Dragon Bridge Danang – Experience Watching Fire and Water Show 2024

Dragon Bridge Da Nang spray fire - bearing desire

Dragon Bridge Danang is one of the youngest bridges spanning the Han River, leaving a strong impression on tourists. Besides admiring its unique design and beauty, visitors also eagerly await the moments when the bridge shoots fire and water. This is an exciting experience at night that cannot be missed. So, on which days of the week does the Dragon Bridge shoot fire, and at what time? Let’s explore the full information about Dragon Bridge Danang and the experience of watching the fire and water show in 2024 together with DanangPrivateCar.com’s.

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Introduction to the famous Dragon Bridge in Da Nang.

In which year was Dragon Bridge constructed?

Dragon Bridge Da Nang is the 6th bridge crossing the Han River, along with Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, and Tien Son Bridge. Da Nang is known as the city of bridges due to the numerous bridges spanning the rivers in the city, especially the romantic Han River. Dragon Bridge is not only a prominent symbol of the city but also a must-visit beautiful destination for tourists when traveling to Da Nang.

Image of Dragon Bridge Da Nang – This is one of the 6 famous bridges spanning the Han River built in 2009

Dragon Bridge Da Nang is the first single-arch steel bridge in Southeast Asia. Its construction began in July 2009 and was completed in 2013, with a total investment of 1.7 trillion VND. Apart from its significance in relieving traffic congestion during peak hours, the bridge also carries a great cultural meaning.

Unique design of Dragon Bridge.

Dragon Bridge Da Nang is designed in the shape of a dragon from the Ly Dynasty with its head facing the sea, symbolizing the city’s aspirations for growth and prosperity. How long is Dragon Bridge Da Nang? The bridge has a total length of about 666 meters, a width of about 37 meters, and is divided into two separate directions with 6 lanes for vehicles, as well as a 2-meter-wide sidewalk for pedestrians. Additionally, the lighting system is meticulously equipped with a total of 15,000 LED bulbs, making Dragon Bridge majestic and courageous at night.

Dragon Bridge has a unique design with the head facing the East Sea.

The tail of the bridge is creatively designed with lotus flowers and the dragon’s body bobbing as if it is ready to reach out to the sea. This is considered a unique and unprecedented design, which combines classic and powerful elements. Besides the impressive architecture, Dragon Bridge can also emit fire and water in a very unique way. Tourists visiting Da Nang are all eager to witness this spectacular moment.

The accolades of Dragon Bridge in Da Nang – the pride of the city’s residents.

With its special design, unique significance, and remarkable beauty both during the day and at night, Dragon Bridge has captured the admiration and applause of many since its introduction to tourism. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why this bridge has received numerous prestigious titles:

  • It holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest steel dragon sculpture.
  • It is listed among the top 20 most impressive bridges in the world, as voted by ViraLnova.
  • Dragon Bridge received the Engineering Excellence Grand Award, presented by the American Council of Engineering Companies, for its outstanding design.
  • It was recognized as the most impressive illuminated architectural work in the world, winning the FX Design Awards in 2013 and the Lighting Design Awards in 2014.
  • The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) awarded Dragon Bridge Da Nang a Special Citation for its exceptional lighting design.
Dragon Bridge Da Nang has become a renowned tourist destination that everyone wants to explore.

Location and how to get to Dragon Bridge Da Nang for watching the fire and water show.

Where is the address of Dragon Bridge Da Nang?

Dragon Bridge Da Nang is located between Hai Chau District and Son Tra District, spanning across the Han River. It starts at the end of Nguyen Van Linh Street and ends at the beginning of Vo Van Kiet Street, in Phuoc Ninh Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City. Its strategic location has facilitated easier transportation, reducing travel time from Da Nang International Airport to various routes in Son Tra District, especially My Khe Beach. You only need to cross the bridge and head straight to reach one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Dragon Bridge Da Nang is a bridge connecting Hai Chau and Son Tra Districts.

Directions to reach the area of Dragon Bridge.

As it is situated in the city center, getting to Dragon Bridge is not difficult at all. You just need to find Nguyen Van Linh and Vo Van Kiet Streets, or Bach Dang Street, 2 Thang 9 Street, and Tran Hung Dao Street, and you’ll spot the bridge right away.

