30,000 VND/bowl

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Ngọc Chi Quang Noodle Restaurant in Da Nang

Ngọc Chi is located near Da Nang Airport and offers a variety of Quang noodles, including frog, chicken, fish, and beef. They also serve pork rice paper rolls, bánh bèo, and other Da Nang specialties. It’s worth noting that Ngọc Chi is a vegetarian restaurant, so all dishes are made with plant-based ingredients, ensuring a unique but delicious flavor.

  • Address: 202 Hoàng Diệu, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Price: 10,000 – 50,000 VND/bowl

Hai Man Quang Noodle Restaurant in Da Nang – Delicious and Affordable

Whether you prefer frog, chicken, or seafood in your Quang noodles, Hải Mân Quang Noodle Restaurant in Da Nang is ready to serve you. They use fresh seafood caught on the same day to ensure a flavorful and aromatic bowl of noodles. Their handmade noodles are of high quality, making for a delicious meal.

The broth is sweet, aromatic, and tantalizing to the senses, especially when enjoyed with fresh and delicious greens
The broth is sweet, aromatic, and tantalizing to the senses, especially when enjoyed with fresh and delicious greens
  • Address: 205 Nguyễn Hữu Thọ, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0235394184

Revealing the Recipe for Delicious and Authentic Da Nang Quang Noodles

If you’re searching for ‘how to cook Quang noodles,’ you’ll find numerous recipes. From chicken Quang noodles to frog, pork, or seafood variations, there are many ways to prepare them. However, the preparation for most types of Quang noodles is quite similar. That’s why we’ll guide you through making the most common shrimp and meat Quang noodles.

Ingredients for Super Delicious Da Nang Quang Noodles:

  • Quang noodle strands: About 500g
  • Pork belly: 500 – 600g
  • Pork bones: 500g
  • Shrimp: 400g
  • Peanuts: 100g
  • Quail eggs: 20 eggs
  • Lemongrass: 10g
  • Various fresh vegetables: Mint, banana flowers, water spinach, Vietnamese coriander, bean sprouts
  • Accompaniments: Grilled rice paper, lime, chili
  • Appropriate seasonings: Star anise, fish sauce, salt, sugar, etc.
The process of making authentic Quang noodles.

Steps to Prepare Authentic Quang Noodles:

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients:

  • Rinse and remove the heads and legs of the shrimp.
  • Blanch the pork and bones in boiling water, then slice the pork into bite-sized pieces.
  • Peel the quail eggs.
  • Roast the peanuts until golden brown and remove the shells.
  • Clean the fresh vegetables and soak them in salted water for about 10 minutes.

Step 2: Prepare the Broth and Marinate the Ingredients:

  • In a separate bowl, marinate the sliced pork belly and shrimp with salt, MSG, pepper, oil, minced lemongrass, and finely chopped shallots. Marinate for about 20 minutes.
  • Place the pork bones in a pot with 3 liters of water and simmer. Skim off any impurities that rise to the surface and simmer on low heat for about 50 minutes.

Step 3: Sauté the Shrimp and Pork:

  • Heat some oil in a pan, add the shrimp and sauté until they turn golden. Then add the marinated pork and stir-fry for about 5 minutes. Next, add the quail eggs and continue stir-frying.
  • Add about 2 bowls of the prepared broth to the pan, season with spices, and simmer for about 15 minutes.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Quang Noodles:

  • Place the Quang noodles in a large bowl, add the sautéed shrimp, pork, and eggs. Finally, pour in the pork bone broth and season to taste

Important Tips for Cooking Delicious Quang Noodles in Da Nang:

  • Choose fresh and live shrimp and meat for cooking Da Nang Quang noodles. Only high-quality ingredients will result in delicious, fragrant, and nutritious noodles.
  • Avoid using shrimp paste as it can make the shrimp taste fishy.
  • When sautéing the shrimp and meat, ensure that they are fully cooked before adding water to reduce any fishy taste.
  • Prior to cooking, it’s advisable to blanch the pork and bones to remove any impurities and dirt.

Da Nang Quang Noodles and Things You Might Not Know

How much does Quang noodles cost?

As a popular dish among the people of Quang region, Quang noodles typically range in price from 20,000 to 50,000 VND per bowl. In today’s economic climate, where you can have a nutritious and delicious breakfast for just a few tens of thousands of VND, it’s indeed an affordable option.

The origin of Quang noodles

Determining the exact origin of Quang noodles is quite challenging, and even the Quang noodle eateries in Da Nang may not know for sure. According to historical records, Hoi An was once an international trading port where bustling trade activities took place. This port city attracted people from various places, leading to the influx of different lifestyles and culinary influences.

Some Chinese immigrants settled in the Quang region, engaging in trade and bringing with them Chinese dishes to Hoi An. This is one reason why some people find Quang noodles to have flavors reminiscent of Chinese cuisine.

To adapt to Vietnamese tastes, Quang noodles underwent various modifications and became a culinary gem of the Quang region, loved by everyone.

The chewy and crispy noodles create unique characteristics
The chewy and crispy noodles create unique characteristics

What are the distinctive features of Da Nang Quang noodles?

While still preserving the essence of Quang noodles from the time when Da Nang and Hoi An were in the same administrative region, Da Nang’s Quang noodles have their own unique characteristics. These noodles are made from handcrafted rice flour. The noodles are made from the finest rice and are ground into flour, which is then shaped into noodles of just the right thickness and texture.

In a bowl of Da Nang Quang noodles, you’ll find meat, chicken, frog, or shrimp that has been cooked. When eating, only a small amount of broth is added, just enough to moisten the noodles but not drown them, unlike in dishes like pho or bun.

Enjoying a bowl of Da Nang Quang noodles is not just a treat for your taste buds. It’s also a sensory experience that connects you to the culture, character, and love of the people of Quang. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Da Nang, don’t miss out on the addresses mentioned above, as recommended by DanangPrivateCar.com’s. They are undoubtedly the best choices for experiencing the perfect taste of Quang noodles.

There are plenty of things to explore in Da Nang when it comes to tourism. Apart from its stunning landscapes, entertaining attractions, and delicious cuisine, you can also find a wide variety of local specialties to bring back as gifts. Da Nang’s specialties available for purchase as gifts are diverse, ranging from dried seafood to sweets and snacks. If you’re unsure about what to buy for your loved ones after your trip, DanangPrivateCar.com’s is here to suggest some of the most famous local specialties below.

General introduction to Da Nang’s specialties.

In addition to its reputation as a tourist city with countless scenic spots, amusement parks, and resorts, Da Nang is also known as a culinary paradise with many local specialties that you can enjoy on the spot or take home as gifts.

