Love Bridge Da Nang is one of the tourist destinations chosen by many tourists when coming here. Not only beautiful scenery, virtual life photography, but you also have a keychain to mark your name on this bridge. Join Da Nang Private Car to learn and explore the beautiful scenes of Da Nang Love Bridge.

Love Bridge Da Nang

Has a length of 68m, north to the middle of the Han River. The bridge was designed in the form of an arc and was inaugurated in mid-2015. And since its inauguration, this place has become a tourist destination attracting a large number of tourists to visit.

Inspired by famous bridges in the world such as Pont des Arts, Hohenzollern, Tretriakovsky, Milvio.

Meaning: Loving couples will come to hang a padlock engraved with two people’s names with the wish that their love will last forever, faithfulness and nothing can make them separate.

Love locks in Da Nang

Along with the “locks without keys” Engraved with their names are hung on the bridge.

When coming here, couples can bring their own locks or buy them near the bridge. Most residential locks are molded into the shape of a heart. Symbolizes the couple’s love. After being hung up, the key will be thrown away.

Road to Love Bridge

Located between the Han River Bridge and the Dragon Bridge, standing on the bridge you can see the surrounding landscape. To explore the Love Bridge in Da Nang , people often go in the evening. At that time, it will be more beautiful with the evenings being the most ideal because then the Heart-shaped temples hanging along the bridge will be extremely bright. romantic.

Check-in location at Love Bridge

Carp Turning into Dragon

is the iconic image for the marina, the body is sculpted and the scales are very elaborate. The dragon head was inspired by the Ly Dynasty and designed to spray rain.

The fishtail means peace, prosperity and unity. And the image of Carp turning into a Dragon will spray rain and every weekend night creates interesting images for visitors to visit here. The Carp Turning into a Dragon statue is 7m high, weighs nearly 200 tons and is cast from 5 blocks of natural white marble.

The Dragon Carp is not only an image to beautify the marina landscape, but it is also an image to adorn the aesthetic value of the East bank of the Han River. This image expresses the desire to escape the hardships of the current life and becomes an image that many young people and tourists are interested in taking photos of.


Da Nang Love Bridge with the image of Carp Turning into a Dragon is located in the DHC Marina Marina cluster of the Marina project and the Water Sports Club.

Love Bridge was built in the middle of the Han River Bridge and between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge, so standing here you can admire the beauty of both famous bridges, certainly the scenery that Love Bridge brings . It will be very romantic and poetic

When coming to Da Nang to travel, the image of Carp turning into a Dragon by the Da Nang Love Bridge next to the Han River is a great tourist destination at night. Many lovers have come here to hang locks with their names on the bridge to prove their love.

DHC Marina

Designed with 5 luxurious floors serving drinks at the yacht’s Skybar. The location is very ideal to admire the beautiful scenery of Da Nang Love Bridge and relax.


Molly’s Coffee

Located next to the Love Bridge and the carp statue, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee while enjoying the beautiful scenery here.

Beautiful Scenery Love Bridge At Night

Standing from Love Bridge, visitors can enjoy the surrounding landscape and the other side of Da Nang city center. Standing from here in the evening you will see the scenery here is very peaceful and shimmering. And this is one of the impressive highlights on the banks of the Han River in Da Nang city.


Every evening, hundreds of red heart-shaped lanterns are lit to help the Han River bridge space become more shimmering and fanciful, surely any visitor coming here can’t resist the beautiful scenery here in the evening. It is the bright colors of these lights that reflect on the undulating river surface, creating an extremely romantic and wonderful scene.


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