  • If you are coming from Da Nang Airport, you can take a taxi or motorbike for about 3 km along Nguyen Van Linh Street. At the end of this road, you will reach the area near the tail of Dragon Bridge.
  • If you are coming from My Khe Beach direction, take Vo Nguyen Giap Street, then turn into Vo Van Kiet Street. Continue on Bach Dang Street, turn left onto Le Hong Phong Street, then left onto Tran Phu Street, and finally, Nguyen Van Linh Street. This route will lead you to the area near the head of Dragon Bridge Da Nang.
  • From Da Nang Bus Station to Dragon Bridge: Simply go straight from Ton Duc Thang – Dien Bien Phu and then turn right onto Nguyen Tri Phuong Street. Afterward, turn left onto Nguyen Van Linh Street, continue straight, and you will arrive at Dragon Bridge Da Nang.

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Schedule for the fire and water show of Dragon Bridge Da Nang that you should know.

Although it is an activity eagerly anticipated by many tourists when visiting this vibrant city, it is not always possible to witness this spectacular moment. To be able to admire the fire and water show of Dragon Bridge Da Nang, you should be aware of the following schedule:

On which days of the week does Dragon Bridge shoot fire?

Every Saturday and Sunday evening, Dragon Bridge will simultaneously display the fire and water show. Therefore, if you wish to see it, you should plan your visit on the weekends. However, on weekdays (Monday to Friday), you can still enjoy its sparkling and radiant beauty during the night, but without the fire show.

In Da Nang, every Saturday and Sunday, Dragon Bridge will shoot fire to entertain both locals and tourists.

Additionally, on special occasions such as Vietnam National Day (September 2nd), Reunification Day (April 30th), Labor Day (May 1st), etc., the local authorities may arrange for the bridge to display the fire show to cater to the sightseeing demands of visitors.

What time does Dragon Bridge shoot fire?

After several changes, the city has now settled on a fixed time for the fire and water show to make it easier for everyone to follow and arrange their time, avoiding missing out. The show is scheduled to start exactly at 21:00 on the mentioned Saturdays and Sundays, as well as major holidays throughout the year. This time slot is considered quite suitable for people to witness the beauty and uniqueness of the bridge’s capabilities.

Dragon Bridge shoots fire on Saturdays and Sundays. At 9:00 PM, people and tourists will gather here in large numbers to watch Dragon Bridge shooting fire.

However, even before 21:00, tourists have already flocked here to find the most ideal viewing spots. Therefore, remember to arrive a bit earlier, around 10 to 15 minutes, to secure the best panoramic view!

Why can Dragon Bridge Da Nang shoot fire and water?

How does Dragon Bridge have the ability to shoot fire and water?

Dragon Bridge is designed with a system that allows it to shoot fire at the dragon’s mouth using a high-pressure DO/KO oil compression device, controlled automatically and sprayed through the ignition flame to form a ring of fire. Due to the pressure and burning effect, the ring of fire can be pushed far away. The oil is completely burned at high efficiency, producing a natural red flame, ensuring safety.

When the ON button is pressed on the underground electrical control panel, the equipment will move forward about 1 meter, and the ignition and ignition spray systems will operate at the ignition flame. When the presence of fire is detected, the nozzle operates to intensify the flame and push it out of the dragon’s mouth. Additionally, the sudden change in the burning effect and the surrounding air creates a unique and attractive sound effect.

How does Dragon Bridge shoot fire and water?

Dragon Bridge Da Nang will shoot fire first and then water, for a total duration of about 20 minutes. The fire show is divided into 2 rounds, with 9 bursts in each round, totaling 18 bursts. The water show is divided into 3 rounds, with one burst in each round. The fire system has been improved based on the image of a dragon swallowing a gem. When shooting fire, the front half of the gem will open, and after the show, it will close again. The fire rings are displayed in a harmonious manner, creating a captivating spectacle for the audience.

The best time to watch Dragon Bridge Da Nang shooting fire and water.

According to travel experience in Da Nang, Dragon Bridge operates every day and performs the fire and water show regularly on Saturdays and Sundays, regardless of rain or shine. However, to witness the bridge’s beauty to the fullest and capture this special moment, you should choose the best timing.

If possible, visit during the tourist season, which is from March to September each year. During this time, Da Nang experiences the dry season with clear skies and beautiful sunshine, and there’s less rain, making it convenient for travel and finding an ideal spot to watch the bridge’s fire show. Unaffected by weather conditions, the nighttime view is enhanced by streetlights and the glowing LED lights on the bridge, creating a dazzling and enchanting atmosphere. Moreover, it also makes it easy to participate in other activities without any weather disruptions.

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Suggested ideal spots to watch Dragon Bridge Da Nang shooting fire.

To witness the most beautiful fire show of Dragon Bridge, you can choose one of the following highly recommended spots, which are also fascinating tourist destinations in Da Nang:

Stand on Dragon Bridge.