Da Nang’s specialties are incredibly diverse, so much so that if you stay here for only a few days, it’s difficult to experience them all.

Danang is renowned as a culinary paradise

While each dish is made from different ingredients and has different flavors, they all share the distinct culinary style of Da Thanh (Da Nang) and the Central region as a whole.

When you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful coastal city, you can satisfy your hungry stomach to your heart’s content. Every dish is delicious, and the prices are very affordable. You also don’t need to worry about what to buy as souvenirs in Da Nang, as there are countless local specialties for you to choose from.

How many types of specialties does Da Nang have, and what are their prices?

To list all the specialties in Da Nang, you would need to sit all day and still might not cover them all. There are up to a hundred different dishes, ranging from main courses to snacks.

Da Nang’s specialties can be divided into two categories: those for immediate consumption and those for purchasing as gifts.

Specialties for immediate consumption in Da Nang.

Can you believe that with around 200,000 VND in your hand, you can enjoy a wide variety of delicious dishes in Da Nang? These dishes have their origins, and some are influenced by other regions, but the local people’s creativity and culinary skills have given them a distinctive taste of Da Thanh (Da Nang).

There are some dishes that you have to sit down at a restaurant to fully savor their delicious flavors

It would be wonderful to explore sidewalk eateries or local markets and savor mouthwatering Da Nang specialties such as grilled fish noodle soup, grilled meat vermicelli, fermented fish noodle soup, pork rolled in rice paper, baguette, slim rice crepes, snails, and Nam O fish salad, to name a few.

Specialties for purchasing as gifts in Da Nang.

Similar to the specialties meant for immediate consumption, Da Nang’s offerings for gifts are diverse and abundant. From various dried seafood and preserved specialties to cakes, candies, tea, fish sauce, fermented pork, and sausages, you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing what to buy as souvenirs in Da Nang.

The specialty gifts available here are also very diverse

These specialties are not only delicious but also have a long shelf life, making them perfect for taking home as gifts, and they can be used to prepare various delicious dishes, making them a very practical choice.

List of 20+ Da Nang specialties to bring as gifts.

To list all the specialties of Da Nang would be difficult because there are countless varieties available. Therefore, we will suggest delicious Da Nang specialties that travelers often choose as gifts after each trip for your reference:

Nem tré (fermented pork roll) – An irresistible delicacy.

In addition to beef sausage, the city is also known for nem and tré (fermented pork roll). Not only in Hue but also in Da Nang, nem tré is highly regarded by tourists and is often chosen as a gift after each trip.


Nem is prepared with rich, spicy flavors, and tré is made from lean pork, finely minced and mixed with spices, then wrapped in banana leaves and fermented, creating a delicious and irresistible taste.

Nem tré is a well-known specialty in Da Nang that has been famous for many decades, and it is definitely a must-try and meaningful gift. It is affordable and widely available, making it easy to find. Prices typically range from 80,000 VND to 90,000 VND per serving.

Sun-dried squid – A gift from the sea of Da Nang.

With its extensive coastline, Da Nang is also famous for its sun-dried squid specialty. Squids caught directly from the sea are carefully selected, cleaned, and sun-dried only once to preserve their freshness, tenderness, and the distinctive aroma of squid. They are then packed in airtight bags or vacuum-sealed for easy transportation by travelers.

The grilled squid here has a very special, sweet and chewy taste

The price of sun-dried squid may be relatively high, ranging from 450,000 VND to 700,000 VND per kilogram, but it is well worth the price as it can be used to prepare various dishes such as grilling, frying, or sautéing. It is an ideal Da Nang specialty to give to family members.

Sun-dried tuna – Da Nang’s dried seafood.

Among all the types of seafood, tuna is one of the most popular. It is not only delicious but also high in protein and nutrition. The waters off Da Nang have various types of tuna such as yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna, and bullet tuna, but the best is still the bullet tuna.

Da Nang Marinated Tuna – Da Nang Specialty

The selected tuna is processed, marinated with traditional spices, and sun-dried to create an appealing appearance and a natural sweet, slightly salty flavor. Bullet tuna from Da Nang is an irresistible specialty that cannot be missed. It can be used to make a variety of dishes.

Dried cuttlefish in tamarind sauce – A delicious sea specialty.

In addition to sun-dried squid, travelers can also consider and purchase dried cuttlefish, also known as “mực cơm rim me.” This is another delicious and enticing seafood specialty often sought after by tourists.

Dried cuttlefish in tamarind sauce – A delicious sea specialty.

Dried cuttlefish in tamarind sauce is prepared by marinating with sugar, fresh tamarind, chili, and fish sauce to create a harmonious sweet, spicy, and sour flavor, while maintaining a chewy texture. The price of a box of dried cuttlefish in tamarind sauce, a Da Nang specialty, ranges from 50,000 VND to 60,000 VND and is well worth buying as a gift.

Da Nang beef sausage – The famous beef sausage specialty.

Beef sausage is an extremely famous dish in Da Nang loved by both locals and tourists. While this dish is now available in many provinces across the country, trying Da Nang’s beef sausage will give you a completely different taste experience.

Made from top-quality fresh beef, trimmed of all tendons, finely chopped, and marinated with various spices, it has a rich, sweet flavor, a chewy texture, and an enticing spicy aroma. Da Nang’s beef sausage is made according to a unique formula that sets it apart from the taste of any other province, and it is considered the best specialty of its kind in the country.

Da Nang beef sausage – The famous beef sausage specialty.

There are many establishments in Da Nang that offer beef sausage, but not all of them are equally delicious and trusted by everyone. DanangPrivateCar.com’s highly recommends Bà Tâm brand for its unique flavor and reasonable price. Locals and tourists buy a lot of Bà Tâm Beef Sausage every day, and many people from afar order it multiple times after trying it once.

Dried beef – A renowned Da Nang dried specialty.

Dried beef is a favorite snack for many travelers when visiting Da Nang. It is made from fresh beef, cut into slices, marinated to absorb the flavors, and then dried.

Da Nang’s dried beef is beloved for its quality, with thick and flavorful beef slices, perfectly infused with sweet, sour, and salty notes from the marinade and drying process.

With a sweet and sour taste, both salty and sweet enough, beef jerky becomes a favorite dish for many people.

You can tear the meat into small strips, lightly squeeze some lime juice on top, and enjoy this dish with friends while having drinks or chatting over beer. The price varies from 125,000 VND per 200 grams.

Dried deer meat – A product from local farms.

Another Da Nang specialty that locals and tourists love is dried deer meat. The dried deer meat pieces are made from deer raised on farms in the mountainous districts. The meat is carefully dried according to standard procedures to maintain its original flavor and prolong its shelf life.

