How to spend a day exploring Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang, and what interesting things are there?

Exploring Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang is a choice of many young people who have a passion for discovery and adventure. Although it is located quite close to the city center, it offers a completely different environment. Son Tra Peninsula will provide you with a memorable experience. If you’re interested,’s will share some travel tips with you!

Is it worth exploring Son Tra in Da Nang?

When it comes to popular travel destinations in Da Nang, most people immediately think of Hai Van Pass. However, Son Tra is also an ideal destination for short day trips.

Where is Son Tra located in Da Nang?

Son Tra, specifically Son Tra Peninsula, is located about 10km northeast of the city center of Da Nang. It takes about 20 minutes to travel by car.

Son Tra is a peninsula located approximately 10km from the city center of Da Nang.

Not only known as a famous tourist spot that attracts visitors from near and far, but Son Tra is also an equally appealing destination for motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure seekers. It offers a bit of a challenge for those looking to push themselves.

What makes exploring Son Tra Peninsula exciting?

What makes exploring Son Tra in Da Nang exciting? It is nicknamed the “green lung of the city” or the “jewel of the climate.” Son Tra Peninsula has a cool climate throughout the year with shaded forests, diverse ecosystems of fauna and flora, and beautiful beaches.

A motorcycle trip around Son Tra Peninsula is definitely a great choice. You will enjoy moments of riding, immerse yourself in nature, and feel the wind. You will experience the thrill of conquering winding roads and slopes.

Especially, you will have the opportunity to admire the breathtaking scenery of the peninsula, the vibrant city, and the vast ocean in the most authentic way.

Factors to know before exploring Son Tra in Da Nang.

You may understand that adventure travel is about exploring freely in your own way. However, to have an exciting and safe trip, you should pay attention to the following factors:

Timing for exploring Son Tra in Da Nang.

This is an extremely important factor. Based on the travel experience in Da Nang, if you intend to explore Son Tra, you should choose the period from March to September. During this time, the weather is beautiful, dry, with very little rain and almost no storms.

Choose a sunny day for your trip to Son Tra in Da Nang.

Exploring during this period is both easy to travel and allows you to fully appreciate the scenery. If you go during the rainy season (winter), there may be fog, making it difficult and less safe to travel.

Mode of transportation for exploring Son Tra.

To fully experience the sensation of traveling on the roads of Son Tra Peninsula, you should choose a motorbike or bicycle, but a motorbike is the most ideal. It is convenient for transportation and enjoying the scenery.

A motorbike is definitely an excellent choice of transportation.

In Da Nang, there are many places to rent motorbikes at affordable prices, starting from 80,000 VND per day. Based on the experience of’s, you should choose a manual motorbike for your adventure and remember to check the bike carefully and fill it up with gasoline.

Choosing a private car with a driver to explore Son Tra Peninsula is a great option for foreign tourists.

In addition, you can choose to have a private car with a driver for your trip from Da Nang to Son Tra Peninsula using’s private car service. You don’t need to worry about the difficulties of renting a motorbike in Vietnam. Moreover, the road to Son Tra Peninsula is steep and winding, making it very dangerous to ride a motorbike. Choosing a private car with a driver is not difficult as well when it comes to finding places of interest, as our drivers are familiar with the destinations and can quickly take you there.

Travel essentials.

To make your trip to Son Tra in Da Nang complete, even if it’s just a day trip, make sure to prepare the necessary essentials. Some items that are a must-have include:

  • Jacket, helmet, sun hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen (for women).
  • Some drinking water and snacks, or you can prepare food at home and have a picnic outdoors (if traveling in a large group).
  • A fully charged phone/camera to capture moments along the journey. Some cash, essential personal documents…

What can you visit during a day trip to Son Tra, Da Nang?

With this one-day trip to Son Tra, where can you go? Son Tra Travel will guide you on how to explore the peninsula from East to West, visiting various attractions!

Linh Ung Pagoda.

This is probably the first place you will visit in Da Nang. Located on Bai But, this pagoda is a sacred and attractive destination for many tourists.

Linh Ung Pagoda is a large complex with a harmonious blend of traditional and modern architecture.

It is a famous pagoda that almost every visitor wants to see.

The highlight here is the statue of the Goddess of Mercy, the largest in Vietnam, standing at 67 meters tall with her back against the mountain and facing the sea. From the pagoda, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city and the vast sea.

Ancient Banyan Tree.

During your trip to Son Tra, Da Nang, you will visit the ancient banyan tree located on the eastern edge of the peninsula. The banyan tree with its massive roots plunging deep into the ground creates a majestic and ancient beauty. Above, the branches spread out in all directions.

This is an ideal resting and photo-taking spot.

On sunny days, the rays of light shining through the branches create a sparkling and vibrant beauty. It is a place to take a break, admire the scenery, and capture unique photos.