According to regulations, before the fire and water show, traffic on the bridge will be temporarily suspended. Therefore, you can walk onto the bridge to witness the entire beauty of it up close. At the head of Dragon Bridge, you can also enjoy the unique and enchanting fire displays set to epic music, immersing yourself in the lively and vibrant atmosphere around. Remember to stand a bit far to ensure safety and avoid getting wet when the bridge shoots water!

You can choose the best spot right on Dragon Bridge to watch the fire and water show.

Stand on Tran Hung Dao Street.

Tran Hung Dao Street is located along the romantic Han River bank and is one of the most central and bustling streets in the city. As it is situated right under Dragon Bridge, it is an ideal spot to admire the bridge’s fire show. You can stand on the sidewalk or stop by a tea house or café, enjoying a warm cup of coffee while admiring the charming view of Dragon Bridge and the moment it shoots fire and water during the night.

Tran Hung Dao Street is also an ideal spot.

Watch Dragon Bridge from a Han River cruise.

A truly exceptional spot to watch Dragon Bridge is from the Han River itself. Tourists can buy tickets for a Da Nang Han River cruise, gently gliding along the water, enjoying the cool breeze and the view of tall buildings and vibrant establishments on both sides of the river, while witnessing Dragon Bridge shooting fire. The cruise will stop at the best location right on time for you to enjoy the show. On the cruise, you will find all the amenities you need, such as dining tables, seats, beverages, promising a perfect experience.

A Han River cruise to watch Dragon Bridge is an extremely exciting experience.

Watch Dragon Bridge from other bridges.

Instead of standing on Dragon Bridge itself, tourists can choose other bridges if they prefer to avoid crowds, such as Han River Swing Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Love Bridge, or Nguyen Van Troi Bridge. However, these spots are not highly recommended as they are quite far, and you won’t be able to see the show up close.

Han River Swing Bridge is close to Dragon Bridge Da Nang.

Watch Dragon Bridge’s fire show from above.

In Da Nang, there are many hotels, rooftop bars, and cafes with stunning views from above, such as Top View Bar, Sky Bar, Novotel Hotel, Vanda Hotel, Green Plaza, and more. Standing here allows you to watch Dragon Bridge shooting fire and water without moving or squeezing through crowds. What could be better than resting, sipping on premium drinks, enjoying the view, and witnessing special performances taking place on the Han River.

An ideal spot to watch Dragon Bridge that you should not miss.

Besides watching Dragon Bridge Da Nang shooting fire and water, what other activities are there?

If tourists arrive earlier than the time of the Dragon Bridge fire and water show, they can use that time to explore more places and experience additional activities near the area for a more fulfilling trip. Alternatively, after the fire show ends, visitors can also explore these places as they often stay open late. Some suggestions that danangprivatecar.com wants to share are:

Admire beautiful fireworks displays.

Every year, Dragon Bridge Da Nang hosts events like the New Year’s fireworks or the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF). Dragon Bridge is an ideal spot to watch the fireworks. Tourists who visit Da Nang during these occasions are truly fortunate. The city of Da Nang always invests professionally and meticulously in organizing these fireworks events. Standing on Dragon Bridge and witnessing the spectacular fireworks displays synchronized to music will be a wonderful experience for tourists from all over.

The annual fireworks displays at Dragon Bridge Da Nang attract many tourists.

Visit APEC Park Da Nang near Dragon Bridge.

Right next to Dragon Bridge is the famous APEC Park – the top spot for young people to take Instagram-worthy photos. APEC Park impresses with its unique architectural design, resembling a graceful kite soaring above the heart of the city. Visitors can stroll around this vast space, taking countless perfect pictures. It can be said that anyone visiting Da Nang should not miss checking in at APEC Park, a magnificent destination. So don’t forget to capture a few stunning photos at this beautiful attraction.

APEC Park is an enjoyable place to visit near Dragon Bridge Da Nang.

Explore Son Tra Night Market.

Son Tra Night Market is located on Mai Hac De – Ly Nam De Street, right at the foot of Dragon Bridge. This market is one of the outstanding culinary areas at night, attracting many tourists. Here, you can immerse yourself in the lively and vibrant atmosphere while enjoying numerous enticing dishes at affordable prices, such as snacks, seafood, and specialties of Da Thanh. Moreover, you can shop for souvenirs, fashion items, dried specialties, and enjoy street music performances, ensuring a delightful experience.

Son Tra Night Market is a fascinating attraction that draws visitors in.

Check-in at Love Bridge and Koi Fish Transforming into a Dragon Statue.

Both structures are located in the DHC Marina area, right by Han River, on Tran Hung Dao Street, a few hundred meters from Dragon Bridge Da Nang. These are famous spots that almost everyone wants to check-in at. Here, you can freely explore, take photos, and admire the Han River, the numerous bridges, and the sparkling beauty of the city at night. Especially, for couples, they can buy personalized padlocks and attach them to the bridge’s railing, symbolizing a prayer for a lasting and strong bond.

Love Bridge is an extremely romantic check-in spot.

Explore other bridges.

Da Nang is dubbed the “city of bridges,” so when visiting, tourists should not only visit Dragon Bridge. Take some time to explore Han River Swing Bridge, the first swing bridge in Vietnam that can rotate 90 degrees to allow large ships to pass, and is also a bridge built with contributions from local residents, a symbol of the city. Or the unique cable-stayed Tran Thi Ly Bridge with its sail-like design, and Thuận Phước Bridge, the longest cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam, among others.

Han River Bridge is at its most beautiful and enchanting at night.

Hotels near Dragon Bridge Da Nang.

Grand Mường Thanh Da Nang Hotel.

From the balcony of Mường Thanh Hotel, tourists can have a panoramic view of the city’s famous bridges, such as Dragon Bridge and Han River Swing Bridge. Grand Mường Thanh is a luxurious 4-star hotel in Da Nang. Here, visitors will be delighted with not only the upscale services but also the stunning view of the beautiful symbol of Da Nang, the Dragon Bridge.

  • Address: 962 Ngo Quyen Street, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.
The luxurious view of Dragon Bridge captured from the premium room of Mường Thanh Da Nang Hotel.

Melia Vinpearl Condotel Riverfront Da Nang Hotel.

Another renowned 5-star hotel in Da Nang is the Melia Vinpearl. The hotel is surrounded by various entertainment spots like cafes, shopping centers, and cinemas. From their deluxe rooms, guests can admire the graceful curves of Dragon Bridge, captivating everyone with its elegance.

  • Address: 341 Tran Hung Dao Street, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.
Admiring Dragon Bridge from the premium 5-star Melia hotel, the most luxurious in Da Nang.

Riverside Da Nang Hotel.

Known as the hotel closest to Dragon Bridge, Riverside Da Nang Hotel attracts many tourists for its prime location. The hotel features a dominant golden color, exuding an aura of luxury and royalty. The view from the hotel room captures the iconic landmarks such as Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge, and the Koi Fish Transforming into a Dragon Statue. Being situated in the city center, guests find it convenient to explore nearby attractions. Don’t forget to check-in at Riverside Hotel for a view of Dragon Bridge.

  • Address: Lot A30, Tran Hung Dao Street, An Hai Trung Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.

Some notes when visiting Dragon Bridge Da Nang during its fire and water performances.

In addition to the provided information, there are some other important notes that DanangPrivateCar.com’s wants to share with tourists planning to visit Dragon Bridge and witness its fire and water displays for a perfect experience:

  • Arrive early: Once you know the days and times when Dragon Bridge in Da Nang performs its fire and water shows, try to arrive early. Take a stroll around the area or check-in at nearby locations, then find a suitable spot in advance. The area can get crowded with locals and tourists during these two days.
  • Maintain a safe distance: When watching Dragon Bridge’s fire and water performances, avoid standing too close. Standing too close may obstruct your view and you might get wet or feel uncomfortable due to the smoke from the fire.
  • Bring a fully charged camera or phone: If you love taking photos, remember to bring a fully charged camera or phone to capture the lively and unique moments. You’ll want to show off these pictures to your friends and family.
  • Parking: If you choose to rent a motorbike in Da Nang, you can ride up to the bridge. However, for convenience and safety, it’s better to find a designated parking spot. You can park at the Son Tra Night Market or under the bridge or use the parking lots on Tran Hung Dao Street.
  • Be cautious with personal belongings: Since many people will be eagerly waiting to watch the fire display, be mindful of securing your valuable personal belongings, such as jewelry, phones, and money, to avoid pickpocketing or dropping them accidentally.
  • Keep the city clean: Da Nang is known for being green, clean, and beautiful. Always be conscious of maintaining cleanliness and avoid littering on the bridge or its surroundings. There are also many beverage stalls under the bridge, where you can choose a suitable one to relax and enjoy refreshments.

Through this article, you must have learned about the special features and significance of the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, as well as the schedule for the fire and water performances. This is a famous landmark of the city, so visiting Da Nang without admiring its beauty and watching the fire and water shows would be a significant miss. Therefore, take note of this information and plan your visit accordingly to not miss this magical moment, and don’t forget to capture the memories with some photographs!


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