Dried deer meat has a fragrant, spicy taste, and when you eat it, you can tear it into small pieces by hand. This is a reasonably priced and readily available specialty that is perfect for snacking and does not require further preparation.

Dried stingray – A familiar yet unique gift.

While everyone knows about stingrays, dried stingray might be considered unique to some. However, this is one of the Da Nang specialties that you cannot ignore or refuse when visiting Da Thanh.

This is also a specialty that many people choose to buy and give to friends and family after each trip, especially if they don’t know what to buy as gifts in Da Nang.

Dried stingray is very tasty and affordable, perfect for snacking or enjoying with friends. It is dried and pre-packaged in boxes, making it convenient to carry. The price is typically around 160,000 VND for 500 grams.

Dried shrimp – A seafood delight.

In addition to the various dried seafood mentioned above, you can also consider dried shrimp. Dried shrimp is a Da Nang specialty from the sea. After being caught, the sea shrimp are cleaned, prepared, and their shells removed before being sun-dried until they are dry.

Although they are dried, they retain their sweet and aromatic, distinctive flavor. They can be stir-fried with rice or used to make a delicious broth. The price varies depending on the size of the shrimp, with larger shrimp usually being more popular.

Dried mantis shrimp – An enticing gift.

For the people of the Central region, mantis shrimp is a common dish, but for travelers from afar, it can be relatively new. Mantis shrimp has a soft shell and can be eaten whole, making it a seafood that is highly praised for its deliciousness, nutritional value, and high calcium and mineral content.

After being caught, mantis shrimp is cleaned, peeled, and prepared, then marinated with various spices, fresh tamarind, chili, and fish sauce, creating a savory, spicy, sweet, and sour flavor that is very attractive. This dish is great for snacking or eating with hot rice on rainy days.

Queuing Anchovy – Da Nang’s Special Dried Delicacy.

Queuing anchovy is also one of Da Nang’s popular specialties, often chosen by many tourists to buy. This dish is made from the flesh of queuing anchovies, which are pressed and dried, then cut into thin strips. It is seasoned with characteristic spices, creating a delicious and flavorful snack. You can buy it to enjoy gradually or as a meaningful gift for friends.

  • Price: starting from 175,000 VND per half-kilogram box.

Rimmed Bullhead Catfish – Da Nang’s Special Delicacy.

This dish is made from dried bullhead catfish marinated with various spices. Similar to tamarind squid or spiced snakehead fish, rimmed bullhead catfish is equally delicious. It combines the savory taste of fish, rimming spices, and a hint of chili, making it visually appealing and tasty. It can be enjoyed as a snack or paired with plain rice. There are two options: shredded bullhead catfish or sliced bullhead catfish.

Price: around 150,000 VND per half-kilogram box.

Steamed Coconut-Scented Cuttlefish – A Perfect Gift.

Cuttlefish and dishes made from cuttlefish are considered some of Da Nang’s most enticing specialties. In addition to enjoying fresh cuttlefish on the spot, tourists can also purchase cuttlefish-based dishes as gifts. Alongside dried cuttlefish and spiced cuttlefish, steamed coconut-scented cuttlefish is an ideal choice.

Fresh cuttlefish is cleaned and then steamed with coconut water to enhance its fragrance and sweetness. Once cooked, it is shredded and packed into containers. It can be eaten as is or dipped in chili sauce.

  • Price: around 150,000 VND per 300-gram box.

Spicy Rolled Cuttlefish – A Harmonious Combination.

A perfect fusion of the sea’s saltiness, the sweetness of cuttlefish, and the spiciness of chili. Made from fresh cuttlefish, thinly rolled, marinated with spices, and seasoned with a bit of chili, it creates an incredibly delicious dish. This is a specialty not to be missed when visiting this vibrant city. Spicy rolled cuttlefish is great for snacking or enjoying with a variety of dishes.

  • Price: around 125,000 VND per 150-gram box.

Ném Sauce and Ruốc Shrimp Paste from Da Nang.

When it comes to Da Nang’s specialties, one cannot overlook the various types of sauces. These are common dishes that appear in the daily meals of local people, especially those in coastal areas.

Da Nang’s ném sauce and ruốc shrimp paste have a rich, oceanic saltiness, representing the distinctive culinary tradition of Central Vietnam, crafted using traditional methods. They are often used as dipping sauces for boiled meats and vegetables or as condiments for a variety of dishes. They are delicious and affordable, suitable for everyone’s budget.

Nam Ô Fish Sauce – An Outstanding Gift.

If you’re wondering what to buy as a gift when traveling to Da Nang, consider purchasing Nam Ô fish sauce. Nam Ô fish sauce is traditionally made from black anchovies, a protein-rich fish caught in March of the lunar calendar each year. It is fermented with salt and distilled for nearly a year using the traditional recipe of the renowned Nam Ô fish sauce village.

Nam O Fish Sauce – A distinctive gift from Da Nang.

As a result, it yields a robust and unique flavor that sets it apart from any other fish sauce on the market. Therefore, when buying Da Nang specialties as gifts, housewives are sure to be pleased to receive this distinctive item. Prices typically range around 150,000 VND for 2 bottles.

Garlic-Seared Seaweed – Essence of the Sea.

Wondering what to buy in Da Nang for gifts? Da Nang’s coastal resources not only include various seafood but also seaweed. People have used this resource to create the incredibly enticing dish of garlic-seared seaweed.

Fresh seaweed is dried and then processed with garlic, chili, and various spices before being crisped up through drying. Garlic-seared seaweed captivates many with the fragrance of fried garlic, the rich, buttery taste, and a subtle hint of spice from the chili. It’s a simple yet favorite dish among young people and a sought-after gift for both domestic and international tourists.

My Khe Seaweed – An Ideal Gift.

My Khe Beach is famous for its beauty in Da Nang and is also home to valuable marine resources. Among them, seaweed cannot be overlooked, a nutritious food source. Due to being harvested from clean waters, the quality is always guaranteed.

In addition to fresh seaweed used for cooking various dishes, dried My Khe seaweed is also available. It’s suitable for travelers looking to purchase Da Nang specialties as gifts. Seaweed can be stored for a long time and is versatile – it can be eaten as is or paired with rice, making it a fantastic choice.

Sesame Dry Cakes – Simple Delights.

Sesame dry cakes are a traditional gift from Da Nang – Quang Nam for generations, recognized as a Da Nang specialty by the city’s People’s Committee. Consequently, most local residents use them as gifts when they travel, and they are also chosen by a significant number of foreign tourists.

