Along with the Perfume River, Truong Tien Bridge is also a place that has entered poetry and is considered a symbol of Hue. This century-old building has witnessed the change of the ancient capital. At the same time , Truong Tien Hue Bridge is also one of the tourist attractions attracting domestic and foreign tourists to visit and explore. To learn more about it, follow this article by Danang Private Car !

General introduction about Truong Tien Hue Bridge

Location of Truong Tien Bridge

Coming to Hue, almost everyone will cross this bridge. Truong Tien Bridge, also known as Trang Tien Bridge or Thanh Thai Bridge. It connects the North and South banks of Hue. In which the South belongs to Phu Hoi ward and the North belongs to Phu Hoa ward.

Truong Tien Bridge is one of the symbols of Hue, in addition, Hue is also famous for Khai Dinh Tomb, Hue Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, if you want to go to all the beautiful places in Hue, book Hue City Tour  1 day – Experience the beauty of Hue

Which river does Truong Tien Bridge cross?

Truong Trang Tien Bridge was built across the Perfume River – a poetic river located in the heart of the city. It is also the river that has entered poetry and books. This is also the first bridge in Hue that crosses this river, located right next to the ancient citadel.

About the name Truong Tien Bridge

Since its construction until now, this bridge has been renamed many times.

  •       It was first called Thanh Thai Bridge because it was completed in the 11th year of Thanh Thai.
  •       In 1945, the bridge changed its name to Nguyen Hoang Bridge.
  •       After the unification of the country, it was again called Trang Tien.
  •       In 2004, the bridge was officially changed to Truong Tien bridge.

Although it is said that Truong Tien is the main name, the names Trang Tien are still called by everyone. These two names are still parallel to each other.

How many spans does the architecture of Truong Tien Hue Bridge have?

This bridge is designed in Gothic style (French architectural style) with a total length of 402.6m, 5.45m high and 6m wide. Trang Tien Hue Bridge has a structure consisting of a total of 6 spans, 12 songs combined to form 6 pairs.

The 6 spans of the bridge are made entirely of steel beams with large weight, extremely strong, the span of each span is 67m. Overall, the bridge looks like a comb shape.

Initially, the bridge was built without pedestrian access. The bridge deck is only paved with ironwood boards. After many renovations, it has changed markedly, becoming a modern and solid bridge as it is now.

History of Truong Tien Hue Bridge you may not know

This famous bridge in Hue has existed for more than 100 years, but few people know exactly when it was built, by whom… Therefore, will reveal it to you more clearly.

Since when did Truong Tien Bridge exist?

In 1896, King Thanh Thai ordered the construction of an iron bridge across the Perfume River to facilitate travel between the two banks. In April 1897, the Governor General of Indochina came to Hue to discuss with the court and invest to build a large, sure lasting project.

On the first day of construction, King Thanh Thai placed the first stone. 2 years later, the 6-span bridge made of semicircular steel, paved with ironwood floors, was completed. The investment cost at that time was 400 million VND – not a small number at that time.

Who built Truong Tien Bridge?

According to many documents, books and newspapers recorded that Truong Tien Hue Bridge was built by Eiffet (France). Designed and built by the famous French architect – Gustave Eiffel, according to new Western techniques and materials.

More than half, the investment capital of King Thanh Thai is only about 190 million and most of it is contributed by the French.

Repairs of Truong Tien Bridge

+ After the bridge was put into use for 5 years to 1904, a big storm overturned the bridge. It was only restored in 1906.

+ In 1937, under the ancient capital of Hue, ruled by King Bao Dai. The bridge was rebuilt once, wider and more secure. There is a separate path for pedestrians.

+ In 1946, due to the influence of the war against the French colonialists, Truong Tien Bridge was collapsed. By 1953, the bridge was completely repaired.

+ However, during the Tet Offensive in 1968, this bridge was once again destroyed. After a long time (in 1991), the restoration was carried out, and it was completed in 1995.

From here on, the bridge will not be repaired again. In 2002, Trang Tien Bridge installed an LED system to help it stand out, modern and brighter.

How to get to Truong Tien Hue Bridge?

The road to Truong Tien Bridge

From the center of Hue city to Truong Tien bridge is only about 850m. To move here, you go through Hung Vuong street or Hoang Hoa Tham street to reach the Perfume River bank.

Means of exploring Trang Tien bridge

Depending on how far or near your starting point is, choose the right vehicle. If near you can walk or far, go cyclo or bicycle. Further, rent a motorbike or taxi.

If you are a lover of romance, then thinks you should rent a bicycle to move and then walk along the banks of the Perfume River, watching the busy flow of people pass by. Otherwise, rent a cyclo for a very cheap price of only a few tens of thousands.

