Top 5 Han River cruises worth experiencing when traveling to Da Nang

It is undeniable that Da Nang is always an attractive tourist destination in our country. Not only Ba Na Hills with the world famous Golden Bridge or Love Bridge as a witness to a beautiful love, but also many other impressive destinations. Da Nang also has another interesting experience that is sightseeing on the Han River cruise. Here are 5 favorite Han River cruises that Danang Private Car wants to send to you.

Why are tourists “falling in love” with Han River cruises?

The beauty of the poetic Han River will not be fully expressed if you only admire it when standing on the bank. Get off the yacht and feel this special feeling little by little.

Han River cruise is the most unique form of night tourism in Da Nang. Sitting on a yacht, you can both admire the beautiful city view at night and have time to relax, take in the wind and find your own silence in the midst of the bustling city. The feeling of floating on the river, watching the yellow lights of the city at night, enjoying the cool breeze will make you feel lightheaded.

When sightseeing from the yacht, you will admire all the famous bridges of Da Nang city such as Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, or Thuan Phuoc Bridge and then Quay Bridge with a memorable 90 rotation moment. Han River Cruise is also a very suitable place to organize celebrations, warm parties with friends and family under twinkling candles, have dinner together and enjoy the night view.

Top 5 most popular Han River cruises in Da Nang

RV Han Princess

It can be said that RV Han Princess is the most luxurious Han River cruise combined with a restaurant today. The yacht impresses visitors by its design in the style of a classic French restaurant. The dishes here have typical European flavors, very delicate and attractive. Besides, the restaurant also serves a combination of Asian dishes for guests to have more choices. RV Han Princess consists of 3 floors designed according to 5-star standards. All the services here are excellent, always providing the best experience for visitors when they want to see the Han River.

This cruise only serves tourists at night with 2 tours: Han River sunset tour and Han river night tour. Especially during the annual Da Nang Fireworks Festival, this Han River cruise is one of the places to admire the best impressive fireworks displays in the city.

  • Reference price : 690,000 – 1,500,000 VND/person
  • Address: 43 Tran Quy Cap, Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District, City. Danang.


Han River Cruise Phu Quy

Phu Quy Cruise is always the choice of many tourists when they want to take a stroll on the Han River. Not only has good service, but this is also the only Han River cruise you can directly board without having to wait in line to buy tickets. Tickets are sold online or after you sit at the table, there will be staff to help visitors pay for tickets and order food and drinks.

The schedule of Phu Quy cruise usually takes place in 50 minutes. During this time, the cruise will take you to visit the 4 most beautiful bridges in Da Nang. Looking at the bridge from both sides, you will not see all its beauty. Sitting on a yacht and standing directly looking at the bridge from afar and then up close brings a very unique beauty, very worth experiencing.


Tien Sa Cruise 

Tien Sa Cruise is one of the Han River cruises with the most reasonable price. With a normal day ticket, only about 150,000 VND, but each person will be served an extra dinner with a set of rice ribs and a bottle of mineral water. This will be the ideal place for you to both admire the beautiful night view on the river and save money for your trip.

The cruise timetable is about 90 minutes. Visitors will experience the river scene right in the city, watch the magnificent bridges and fire-breathing dragons. In addition, visitors will also experience an attractive meal on the yacht with an extensive menu, which is also a pride of Tien Sa yacht.

Different from luxury yachts serving European and Asian dishes. Tien Sa Cruise mainly serves authentic Quang and Da Thanh dishes and fresh seafood at reasonable prices. This Han River cruise is also a reasonable choice!



Happy Land Cruise

Happy Land is a Da Nang Han River cruise that has just been put into operation in 2018. Therefore, all equipment and interiors on board are completely new and modern. The yacht space is quite simple but cool, comfortable and safe for visitors. Happy Land Cruise is also a reasonable choice for those who want to have moments of great sightseeing.

Happy Land’s message is true to its name, always wanting to bring visitors a fresh, fun space. Therefore, there are many entertainment items on board to serve, in order to make the trip lasting about 60 minutes always fun and most comfortable. The dancers, dressed in traditional ethnic dresses, are both serving the arts and helping us to discover more unique cultural features of the country.

Ticket price of Happy land is 150,000 VND/pax including tour, entertainment, karaoke, free juice. The cruise does not serve food, so remember to eat before departure time.


 Han River Cruise Vinh Anh

Vinh Anh is famous as a Han River cruise in Da Nang with an extremely diverse and rich food menu. Although the prices are higher than on the mainland, the quality of the food here is excellent. Especially the seafood dishes on board are very fresh, simple processing, so they still retain the natural sweetness of fresh ingredients.

Vinh Anh Cruise includes 2 yachts, each yacht has 2 decks and can accommodate about 80 people. The yacht has a simple and airy design of 4 compartments, the bottom is arranged into rows for guests to sit and watch the performance, the 2nd floor is arranged into quite luxurious restaurant-style tables and chairs. This is also a quite suitable place for you to have romantic dinners with your family and friends.


Above are the top Han River cruises that are most popular with tourists in Da Nang. Come to Da Nang and try once to experience the feeling of watching the city at night on these impressive yachts!

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