These simple sesame dry cakes are made from rice, glutinous rice, molasses, sesame seeds, and ginger. The rice dough is molded into small squares, then coated with sugar and roasted sesame seeds, resulting in crunchy, sweet, and fragrant cakes. They have a delicious, rustic flavor and are budget-friendly, making them increasingly popular.

Famous Grilled Coconut Cakes of Danang.

Although not originally produced in Da Nang, grilled coconut cakes are considered a specialty of this region and are favored by many tourists. These cakes are made from glutinous rice flour, fresh coconut, sugar, and then grilled to create a sweet and crispy treat that is incredibly appealing and aromatic.

Enjoying grilled coconut cakes on rainy days or paired with a cup of tea is a delightful and refreshing experience. What’s especially great is that they are very affordable, starting at just 23,000 VND per pack, so many tourists choose to buy them as gifts for their relatives and friends.

Pineapple Lemongrass Tea – A Famous Tea from Da Nang.

If Hue has royal tea, Da Nang’s specialty is pineapple lemongrass tea. This tea is made from young green tea buds, pineapple leaves, and various other flowers, creating a fragrant, aromatic drink that is beneficial for health. It’s considered a wonderful herbal remedy that helps with digestion and sleep.

The fragrant aroma of pineapple leaves and jasmine flowers complements the tea’s slight bitterness, making it easier to drink and enhancing its deliciousness. You’ll surely be enchanted by this tea from the very first sip. The price of pineapple lemongrass tea is also reasonable, so consider buying some to bring back for your loved ones!

Roasted Cashews with Garlic and Chili – A Unique Specialty.

Although Da Nang is not known for growing cashews, it has created an enticing specialty using cashews. Many tourists purchase it as a gift, and it’s called roasted cashews with garlic and chili.

The creamy cashews combined with the spiciness of garlic and chili make this snack irresistible. Whether you buy it as a gift while traveling to Da Nang or to share with friends, it’s a great suggestion.

Dried Beef Corn – A Delicious Snack.

Another Da Nang specialty that you can consider buying as a gift is dried beef corn. It’s not your typical seasoned corn but rather corn kernels dried with finely ground beef and lime leaves.

Despite its simplicity, its spicy, crunchy, and flavorful taste appeals to everyone, especially those who enjoy snacking. This snack is perfect for munching with friends or enjoying on rainy days.

Price: approximately 60,000 VND per 200-gram box.

Here is the English translation of the list of 14 specialty dishes from Da Nang to enjoy on the spot:

Da Nang also boasts many delicious dishes that have become specialties, known and loved by tourists from all over. Some of these dishes are street food classics that you must enjoy on the spot to fully appreciate their flavors.

Mi Quang – The soul of Da Nang’s cuisine.

Another must-try dish is Mi Quang, a noodle dish made from rice flour noodles, which may resemble pho noodles but are thicker and wider. The toppings can include shrimp, meat, eggs, and chicken. Some places even add beef, frog legs, or jellyfish.

This is a dish you definitely have to try.

A bowl of Mi Quang typically consists of noodles, toppings, and broth, served with fresh herbs, grilled rice paper, and roasted peanuts. When enjoying this Da Nang specialty, don’t forget to squeeze in some lime, add chili sauce, and definitely include green chili.

Recommended addresses:

  • Mi Quang Ba Mua: 19-21 Tran Binh Trong, Phuoc Ninh Ward, Hai Chau District.
  • Mi Quang Ba Vi: 166 Le Dinh Duong, Hai Chau 2 Ward, Hai Chau District.
  • Mi Quang Ec Bep Trang: 441 Ong Ich Khiem, Nam Duong Ward, Hai Chau District.

Rolled Rice Paper with Pork – A rustic delight.

Although originally from Quang Nam, when it comes to Rolled Rice Paper with Pork, many consider it a Da Nang specialty. It’s a simple yet irresistibly tasty dish that captivates diners.

The rolled rice paper with pork here stands out with its tender, thin slices of pork, along with various types of herbs and a flavorful dipping sauce, creating an unforgettable taste for first-time tasters.

Recommended addresses:

  • Banh Trang Thit Heo Dai Loc 2: 124 Huynh Thuc Khang, Nam Duong Ward, Hai Chau District.
  • Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo Que Nha: 35 Le Duan, Tan Chinh Ward, Thanh Khe District.
  • Quan Mau Con: 215 Trung Nu Vuong, Hoa Thuan Dong Ward, Hai Chau District.

Da Nang Fish Cake Noodle Soup – A renowned delicacy.

Fish cake noodle soup is a signature dish of the central region, with variations in Nha Trang and Quy Nhon. Only in Da Nang can you savor a bowl filled with noodles and fish cakes.

What sets it apart is the use of freshly ground fish to make the fish cakes, resulting in a unique texture and a more delicate flavor compared to other places. The broth is rich, accompanied by fresh herbs, making it an exceptional dish.

Recommended addresses:

  • Bun Cha Ca 109: 109 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District.
  • Bun Cha Ca Hon: 86 Quang Trung, Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District.
  • Bun Cha Ca Ba Lu: 319 Hung Vuong, Vinh Trung Ward, Thanh Khe District.

Banh Xeo (Savory Vietnamese Crepe) – A delicious Da Nang specialty.

Banh Xeo(Savory Vietnamese Crepe) is another dish to try when visiting Da Nang. Compared to southern-style Banh Xeo, the version here is a bit more elaborate. Banh Xeo batter is poured into small pans, resulting in thicker, savory pancakes filled with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts. They are then fried to a beautiful golden brown.

When served, Banh Xeo is accompanied by fresh herbs, cucumber, and sliced mango. The dipping sauce, made with a special recipe, is both slightly sweet and savory, making it a perfect complement to the dish. Despite being fried, it won’t feel greasy.

Recommended addresses:

  • Banh Xeo Nhung: 105 Nguyen Thien Ke, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District.
  • Banh Xeo Ba Duong: 23 Hoang Dieu, Phuoc Ninh Ward, Hai Chau District.

Banh Canh(Vietnamese Udon Noodle Soup) – A simple yet enticing dish.

Hue is not the only place famous for Banh Canh(Vietnamese Udon Noodle Soup); Da Nang also serves this dish, but with a different twist. In Hue, it’s Banh Canh with snakehead fish, while in Da Nang, it’s made with pork, pork bones, crab meat, and quail eggs, creating a diverse flavor profile.

A bowl of Da Nang’s specialty Banh Canh may be simple, but it’s incredibly appealing. The thick and chewy noodles, combined with a variety of toppings, create a memorable taste. The broth, made from pork bones, is rich and flavorful, and everything is perfectly seasoned.

Recommended addresses:

  • Banh Canh Ghe: 424 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hoa Thuan Nam Ward, Hai Chau District.
  • Banh Canh Ruong: 20 Ha Thi Than, An Hai Trung Ward, Son Tra District.