There are various means of transportation to help you visit Truong Tien Bridge in Hue

If you want to explore many places in Hue conveniently and comfortably, consider booking a car rental service with a driver in Hue from This service offers quick and convenient transportation, with a team of professional drivers ready to take you to any destination you wish to explore. The travel time entirely depends on your schedule, allowing you to plan your sightseeing in Hue with ease.

Moreover, if you are in Da Nang or Hoi An, you can also book a day trip from Da Nang to Hue to visit famous attractions like Truong Tien Bridge and many other places. This helps you save time and effort, allowing you to focus on exploring and fully enjoying your travel journey.

The best time to check-in Truong Tien Hue bridge

If you come to Hue, you must pay attention to the weather here. Because Hue is a province in the central region, there will be a long rainy season, even floods and storms may occur.

According to the experience of many previous visitors, the best time to explore and admire the beauty of Truong Tien Bridge is from January to March. This is the time of changing seasons, the weather is cool. , comfortable.

You can also go in the dry season from March to August. However, these months are often very hot, quite hot. In the remaining months, Hue has entered the rainy season, so it is not very convenient for travel and tourism.

The beauty of Truong Tien Hue bridge

The bridge was born not simply to connect the two sides of the South – North. The reason it was chosen as a symbol of Hue is because it has a rare beauty that almost everyone who visits must remember.

Truong Tien Bridge with lyrical beauty

The idyllic, soft and gentle bridge is located across the poetic Huong Giang River. creating a charming picture of the country of Hue.

The image of a silent bridge reflected on the water surface. Sometimes the wind makes the river ripple, making it more flexible. This painting makes anyone who sees it, not full of praise.

The beauty of Truong Tien Hue Bridge in the phoenix season

Traveling to Truong Tien Bridge in the summer is quite hot, but in return you will admire its beauty in the blooming season of phoenix flowers.

Every summer, the phoenix trees on the banks of the Perfume River bloom, making the whole space red. Make the bridge also more prominent and beautiful. The red flowers mixed with the contemplation of this timeless bridge have left a deep impression in the hearts of viewers.

The beauty of the bridge at sunset

Sunsets are always beautiful and so are the sunsets on Trang Tien Bridge and Perfume River. When the sun gradually sets, the color of Trang Tien Hue Bridge and Perfume River is orange-yellow, which looks very beautiful and romantic.

Trang Tien Bridge shimmering at night

After being installed a modern color changing LED lighting system. In the evening, the colors of blue, red, yellow, orange change continuously, this is like putting on a new shimmering and fanciful shirt for the bridge. It will surely make you admire before that modern light party.

What will you experience when coming to Truong Tien Hue Bridge?

Truong Tien Bridge is not only a witness and historical relic of time. Visiting this place you can also experience many interesting activities.

Walking on the bridge

Considered an attractive destination that almost everyone who comes to Hue does not forget to visit. On clear days, you can wander, stroll the pedestrian lane and admire its architecture.

More or less you will feel like you are returning to the heroic years of the ancient capital of Hue, of the nation. Traces and relics of hundreds of years ago are still present around this bridge.

See the panorama of Hue

Do is located in the middle of the city, right on the peaceful Perfume River. So from this position you can breathe in the cool air and admire the scenery of the river, the sky and the sky.

Looking down at the bridge is the water flowing slowly, the point is the dragon boats or the small boats of the fishermen. The two sides are a bustling, crowded scene of buildings, vehicles, …

Check-in virtual living with Truong Tien Bridge

If you want to find a place to take “virtual life” photos, the Truong Tien Hue Bridge is also a good suggestion. With the ancient and impressive space plus the scenery of clouds, sky, and surrounding mountains, it will be a beautiful background for your photos.

Walk around, explore the night market at the foot of the bridge

Located in the central area, Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street and night market at the foot of the bridge are also tourist attractions that attract a large number of tourists. This place will bring you many interesting experiences.

When night falls, the street lights up is also the time when this street becomes crowded and bustling, far from the inherent tranquility of Hue. Going to the pedestrian street and night market, you will discover food stalls, shop for souvenirs as gifts and have fun with entertainment activities…

Tourist sites near Truong Tien Hue Bridge

After experiencing interesting things at Truong Tien Bridge. You can find and explore more tourist attractions nearby to make your trip more memorable.

Perfume River Hue

Perfume River – a typical image of the ancient capital, is the pride of local people. Stretching from Vi Da garden with green grass, passing Thien Mu pagoda and then turning into Bach Yen river like a silk strip. It seems to adorn the ancient, contemplative of Hue.