From this location, you just need to go a little further uphill to reach Mui Nghe – an ideal place for camping, fishing, or diving to admire the coral reefs.

Read more about the article on the hundred-year-old banyan tree.

Son Tra Lighthouse.

A must-visit spot for any young traveler exploring Son Tra, Da Nang is the Tien Sa Lighthouse, located at an elevation of 223 meters above sea level. For a small fee of 20,000 VND per person, you can freely explore the lighthouse from the outside and inside.

Son Tra Lighthouse is a favorite destination for young travelers.

This lighthouse features classical French architecture and is surrounded by a lush green ecological garden. It is not only an ideal photography spot but also offers breathtaking panoramic views.

Intercontinental Resort.

In the northeast of the peninsula lies an area with beautiful landscapes and a cool, refreshing climate. Therefore, it has been chosen to build the prestigious 5-star Intercontinental Resort.

However, the room rates here are extremely expensive. So, if you are on a trip to Son Tra, Da Nang, and passing by this area, you can only take photos from the outside. Nevertheless, the surrounding scenery of the resort is still impressive, with countless beautiful photo spots.

Ban Co Peak.

Ban Co Peak is an extremely popular destination on the peninsula and a beautiful spot in Da Nang that is worth experiencing. It stands at over 700 meters above sea level. From here, you can relax, enjoy the fresh air, and capture the panoramic view of the city.

The road to the top of Ban Co.

The route to Ban Co Peak is quite challenging, not because of difficult roads but because of steep slopes. Therefore, when you reach this point on your trip to Son Tra, Da Nang, you need to be extra careful.

Black Rock Beach.

Located on the northern side of Son Tra Peninsula is Black Rock Beach. It possesses a pristine and harmonious beauty between mountains, forests, and the sea. With its clear, cool water all year round, Black Rock Beach has become an ideal place for swimming, diving to admire coral reefs and marine life.

The water here is extremely clear and suitable for various activities.

If you are traveling to Son Tra, Da Nang with a group of friends, you can organize camping or outdoor activities here. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Peninsula Trail.

If you are looking for something adventurous and challenging, you can choose the narrow trail that goes around the peninsula.

Conquering this trail is also an exciting experience.

The trail is narrow and quite challenging, especially during rainy weather. There are even steep sections that require steady driving skills. But for adventurous travelers, this adds to the excitement. Make sure to prepare a good-quality vehicle to conquer this trail.

Some notes to consider when traveling to Son Tra, Da Nang.

For those who haven’t traveled to Son Tra, Da Nang and are planning to do so, besides referring to the information above, pay attention to the following points from for a safe and enjoyable experience!

Remember to check your vehicle before the trip for safety.
  • The most suitable means of transportation for a trip is a motorbike, but make sure to choose a durable and well-functioning bike. Check the bike thoroughly and refuel before departure.
  • While on the road, pay attention to observe the front and rear, maintain the appropriate speed, and have control over the handlebars. Don’t forget to wear a helmet to ensure maximum safety.
  • The Son Tra, Da Nang travel route has many destinations, not just the ones mentioned above. However, exploring all of them in one day is quite challenging, so you should prioritize the most prominent spots to visit.
  • Be prepared with a mobile phone with internet access and the Google Maps app to avoid getting lost. Alternatively, bring a physical map for extra assurance.

Son Tra, Da Nang travel and some related questions?

Below are some frequently asked questions related to Son Tra, Da Nang travel that have been compiled by

Is it safe to travel to Son Tra, Da Nang?

Nowadays, the roads on the peninsula have been expanded, paved with concrete or asphalt, making them easy to travel. The only issue is the slopes, but they are generally safe. Just pay attention to observation, control your speed, and follow the regulations, and you can rest assured!

Is it advisable to travel to Son Tra, Da Nang alone?

While it is still possible to travel alone, advises against it. It’s better to invite a few friends along, as it will be more enjoyable and helpful in case of any unexpected incidents along the way.

What is the appropriate departure time?

As mentioned, Son Tra has many beautiful and famous tourist destinations. If you intend to travel, try to depart early, around 5 a.m., for example. The peninsula offers many beautiful sunrise viewpoints. If possible, stay to admire the sunset as well, but make sure to return before it gets dark, as traveling at night can be dangerous.

If you are seeking something new or simply a change of atmosphere, dedicate a day to explore Son Tra, Da Nang on a motorbike trip. Discover random destinations and embrace unexpected surprises along the way.


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Hi, Regarding the Travel essentials to Son Tra in Da Nang . "- Jacket, helmet, sun hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen (for women)." I'm confused. Is it culturally a bad thing in Vietnam for men to put on sunscreen?
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Oh no, in Vietnam, applying sunscreen for men is normal, moreover, on this trip, sunscreen is necessary for protection

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