Goi Ca Nam O(Nam O Fish Salad) – A delicious seafood dish.

This is a famous specialty of the fishermen in the Nam O fishing village, a community that relies mainly on fishing. Therefore, the seafood dishes prepared here are fresher and more delicious than those in other areas.

Goi Ca, a Da Nang specialty, is made from fresh mackerel, with its meat finely minced and marinated with rich spices, eliminating any fishy odor. The essence of this dish lies in the dipping sauce made from sesame and peanuts. When eating, you should wrap a bit of fish in rice paper with fresh herbs, roll it up, and dip it in peanut sauce. You’ll be sure not to forget this unique flavor.

Recommended addresses:

  • Goi Ca Vinh: 960 Nguyen Luong Bang, Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Lien Chieu District.
  • Goi Ca Trich – Goi Ca Nam O: 271 Ho Tung Mau, Hoa Minh Ward, Lien Chieu District.
  • Quan Co Hong: 118 Huynh Thuc Khang, Nam Duong Ward, Hai Chau District.

Be Thui Cau Mong(Cau Mong Style Beef Sashimi) – A famous Da Nang specialty.

Da Nang has a famous specialty that you must try, and it’s Be Thui Cau Mong(Cau Mong Style Beef Sashimi). Whether you’re having it with rice or for a drinking session, it’s incredibly delicious.

Be Thui Cau Mong(Cau Mong Style Beef Sashimi) – A famous Da Nang specialty.

The Be Thui is cooked to perfection, with tender, rare beef, crispy skin, and thinly sliced meat. It’s rolled with fresh herbs and lettuce, dipped in sauce. When you eat it, you’ll experience the sweet, aromatic taste of the meat, the freshness of the herbs, and the salty-spicy kick of the dipping sauce. It’s irresistible!

Recommended addresses:

  • Quan Ngoc Lan: 895 Ngo Quyen, Son Tra District.
  • Quan Ro: 8 Bac Son, Cam Le District.

Bun Bo (Beef Noodle Soup) – An unmissable delicacy.

Da Nang Beef Noodle Soup originated from Hue but has been adapted and slightly modified in Da Nang to suit the local palate.

Da Nang Beef Noodle Soup

Unlike Hue’s Bun Bo, which features thicker noodles and beef shank, Da Nang’s version includes thinner noodles and options like rare beef or beef tendon. The broth is flavored with satay but is not too spicy.

Bún Mắm Nêm(Fermented Fish Noodle Soup) – A Fragrant Delight

If you enjoy dry noodles, you should definitely try “bún mắm.” Bún mắm nêm (Fermented Fish Noodle Soup) in Da Nang is a specialty that almost everyone here has tried.

Bun Mam Nem - Danang Private Car
Bún mắm nêm (Fermented Fish Noodle Soup)

A bowl of bún mắm typically consists of rice vermicelli, boiled pork, Da Nang-style beef sausage, fresh herbs, crushed peanuts, and fried shallots. All of these ingredients are mixed with “mắm nêm,” a special fish sauce mixture that creates an unforgettable flavor.

Recommended Addresses:

  • Bún mắm nêm Bà Đông: 145 Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, P.Bình Hiên, Q.Hải Châu.
  • Bún mắm bà Thuyên: 3 Lê Duẩn, P.Chính Gián, Q.Thanh Khê.

Bánh Đập(Crispy Rice Paper with Pork) – A Unique Specialty

In central Vietnam, especially in Da Nang, locals have a strong fondness for “bánh đập” due to its simplicity and incredible taste. This dish is easy to prepare and consists of rice paper grilled until crispy, topped with a layer of thin rice dough, a touch of oil, fried shallots, and a dip of “mắm nêm.” Despite its simplicity, the crispy and fragrant qualities make “bánh đập” a true Da Nang specialty.

Recommended Addresses:

  • Quán Bánh Bèo – Bánh Đập: 251 Phan Chu Trinh, Nam Dương, Hải Châu.
  • Bún mắm – bánh đập Cô Hiền: 3544+CMM, Hoà Khánh Nam, Q.Liên Chiểu.
  • Bánh Đập Cô 10: 47 Phạm Như Xương, Hoà Khánh Nam, Q.Liên Chiểu.

Ốc Hút Đà Nẵng(Da Nang Snail Dishes) – A Captivating Dish

“Ốc hút (Da Nang Snail Dishes)” might be considered street food, but its irresistible taste makes it a favorite among many. While it may seem humble, it has a huge following. To prepare “ốc hút Đà Nẵng,” cleaned snails are steamed or cooked with coconut water, lemongrass, fresh chilies, and coconut flesh. The resulting dish is sweet, spicy, and bursting with flavor, especially when dipped in ginger fish sauce.

All kinds of fresh snails and seafood at Con market in Da Nang

Recommended Addresses:

  • Quán ốc hút đĩa bay Cô Ta: Doãn Khuê Street (behind Helio, 2/9 Street), Hải Châu District.
  • Ốc Hút Hạnh: 277 Đống Đa, P.Thạch Thang, Q.Hải Châu.
  • Ốc Hút Tờ Rúc: 71 Hà Tông Quyền, P.Khuê Trung, Q.Cẩm Lệ.

Bánh Tráng Kẹp(Grilled Rice Paper with Pork and Shrimp) – Simple Ingredients, Delicious Results

Bánh tráng kẹp(Grilled Rice Paper with Pork and Shrimp)” is a popular snack among the youth in Da Nang. It’s made using simple ingredients such as rice paper, dried beef, eggs or pâté with scallions and fried shallots. After being grilled until crispy and golden, it’s served with dried beef sauce.

There are two varieties of “bánh tráng kẹp” in Da Nang: dry (spread) and wet (rolled), allowing diners to choose their preferred style. The key difference lies in the preparation method.

Recommended Addresses:

  • Bánh Tráng Kẹp Dì Hoa: 2A Núi Thành, Bình Thuận, Q.Hải Châu.
  • Bánh tráng kẹp dì Sương: 46/09 Điện Biên Phủ, P. Chính Gián, Thanh Khê.
  • Bánh Tráng Kẹp Dì Liên: 33 Trần Tống, P.Thạc Gián, Q.Thanh Khê.

Mít Trộn(Mixed Young Jackfruit Salad) – An Irresistible Street Food

While not exclusive to Da Nang, “mít trộn(Mixed Young Jackfruit Salad)” is a delicious and budget-friendly snack that’s worth trying when you visit this city. It combines boiled young jackfruit, shredded pork skin, lean pork, fresh herbs, peanuts, fried shallots, and a sweet and savory fish sauce dressing. Enjoy it with grilled rice paper for a surprising and delightful taste.

