Moon Castle – An extremely hot tourist destination on the top of Mount Chua will surely bring visitors more eye-catching experiences and emotions than ever before. Right now, let ‘s explore the charm and mysterious beauty of this brand new place in Ba Na Hills with !

Where is the Moon Castle, what’s attractive?

Moon Castle? The name seems to have only been heard in fairy tales or mysterious legends, but now it is real. So where is this place?

Where is Moon Castle located?

The new castle built on Ba Na Hills is considered the heart of the fantasy kingdom. This is one of the most massive and newest works at Sun World Ba Na Hills. The leading mountain resort of Da Nang in particular and of Vietnam in general, is located on the top of Chua mountain in the Hoang Lien Son range, Hoa Phu commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang.

This new building along with many other works on Ba Na creates a magnificent and unique tourist complex that attracts visitors. If you come to visit Ba Na Hills Da Nang, you definitely cannot miss this unique place.

What is attractive about the castle on Ba Na Hills?

Coming here, visitors will be immersed in mysterious fairy tales and unique architectural works in which a new world is extremely mysterious. Descendants of giants have circumnavigated the world and recreated the quintessence of humanity as a golden imprint on the top of the mountain of God to create two wondrous lands.

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On one side is the Kingdom of the Sun – loves bright light, enjoys bustling activities and worships the Sun god. On the other side is the Moon Kingdom – preferring the coolness of the night, revere the clear and mysterious light of the Moon.

Thus, the appearance of this place as a masterpiece coming out of the fairy world, demonstrates and fully converges the mystery of this kingdom.

Moon Castle and unique architectural beauty

Moon Castle is considered as a unique artistic masterpiece in Chua Mountain. The splendid and mysterious beauty will surely be the first impression when visitors arrive here.

This structure is designed in the image of majestic fortresses from the Middle Ages. Besides, this place also has the function of a unique indoor entertainment area with a total floor area of ​​up to 3.8 hectares including 4 floors. These are Dragon’s Den, Mighty Wolf, Elite Owl and Moonlight Square.

In addition, Sun World Ba Na Hills also invested in expanding the 4D cinema with the world’s leading advanced technology. Moon Castle promises to bring visitors fun and adventure experiences to forget the way back in this real paradise!

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Uncover the mystery of the Moon Castle

Each floor will lead visitors into a separate story theme of the magical land of the moon. Are you ready to explore this world with Danang Private Car ?

1. Dragon Cave

Dragon Cave is the place that is considered the origin of the entire lunar kingdom. Legend has it that this castle was built on the cave of a Fire Dragon – an ancient and mysterious mascot.

And to this day, in the basement of the castle, visitors can still find remnants of remains: stalactites, dragon-shaped stone statues, etc. Definitely experience the feeling of being immersed in a castle. The majestic space of Fire Dragon will make you flutter when coming to Dragon Cave.

2. Mighty Wolf

The Mighty Wolf theme is associated with the Wolf Cave located above the Dragon’s Cave. This is the headquarters where the Wolf stores military power for the Moon Kingdom.

The special thing is that visitors can completely transform into warriors and “fight” to protect the kingdom when entering the Moon Castle . It’s interesting, isn’t it!

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3. Elite Owl

Wissdom Library – Library of wisdom. This is the pride of her Owl Tinh Anh tactician of the Lunar Queen. All the books in the world, including the ancient magic books that record all kinds of mysterious magic, are gathered in this great library.

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4. Moonlight Square

Moonlight Square is surrounded by ancient walls and often has a fanciful misty foggy panel. Therefore, visitors feel like they are really living in the wild atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

If you come to Moonlight Square, please enjoy the super show “Battle in the Moon Kingdom”. This is a 5-star art party invested on a grandiose and elaborate scale with impressive costumes and unique props such as Giant Horses, Fire-breathing Dragons, etc.

Note: To be able to admire the “battles”, visitors should come at 10:15 and 11:15 every day (except Tuesday).

5. Experience watching movies in the lunar paradise

If you are used to watching movies in the city as normal, try to experience a completely new feeling when watching movies in an elevated castle. 4D cinema with modern virtual reality technology is always ready to bring you an experience like no other.

Moon Castle Secret

After discovering the mystery of the castle, do visitors realize the secret here? That is, the experiences are all built on a unified storyline about the fight for justice and peace of the kingdom.

And most of all, the magnificent beauty of the castle towering in the dreamy, mysterious mist is the beauty of a land of peace, magic and knowledge.


How to get to Moon Castle?

When coming to Ba Na Hills, many tourists wonder how to move here. So Danang Private Car will guide you on the easiest way to travel to this magical world.

  • Option 1: Travel on the mountain railway 430m (it takes less than 2 minutes).
  • Method 2: Move through ” Eclipse Square “, cultural festival area (This is the land of intersection between the two kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon).

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Thus, through the above article, Danang Private Car hopes you have had more information about this attractive tourist destination. Come to the Moon Castle to enjoy a meaningful trip in a real magical land on earth!


Last July, Sun Group announced an extremely new place on the charming fairyland of Ba Na Hills that made Da Nang tourism devotees stand still, which is Eclipse Square . This is the bridge between the beautiful Sun Kingdom and the mysterious Moon Kingdom. Thought it was just a way to move more easily to the two kingdoms, but Ba Na Hills built a Eclipse Square with its enchanting beauty and unique architecture that makes visitors forever bewildered.

Overview of Eclipse Square

Introduction to Eclipse Square

The story of the Kingdom of the Moon and the Kingdom of the Sun has long captivated the art and tourism world. The two kingdoms are like a picture of a different world, one side is the Moon who loves darkness, mystery, a little bit of adventure and the other is the Sun who is passionate about bright, burning and passionate.

To go to these two kingdoms, you have to go through a rather difficult road, so for the convenience of tourists, Sun Group has rebuilt that path with an extremely architectural work. That impression is the Eclipse Square .

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With a thorough and extremely careful investment, Eclipse Square has become an extremely attractive place that has made waves in the past time.

Location of Eclipse Square

Eclipse Square is a scenic route to the Moon Kingdom and connects to the Sun Kingdom. Although it is called a bridge road, Eclipse Square itself has been likened to a magical land because of its extremely eye-catching and magnificent castle architecture.

Therefore, since the appearance of Eclipse Square, the number of domestic and foreign tourists has exploded.

Eclipse Square opening times

Eclipse Square officially welcomes guests from July 14, 2022. It has been more than half a month since then, and this is still the hottest place in Ba Na Hills.

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Currently, people can explore Eclipse Square at any time if they are on Ba Na Hills. You will have to admire the magnificent scenery when looking at this very hot place in July 2022 on the top of Ba Na Hills.


Is there a ticket to visit Eclipse Square?

Currently, Ba Na Hills does not sell tickets when coming to Eclipse Square, so visitors are free to explore this place without worrying about spending money. The entrance fee to Eclipse Square is already included in your cable car ticket, so everyone remember to visit this attraction right away.

  • Ba Na Hills cable car ticket price: 850,000 VND (including attractions to Eclipse Square)
  • Ticket price for 5-star buffet on Ba Na is: 300,000 VND (Applied from August 13, 2022)
  • Combo ticket price of Cable Car + Buffet is : 1,090,000 VND (You should buy a cheap conbo, not separate the combo).

