How much is the ticket price for the Han River cruise in Da Nang 2024, where to buy?

When visiting Da Nang, while Bana Hills is a captivating daytime destination, evenings often prompt tourists to consider purchasing tickets for a Han River cruise to witness the full beauty of Da Nang. However, the current pricing structure for Han River cruise tickets includes multiple types, and not all vendors offer them at identical rates. In this article,’s will provide guidance on securing the most affordable Han River cruise tickets from the most reputable providers, ensuring your family enjoys a comfortable and cost-effective trip.

What will you experience when you buy a ticket for a Han River cruise in Da Nang?

Cruise is an outstanding form of tourism of Da Nang city, in addition to being able to sit still on the colorful heritage to watch the night city, there are many interesting things waiting for you. With only an hour and a half sitting on the yacht, you will experience wonderful things, going from surprise to surprise from the most luxurious service on the Han River.

Han River Cruise is currently a very hot tourist attraction in Da Nang in the evening, on weekends or on weekdays, the demand for yacht experience has not decreased.

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Enjoy the scenery on the Han River and the bridges

This is an opportunity for visitors to see the beauty of the Four Great Bridges, which is the name favored by tourists for the four famous bridges in Da Nang, which are:

  • As the Han River Bridge – the symbol of Da Nang, it is also the first bridge marking the development of the city, proving the outstanding development of the area east of the Han River.
  • It is Tran Thi Ly bridge with the image of a sail reaching out to the sea and also the pride of Da Nang people about their wonderful creativity.
  • The Dragon Bridge with the symbol of a golden dragon reaching out to the sea represents the vitality and desire of Da Nang people to the big world.
  • It is a quiet Thuan Phuoc bridge where the door opens to the sea but attracts tourists by its luxurious and delicate beauty and is an important connection for the transport system from Hue – Son Tra Peninsula – Hoi An.

Especially, enjoy the eye-catching fire fountain show with an impressive view on the river at Dragon Bridge on Saturdays and Sundays, and observe the unique 90-degree turn of the Han River swing bridge for passing boats.

Watch Cham dance and music exchange on the boat

On the yacht every evening, there are mysterious Cham Pa dance performances performed by beautiful and professional dancers. For those who love art will surely be immersed in these unique dances.

Some Han River cruises also organize music exchange programs with famous singers. You will enjoy very romantic guitar, Piano, Saxophone melodies and participate in singing, dancing, and singing exchanges.

Relax and take virtual photos

Sitting on a yacht in addition to being immersed in a large space, enjoying the cool air and relaxing. The beauty of colorful lights, restaurants and high-rise hotels make you fall in love. Especially if you like to take strange photos, don’t forget to bring your camera to “flash” a few photos as a souvenir.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to enjoy Da Nang specialties cooked by professional chefs at a not too expensive price. Enjoy the annual DIFF international fireworks display hosted by Da Nang (if you experience the Han River cruise on the occasion of the event).

How many types of tickets are there for the Han River cruise in Da Nang in 2024?

Surely those who are interested in learning about the ticket price of the Han River cruise in Da Nang will want to know how many types of tickets are available and what are the specific prices. To help you choose the right service for your needs and conditions, we would like to reveal that there are 2 types of yacht tickets, which are:

Ticket prices for the Han River cruise (without dinner)

Cruise ships that do not serve dinner each day will have 4 trips, the cruise time is about 45 minutes. The train schedule is as follows:

  • Trip 1: from 6:00 PM to 6:45 PM
  • Trip 2: from 7:00 PM to 7:45 PM
  • Trip 3: from 8:00 PM to 8:45 PM
  • Trip 4: from 9:30 PM to 9:45 PM

Visitors can book tickets in advance and then have dinner with their favorite Da Nang specialties, arrive on time to board the train to experience. The price of the cruise if you do not have a meal will be:

  • Ticket price for adults: 150,000 VND/ticket
  • Ticket price for children (1 – 6 years old) under 1.3m: 100,000 VND/ticket
  • Ticket price for children under 1m: free ticket

Ticket prices for the Han River cruise including dinner

If you want to experience the feeling of having a sightseeing cruise while having dinner, you can buy this ticket. Of course, the price will be much higher than just sightseeing. There are 3 trips of this type every day, the schedule lasts 90 minutes, with this time enough for you to enjoy the interesting things on the train.