Recommended Addresses:

  • Mít trộn Dì Anh: 32 Phạm Văn Nghị, P.Thạc Gián, Q.Thanh Khê.
  • Mít trộn Bà Già: Kiệt 47 Lý Thái Tổ, P.Thạc Gián, Q.Thanh Khê.

Banh Mi – Simple Yet Irresistible

Da Nang is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes but also for its delicious “Banh Mi Danang” These sandwiches feature a crispy outer crust and are packed with various fillings, including beef sausage, pork sausage, cold cuts, grilled meat, and more. They’re complemented with cucumber, herbs, pate, butter, and a drizzle of soy sauce, making them a flavorful and satisfying treat.

Recommended Addresses:

  • Bánh mì Bà Lan: 62 Trưng Nữ Vương, Q.Hải Châu.
  • Bánh mì chả bò Ông Tý: 272 Hùng Vương, P.Hải Châu 2, Q.Hải Châu.
  • Bánh mì chấm patê Chu Văn An: 26 Chu Văn An, P.Bình Hiên, Q.Hải Châu.

When you visit Da Nang, make sure to explore the vibrant street food scene and indulge in these delectable local dishes. They’re not only delicious but also offer a glimpse into the rich culinary culture of this coastal city.

Where to Buy Quality and Affordable Specialty Products in Da Nang?

Famous Markets in Da Nang

Many tourists have the habit of visiting local markets in the city of Da Nang for shopping. This is because these markets showcase the unique cultural aspects of this region.

Tourists can easily immerse themselves in the bustling atmosphere of these markets and shop for a variety of local products. Moreover, the products available at these markets are diverse and reasonably priced, making it easy for you to choose.

However, if you intend to shop for specialty products as gifts at these markets, you should be cautious. It’s advisable to do thorough research, explore different stalls, and remember to bargain, as many sellers tend to quote higher prices. Here are some famous markets frequently visited by tourists:

  • Con Market: Address: 318 Ong Ich Khiem, Hai Chau 1, Hai Chau, Da Nang.
  • Han Market: Address: 290 Hung Vuong, Vinh Trung, Hai Chau, Da Nang.
  • Bac My An Market: Address: 25 Nguyen Ba Lan, Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.
  • Son Tra Night Market: Address: Mai Hac De, An Hai Trung, Son Tra, Da Nang.
  • Hoa Khanh Market: Address: Au Co, Hoa Khanh Bac, Lien Chieu, Da Nang.
Han Market is the busiest shopping and culinary center in Danang

Supermarkets and Specialty Stores Selling Da Nang’s Specialties

In addition to traditional markets, you can also visit supermarkets and specialty stores dedicated to selling local specialties.

While prices may be slightly higher, these places offer a wide range of specialty products, including dried seafood, dried goods, various cakes, and tea. Each product is clearly labeled with prices, making it convenient for customers to refer to and monitor.

Another advantage is that the products are of high quality, with packaging, labels, production dates, and expiration dates clearly stated, ensuring the safety of your purchases. Here are some supermarkets and specialty stores you can consider:

  • Qua Mien Trung Specialty Stores: Addresses: 192 Ho Nghinh and Lot 05 Vo Van Kiet, Son Tra, Da Nang.
  • Thien Phu Specialty Store: Addresses: 274 Nguyen Tri Phuong, 659 Nguyen Tat Thanh, 200 Ho Nghinh, Da Nang.
  • Dai Loc Phat Specialty Supermarket: Address: 12 Hoang Hoa Tham, Thanh Khe, Da Nang.
  • Da Nang Specialty Store for Gifts: Address: 103 Ho Xuan Huong, Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.
  • Huong Da Specialty Store: Addresses: Intersection of Vo Nguyen Giap and Vo Van Kiet, 04 Duy Tan, 150 Ham Nghi, Da Nang.

Additionally, tourists can also visit some shopping centers within the city, such as Vincom Da Nang (910 Ngo Quyen, Son Tra), Lotter Mart Da Nang (35 Thai Phien, Hai Chau), and Big C Da Nang Supermarket (257 Hung Vuong, Hai Chau) to purchase various specialty products.

Some Tips When Buying Da Nang’s Specialties as Gifts

Certainly, anyone traveling to Da Nang and wanting to buy local specialties as gifts hopes to have the best and most satisfying experience. However, not everyone is savvy when it comes to shopping, so here are some things to keep in mind to choose high-quality products at a good price:

  • Always Read Reviews and Ratings: Check the reviews and ratings from people who have made purchases before. Research the delicious items and products you want to buy in advance. This will help you save time and easily find the items you like and of good quality.
  • Price Consideration: The prices of Da Nang’s specialty products are generally considered reasonable, without the notion of inflating prices for tourists as in some other places. However, if you intend to make a large purchase, you can negotiate with the seller to get a slightly lower price.
  • Research Reliable and Good-Priced Outlets: It’s a good idea to research reliable and reasonably priced stores in advance to avoid wasting time and money, which could affect your travel schedule and exploration.
  • Explore Different Stalls: You can explore various stalls, but never solely chase after cheap goods because it’s easy to end up with low-quality or close-to-expiration products. If you’re buying at a market, remember to haggle, as not bargaining could lead to overpaying. While items in supermarkets may be slightly more expensive, you can shop with peace of mind.
  • Timing Matters: Avoid shopping early in the morning or at the beginning of the afternoon. According to the belief of the sellers, these are the times when they open their shops. If you bargain or don’t buy anything, the sellers may believe it’s an unlucky start to their day, and they won’t be happy.

By following these tips, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable shopping experience when purchasing Da Nang’s specialties as gifts.

Tips for Storing Da Nang’s Specialties When Buying Them as Gifts

Most tourists, after visiting the coastal city of Da Nang, want to buy gifts for their loved ones, family, colleagues, etc. However, they may hesitate because they don’t know how to store these items properly to ensure their longevity. Here are some tips for you:

How Long Can Da Nang’s Specialties Be Stored?

The storage duration of Da Nang’s specialties varies depending on the type, but most of them can be preserved for an extended period if stored correctly.

  • Da Nang’s beef sausage (“chả bò”) can typically be stored for 2 to 7 days, and in some cases, up to 1 month or more without spoiling.
  • “Nem” and “tré” can last for about 2 to 5 days, and some varieties may last up to a week because they are not freezable.
  • Dried specialties like dried squid, dried beef, dried fish, dried shrimp, dried deer meat, seaweed, etc., can be stored for about 3 months.
  • Fish sauce, shrimp paste, cakes, tea usually have a minimum shelf life of 6 months.
  • Sun-dried squid or sun-dried tuna can be stored for approximately 1 to 2 months.