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What’s so interesting about Eclipse Square that captivates visitors?

With an extremely large area of ​​60,000m2, Eclipse Square is like a castle towering under the sun. Stepping here, you will surely think you are in the real European heaven because of the unique architecture of the citadel.

Here converges all the things that other squares in the world contribute to: cloudy sky, charming mountains, shimmering sun, beautiful landscape and luxurious restaurants, special cuisine sharp.

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Eclipse Square is surrounded by 20 sculptures of the most famous goddesses from Greek mythology. It was Hestia – the god of the fire; Hebe – goddess of youth; Artemis – goddess of the hunt, and many more.

Surely this will be the place that makes you lost in the land of mysteries by the unique stories of the beautiful gods.

The highlight of the Eclipse Square is the giant blue glass tower that blends with the sky to create a new scene, as if the tower is sucking solar energy to regulate the climate for humanity like in myths.

Standing here, visitors can see the entire Moon Castle, where many extremely attractive shows are about to be released that visitors cannot miss. Thus, if visitors do not like to take the Mountain Train, now there is an additional route of the eclipse Square to find the Moon Castle much easier.

The most impressive feature of Eclipse Square is the giant blue glass tower that stands tall under the immense sky

Eclipse Square with two corridors forming an arc around the giant glass tower. With the meticulous design of the ceiling forming a blue cosmic fresco decorated with small images such as sun, moon, clouds, earth, creating an eye-catching space and immersing in the sky. beautiful sky.

Eclipse Square was carefully built by Ba Na Hills from marble imported from Egypt and India. In total, up to 2000 m2 of wall stone and 5000 m2 of floor stone were used to create an extremely majestic space, which is likened to a modern medieval scene. Ba Na Hills has really excited people by visiting a new and unique place like this.

Can participating in Ba Na Hills Tour be able to visit Eclipse Square?

Surely there will be, with an extremely hot place like this, tours will definitely arrange and prioritize Eclipse Square for visitors to visit this new destination.

Besides, Ba Na Hills also has many other beautiful and attractive places. With a tour to Ba Na Hills, visitors will be able to visit and experience all of Ba Na Hills through the guidance of a cute and professional guide.

Son Tra Travel Company has designed a very special tour program to explore Eclipse Square. In addition, in the tour schedule, people also have to visit other famous spots such as: Golden Bridge, Climbing Train, Flower Garden, Wine Cellar, Amusement Area, Moon Castle, 12D Cinema… sure won’t disappoint you.

Eclipse Square since its opening has created a wave of Ba Na tourism higher than ever. Ba Na Hills, with the number of tourists increasing every day thanks to the investment in unique and meticulous architectural works, is different from the old places so that visitors will not be bored.


Map of Ba Na Hills will be a good assistant for you when visiting this large tourist area with many attractive places. Take a look at the map of Ba Na Hills below so you don’t have to be surprised when traveling to Ba Na.

Map to visit Ba Na Hills Tourist area

The chart below helps you visualize the overall areas and attractions in Ba Na Hills.

Map of Ba Na Hill of Sun World

It is recommended to open the image in a new tab and zoom in to better read the caption.

Google Map of Ba Na Hills tourist area

Below is a visual map of Ba Na Hills attractions. Please zoom and drag the map to see the details of each location.

In addition to the reference here. When coming to Ba Na Hills, you can get a printout of the Ba Na Hill diagram at the ticket counter or in the cable car cabin, bring it with you for reference when traveling to Ba Na Hill.

Itinerary to visit Ba Na Hills

Panoramic view of Ba Na Hill tourist area on the top of the mountain

Here is a tour guide for you to compare with the map and visualize the most popular travel schedule in Ba Na, going through all the attractions.

  1. Buy tickets at the ticket counter near the entrance.
  2. Move to Hoi An station to go up to the Golden Bridge area (Ba Na – Suoi Mo cable route only works in case of overcrowding).
  3. Take the mountain train from Le Jardin station to D’amour station to go to the next sightseeing area (Linh Ung pagoda, flower garden, wine cellar).
  4. From Linh Ung pagoda area, go to Debay station to take the cable car to the French village.
  5. Visit the French village area, experience Fantasy Park, Wax Museum. Climb to visit Linh Chua Linh Tu temple and Tru Vu Tra Quan.
  6. After visiting all the sites, move to L’indochine station to descend the mountain.

You can refer to detailed information about the outstanding attractions of Ba Na Hills.

With the Ba Na Hill map in hand, you can confidently travel to Ba Na Hill on your own without worrying about not knowing how to move or missing attractions. Come to Ba Na Hill and share your feelings about this Da Nang tourist destination with Danang Private Car .


Ba Na Hills is the most interesting and attractive tourist destination of Da Nang city. This resort is a complex of entertainment, dining and hotels located on Ba Na mountain. To get a perfect Ba Na tour. Do not miss the detailed review of Ba Na compiled by below!

Introducing Ba Na Hills – the top famous tourist area

Ba Na Hills is located not far from the center of Da Nang city. Not only does it have year-round cool weather, a fresh environment, and awe-inspiring scenery. It also has a lot of entertainment activities that attract tourists.

Ba Na consists of 3 areas: foothills, flower garden and French village classified by altitude. Tourists usually spend at least half a day in Ba Na to admire the scenery and take pictures. Or join fun activities and experience outdoor celebrations.

The symbol of Ba Na is the pink bell-shaped peach blossom. This native flower of Vietnam blooms every spring, from January to March.

If you travel on this occasion, head to the paved streets near the French village church or Linh Ung pagoda. In addition to tourists, a lot of photographers also visit to create artistic photos. 

Location and elevation of Ba Na Hills

Ba Na is located in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district and about 40 km from the center of Da Nang city. Travel time from Da Nang city center to Ba Na is about 60 minutes. Depending on the vehicle and traffic conditions, the travel time may vary. 

In addition, the foot of Ba Na is located 45 km northwest of the Japanese bridge in Hoi An. If you take a car or taxi, it will take you more than 1 hour to travel from Hoi An to Ba Na.

After arriving, you will take the cable car up the mountain at an altitude of 1,487m above sea level. Thanks to being located on the highest mountain of Da Nang, the weather here is always cooler than the plains below.

How to get to Ba Na Hills, what means of transport?

The entrance to Ba Na is a cable car station about 25 km from Da Nang, 45 km from Hoi An and 100 km from Hue. Visitors can easily get to Ba Na by various means such as motorbikes, buses, taxis or cars. Each vehicle will have its own unique advantages.

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Self-sufficient by motorbike 

Motorbikes are the means of choice for many tourists, especially young people. You only need to rent a motorbike for about 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND / day depending on the type of vehicle. The motorbike ride to Ba Na helps you to enjoy the scenery. 

The way to Ba Na is very beautiful, easy to stop and take pictures. However, because the road has many slopes and zigzags, you should pay attention to refuel before going and go very carefully so as not to have problems. In addition, parking at Ba Na Hills is free, visitors can leave their car and visit Ba Na all day.

Car rental

Car is a quick and easy means of moving to Ba Na. You can rent a car with a driver and guide. Prices range from 400,000 VND (4-seat car) to 2,000,000 VND (45-seat car). You can choose the route to go to see the beauty of Da Nang.