This type of yacht is often luxuriously designed with many areas: restaurant, dining table, bar. As a rule, the first trip will depart at 18:30, and the last trip will end at 21:30. The detailed schedule is as follows:

  • Trip 1: from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Trip 2: from 7:45 PM to 9:15 PM
  • Trip 3: from 9:30 PM to 10:45 PM

Currently, the fare for cruise ships on Han River Da Nang with dinner is applied at:

  • Ticket price for adults: 500,000 VND/ticket
  • Ticket price for children (1 – 6 years old) under 1.3m: 350,000 VND/ticket
  • Ticket price for children under 1m: free ticket

What does Da Nang Han River cruise fare include and exclude?

Visitors should note, depending on the type of ticket you buy, there will be accompanying and non-attached services. The price of Da Nang cruise ticket includes: Han River cruise ticket, entertainment programs on board (watching Cham dance, music exchange), water travel insurance.

This fare does not include 10% VAT, food and drink (for regular tickets) and food and drinks ordered outside the main menu (for tickets with dinner).

According to the experience of those who have experienced this type of experience, you should not eat and drink on the yacht, because only 60 minutes of traveling on the river, that time you spend watching the scenery, filming and checking-in with you. family. Waiting for the food to be prepared, when it was brought out, it was almost time for the Fire Dragon Bridge to finish watching, the food had already cooled down.

Where to buy tickets for Han River cruise in Da Nang?

Buy directly at the box office

The ticket office for cruises on the Han River is located at Da Nang port (34 Bach Dang) opposite the twin towers and at the tail of the Dragon Bridge. You can go to one of these 2 places to buy tickets, but note that you should arrive early to avoid all seats. Especially a few weekends, major holidays, tourist seasons because the number of visitors is often very crowded.

You can go directly to the marina at the tail of the Dragon Bridge to buy tickets.

Contact agents

Currently, there are many agents providing tickets for Han River cruises to serve tourists. The advantage is that you can easily buy tickets at the listed price, if you buy in bulk, you will also receive an attractive discount, and also support delivery. Note that the quality and accompanying items are the same as when purchased at the counter.

Some Danang hotels

Some hotels and places to stay in Da Nang also support ticket sales or book tickets for guests who want to stay on the Han River cruise. You can contact the hotel reception to find out and ghost for convenience. The ticket price is the same or if there is a difference, it is only 10,000 – 20,000 VND.

Tour guide

Usually tour companies do not sell cruise tickets. Tourists often buy from the tour guide, the listed price is exactly 150,000 VND / 1 ticket, which is quite expensive. Everyone should also consider to be able to own the most cost-effective yacht ticket for the family.

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Instructions on how to book cheap Han River cruise tickets

Currently, in Da Nang, there are a total of 11 yachts in operation, while the demand for yachting by tourists, especially international visitors, is increasing. To be able to keep a slot to watch the Han River, see the Dragon Bridge spit fire and witness the Han River Bridge rotate, you should buy a ticket in advance or register with the agent.

According to an extremely useful information for you, the direct purchase price will be more expensive than the dealer price because they are often discounted. If the group is more than 5 people will also get a cheaper discount. Note, this ticket is also the ticket sold at the box office, meaning the same quality, not the same.

Not to mention, if you register with the agent, you will be 100% sure that there will be a free seat for you, just call 1 day before or if there are seats, the agent will keep you 1 seat that day. always. Think of the case, if you are afraid of running out of space and buy it early, sometimes you will not be satisfied with the quality of the train or you are busy with something urgent and cannot go, it turns out that you lose 150,000 VND immediately.

Therefore, according to, you just need to book online to make sure, if you can’t come, it’s okay, you can call back and cancel. If you have already booked a ticket, there is no need to rush to arrive on time.

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Reveal: Each ticket above is entitled to 1 bottle of mineral water and a fruit plate and watching Cham dance, please ask when you register to buy tickets at Ms. Ha’s place. If you’re going to see the Fire-breathing Dragon on the weekend, you should book your tickets a few days in advance to make sure there’s a spot .

When should I buy a ticket for a Han River cruise in Da Nang?

Although there are yachts operating every day, but usually on weekends the number of new visitors is crowded. This is also the best time for you to experience this wonderful tour.