Proper Storage for Longevity

To ensure the longevity of these specialties without compromising their original flavors, consider proper storage. Except for items like sesame crackers, baked coconut cakes, or pineapple pandan tea which should be kept in a cool place away from direct sunlight, most other products should be stored in a cool, dry place, shielded from direct sunlight, and away from high temperatures.

If you buy “chả bò” and plan to consume it shortly, you can leave it outside or in the fridge. For longer-term storage, store it in the freezer. When you need it, simply thaw and steam it without losing its original flavor.

Some Questions Related to Da Nang Specialties from Tourists

Which Da Nang specialty is the best to buy as a gift?

It’s hard to definitively say which one is the best because it depends on individual preferences and tastes. Some people choose to buy dried seafood, while others opt for fish sauce, cakes, beef sausage, “nem” (fermented pork rolls), or other specialties. Some even buy a variety of items. However, according to Danang Private Car’s, most people visiting Da Nang tend to buy beef sausage (“chả bò”) more often. Da Nang’s beef sausage is renowned not only locally but also in many other provinces and cities.

Where should I buy high-quality Da Nang specialties?

As suggested in the previous article, you can find Da Nang specialties in large markets in Da Nang or at various shops and supermarkets. Based on experience, to ensure quality, it’s best to visit reputable establishments or those with good customer reviews and ratings. It’s advisable to limit purchases from street markets.

Can I get discounts when buying in bulk?

Yes, you can! Many shops and stores often offer discounts or a percentage off the total price if tourists meet a specified quantity requirement. This is typically more common in local markets or smaller stores. If you buy from supermarkets or large specialty stores where prices are already fixed, it may be more challenging to negotiate discounts.

The information provided above includes details about Da Nang specialties and some practical tips for tourists. Hopefully, you’ve found answers to your questions about what to buy in Da Nang as gifts and where to make those purchases. Don’t forget to take note of these recommendations to choose meaningful gifts for your loved ones and friends!

Modeled after Singapore’s Merlion statue, the Statue of a Carp Turning into a Dragon in Da Nang, which began construction in 2015, has become a new symbol of the “city worth living.” It is also a famous tourist attraction that draws many visitors for sightseeing and taking photos alongside familiar landmarks such as bridges, My Khe Beach, Linh Ung Pagoda,…

Have you learned anything about the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang?

When was the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue built?

It was initiated in 2015 and completed in 2016. The Carp Turning into a Dragon statue is not just a sculpture; with its presence, it embellishes the yacht harbor and the surrounding scenery. Simultaneously, it emphasizes the beauty of the Han River area specifically and Da Nang in general.

This unique project was constructed starting in 2015.

From the day of its introduction until now, it has become a new tourist attraction, drawing a large number of visitors for sightseeing and admiration. Its attraction has not waned and, in fact, continues to grow. With its meticulous design and substantial weight, this statue will leave you in awe when you get close to it.

The significance of the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang.

In East Asian culture, the carp symbolizes many profound meanings. According to folklore, the carp turning into a dragon is always a mythical creature symbolizing strength, authority, and good luck. Nowadays, this belief remains the same, and it is even seen as a symbol of intelligence and flexibility. Both in the East and the West, dragons are depicted as creatures that can ascend to the skies and descend into the seas.

This symbol represents strength, perseverance, and success

Legend has it that in the past, there was a celestial dragon competition in the sky, and animals from all around came to participate. Each had to pass through the Vũ Môn Gate, but for a whole month, no animal could withstand this fierce challenge. Until a carp appeared, holding a pearl, and after many determined attempts, the carp passed through the Vũ Môn Gate and transformed into a dragon.

Since then, the story of the carp turning into a dragon has been passed down through generations. And the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang vividly portrays the belief, tradition, faith, and perseverance that lead to success.

The ideal time to visit the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang.

When is the best time to visit the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue? In reality, the structure retains its unique beauty and shines brightly by the romantic Han River at any time of the year. Anyone passing by can’t help but pause for a moment to admire and take pictures. Therefore, you can visit at any time that suits you.

You should choose a sunny and beautiful time to check in at this location!

However, based on the experience of traveling in Da Nang, it’s better to go during the dry season. Since this statue is located outdoors, rainy weather not only makes it difficult to move around but also hinders a clear view of its beauty and makes photography challenging. Typically, from March to September, this area is crowded with tourists.

As for the best time of day, it’s in the evening. As the sunlight gradually fades, it seems to concentrate on the statue, making it appear as if the entire carp is covered in gold, incredibly dazzling. The Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang becomes even more radiant at night. The statue continuously changes between nine different colors. What’s unique is that it sprays water into the romantic Han River, creating an iconic symbol for the city worth living in.

Location and directions to the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue area.

Where is the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue located?

The Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang is situated on the eastern bank of the romantic Han River, between the Han River Bridge and the Dragon Bridge, along Tran Hung Dao Street in Son Tra District. Standing from the Dragon Bridge, tourists can enjoy the entire panorama of the carp turning into a dragon, the scenic beauty, and activities in the nearby area.

The statue is constructed right by the banks of the Han River

This is considered one of the most strategic locations in the city. It is the central point of the eight-border concept in the local culture, representing the convergence of factors: Heaven, Earth, Sky, Sea, Mountains, Forest, Marsh, and Swamp. It can be said that the people of Da Nang have put a lot of thought and meaning into this statue, expressing desires for strength and belief in a prosperous and flourishing life.

How to get to the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue?

To reach the location of the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang, you can travel in one of the following two directions (depending on your starting point):

  • First: From My Khe Beach, drive towards the city center, turn onto Vo Van Kiet Street, then onto Ngo Quyen Street, take a right onto Ly Nam De, and continue to turn left onto Tran Hung Dao Street until you arrive.
  • Second: If you’re starting from the north of the city, take Nguyen Van Linh Street, cross the Dragon Bridge, then turn right onto Tran Hung Dao Street, and when you reach the Love Bridge, you’re there. The statue is located right beneath the Dragon Bridge and is easily visible.

You have various transportation options.

Since it is located in the city center on one of the busiest streets in Da Nang, getting here is not difficult. If you’re coming from a farther distance, you can either ride a motorbike or take a taxi or a rideshare service like Grab. For those staying in hotels or homestays in the vicinity, walking to visit the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue is also an option.

If you choose to travel by motorbike, you can park your bike at lots across the street or in the Son Tra Night Market area, with parking fees around 5,000 VND per trip. Afterward, you can simply walk across the street to the statue. According to DanangPrivateCar.com, if you’re traveling with a group or children, using public transportation might be more convenient. Motorbikes are generally suitable for younger travelers.