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Take a taxi to Ba Na Hills

Taxis are convenient for small groups of 4 to 7 people. However, the price is quite expensive: about 420,000 VND one way and 600,000 VND two way. Tourists can choose to share a taxi with others to reduce costs.

If you are traveling with a family with children, you should hire a package taxi, both for two-way pick-up and for a time of 8 hours, costing about 800,000 VND.

Traveling by bus

Bus is also a means of choice for many tourists to move to Ba Na. Bus fare is 100,000 / person / way and 140,000 VND / person / way. The bus is very convenient and safe because the bus has a guide from start to finish, each person is given a free bottle of water when riding. 


Information about Ba Na Hills cable car

No matter what vehicle you go by, there is only one way to go up to visit Ba Na entertainment area, that is by cable car. In good weather, it will take you about 15 minutes to reach Ba Na.

Opened in 2013, the cable car in Ba Na has held several Guinness World Records. It is the cable car with the longest distance, the heaviest cable and the greatest height change. Cable cars were built to supply the resort complex at the top of the mountain. 

Ba Na has about 12 cable car stations, including 3 ground stations that take you to the top. Each station to a different location of Ba Na Hills . Three ground stations are Hoi An station, Suoi Mo station and Thac Toc Tien station. 

There are 5 different cable routes that get you to certain areas of Ba Na. Depending on the needs, visitors will choose different cable car routes and depart at different stations.

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Suoi Mo Station – Ba Na

Suoi Mo – Ba Na Station is the place for those who want to visit the giant Buddha statue and the famous Linh Ung Pagoda. You can also visit Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden, these are French gardens with ancient wine cellars. 

After walking around, visitors can take the Debay – Morin cable car to the top of the mountain, visit the resort complex and Fantasy Park.

Toc Tien Waterfall Station – L’Indochine

If you come to Ba Na Hills just to take the cable car, then this is the route you should choose. Toc Tien – L’Indochine Waterfall route holds many Guinness world records. 

The records include: longest roped cable car, the world’s highest difference between departure and arrival stations, longest cable car route in the world, and heaviest cable reel in the world. The trip takes about 17 minutes and passes through the beautiful Toc Tien waterfall.

Hoi An – Marseille Station

Visitors can go from Hoi An station to Marseille station near the famous Golden Bridge. From the station, you have to take the funicular to Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden, then Linh Ung Pagoda. You can then take the cable car from Bordeaux station to the top of the mountain.

The cost of the cable car is very reasonable as it will include all the fun things and great panoramic views of the areas. This is a way to get to Ba Na that is both adventurous and exciting and filled with beautiful scenery. 

The best time to visit Ba Na Hills

A day in Ba Na has “four seasons” weather: spring morning, summer noon, autumn afternoon and winter night. The temperature in Ba Na is always at 20 degrees Celsius and decreases gradually after dark or in the rainy season. 

The best months to visit Ba Na are from March to September. During that time, the sun is abundant and the rainfall is low, making it ideal for sightseeing around and participating in outdoor activities. 

If traveling during this period, visitors will face crowds and long queues. April and May are the peak months of tourism in Ba Na. 

From October to December in Da Nang it is quite humid. Therefore, the weather on Ba Na Hills has high humidity, it rains heavily. Therefore, the scene is often hidden in the clouds at low altitudes but is hidden at higher levels. 

Dancers’ performances will be held indoors or canceled due to a drop in tourist numbers. High humidity damages the escalator and makes the stairs always wet. So be careful when visiting this time.

When there is a storm, the cable car stops operating to ensure the safety of visitors. You need to check the weather forecast carefully. The best time to make your trip is on sunny days. Also, in the ticket counter, the cashier will show you the weather at that time before buying the ticket. 

Opening hours of Ba Na Hills tourist area

Ba Na is open daily from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm. However, visitors usually only stay here until about 5 pm. Because after this time, the cable car down the mountain may not operate as often. Visitors who stay after 5pm usually stay at hotels in Ba Na.

The best time to visit Ba Na during the day is early morning or cool afternoon. Ba Na is busiest between 10 am and 4 pm. Visiting Ba Na early or late afternoon will have many advantages. 

If you like the morning, go to Ba Na when it opens at 7:30 am. At this point, you are one of the first visitors in Ba Na. Enjoy shorter queue times or skip the line and enjoy the morning mountain views. 

The best time to visit Ba Na is early morning or late afternoon

Also, if you can’t get up early, then go to Ba Na after 4pm. At this time, most visitors usually leave the resort, relaxing in the restaurants and rest areas. 

At this point, you can still skip the line and take some beautiful sunset photos. In particular, you should avoid exploring Ba Na in the hot midday sun. 

Entrance ticket to Ba Na Hills

You can easily buy Ba Na tickets at one of the many counters at the entrance. But it is also possible to order online through the Sunworld website to avoid long queues on busy days.

No matter where you buy it, visitors still need to get a physical ticket, so you also have to go to the official ticket counter. Ba Na ticket prices include the following prices:

  • Adults: 800,000 VND
  • Children from 1m to 1.3m: 650,000 VND
  • Children under 1m: Free

Ticket price includes:

  • Round trip cable car to and from Ba Na Hills
  • The entrance to Ba Na and the Golden Bridge
  • All the free games in Fantasy Park: more than 105 games
  • Funicular, Debay & Le Jardin D’Amo . Old Wine Cellars

Ticket price does not include:

  • Cost to visit the Wax Statue Museum (100,000 VND)
  • Food and drink 

Outstanding attractions in Ba Na Hills

Ba Na tourist area is one of the destinations that you definitely cannot miss when traveling to Da Nang. For a long time, Ba Na has been considered a “trump card” attracting thousands of visitors to Da Nang every year.

With beautiful scenery and many attractive games, Ba Na promises to bring visitors many interesting experiences. Here are the unique attractions that you should not miss when coming to Ba Na.

Golden Bridge

The most famous attraction in Ba Na Hills is the Golden Bridge. The design of the Golden Bridge is extremely special and impressive: 

  • The bridge is 150m long and 12.8m wide, made up of 8 arches, located at an altitude of 1414 meters above sea level.
  • The most unique feature in the architecture of the Golden Bridge is the contrast between the elegant curves and the giant hands embracing the bridge.
  • Walking around the Golden Bridge will give you the feeling of walking on clouds through the hands of the Mountain God.

On busy days, there are thousands of other tourists who want to take pictures at the Golden Bridge. From the Golden Bridge, visitors can admire the unspoiled forests and panoramic view of the beautiful city of Da Nang. If you want to avoid the crowds, it’s best to get here as early as possible or right before closing time.

Linh Ung Pagoda on Ba Na Hills

Linh Ung Pagoda is located at an altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level. Here, you can admire the breathtaking scenery of Ba Na hills and mountains.

The tiled roofs, dragon motifs, lotus flowers and Buddhist prayer wheels add to the beauty of the pagoda. There is also a statue of Buddha sitting on a circular lotus platform 27 meters high. One of the largest sitting Buddha statues in Southeast Asia. 

Tower of the Wind Temple

Nghinh Phong Tower is one of the tourist attractions that receive the attention of many tourists when coming to Ba Na. Visitors can admire the majestic mountain scenery from the tower.

Nghinh Phong Tower has 9 floors, built in a majestic ancient architecture. A special feature is that each floor of the tower has 4 small bronze bells hanging in 4 corners to create sacred sounds. 

Wax Museum at Ba Na Hills

The wax museum opened in July 2013, on the top underground floor of Fantasy Park. To visit this unique museum, you need to buy a ticket for 100,000 VND. This is the first wax museum in Vietnam. 

Currently, the museum has about 50 wax models of famous figures in the world. Operating in many fields such as: cinema, politics, music, sports, etc. Each statue is a work of art made by Italian artisans. 

Visiting Ba Na wax museum, visitors will witness photocopies of many big characters. Besides, you can comfortably pose and take pictures with these characters. Which is very difficult to do in the real life version. 

French Village

Inspired by European architecture in the Renaissance, the French village is likened to a miniature Europe in the heart of Da Nang. French Village possesses unique architecture and cool atmosphere.

Coming to this place, you will see a romantic nostalgic European village with a complete population. Including churches, fountain squares, shops, eateries and hotels. 

Church of Saint Denis

This Saint Denis Church is an architectural icon, located in the center of Ba Na Hills French Village . This is an artwork inspired by a famous French church with the same name. There are many couples who have visited this church to take wedding photos. 

The interior of the church is distinguished by colorful glass paintings. In the evening, the church becomes romantic and poetic. This is a favorite place for tourists who want to visit the luxurious fairy-tale beauty of Ba Na at night. 

The Garden of Love

Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden in Ba Na Hills is famous for its 9 romantic gardens. These are the gardens: Mo Stream, Paradise, Mysterious, Uyen Uong, Thoughts, Myths, Memories, Sacred gardens and vineyards.

Each garden has a different architecture creating unique exploration experiences for visitors. In it, there is a vineyard linked to the old French cellar, recreating the wine region of southern France. 

In addition, at the flower garden, visitors can also play chess with giant chess pieces. Or take beautiful photos by the flower gardens and get lost in a maze with giant tree walls.

Debay wine cellar

Located next to Le Jardin D’amour flower garden is the Debay Wine Cellar built by the French in 1923. The cellar is 100m long, located deep in the heart of the rocky mountain. The temperature maintained in the range of 16 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius is very suitable for wine. 

The space inside the Debay cellar

People here store wine in oak barrels aged for many years giving a nostalgic feeling of fine wine taste. Visitors can go to the cellar and taste a variety of fermented fruits, wines here, 

Tru Vu Tra Quan at Ba Na Hills

Tru Vu Tra Quan is located in a chilly place on top of Ba Na hill. You can enjoy tea in chilly weather and enjoy the scenery. The interior of Tra Quan is inspired by Japanese culture such as square tables and cushions. The architecture of this place is boldly traditional of the North of Vietnam.  

Bell Tower

The highest place of Ba Na Hills is Lau Chuong. From the location of the Bell Laurel, you can see all the attractions of Ba Na. Standing on top of Lau Chuong, you will admire the whole beauty of Ba Na and the French Village.

Toc Tien Waterfall

Toc Tien Waterfall is located at the foot of Ba Na Mountain. Before taking the cable car, you can visit this place. Toc Tien Waterfall is a 700 meter high waterfall that flows non-stop to Thuy Duong Lake. 

The beauty of Toc Tien waterfall in Ba Na

Toc Tien Waterfall has 9 floors overlapping each other to create a magnificent scene. You will be impressed by the majestic waterfall and the surrounding scenery with extremely rich and diverse flora and fauna.

Entertainment activities at Ba Na Hills

Besides attractions, Ba Na also attracts visitors by many interesting and attractive fun activities. 

Have fun at Fantasy amusement park

Fantasy Park is the largest underground or indoor amusement park in Vietnam. This park is one of the places to visit completely different from the temples and peaceful gardens in Ba Na. Walking down the stairs from Morin cable car station you can find the main entrance. 

The park has up to 100 fun games and many short films. Thus, all family members can be entertained during a visit in the park. There are many free games, climbing, drop tower, various 3D, 4D and 5D cinemas. 

Some games have additional fees and minimum height requirements. Staff will tell visitors what to do and what not to do before starting a game. Around there are cafes, souvenir shops and rooms.

The park is arranged in 3 floors, designed with inspiration from two novels: Journey to the center of the earth and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Almost everything to do and see in this Ba Na Hills park is free. 

Alpine roller coaster

The Alpine Coaster is considered the tallest roller coaster in the country. From the cabin of the line 2 and line 5 cable car, the train tracks can be seen. The entrance to this game is next to Fantasy underground amusement park, downstairs from the French village square. 

The Alpine Coaster is a roller coaster that can reach speeds of 40km per hour. Each vehicle is equipped with its own brake system if you want to slow down. Roller coasters don’t have to go fast if you don’t want to. You can use the brake whenever you want. 

The minimum height and weight of visitors are specified together with other regulations in the table at the entrance. You should put small or valuable items in your pocket, instead of carrying them when experiencing this game. 

Ba Na Hills climbing train

A mountain train is a type of train used in mountainous areas to ascend and descend slopes of varying degrees and usually operate in pairs. Cars will run on rails and be raised and lowered by cables thanks to the counterweight of the other car.

The funicular in Ba Na is manufactured by a Swiss company and is the only one of its kind in Vietnam. The first experience of traveling by mountain train in Vietnam in Ba Na is very interesting. 

Mountain train is an interesting experience in Ba Na

The train transports visitors to and from D’Amour Gardens and the Debay Cellar area to D’Amour Station. Even the elderly or children can experience the train easily and safely. The train with a capacity of 80 people/cabin moves through a cable line more than 400 m long.

Ba Na Hills Golf Club

Located at the foot of Ba Na Mountain, this world-class 18-hole golf course features world-class facilities and services. Opening hours are from morning to 9pm. This golf course has won two awards “Best Golf Course in Asia” and “Best Golf Course in Vietnam” for 5 consecutive years, from 2016 to 2021. 

Outstanding festivals in Ba Na Hills

In Ba Na, there are many festivals, visitors can plan their trip according to events and festivals such as:

  • Flower Festival (February – September)
  • Masquerade Festival (April – September)
  • Wine Festival (May)
  • Beer Festival (June – September)
  • Halloween Festival (October)
  • Winter festival during the Christmas holiday

Outdoor Festival in French Village

There are many celebrations and outdoor performances taking place around the French village. During the tourist season, a carnival is held in Central Square every day. 

Beer festival held in French village

This activity attracts many dancers and singers to participate in the vibrant music scene. Visitors can watch the procession move and take pictures with the characters dressed in splendid costumes.

In addition, Ba Na French Village is also a place to organize large programs and attractive festivals for free. For example, beer festivals, flower festivals or international food festivals. Therefore, visitors have many opportunities to see, enjoy and take pictures all year round in Ba Na. 

Ba Na Hills Flower Festival

Depending on the time of the festival, the flowers in the festival will be different with different themes. In this colorful festival, visitors have the opportunity to see many different types of flowers, from Vietnam to abroad. The duration of the flower festival usually lasts at least a few weeks, long enough for tourists to attend. 

The most famous festival here is the tulip festival imported directly from the Netherlands. Millions of flowers of 50 species are planted around the gardens (in villages in France), providing great enchantment. Many Vietnamese and foreign tourists have come to Ba Na just to admire this beauty. 

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What to eat at Ba Na Hills?

There are about 13 different restaurants in Ba Na. Dishes range from local Da Nang food, to Western food, South American food and Russian food. You can choose to enjoy food at a number of places such as:

Food stall 

Fast food, baked goods and snacks are sold in small stalls around Ba Na. You can choose from sausages, grilled skewers with different types of meat. There are also donuts, sandwiches, green bean cakes, etc. 

Beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages are also available in the same stall. The price is usually more expensive but the food taste is delicious and unique.  

Buffet Ba Na Hills

Visitors who follow guided tours are often encouraged to eat buffet in Ba Na. The advantage of this way is that there are many dishes (from both Eastern and Western dishes), many seats, and fast service. 

Tickets for the buffet are usually sold with the entrance ticket to Ba Na. For visitors who spend a full day, a buffet is better than ending the trip early to return to the city to eat. The buffet price is usually about 250,000 VND for adults and teenagers over 1.4 meters tall.

Restaurants in Ba Na Hills

Restaurants in Ba Na range from affordable to high-end. Ranging from 50,000 VND per person to 350,000 VND per person. You can refer to some restaurants in Ba Na such as:

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Morin restaurant

The restaurant is located on the upper floor of the Morin cable car station. This classic and elegant restaurant serves menus in a cozy atmosphere. If looking for a place to enjoy delicious and peaceful food, Morin is a great choice.

Arapang restaurant 

The Arapang restaurant is located near the Louvre station in the French Village. The buffet of Arapang restaurant serves up to 70 dishes. The restaurant is open from 11 am to 3 pm, accommodating up to 4,000 people. 

Beer Plaza Ba Na Hills Restaurant

Beer Plaza restaurant is located in a glass dome, located at the end of the alley to the right of the French Village church. The restaurant serves food, live music and is open from 11am to 3pm. Especially the restaurant has a lot of seating on both floors.

Lavender restaurant

Lavender Restaurant is open from 11am to 2pm daily. The restaurant’s buffet includes many grilled dishes to choose from, priced at VND 255,000. Follow the path to the left of the French Village church to reach the restaurant. 

Buffet Club Ba Na Hills

Occupying a private corner of the French Village square, the Buffet Club area has Hoa Sen, Orchid and Rose restaurants. Restaurant opening hours from 11 am to 3 pm, capacity 2,200 people. 

The buffet at the restaurant serves Vietnamese, Asian and Western dishes. Dishes are made from a variety of ingredients and recipes. Ticket price is 255,000 VND per adult. 

Hotels in Ba Na Hills

Most people just go to Ba Na for day sightseeing. If you want to stay overnight, you can stay at Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills. This hotel is located in the middle of the French village. 

The hotel offers 4-star accommodation with 333 modern rooms with mountain views. The hotel features 4 restaurants, an indoor pool, and a fitness center. Check-in at the hotel starts after 14:00 and check-out before 11am, so if you arrive at the hotel earlier you will have to wait.

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The hotel’s rooms are uniquely decorated, modern and priced from 3,000,000 VND per night. The biggest advantage of staying here is that you can enjoy the atmosphere in Ba Na when all the tourists are gone. And will be the first to see everything in Ba Na in the morning. 

Note when traveling to Ba Na Hills

To make the journey to visit Ba Na perfect, you need to pay attention to a few things such as: 

  • It’s not too cold on the top of Ba Na, so you just need to bring a light jacket. Remember to bring a jacket in winter and an umbrella in the rainy season.
  • If possible, avoid traveling to Ba Na during the holidays. Because there are 10,000 – 20,000 people every day in Ba Na. You might end up jostling in the crowd without being able to enjoy anything.
  • Cable car ticket includes two turns to and from Ba Na. Note that the first trip of the cable car is at 7:30 am and the last one is at 9 pm. Plan your visit accordingly.
  • It can take you about 6-7 hours to fully explore Ba Na.
  • You should wear comfortable shoes or sandals as you will have to walk a lot.

Coming to Ba Na Hills , visitors not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, feel the fresh air. But also to participate in unique types of entertainment. Therefore, do not miss the unforgettable tourist attractions in Ba Na reviewed by Danang Private Car in this article. 


Traveling to Da Nang , many tourists find out what to do in Ba Na Hills, what to visit, .. One thing that many people also wonder a lot is whether to bring food to Ba Na Hill . All this information will be right below for your reference.

Answer: Is it possible to bring food to Ba Na Hills?

The spirit of keeping the environment green – clean – beautiful is one of the trends that the whole world is in vogue, especially in tourist areas in recent years. Especially in order to be able to keep the intact beauty of the primeval forest on the top of Ba Na Hills, on October 1, 2018 Sunworld Ba Na Hills officially issued the rule ”Do not bring food and drink to Ba Na Hills”. This is a very good signal for Da Nang tourism, which has created a lot of impressions with tourists, especially international visitors.

Previously, Ba Na Hills tourist area has welcomed millions of tourists to visit, people are allowed to bring food and water to use. Asking everyone to make sure to clean up, keep the gin hygienic, but there are many cases of unconsciousness and littering that have affected the beauty around everyone.

SUMMARY: Can you bring food to Ba Na Hill? You will not be allowed to bring food and water when traveling to Ba Na Hills on your own . To be able to control this, people will increase the staff to check at the entrance to the cable car. The staff will confiscate it if you still carry it in your bag

What to eat when going to Ba Na Hill on your own?

As you also know, when you follow Ba Na Hill tour  , you will get free shuttle bus, cable car ticket, amusement ticket, buffet ticket, etc. more interesting too. Then you will prepare the car, buy your own tickets, choose your own meals. Going to Ba Na Hills, you have a variety of dining options such as:

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Buy tickets to eat buffet on Ba Na Hills

Today on Ba Na Hills there are many buffet restaurants, this is the most popular choice for tourists who want to have lunch. Buffet here is very diverse with many extremely attractive Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese dishes, all cooked by European chefs with a lot of experience.

However, going to choose to eat buffet is also quite expensive, like cable car ticket + meal ticket is a total of 1,005k. Not to mention you have to pay extra fees for vehicles, waiting time to buy tickets. While the tour price is only 850k, we have taken care of the full service package for you and committed to quality

Eat at the small shops on Ba Na Hills

If you do not want to eat buffet, you can use this service. This is also one of the most convenient options because you can use it whenever you are hungry. These small shops will sell hot dogs, ice cream, pho, etc. However, the pricing here will be quite high from 20k or more for drinks and food for about 100k. If you calculate it, you will save more money by eating buffet and you will be able to eat a lot of delicious food again.

European restaurants on Ba Na Hills

In addition to the buffet restaurant area, you can refer to other restaurants in the form of ordering on Ba Na. You will order the food on the menu to your liking then the chef will cook it right away and bring it to you. Most of the dishes here are in the West direction, so the price is a bit higher, it is more expensive than Vietnamese restaurants. If you choose this way of eating, your trip will certainly be very expensive.

Enjoy Danang specialties

If you have had breakfast and want to hang out until noon, you can choose to visit the city to enjoy the specialties here. The restaurants are all made from fresh ingredients, the prices are more reasonable for visitors. From Ba Na to the city about 1 hour so you can get off the cable early, in time for lunch, it will be better for your stomach.

What time does Ba Na Hills open, what time should you go and return?