Perfume River Hue – the pride of the people of the period

If you have the opportunity to stop by here, you should compress to admire the scenery on the Perfume River or admire the romantic and lyrical sunset beauty on the riverside. If you come in the evening, you can take a boat to enjoy Hue folk songs.

Thien Mu Pagoda

In addition to Truong Tien Hue Bridge , Thien Mu Pagoda is also a check-in point not to be missed. This temple is likened to the “soul” of Hue. It is located on Ha Khe hill, about 5km from the city center. The front side is the Perfume River, the surrounding landscape is very charming.

Thien Mu Pagoda was built under the reign of King Nguyen Hoang, associated with many mystical stories, including the outstanding love story. How true it is, come visit and find out.

Hue Citadel

Also known as Hue Citadel. This is a group in the relic complex of Hue ancient capital. The work is imbued with the culture, history and architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty, recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage (1993).

Visiting this place, you have the opportunity to learn about the living and working places of the ancient kings. Discover the unique architectural items inside such as: Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, Forbidden City, … and rent costumes of kings to transform into historical characters.

Dong Ba Market

Coming to Hue without exploring the markets is a big mistake. It is a pity to have come to Trang Tien bridge without visiting Dong Ba market.

Dong Ba Market is one of Hue’s largest traditional markets. Not only selling utensils, food and Hue specialties, but also the place that best reproduces the lifestyle and activities of local people. Come and have a walk around, try delicious dishes, buy items as gifts to make the trip more interesting.

Other notes to know when walking around Truong Tien Hue Bridge

As a famous place, Truong Tien Bridge gives visitors many emotions and unforgettable experiences every time they visit. However, when exploring this place, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • If you want to walk on the bridge, you are only allowed to walk in the pedestrian lane. Absolutely do not go in the middle of the bridge because traffic is very dangerous.
  • Sunset is said to be the most beautiful time for you to capture moments of Truong Tien Bridge – Perfume River. So take advantage of the time, then stay until the evening to experience the night market.
  • For the convenience of traveling to visit the bridge as well as nearby places. You should choose a hotel in the center.

It can be said that, through many years with many ups and downs of history, Truong Tien Hue Bridge is still standing there as an indispensable part of the ancient capital. The image of the bridge along with the peaceful and poetic Perfume River has left a deep impression in the hearts of tourists every time they visit.


Many tourists who often join Hue tours are curious to know what’s so attractive about Hue at night? Is Hue so sad and quiet at night? The answer will be answered as soon as you experience 10 nightlife places in Hue as follows.

Guide the means to go to the nightlife places in Hue

According to my Hue travel experience , most of the evening entertainment places are located right in the city center, so visitors can choose a lot of means of transportation such as:


If you want to experience riding a motorbike by yourself, you can easily see along the river or easily travel in the alleys. You can choose to rent Hue motorbikes at the most prestigious shops, most of which cost from 80k to 100k. One thing that you need to keep in mind when riding a motorbike is to keep it safe.

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If you go with your family or group of friends but are afraid to go by motorbike, you can rent a taxi. Taxis here are also very reasonably priced. However, you can check the price before getting in the car.

See More: Hue Car Rental With Driver


If you are staying at a hotel near the places you want to go, you can contact the cyclo service in Hue. When riding a cyclo, you will have a lot of new experiences. The rental price depends on the length of the road you move from 50k to 150k.

Please refer to Hue tour: Hue City Tour

Top 10 places to have fun at night in Hue

Trang Tien Bridge – Evening place in Hue

Trang Tien Hue Bridge is a bridge connecting the two banks of the Perfume River. When night falls, the bridge is like wearing a new shirt. The colorful lights bring a shimmering beauty to this bridge.

Trang Tien Bridge – a very romantic evening place in Hue

Pham Ngu Lao Pedestrian Street – The busiest place to have fun at night in Hue

A very bustling nightlife place in Hue, known as the Western Quarter, is Pham Ngu Lao Pedestrian Street. When night falls, the pedestrian street of Ngu Lao ship is brightly lit with lights, the atmosphere is busier and busier. Coming here, visitors will be immersed in the world of music and enjoy the extremely unique cuisine.

Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Street

One of the evening entertainment places in Hue that is very familiar to Hue students is Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street. At night, this neighborhood is very busy, stalls and restaurants with affordable prices are opened and sold a lot. Especially, the pedestrian street is located right on the banks of the Perfume River, so you can enjoy the food while watching the view of the Perfume River in Hue at night.