The reason is that on weekends, the shops on both sides of the river are open a lot with hundreds of shimmering electric lights. All reflected on the surface of the Han River is extremely beautiful. Moreover, if you go on the weekend, you also have the opportunity to admire the Dragon Bridge spitting fire and spraying water.

At the time of the Fire-Spray Dragon, yacht tickets are often sold out very early, sold out a whole week in advance. If you go in a large group, you should book tickets early to be sure to own a ticket to sit on the yacht at 20:20. The rest of the weekdays are easier to book tickets.

In addition, Da Nang on the occasion of international fireworks events is also extremely ideal, just sitting on a yacht and watching the fireworks, surely an experience that you will never forget. However, the ticket price for a Han River cruise at this time is usually higher and also more difficult to buy. If you want to get tickets, you must book in advance, otherwise weekdays are still interesting.

Answers to 5 questions about the ticket price of the Han River cruise in Da Nang

Are the prices of the yachts the same?

At the yacht side, there are at least 10 yachts in operation with all types from popular to high-class such as: Happy Land yacht, Han river dragon boat, Phu Quy yacht, etc. All ships are under the management. of the management board of waterway tourism and Da Nang wharf, so the price offered is always listed, clearly public. Ticket prices range from 120 – 150,000 VND / person.

Should I book a ticket for a Han River cruise in advance?

Almost everyone who comes to Da Nang wants to go on a cruise on the Han River once. As a result, the number of visitors is increasing and tickets are sold out easily. In order not to miss the journey, remember to arrange your ticket early. Especially large groups of people go on holidays and weekends.

If you plan to take the Han River cruise at 20:20 to see the Fire-breathing Dragon, you should book 1 week or more in advance. But in my experience, booking 1 week in advance may still not have tickets at this time.

Can I change or cancel the ticket after I bought the ticket?

If you buy directly at the ticket counter or on the yacht’s website, you must pay immediately. Of course, once the payment has been made, you will not be able to cancel or even change the ticket. But if you book tickets through agents by phone number, you will not have to pay immediately and have the right to cancel the ticket without compensation (just a few hours before the cruise departure).

Will the price of a Han River cruise on the weekend increase?

Although the number of visitors participating in this activity on the weekend is very crowded, but not because of that, the price increases. You can still buy tickets at the listed price as usual. Except for major holidays and international fireworks festivals, the price will be adjusted slightly higher.

How long does it take to buy a yacht ticket?

As mentioned above, for a cruise ticket without eating, you will have 45 – 50 minutes of experience along the Han River, admiring the beauty on both sides of the Han River, watching the bridges, participating in activities. entertainment on the yacht. For the ticket price with dinner, the time will be longer (90 minutes) for visitors to have time to eat.

Some other notes when buying a ticket for a Han River cruise in Da Nang to experience

With only an amount from 150,000 VND, you can enjoy the interesting things that the cruise service on the Han River brings. However, you should note that nowadays there are quite a few marinas “growing up”, with similar boats of different quality. So, be careful in choosing a yacht, avoid buying tickets for yachts that are not beautiful, with less professional service.

  • First, find out about the yachts, refer to the fare of each yacht and then compare which side is better but the quality is guaranteed, then buy that party’s ticket.
  • To be sure, you should only book tickets at major cruise lines that are well-reviewed and appreciated by everyone.
  • Find out about the departure time, the specific operation schedule of each cruise ship to see how to arrange a suitable plan.

In addition, there are a few notes when buying a ticket for a Han River cruise in Da Nang that you should know more about, which are:

  • You should arrange time to the port early to avoid missing the route. Coming early will give you the right to choose your favorite seat, a beautiful location will help you see the full beauty of the city worth living at night.
  • When experiencing the yacht, you should limit carrying valuables and be careful not to sit close to the edge of the boat to avoid dropping things or falling.
  • On yachts equipped with life jackets, please follow the life jacket regulations for safety.
  • Prioritize lightweight clothing, easy-to-wear shoes for easy movement. Don’t forget to bring your phone/camera too.

In addition, you can also refer to Da Nang tours being promoted by Danang Private Car‘s, extremely attractive prices at this time. Below is a list of tour prices to discover the hottest places in Da Nang.

With the information about the ticket price for the Han River cruise in Da Nang above, hopes that you and your family have a fun and emotional trip.


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