Additionally, if you want to explore more attractions in Da Nang, such as Marble Mountains, My Khe Beach, famous bridges like the Dragon Bridge, or the Son Tra Peninsula with Linh Ung Pagoda, renting a private car in Da Nang is a suitable option. DanangPrivateCar.com is proud to offer top-notch private car rental services in Da Nang, with a team of professional drivers who have basic English language skills, ensuring you have a safe and comfortable trip to Da Nang. You can book our Danang city tour by private car today.

Visiting the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang, is there an entrance fee?

Even though it’s a famous tourist spot that attracts many visitors for sightseeing and photography, the good news for those planning to check out this unique statue is that there is no entrance fee. It’s entirely open for visitors throughout the day, so feel free to come and visit at your convenience.

This location is completely free, so you can rest assured

However, you will need to budget for transportation to get to this location as well as parking fees (if you’re driving your own vehicle). Additionally, if you plan to eat in the vicinity, be aware that prices can be higher compared to areas farther from the city center. So, it’s a good idea to have some cash on hand, just in case.

The Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang – a landmark for the “city worth living in.”

The uniqueness of the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang.

The Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang was constructed and sculpted by artisans from the Non Nuoc stone village. The project consists of 5 pieces of white stone, each 7.5 meters high and weighing 200 tons, crafted with the skilled hands of artisans over three months.

The head of the statue is designed to resemble the head of a dragon

The structure of the statue includes a dragon head with intricate carvings reminiscent of the Ly Dynasty era. The dragon’s body is represented by finely carved scales, and its back features decorative fins, resembling the dragon’s spine. The dragon’s legs are portrayed as two symmetrically stylized hands placed on undulating scales.

This is not just a simple statue; the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang is equipped with a water spray system from the dragon’s head, vividly recreating the image of water pouring to bless the transformation of the carp into a dragon. This image also symbolizes the yacht harbor and enhances the landscape of the riverfront area, affirming the value of the Han River area and the beauty of Da Nang in general.

The Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang has become a meeting point for tourists.

Along with the Love Bridge, the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue has established a distinctive style among the 108 famous tourist destinations in Da Nang. It is very interesting and ideal for tourists when visiting this city in Central Vietnam. At any time of the day, the statue stands out with its unique beauty, making anyone passing by unable to resist pausing to admire, take souvenir photos, and capture beautiful moments beside it.

The Carp Turning into a Dragon statue always attracts the attention of tourists.

Moreover, if you stand at the base of the carp statue, you can encompass the entire city within your view. In front of you lies the tranquil Han River, with colorful yachts gliding gently along its surface, while the friendly smiles of the local people surrounding you will warm your heart. But perhaps the most cherished moment is witnessing the Dragon Bridge spewing flames and water, a sight to behold with your own eyes.

This destination attracts many young people for check-ins

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What to eat near the Carp Turning into a Dragon statue in Da Nang? Here are some restaurant suggestions.

Suggested delicious dishes to try

Da Nang is not only known for its beautiful landmarks and scenery but also for its diverse culinary paradise. Here, you can explore a variety of delicious dishes at extremely affordable prices.

  • Local specialties include: Mi Quang (Quang-style noodles), Bun Mam (fermented fish soup noodles), Bun Thit Nuong (grilled pork noodles), Bun Bo (beef noodles), Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo (pork rolled in rice paper), Be Thu Cau Mong (Cau Mong goat), Goi Ca Nam O (Nam O fish salad), and more.
  • Seafood: Da Nang is renowned for its fresh and delicious seafood such as shrimp, crab, grouper, snails, fish, squid, octopus, etc. You can enjoy them fresh or in various seafood dishes.
  • Snack foods: Da Nang offers a wide range of snacks, including mixed jackfruit, snail sausages, stir-fried fermented pork rolls, rice pancakes, grilled nem (spring rolls), banh beo (steamed rice cakes), avocado ice cream, and more.
In Da Nang, there are plenty of dishes for you to savor

See More: Top 12 Best Seafood Restaurants in Da Nang

Restaurants and eateries nearby

Not only is this area a hub for various tourist attractions, entertainment, and hotels, but it also boasts many restaurants, eateries, and cafes to satisfy your dining needs, such as:

  • Tri Hang Seafood Restaurant.
  • Lemon Tea – Chill.
  • Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse.
  • Duyet Bun Bo Noodle Shop…

Alternatively, you can visit the Son Tra Night Market right at the beginning of the Dragon Bridge. There, you can find a wide variety of street food, snacks, ice creams, and beverages at reasonable prices. The market also offers Da Nang specialties as souvenirs, fashion items, and more, making it a great place for shopping if you’re interested.

The attractions near the Statue of a Carp Turning into a Dragon in Da Nang.

Because it is located in the city center, besides the Statue of a Carp Turning into a Dragon in Da Nang, there are many other destinations for you to explore, have fun, and shop.

Love Bridge.

Right there is the Love Bridge – a beautiful photography spot in Da Nang that young people especially adore. Although it’s only a short stretch, it’s decorated with many sparkling red hearts, creating an extremely romantic atmosphere.

Son Tra Night Market.

This is the second-largest Son Tra night market in Da Nang, where dozens of stalls converge, offering clothing, shoes, souvenirs, and food. Just take a few steps, and you’ll be able to explore this bustling and lively night market.

Dragon Bridge.

With a unique design that mimics the shape of a dragon curving over the water towards the East Sea, it has attracted the curiosity of many tourists. Especially, if you visit on Saturday evening or Sunday, you can witness the bridge spewing fire and then spraying water, which is quite special.

Dragon Bridge Da Nang has become a renowned tourist destination that everyone wants to explore.

For those who prefer tranquility, you can choose riverside cafes along Tran Hung Dao Street with a view of the river to relax and enjoy the night view of the city. It’s that simple, but it will be an unforgettable memory.

Some notes when visiting the Statue of a Carp Turning into a Dragon in Da Nang.

  • The best time to admire the Statue of a Carp Turning into a Dragon in Da Nang is at night. At this time, the brightly colored lights will make the scene more mystical.
  • Although this structure has been in Da Nang for nearly 5 years, it still attracts many tourists. If you want to take photos, you need to be patient and wait.
  • When you come here, please be mindful not to litter or climb onto the statue.
  • If you are traveling by motorcycle, you can park it at spots on the opposite side for a fee of 5,000 VND per round trip and then walk across the street to visit.

It can be said that the Statue of a Carp Turning into a Dragon in Da Nang carries unique beauty and is the pride of this beautiful coastal city. If you want to see this special symbol with your own eyes, plan your visit to this land right away!