Hue Railway Station – The most interesting place to have fun at night in Hue

Many tourists will often visit Hue Railway Station every evening with the desire to look back at the old image of Hue. Sitting right on the platform, you can sip a cup of tea, a little candy and listen to the familiar sound of the train whistle at night.

Listen to Hue songs on the Perfume River

Listening to Hue songs on the Perfume River is one of the unique features of the ancient capital’s art. This is a combination of folk and royal music. Ca Hue is performed on a dragon boat floating on the Perfume River. This is probably one of the most interesting places to have fun in the evening in Hue.

Enjoying Hue songs on the Perfume River is a wonderful thing

Ironwood bridge

A bridge with a length of 400m, a width of 4m, but very attractive to tourists when it comes to an evening entertainment place in Hue, it is ironwood bridge. This is a new image of the ancient capital, every evening visitors can go for a walk by the river, check in, enjoy the scenery. Weekend nights you will see a lot of people coming here

Imperial Citadel of Hue

Hue Citadel is a very magical destination in the evening, because at night the shimmering lights are lit. Very different from the strong and dignified image of the day, the evening is nestled in a gentle and colorful way. Right from the gate of Ngo Mon Gate, the colorful artistic lighting system creates a beautiful scene that is hard to find elsewhere.

Check in coffee shop in Hue

In Hue, the cafes here are not bustling with music, here there is a very separate atmosphere. If you have the opportunity to come to Hue, choose for yourself a roadside cafe to enjoy and enjoy the difference.

Walking around Hue in the evening by cyclo

Many tourists when traveling to Hue like to ride a cyclo to experience. The feeling of sitting on cyclos to admire the scenery and talk with people is so exciting. The drivers will take you around the streets, both as an interpreter and as a guide to help you understand the places here.

The experience of riding a cyclo in the evening in Hue is very interesting

Ancient XQ Gallery

One of the most famous nightlife places in Hue is the Ancient Capital XQ gallery. This is an art embroidery gallery with many different colors that are very vibrant. If anyone has ever visited, they will surely be impressed by the creative performances of the artworks here.

Food street near nightlife venues in Hue

Hue city is very peaceful and rustic, but it has many exciting features and interesting things. When you have the opportunity to experience Hue tourist sites and want to stop to enjoy the food here, it will be great.

Here Hue specialties at night are visited by many people such as shops in front of Dong Ba market, Trang Tien bridge, cultural houses, etc. Here you can enjoy the famous Hue tea, bread, spring rolls, etc. pancakes, baked sweet potatoes, …

Hotels near nightlife venues in Hue

To be able to experience Hue in the evening to the fullest, you can refer to the hotels in the city center close to the destinations you need to refer to as follows:

Beaulieu Boutique Hotel:

  • Address: 15 Pham Ngu Lao – Phu Hoi – Hue City – Thua Thien Hue
  • Reservation hotline: 0961.1116.079

Eva Homestay Hue:

  • Address: 14/10 Ben Nghe – Hue City – Thua Thien Hue
  • Hotline: 0367.404.677

Charming Riverside Hotel:

  • Address: 5/27 Nguyen Sinh Cung – Vy Da – Hue City – Thua Thien Hue
  • Reservation hotline: 0961.384.979 VND

Referring to the nightlife places in Hue , it will not be comparable to Saigon, Da Nang, but the night activities in Hue are very attractive to many tourists, Above I share the fun places in Hue. at night hope to help in your discovery book. Please share more trips with us.


Originally a favorite drink of the Nguyen Dynasty kings, today Hue Royal Tea has become famous throughout the country. Tea is not only delicious but also a panacea that helps increase resistance and is very good for health. Below, we invite you to learn about this famous royal tea with Danang Private Car!

Introduction of Hue royal tea

Royal tea is another part of Hue cuisine related to the city’s royal history. Royal tea in Hue was the drink of the ancient Nguyen emperors. Tea is made from natural herbs, so the taste is very fragrant and good for health.

Royal tea is a quintessential feature of Hue’s culture

Today, royal tea has become a specialty of the ancient capital, a cultural feature of the Hue people. More than 80 years have passed, Hue has undergone a number of economic and political changes. Hue’s royal tea today is inevitably different from the original form.

However, these changes do not affect the interest of tea lovers who want to enjoy tea. Currently, royal tea in Hue is served at many different tea houses with different forms. It is a specialty that anyone traveling to Hue also buys as a gift.

What does Hue royal tea include?

Royal tea has a different composition from red or green tea. Royal tea is made from 16 different herbs. Each herb has its own flavor and medicinal properties and below is the function of each ingredient in Hue’s royal tea.

  •  Northern licorice: Northern licorice is an herb that has been used for many years in traditional medicine. And also a necessary ingredient of Hue royal tea . This herb helps to treat stomach ulcers and coughs, and can also be used for wound healing.
  • Hoai Son or grinding tubers: Grinding tubers is a nutrient-rich vegetable. This herb can boost brain function, reduce inflammation, and improve digestive health.
  • Goji berry: Goji berry is a super nutritious ingredient in Hue royal tea , providing antioxidants and preventing cancer growth.
  • Thao Quynh Minh: This is a popular herb in Vietnam. Used to treat constipation and hemorrhoids. Fenugreek can also help relieve insomnia.
  • Red jujube: Red jujube is the dried fruit of the jujube tree, red in color, sweet in taste and high in fiber. Red jujube offers a lot of health benefits such as treating insomnia, relieving constipation, reducing stress, anti-oxidant and preventing cancer.
  • Chamomile: Has the effect of treating high blood pressure, partially inhibiting ringworm and antibacterial ability. Besides, chrysanthemum flowers in Hue royal tea also have the effect of treating dizziness, headache, boils, red eyes, etc.
  • Bitter Gourd: Bitter gourd is also known as bitter gourd, mulberry chi, peach, melon, … Bitter gourd has the ability to enhance the body’s immunity, treat diabetes to improve vision. .
  • Artichoke: Artichoke can support weight loss, prevent obesity, strengthen the immune system, protect the liver, treat cough, sore throat, support digestion, prevent hemorrhoids.
  • Vetiver: The bud is also an important herb in Hue royal tea . Buds have the effect of treating gout, treating diabetes, reducing blood fat.
  • Sweet grass: Sweet grass is also known as honey grass, sugar grass, sweet chrysanthemum, … very good for people with diabetes.
  • Big apple: Dai apple is also known as jujube, black apple, is a familiar medicine in Eastern medicine, is an ingredient in Hue royal tea . Black apples are used to enhance the immune system, improve and improve health.
  • Lotus heart: This is the germ part located inside the lotus seed. Lotus heart has the ability to lower body temperature, cool, cure insomnia. Can treat fever, coma, nosebleeds or kidney failure, …
  • Anise flower: Anise flower, also known as Dai Anise, is one of the spices of the Vietnamese people. This is also a Southern medicine, can treat back pain, treat flatulence, bloating.
  • Dang ginseng: Dang ginseng is different from ginseng, but both have the ability to supplement gas. Using iso ginseng will help you eat better, your body will be cool, and your skin will become more rosy.
  • Hoa Hoa: Hoa Hoa is used to mix drinking water to cool, to dye yellow and is a medicine with many uses. Flowers have the effect of lowering blood pressure, stopping bleeding, preventing cerebrovascular diseases, anti-inflammatory, enhancing resistance, …
  • Jasmine: Jasmine has the ability to reduce stress, anxiety, headaches, muscle tension and reduce heart rate. Used to treat insomnia, prevent colds, flu and treat blood circulation.

Benefits of Hue royal tea

Hue’s royal tea is not only a refreshing drink but also has many other uses for health. Natural medicinal herbs are combined according to heirloom recipes to help users get:

Support good sleep

Royal tea has long been used for relaxation and sleep. There is also scientific evidence supporting herbal teas for reducing fatigue and improving sleep quality. Royal tea can be a great choice both day and night. Especially if you are trying to kick the habit of drinking coffee before bed.


High blood pressure is usually controlled by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Such as regular exercise and a low-sodium diet. Besides, royal tea can also play an important role in controlling and treating hypertension.

Helps lower cholesterol

Royal tea can strengthen the immune system, enhance resistance. Fights inflammation and may prevent cancer and heart disease. In Hue royal tea, there are high levels of antioxidants, which can help lower cholesterol.
You won’t see the effect of royal tea on your cholesterol right away. You have to drink the tea for weeks before there is any improvement in cholesterol levels.

Improves stomach and digestive problems

Due to poor eating habits and poor food quality, the stomach is often upset. However, Hue royal tea is known for its stomach-soothing properties. Helps relieve colic, flatulence, colic and constipation. It also promotes better food digestion and reduces stomach problems.

Effectively reduce acne and have more beautiful skin

Regular use of royal tea helps to detoxify the body and cleanse from the inside. Therefore, this cleansing property helps to give you perfect and soft skin.
The daily use of herbal tea clears acne skin, cures psoriasis, prevents eczema. As well as reducing pimples, redness, swelling and oxidative damage.

Reduce inflammation

Drinking Hue royal tea regularly can help people with arthritis. May help relieve pain, fatigue and swelling in the joints. Ground root in royal tea is one of the best herbs for reducing inflammation very well.

Against aging

Most people want to look and feel younger, but only a few work. All the antioxidants present in royal tea are known to aid in slowing down the aging process. Prevent the harmful effects of free radicals and reduce the aging of cells in your body.

Stay in shape

Royal tea has the effect of helping to regulate blood and reduce stress. It also stimulates blood circulation in the abdomen. That’s why this tea is so effective in keeping in shape.

In addition, the herbs in the tea can also purify the body and reduce the accumulation of excess fat. They contain vitamins such as A, B1, B2, C. Effective skin care, preventing excess fat accumulation in the body.

What types of Hue royal tea include?

As a famous specialty of Hue, royal tea now has many different types. Each type of royal tea has different flavors, attractive and suitable for many people’s preferences. Here are the royal teas that you should not miss when coming to Hue.

Royal tea bag filter

Tea bag filter tea is a popular royal tea species today, suitable for those who often travel or work. Or busy people, working all day at the office.

Royal tea bag filter is very convenient to make

Royal tea bags are usually packaged in boxes, each box can contain many small tea bags. Each small tea bag has a specific and appropriate amount, which is very convenient to brew.
When you need to drink tea, you just need to rinse the tea bag with boiling water and then add boiling water. Wait about 5 minutes to have a cup of tea or a royal tea pot to enjoy.

Hue Imperial Court Tea

Quy Phi Tea is a Hue royal tea that is loved by many people. In tea there are not only 16 common herbs of royal tea. But there can also be another herb that is celandine.

Hue Imperial Court Tea

Quy Phi tea is produced for women. Because tea has a great effect in detoxification, clearing heat, reducing acne, bringing smooth, shiny skin. In addition, tea is also very effective in keeping in shape.

Tea Minh Mang Hue royal court

If Quy Phi tea is used exclusively for women, Minh Mang tea is produced exclusively for men. Minh Mang Tea consists of 18 different herbs, selected for men.
Minh Mang tea has many different uses such as kidney tonic, yang, and vitality enhancement. Besides, tea also has the ability to effectively treat gout and become the choice of many men.

Mother Tea of ​​Hue Imperial Court

Unlike Quy Phi and Minh Mang tea, Hue Mau Hau royal tea is produced for the elderly, people with weak eyes and often insomnia. Tra Mother Queen is a very meaningful gift for you to give to your parents and grandparents when traveling in Hue.
Because Mau Hau tea has the effect of supporting the treatment of high blood pressure, insomnia, and headaches. In addition, tea also supports improving eyesight and improving the health of users. At the same time, it helps to reduce cholesterol, tonic blood, cool the liver.

Hue royal tea G8, G9, G10

Royal tea G8, G9, G10 are three types of royal tea that are different in terms of packaging and ingredients in each tea. These three teas are suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed every day in your family.
In particular, G8 royal tea includes 26 different herbs. The tea has a light and ethereal sweetness. Tea includes 2 different packing ways, 250g and 500g.
G9 royal tea also includes the same ingredients as G8 royal tea, but the percentage of precious herbs will be higher. For example, the percentage of ginseng, goji berries, etc. will be higher in G9 tea than in G8 tea. Therefore, G9 tea has a stronger sweetness and is often bought by many people as gifts.
G10 royal tea is also made up of 26 herbs but the volume of these herbs is more. In the G10 royal tea bag, it will be divided into many small bags to drink and be vacuumed. This is a high-class royal tea, so the taste is also more delicious.

>>> Suggestion: Hue royal cuisine – a unique feature of the ancient land

How to enjoy Hue royal tea

In order to have a cup of Hue royal tea, the tea maker must be meticulous in each stage. Here is the art of enjoying tea according to Hue standards:

  • Step 1: Rinse the teapot with plain water

This stage cleans the kettle and increases the teapot temperature to help wake up the tea in the best way

  • Step 2: Wake up the tea

Put about 30g of tea in the pot with 2 to 3 apples. Then pour a small amount of water (85-90 degrees Celsius) just to cover the tea, shake well and drain the water after 30 seconds to 1 minute. This also helps to remove impurities from the tea during the drying process.

  • Step 3: Make tea

Pour boiling water (85-90 degrees Celsius) into the tea, gently shake the teapot. This will help the tea stir in the pot, making the tea stronger. Wait about 5 minutes for the tea to infuse.

  • Step 4: Enjoy the tea

Use a spoon to stir the tea and enjoy.

In addition to hot royal tea, you can make cold royal tea to drink on summer days. After brewing the tea, you can let it cool, put it in a glass bottle and put it in the refrigerator and enjoy.

Tips for using Hue royal tea

In order for royal tea to have the best health benefits, you need to pay attention to a few issues after drinking tea:

  • In royal tea, there are many herbs that stimulate the uterus. May lead to miscarriage or uterine contractions. Therefore, pregnant women should not drink royal tea. Or if you need to use it, you should consult your doctor before drinking tea.

  • Each day should only use about 30g to 40g of royal tea to bring the best effect. If you use too much, it will cause many side effects.
  • Besides using royal tea to improve health. You should also practice healthy living habits to enhance the effects of royal tea.

Address to buy Hue royal tea

In the past, royal tea was only for kings or princes of the country. Now, royal tea has become familiar with people’s lives. Therefore, many tourists choose royal tea as a specialty of Hue to give as gifts to grandparents and parents. Here are some addresses to buy quality royal tea at reasonable prices in Hue.

Duc Phuong royal tea

As the name suggests, Duc Phuong specializes in providing Hue royal teas at reasonable prices. Royal tea here is extracted from 16 herbs derived from nature, good for health. Besides bringing solid health, royal tea also helps women find perfect beauty.
At Duc Phuong store, you have many choices: Cung Dinh tea, Quy Phi tea, Minh Mang tea, Peony tea. In addition, there are also Nhat Da Emperor wine, a wine-soaked ladder, etc.
Tea at Duc Phuong is packaged in two types, 500gr and 1000gr. Buying large tea bags will save money compared to 500g packs. The price of products at Duc Phuong ranges from 35,000 VND to 1,200,000 VND.

Tea Dinh Vu Di 

Tra Dinh Vu Di is located about seven kilometers west of Hue city center. The name of the shop attracts the attention of many customers, because in the Sino-Vietnamese sense it is “tea shop in the drizzle”.

Here, visitors can taste different types of tea, including some special teas that were previously only served to the royal court in Hue. In addition, this place also guides the assistants in the preparation of royal teas.
Depending on the mixture of traditional Chinese medicine, you can make Hue royal teas with different flavors. Packages of royal tea, each containing a variety of herbs. After enjoying the tea, you can choose for yourself the tasteful royal tea packages to buy.

First Name Tea

  • Address: No. 12 Nguyen Canh Chan Street, Hue, Vietnam

De Nhat Danh Tra is currently a royal tea brand loved by many Vietnamese people. The teas here always prioritize the health of users, so they are produced from high quality and natural ingredients. Bringing users abundant health, good sleep and no acne, beautiful skin.

Here, Hoang De tea is the most popular product. Emperor Tea is made from 26 royal herbs. Emperor Tea is packaged in a wide variety of sizes.

You can buy Hue royal tea with Hoang De brand to try it or use it for a long time like 250gr, 250gr red, 250gr green packages. Or tea box of 10 filter bags, 20 filter bags, 30 filter bags, 20 green bags, 12 packs,…


  • Address: No. 2/98 Nguyen Hue Street, Hue, Vietnam

Dr.Tea is a long-standing royal tea production company and has many agents and distribution stores. Dr.Tea’s teas are sold not only in Hue but also in the central, southern and northern provinces.

All types of royal tea at Dr.Tea are guaranteed of quality, safety and very clear origin. It is a reputable and safe place to buy royal tea at an affordable price.

Coming here, in addition to royal tea, queen tea, and imperial tea, you can also choose from many other unique products of Hue. For example, melaleuca oil, massage oil, Ganoderma lucidum, turmeric starch, turmeric ginger wine, etc.

Hue royal tea has become an indispensable drink of the ancient capital. Is a quintessence in the culinary art culture of Hue. Therefore, when coming to Hue, do not miss the unique specialty tea that Danang Private Car introduced above!

As the biggest and most famous traditional market in Hue, Dong Ba Hue market has everything you need. From food, crafts, gifts to fashion items, … This is also a famous tourist destination that almost every tourist visiting the ancient capital also stops by. Today, will reveal to you the experience of visiting, eating and shopping at Dong Ba market!

A brief introduction about Dong Ba market in Hue

History of Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market was built many years ago. Before 1899, it was located at Dong Ba Gate (East gate near Hue Citadel). In 1885, when the imperial city of Hue fell, the French colonialists destroyed the market.

In 1889, King Thanh Thai moved the market to the side of the Perfume River.

In 1887, King Dong Khanh ordered it to be rebuilt. In 1889, King Thanh Thai decided to move the market closer to the Perfume River, between Truong Tien Bridge and Gia Hoi Bridge.

The name of Dong Ba market in Hue

Dong Ba Market was originally named Quy Gia Thi – the name that marked the return of the Nguyen Dynasty after returning to Phu Xuan. The name Dong Ba market appeared in 1887 during the reign of King Dong Khanh, and is still called until now.

In fact, it originally had the real name of Dong Hoa market – Dong Ba gate. A name that mimics Chinese calling.

Where is Dong Ba Market in Hue and how to get there?

Location of Dong Ba market

The market is located at 2 Tran Hung Dao Street, Phu Hoa Ward, Hue City. Right on the edge of Truong Tien Bridge. It is about 1.3km from the city center, so finding the way and moving is relatively easy.

Move to Dong Ba market

Depending on how far or near your starting position is, choose the right vehicle to get to Tran Hung Dao Street, next to the Perfume River, you will see the market right away.

  • If you take a bus, the bus station stop is only about 200m from the market with about 3 minutes on foot.
  • If you have a car or motorbike, you can park your car at the market gate for 30,000 VND/car and 5,000 VND/motorcycle.
  • If you go with a lot of people, you can call a taxi, but the cost is much higher than the above means, about 200,000 VND / way, moreover, it is also quite passive.

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Hours of operation of Dong Ba market in Hue

Dong Ba Market starts to open from 5 am to 19 pm, it is closed, stopping all trading activities. Particularly for holidays, Tet may be adjusted to close a little later to serve everyone’s shopping needs.

The market is open all days.

  • Opening time: 5am – 7pm daily

According to’s experience, if there is no urgent business to visit the market, you should avoid “opening hours”. That is, when they first opened the shop, you should not come, if you see or bid but don’t buy, you will be blamed.

When to visit Dong Ba market in Hue?

Like all other traditional markets in Hue, Dong Ba market is open year-round throughout the month, regardless of rain or shine. Therefore, you can visit the market at any time you want.

However, if you go on a sunny day, it will be better. Because it’s dry, it’s convenient and clean to travel, also suitable for you to take pictures to check-in. From March to August is the dry season in Hue.

Visitors to Hue should go in the afternoon, around 3pm onwards. This is said to be the most ideal time to go to Dong Ba market . Because the afternoon is usually easier to bargain. Especially for those of you who like snacks, want to taste strange and delicious dishes, there are many new food stalls selling in the afternoon.

Structure of Dong Ba market in Hue?

Dong Ba Market has an area of ​​​​about 15,600m2, divided into 3 floors with hundreds of stalls selling all kinds of goods.

The 1st floor is the food area

This is considered the most attractive area of ​​the market. Here, all kinds of dried seafood of the Central region and Hue specialties such as shrimp paste, seasoning sauce, fish sauce, etc. can not be missed. In which, it is impossible not to mention the fish sauce – the condiment that makes the dishes. Hue adds more flavor.

The sellers here are very hospitable, friendly, thoughtful advice, so feel free to choose. But the dry specialties are quite strong, remember to pack them carefully!

2nd floor for craft stalls

The second floor of Dong Ba Hue market is dedicated to selling handicrafts. Here you will find poetic conical hats, accessories that go with the charming ao dai of Hue girls.

In addition, there are also typical handicraft products of traditional craft villages that are also sold here such as Phuoc Tich pottery, Da Le village bamboo, Ke Mon village’s jewelry, etc.

The 3rd floor is the area for clothes and fabrics

The highest area of ​​the market takes you lost in the world of fabric and clothing stalls along with bags, hats, wallets, etc. An ideal space for fashionistas who love to shop.

In addition to the three main stalls, the market also has an outdoor area, also known as a flea market. This space does not regulate certain items, a place to practice for free traders, selling all kinds of items from dining, food, clothes, shoes…

Tourists are in Da Nang but want to combine to explore more dreaming Hue ancient capital. You can book a Hue tour from Da Nang to return in the same day. Visit the highlights of Hue.

What to eat at Dong Ba market? Suggest delicious dishes to try

It is not natural that Dong Ba market is considered as such an attractive tourist destination for tourists. This place can be called a culinary paradise when converging almost all Hue specialties. Visiting the market, you will surely wonder what to eat because every dish looks attractive.

Hue beef noodle soup and other types of vermicelli

Bun bo is a dish that has made Hue culinary brand. This dish is sold everywhere, restaurants or eateries, street vendors all have it. And bun bo Dong Ba market will definitely make you feel overwhelmed when enjoying. Prices range from 20,000 to 25,000 VND/bowl.

Hue beef noodle soup and other types of vermicelli

In addition to beef vermicelli, there are also a variety of other Hue vermicelli dishes that are equally attractive such as turmeric vermicelli, mussel vermicelli, sour shrimp vermicelli, vermicelli, …

Spring rolls

Nem lui is a typical dish of the Central people. