Conquer the peak of Ban Co in Da Nang, the highest point in Son Tra.

Tourism in Da Nang is not only famous for its numerous scenic spots and beautiful untouched beaches. Son Tra is also famous for Ban Co Peak, which is dubbed as the “roof of the city” with its impressive scenery and views. Especially, the legendary story of two skilled celestial chess players competing on a stone board has attracted curious tourists who want to challenge themselves and decipher the chess game. Today, let’s pocket some tips to explore this destination!

Introduction to the famous Ban Co Peak in Son Tra Peninsula.

Tourists coming to Da Nang must have heard a lot about the famous Ban Co Peak alongside other famous tourist attractions. So what do you know about it?

Legend of Ban Co Peak.

There are quite a few legends mentioning the birth of Ban Co Peak, but in general, the meanings are not different. It is said that, since this place has a beautiful landscape, the two talented chess gods of heaven have chosen it as a place to “play chess”. Both were very good, so the game was difficult to distinguish between victory and defeat, lasting from day to day.

The top of Ban Co is associated with the legend of two good chess fairies “fighting” together.

One day, some fairies flew down to the beach right next to it to swim and play (later called Tien Sa beach). This made one of the chess gods distracted, made a wrong move, and was defeated. He was so angry that he kicked the chessboard into the sea and flew back to heaven. To preserve the ancient traces, people here placed a statue of De Thich sitting alone on a rock with an unfinished chessboard. Since then, this mountain peak has been named Ban Co Peak.

Why is Ban Co Peak called the “roof of Son Tra Peninsula”?

If Sapa has Fansipan Peak – the roof of Indochina, then Da Nang has Ban Co Peak – the roof of Son Tra Peninsula. The reason it is called that way is that from the peak, tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of the livable city. Although not as high as Fansipan, this peak is only modestly about 700m above sea level. However, at this height, it is enough for you to conquer and be fascinated by the beautiful natural scenery of the peninsula.

This place is known as the “roof of Son Tra peninsula” with an altitude of 700 m above sea level.

When is the best time to conquer the Ban Co peak?

The best time of year.

Da Nang has a large area located near the sea, so the weather is influenced by the sea to some extent. A year here is divided into 2 seasons: rainy season and dry season. If you go on rainy days, it will be very difficult to climb to the top. Therefore, you should consider and plan a trip during the dry season, which is more suitable. According to experience, the ideal time is from February to September because the weather is dry, sunny, the roads are convenient, and the scenery is beautiful and attractive.

The best time of day.

The most suitable time of day is probably early in the morning when the mist still covers the back of the mountain. At this time, you will enjoy the surprising tranquility of the incredibly fresh air. You will also see dew drops on leaves, every pinkish-red dawn light through the branches bringing the purest beauty. One side is the shimmering blue sea, the other is the green grass and flowers, surely everyone will be fascinated.

But if you can’t catch the moment of sunrise, you can still enjoy the sunset. You can start your trip around 2-3pm, come here to enjoy the scenery, breathe fresh air and admire the sparkling and mystical sunset with the vast ocean and the fishing boats below.

Where is the location of Ban Co Peak and is the route difficult?

The location of Ban Co Peak.

This tourist attraction in Da Nang is located on Son Tra Peninsula, at the highest point of the mountain peak. It is about 15km from the center of Da Nang. From Linh Ung Pagoda Bai But, you need to go another 8km through the forest to get here. Normally, it takes about 45 minutes to travel (since the mountain road is quite steep, the speed will be slower).

What is the route to Ban Co Peak like?

Because it is located at the highest point of the peninsula, the road to Ban Co Peak is uphill and not flat. However, what you receive after conquering this route is totally worth the time and effort you put in. From the city center, visitors can choose one of the following two routes:

The road up here has been concreted but is quite steep and quite difficult to walk.
  • Route 1: Starting from Thuan Phuoc Bridge, you follow Yết Kiêu road, then turn towards the People’s Navy Military Base 3, Hải Quân. Then, just follow the trail to reach the peak. This route is considered easy, but there aren’t many beautiful sights along the way.
  • Route 2: Starting from Hoang Sa coastal road, you move towards Linh Ung Pagoda, then follow this road to the peak of Ban Co. Unlike the first route, along this route, you can combine visiting many landmarks such as My Khe Beach, Linh Ung Pagoda, thousand-year-old banyan tree, But Beach,… The route is a bit harder to navigate. It’s better to go by motorbike to see all the beautiful scenery of Son Tra Peninsula.

What is the suitable means of transportation?

There are 2 common means of transportation that tourists often choose, which are motorbikes and cars. Depending on their needs and preferences, they can choose the appropriate option.

  • Car: For older people or tourists traveling in groups with elderly and young children, this is the preferred option. With many years of serving tourists in Da Nang, is pleased to provide transportation services for you. You can book a private car in advance from Da Nang to Son Tra Peninsula, where you can visit Linh Ung Pagoda, Ban Co Peak, and many other beautiful sights on the peninsula.
  • Motorbike: This is also a means of transportation you should consider. Riding a motorbike is more flexible, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, stop to take photos. Note that the road to the top of Ban Co hill is quite steep and difficult to ride, Da Nang has officially banned the use of scooters to visit the peninsula. Therefore, you should choose a manual motorbike or a larger displacement bike for more power and easier control when climbing hills.

If you’re looking for motorbike tours in Da Nang, contact’s. They specialize in providing motorbike tours in Da Nang, Hoi An, and Hue.

What is so attractive about conquering Ban Co peak that everyone loves?