Da Nang specialties that you should try are Quang noodles, seasoned vermicelli, pork rice paper rolls, .. To be able to choose a restaurant with a delicious taste, you can find it on google or refer to those who went before

Now you know if you can bring food to Ba Na Hill if you violate the regulations, you will be reminded and revoked. That is also the reason why you choose to go on a package tour to save money and experience more fully

Many tourists come to Ba Na not only to experience interesting things such as cable cars, French villages, wine cellars, etc., but they come here to feel the beauty of the weather on Ba Na Hills . This is a very special feature that only visitors who spend a whole day exploring will realize. Let’s see what the weather here is so attractive.

Where is Ba Na Hills tourist area located in Da Nang city?

When it comes to Danang tourism, many people will immediately think of Ba Na Hills tourist area. This is a name that becomes a brand that everyone knows everywhere. Ba Na Hills is located in Da Nang territory in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, about 45 minutes from the center to the west.

This site is located on the top of Nui Chua – one of the highest mountains in the Truong Son range with an altitude of 1,489m above sea level. After more than 50 years of being abandoned and many forest trees covering Ba Na Hills seemed to be forgotten.

However, when invested by Sun World, it has become a leading tourist and resort destination in Vietnam in general and Da Nang in particular. This place has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to visit during the year

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General weather characteristics on Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is located in a very separate location, nearly 1,500m from sea level, so the climate here is generally very different and different from Da Nang city.

What’s the temperature like in Ba Na Hills?

Ba Na Hills is the “lungs of the soup”, the “precious pearl” that nature has given to this land. The climate here is temperate, so the low temperature is from 0 to 2 degrees Celsius and the highest is 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.

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The average annual temperature here ranges from 17 to 20 degrees Celsius, the day and night amplitude is about 5 – 3 degrees C lower than Da Nang about 7-8 degrees C. That’s why the weather here cool all year round, even in the hottest times, you will be very comfortable here.

Humidity on Mount Chua

Although the temperature is slightly different from Da Nang, the weather on Ba Na Hills also has 2 distinct seasons:

  • Dry season: From March to September of the solar calendar, the climate at this time is very pleasing to people. The rows of lush green trees, the fresh and cool sky, the surroundings are very attractive by the magical beauty
  • Rainy season: From October to February next year, the time in Ba Na will be colder, rain also appears more. Especially at night, visitors will feel the change of weather more clearly.

Because this area is close to the sea, when you reach the top of the mountain, the humidity will be above 90 degrees Celsius, a layer of fog often appears. However, this has brought a magical beauty typical of the fairyland.

What’s special about the weather on Ba Na Hills?

The weather in Ba Na Hills is always something that tourists wonder because it greatly affects the quality of the trip and many people will wonder what the weather is so special here.

  • The weather in Ba Na always keeps a certain temperature, especially in the summer the weather is very beautiful and clear. In the rainy season, the temperature is very low, sometimes dropping to only a few degrees. You will feel the weather in Da Lat or Sapa with a little chilly
  • With just one day you stay here, you will clearly feel the 4 typical seasons of the year. It is because the temperature change is very obvious and divided evenly over 24 hours, you can feel a unique beauty here. This is a very special point in Ba Na that cannot be found anywhere else.

Experience 1 day exploring the weather on Ba Na Hills

A sunny spring morning

Going to Ba Na Hills in the early morning, you will see the cold, the temperature is from 14 to 16 degrees Celsius. At this time, the temperature, the air humidity is high, the fog is covered like spring is coming. At dawn, you will see a green color of pine buds radiating fragrantly. All covered the mountain, creating a layer of mist. The climate until 9am will be a little warmer bringing a fresh breeze.

A glimpse of summer at noon brings freshness

When walking past 9 am when the sun was already high, the rays of sunlight suddenly appeared more clearly, melting the glittering dew drops on the leaves. Right now you will have a very gentle summer passing by.

The afternoon climate will be hotter than 19 to 24 degrees Celsius. The gentle sunlight shining down on Ba Na Hills has created a very bright and fresh scene. This is also the ideal time for you to have fun exploring.

The autumn afternoon is so cool

In the afternoon from 16:00 to 19:00 the temperature on Ba Na Hills drops to 15 – 17 degrees Celsius. At this moment, cold air begins to appear along with a gentle breeze that will make you feel like you are running through your hair. . The scenery in the afternoon will be a little quieter, very suitable for visitors to walk to watch the sunset on Ba Na.

A cold winter evening

After 19:00 is when the night has fallen, the cold begins to appear clearly of winter. The temperature at night is only 13-14 degrees Celsius. The cold gradually penetrates the skin along with the fanciful scenery that makes the scene more romantic. Choosing to stay in Ba Na over the counter is a great experience for couples together.

Should you go to Ba Na Hills in winter?

In winter, Ba Na Hills will be very cold, but sometimes there are still beautiful sunny days. This time on Ba Na is not very crowded, so it is very convenient for you to explore, go for a walk without having to wait in line or wait for a long time. More specifically, you will be able to comfortably check in without fear of photos with many people crowded in.

Although the weather on Ba Na Hills in winter is quite cold, to create a bustling atmosphere in this season, there will be many festivals and attractive incentives. You will be free to check in every nook and cranny here.

When is the best time to choose the weather on Ba Na Hills?

Visitors can visit Ba Na Hills at any time is reasonable, but it is best to go in March to September. Because the weather on Ba Na Hills is very beautiful at this time, there is a lot of beauty here. It also shows up very clearly. However, this is also the peak season, so the number of guests will be very crowded, so you should wait patiently or choose a suitable schedule.

Choose clothes suitable for the weather on Ba Na Hills

As shared the weather on Ba Na Hills will have 4 distinct seasons, so you should choose the most appropriate and comfortable outfits. You should choose modest and polite clothes when visiting spiritual places. Bring warm clothes, socks to avoid cold at night to protect your health.

Notes to monitor the weather on Ba Na Hills

According to Ba Na Hills travel experience , to make your trip more convenient, you should:

  • See the weather forecast in advance. This will help you plan and prepare the right outfit. You have to see the forecast 3 days in advance to make sure the trip is more secure.
  • Also, if you want to stay on Ba Na, don’t forget to prepare warm clothes.
  • Bring an umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, bring a hat
  • Bring baby food with you.

The above is the weather information on Ba Na Hills , hopefully to help you prepare for the upcoming trip. Hope you have a wonderful experience with your family. Let’s share the journey together

To find out about the climate, or the Ba Na Hills Weather forecast for the next 3 days, or the Nha Trang weather forecast for today, tomorrow, the next 10 days, the next 7 days or the next 3 days, we need to know where Ba Na Hills is. on the map of Vietnam, how is climate affected?

With the interference of 4 seasons in one day, surely visitors who want to come to Ba Na will often wonder how is the weather in Ba Na Hill  ? This article will reveal and share with you about Ba Na weather so that you can prepare yourself for the best Ba Na tour..

Where is Ba Na?

Ba Na Hills tourist area is located on the top of Chua mountain – a high mountain in Hoa Vang district, about 30 km southwest of the city center. With an altitude of 1487 above sea level, Ba Na Hills with fresh and cool weather is hard to compare with any tourist destination. Ba Na has become a famous tourist destination attracting tens of thousands of tourists to visit by experiencing the four seasons in one colorful day and many new things.

What’s the temperature like in Ba Na?


Ba Na is located on a high mountain, so the climate is usually temperate. The lowest temperature in Ba Na Hills is about 0-2 degrees Celsius and the highest is about 25-30 degrees Celsius. The temperature in Ba Na Hills can be calculated easily, the average annual temperature ranges from 17° – 20 °C, cool, pleasant climate all year round. The temperature at the top of Ba Na Hill is not much different from the center of Da Nang, usually about 7-8°C. Due to the high humidity, up to 90%, Ba Na Hill tourist area often appears. clouds, fog. This is also the typical beauty of Ba Na mountain – Chua mountain .

With the temperature in Ba Na Hill that we updated most recently, you can rest assured about the weather when traveling here! Nature in Ba Na Hill is very beautiful, like a fairyland. If anyone comes here once, they can fully feel the beauty of this poetic land.

Ba Na Hill 4 seasons in 1 day: 

The most impressive thing when traveling to Ba Na is probably experiencing the color of the weather with 4 seasons in a very special day. It seems that for 24 hours space is clearly divided into climate cells.

Morning at Ba Na Hill:

In the morning, you can feel the spring space spreading with the cool climate from the misty mountains covered.

Visitors can feel the weather as cold as the spring in Ba Na dawn. Ba Na space becomes more fanciful in the misty mountains covered with cool breezes unintentionally passing, quietly wandering with her timid clouds.

Lunch at Ba Na Hill:

Summer flavors – Lunch in Ba Na Hills.

At noon, the space in Ba Na becomes more gentle in the bright summer sun, but still does not lose the purity of the cool and fresh air. The scenery also seems to become clearer and closer than the morning weather.

Afternoon at Ba Na Hill:

Visitors will clearly notice the change of weather around mid-early afternoon, which is the change of season from Summer to Autumn. The day when the bing deck clock chimes the number from 3 to 6 pm, it is a brief moment of autumn – it is especially dedicated to Ba Na space here and there.

Evening at Ba Na Hill:

Winter comes – dusk in Ba Na Hills. The weather in Ba Na became colder, like a Queen with incomparable strength, the winter Queen came accidentally swinging a whip of cold weather pouring in the quiet, restless space of a long night.

If you want to feel the cold weather, the romantic atmosphere of the winter on the top of the mountain, enjoy the meal and listen to the foreign music of the West, you can come and book the Private Car Transfer Danang To Bana Hills at night.

In addition, the Halloween program following the Pumpkin Festival and the Snowfall program on Christmas Eve attracted the attention of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to visit and enjoy a meaningful Christmas season. Be with your family and loved ones in the cold weather of Ba Na.

Ba Na Hills is a paradise, this is the place where you will have the opportunity to feel the weather of 4 seasons in the same day. That is why the Ba Na Hills 1-day tour is being chosen by many tourists when traveling to Da Nang . Many of you will choose to go sightseeing on your own, so you are very interested in what time Ba Na Hills opens, so you should go and return at a reasonable time. Below I will answer these questions for you.

A brief introduction about Ba Na Hills on the way to fairyland

Ba Na Hills is a landmark at an altitude of 1489m, currently a very popular destination for tourists to Da Nang. The longest cable car system in the world, the climate is cool all year round, especially the 4-season weather that rotates in 1 day. It is because of this point that many people compare Ba Na Hills to a second Da Lat. Not only has the characteristics of the weather, but this place also has many mysteries that anyone can visit even once.

When you arrive at the top of Ba Na Hills, you will not be able to resist the attraction of a magnificent and magnificent European-style castle. When standing on this top, you will be able to see the majestic natural scenery of the mountains, the clouds seem to be able to reach. The image of the whole of Da Nang is also hidden behind the extremely soft fog and brings unforgettable moments.

What time does Ba Na Hills open?

Ba Na Hill is open from 08:00 to 17:00 Including cable car, funicular and Fantasy Park

Tuesday 08:00–17:00
Wednesday 08:00–17:00
Thursday 08:00–17:00
Friday 08:00–17:00
(Unification Day)
Working hours are subject to change
(Labour Day)
Working hours are subject to change
(Labour Day (As regulated)/Unification Day (As regulated))
Working hours are subject to change


Thus, in general, Ba Na Hills will open from 7:00 to 21:00 to start welcoming guests on all days of the week. However, the entertainment programs here will operate from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

There are also operating times of cable car routes such as:

+ Hoi An Ba Na – Marseille cable car route: trip 1 (8:00 – 08:45), trip 2 (8:30 – 8:45), trip 3 (9:30 – 9:45), trip 4 (10:30 – 10:45), trip 5 (11:30 – 11:45). .

+ Debay – Morin cable car route: trip 1 (08:30 – 9:30), trip 2 (10:00 – 12:30), trip 3 (13h – 14h), trip 4 (16h – 17h30), trip 5 (18:45 – 1:30), trip 6 (20:45 – 21:30).

+ Cable car Toc Tien – L’indochine: trip 1 (1h30 – 12h45), trip 2 (14h – 14h45), trip 3 (15h – 15h15), trip 4 (16h – 16h15), trip 5 (17h – 17h30). ), trip 6 (19h – 19h15), trip 7 (20h – 20h15), trip 8 (21h – 21h15).

What time should go and return on Ba Na Hills?

As I have shared, you already know what time Ba Na Hills opens, you can arrange a time to go and return to Ba Na Hills at what time? Although the opening time is at 8:00, it is quite large, so you will start moving at 7:30. You also have to add parking time, buying a ticket takes about 20 minutes to walk.


During the travel of the cable car, it takes about 30-45 minutes to conquer Ba Na Hills communal house. Ba Na Hills is open until 17:00 but most visitors choose to go early in the morning to save time. According to my experience, you should go a little early because starting at 11am, the weather here is quite humid and dark. Not to mention at 1pm the weather will be a bit colder, there may be rain that will ruin your fun.

In short, you should go as soon as possible to be able to fully visit Ba Na Hills and have fun without worrying about getting caught in the rain.

Where to buy Ba Na Hills tickets, how much is the ticket price?

Latest Ba Na Hills ticket price 2022

Many visitors will wonder how much is the entrance ticket and cable car ticket, I would like to share that the cable car ticket price includes round-trip tickets, wine cellar, French village, amusement park, climbing train. . Except for the museum that waxes the coin games, you will have to pay a fee. In addition, self-sufficient expenses such as dining, shopping on Ba Na Hills.

The current price of Ba Na Hills cable car ticket is as follows:

Cable car tickets for foreigners

  • Adults: 800k/pax
  • Children from 1-1.4m: 650k/pax
  • Children under 1m: Free

Cable car tickets for Danang people

  • Adults: 500k/pax
  • Children from 1-1.4m: 400k/pax
  • Children under 1m: Free

Where is the best place to buy Ba Na Hills cable car tickets?

Just like I shared, there are 4 ways for you to buy tickets to Ba Na Hills such as:

  1. Buy tickets on Ba Na Hills’ online website
  2. Buy tickets at the ticket office of Ba Na Hills
  3. Buy through a ticket agent, contact 0795550777 for a discount on ticket prices and free delivery
  4. Buy directly on Ba Na Hills gate

In addition, if you go on a tour, you can immediately contact the travel agency to register for a full service package from transportation, meals, round-trip cable car tickets.

For more complete information, visit: Danang To Bana Hills Private Car

Notes when going to Ba Na hills

Should you go to Ba Na Hills by tour or self-sufficient?

Whether you choose to go to Ba Na Hills on your own or on a tour, each one brings its own interesting points for visitors. This also depends on the following factors:

According to Ba Na Hills travel experience , now many tourists when traveling to Da Nang will often choose to take a tour to use the service from A to Z without worrying about any more costs. If you go on your own, you have to rent a car, buy tickets yourself, sometimes the cost will be higher.

In order to limit the risks of buying tickets and riding cars, older guests will choose to go on a tour to ensure their health. On the contrary, if you are young people who like to travel, you will choose to ride a motorbike on your own to comfortably spend time sightseeing

Is it dangerous to ride Ba Na Hills cable car?

The cable car in Ba Na Hills has achieved 4 international records, so it is very safe, you only need to spend 30 minutes in the cabin to reach the top. Cabins will be stopped at each different station to take visitors from low to high to enjoy the full beauty of Nui Chua. You will be immersed in the mountains, clouds and waterfalls like white lines.

The experience of riding the cable car is a very new thing, which can bring visitors exciting moments but also a “nightmare” for those who are prone to seasickness. Therefore, those who fly or suffer from motion sickness will have to take medicine first, and it is not necessary to be lighter. In addition, you should talk to people around to avoid motion sickness.

Should you eat or drink on Ba Na Hills?

Today, Ba Na Hills has a policy that does not allow visitors to bring food in, so you will have more choices about eating here as follows:

  • Buy buffet tickets to enjoy more than 100 dishes at famous restaurants such as Lavander, Beer Plaza, Morn,… The current ticket price is 255k / 1 for mon Write if you want to add Korean and Russian dishes, it will be 30k more.
  • Buy fast food at restaurants: Unlike buffet, this can be a very interesting suggestion, you can freely choose what you like to eat. However, the cost will be more than if you eat buffet

After knowing what time Ba Na Hills opens , you should plan accordingly. If you love Ba Na Hills, you can book Ba Na Hill Tour of Son Tra Travel. Hopefully, the above is the necessary information for you to have a meaningful day experience Ba Na Hills.

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Ba Na hills restaurant is not lacking but where is the famous restaurant with delicious food, good service and reasonable price? What restaurant can tourists on Ba Na tour eat and drink? The following content of the article reveals to you the restaurants in Ba Na hill that are worth spending money on.

Arapang, Ba Na hills restaurant

Address: Du Dôme square area, French village
Opening hours: 11am – 3pm
Reference price: 250,000 VND – 300,000 VND
The menu is diverse, with over 70 dishes to suit the taste of many visitors. The restaurant serves Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and European dishes. In which, the most special are Vietnamese specialties and Korean cuisine.

The restaurant has a large space but still very cozy. The restaurant is suitable for parties with the participation of many people.

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Bar Debay, wine cellar

Address: located between Flower Garden and Thien Thai Garden area
Opening hours: 8am – 5pm
Reference price: 100,000 VND – 200,000 VND
Bar Debay is located in an 80m-long ancient wine cellar deep in the mountain, built in 1923. Debay cellar has a unique architecture with 14 wine storage niches.

At Debay bar, there are a variety of drinks to choose from. Those are wines or cocktails for people who can’t drink alcohol.

Brasserie restaurant

Address: located at the back of the church of Saint Denis
Opening hours: 9am – 7pm
Reference price: 250,000 VND – 400,000 VND
The restaurant has French architecture and has a variety of European dishes. Those who love Italian cuisine should not miss the opportunity to enjoy at this restaurant.

Club-Buffet Restaurant

Address: end of Du Dôme square
Opening hours: 11am – 3pm
Reference price: 250,000 VND
It is a large restaurant that can accommodate up to 2000 people. The restaurant is divided into 3 zones, Hoa Sen area, Orchid area and Rose area. The main menu is regional specialties of Vietnam.

Hoi An Restaurant

Address: near station 1 of Ba Na hill cable car
Opening hours: 8am – 5pm
Reference price: 50,000 VND – 200,000 VND
You don’t need to go to Hoi An to still eat delicious Hoi An food when you go to a restaurant on Ba Na hill. Hoi An restaurant is available with Quang noodles, Cao Lau, bread, … and many other specialties of the old town.

Kavkaz restaurant

Address: in the center of Du Dôme . square
Opening hours: 9am – 5pm
Reference price: 200,000 VND- 500,000 VND
This is a famous Ba Na hills restaurant with Caucasian roast beef and lamb dishes prepared by Russian chefs. The restaurant has a unique architecture when it comes to horse stable design.

Caucasus Vista restaurant

Address: food court of the square
Opening hours: 10am – 2pm
Reference price: 170,000 VND – 370,000 VND
It is a cultural and culinary space imbued with birch history. Serve buffet style. The restaurant has very strange Russian dishes and is only really suitable for gourmets.

Restaurant Doumer

Address: Le Jardin d’Amour flower garden area
Opening hours: 9am – 10pm
Reference price: 150,000 VND- 500,000 VND
Another restaurant in Ba Na hill with a variety of Asian, European and Vietnamese dishes is Doumer restaurant. In particular, the restaurant has a very romantic view of the flower garden.

Du Dôme Beer Garden

Address: Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden
Opening hours: 11am – 3pm
Du Dôme Beer Garden is the place where the biggest beer festival in Ba Na hill is held every year. Here are the famous German black and yellow beer. The sip menu with draft beer is 15 mountain goat dishes.

La Lavande Restaurant – Buffet

Address: behind Saint Denis church, French village area
Opening hours: 11am – 3pm
Reference price: 250,000 VND and free for children < 1m
The restaurant has 3 floors designed in the spirit of French architecture. The menu is diverse, the most special is the smoked veal, BBQ beef…. Special dishes are prepared by the chef at the counter.

Le Jardin restaurant

Address: French village
Opening hours: 11am – 3pm
Reference price: 220,000 VND- 280,000 VND
The restaurant serves buffet-style 3-region dishes. Fans of BBQ dishes definitely cannot ignore Le Jardin restaurant.

Morin restaurant

Address: Du Dôme square area
Opening hours: 6:30am – 10:00pm
Reference price: 130,000 VND- 250,000 VND
The restaurant has a luxurious space and professional service. There are 2 private VIP rooms. The food is mostly European. Order by set, oder or buffet.

La Crique Restaurant & Café Postal

Address: French village
Opening hours: 9am – 10pm
Reference price: 100,000 VND – 350,000 VND
It’s a space to enjoy artistic cuisine. The restaurant menu has Vietnamese and European dishes. Among them, the most special dish is the Spanish dish.

Ba Na Beer Plaza Restaurant

Opening hours: 11am – 3pm and 5pm – 9pm
Reference price: 130,000 VND – 300,000 VND
The restaurant has an area of ​​4,000m2 with unique architecture. This is a culinary paradise from many countries around the world. And a vibrant party of lights and sounds.

About Ba Na, it is impossible not to mention the restaurant here. Among the Ba Na hills restaurants above, have you chosen any yet? If you need more advice about Da Nang tour, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Transport To Bana Hills

Travel from Danang to Bana Hills by Private car of Danang Private Car, you will know our price before confirmation booking. You will not worries about taxi will go around city for more fee. Not only get out of any worries, but also you can pay after end trip in Bana Hills.

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