Those who have been here once can’t help but remember it, because it is different from other places in Son Tra or Da Nang. Conquering Ban Co Peak has countless exciting and unforgettable experiences:

Conquering the steep uphill road.

Although located on the mountain top, the road leading to Ban Co Peak is mostly paved and poured with concrete. This road was built by the United States during the war in Vietnam. On both sides of the road are good green trees, and in many places, you can even see wild animals.

The road to the top of Ban Co is steep.

The road has flat sections but is mostly steep. Driving on this road, you will lose yourself in the forest with only mist, clouds, wind, hovering, and ethereal feelings, like the road to Ba Na Hills. The feeling of walking on the steep road sometimes makes you feel excited and thrilled.

Admiring the coastal city from above.

As you approach Ban Co Peak, the road becomes steeper but the scenery becomes more impressive. This place is not as dense with trees as in the imagination of many people. The space is airy, cool, and especially the view is extremely beautiful and wide. From here, you can see all the beautiful scenes of Da Nang within your sight. The towering skyscrapers, bridges, boats swaying on the sea,… all can be seen.

Standing from here you can embrace the whole city worth living.

Standing in the vast forest space, surrounded by white clouds drifting in the heavenly realm, makes everyone feel enchanted. And the best moment is at sunrise and sunset, extremely captivating. You will surely feel peaceful, relaxed, and comfortable.

Capturing the sunrise or sunset in Da Nang.

Ban Co Peak Son Tra is the best place to admire the most beautiful sunrise and sunset in Da Nang, the best time to see is from 5-6 am or from 5-6 pm. Below is a combination of green forests and the sea, you will feel relaxed when admiring this extremely romantic natural scene.

Sunset on the Peak of Ban Co

Enjoying limitless “Instagrammable” corners.

It would be a waste to climb all the way up here and not check-in. The beautiful scenery is so rare that it’s hard not to take a few pictures, especially for young people who love to “live virtually”. The combination of green mountains and clouds, the sky has created an ideal background for the picture.

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What to eat when traveling to Danang’s Ban Co Peak?

During a trip to Ban Co Peak, enjoying delicious and affordable food is also a very interesting experience. Food services on Son Tra Peninsula are increasingly developing to meet the needs of tourists. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a restaurant or food stall that sells local cuisine.

You can try dishes made from grilled or stir-fried seafood, or salt-roasted dishes such as snakehead fish, spotted scat, stingray, lobster, shrimp, octopus, red snail, and crab. In addition, there are often various types of forest vegetables growing around the mountain range, such as pennywort, water spinach, ginseng, and forest fern, which are used in sour soup and steamed dishes, which are also very attractive.

Combine sightseeing at nearby tourist destinations with Ban Co Peak.

Son Tra Peninsula is famous for many attractive landmarks, each worth a visit. But it is impossible to explore all of them in one day. Therefore, you should choose nearby destinations to Ban Co Peak to combine sightseeing and save time.

Linh Ung Pagoda Bai But.

You definitely cannot miss this pagoda – the largest and most famous pagoda in the Central region. Linh Ung Pagoda is located on Bai But, on the way to Ban Co Peak, about 8 km apart. The pagoda stands against the backdrop of virgin forest, facing the sea with the traditional architecture of Vietnamese pagodas. The most prominent feature here is the 67 m high statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (the tallest in Southeast Asia). Moreover, the location of the pagoda provides an ideal view of the city and the sea in Danang.

Son Tra lighthouse.

Located lower than Ban Co peak and easy to reach. Son Tra lighthouse is one of the ancient lighthouses of Vietnam built by the French in 1902, situated 223 meters from the sea level and about 20 km from the city center. By conquering this spot, you can get a panoramic view of the vast space with the sea and mountains. This is also a favorite virtual check-in point for many young people.

But Beach.

This beach is located on the way to Linh Ung Pagoda and quite close to Ban Co peak. But Beach looks like a curved-shaped beach, attracting both Vietnamese and international tourists. Visitors to But Beach can rent huts and enjoy their own food, play, sing, or participate in water activities such as diving to see corals, surfing, paragliding, or immersing themselves in cool water.

Thousand-year-old banyan tree.

A destination for those who love to explore nature.

Dubbed as the “ancient and kind” of the forest, this place was once the place where immortals often chose to descend to the human world, so the banyan tree seems to be rare. Moving about 5 km further, you will reach the Thousand-year-old banyan tree. The way up is quite steep and difficult to walk, but it is really suitable for nature lovers and experience seekers.

Notes to know when conquering Ban Co peak.

As a favorite trekking spot for young people, this place attracts many tourists every year. However, to have a successful and safe trek, you need to note some important things as follows:

  • Choose neat, comfortable and stretchy clothes, coupled with a pair of sports shoes or flat sole sandals for easy movement.
  • If you rent a motorbike, remember to only rent a number plate motorbike and check the vehicle carefully, fill up the petrol tank before moving. At the same time, drive at a moderate speed, keep a stable mentality, and should choose at least 1 companion to accompany, steady steering.
  • Do not visit Ban Co peak on rainy days because the road will be quite slippery, and you may slip, the clouds cover the view, and remember to leave before it gets dark to ensure safety.
  • There are no houses or shops here, so if you are afraid of hunger, you can bring food and drinks to enjoy while sitting and watching the scenery.
  • Always carry your phone with you to contact and prevent some unfavorable situations.

Ban Co Peak’s attraction cannot be denied, a beautiful tourist destination, especially worth experiencing. If you are a young person, love adventure, and want to immerse yourself in the natural beauty, Ban Co Peak is an ideal destination.



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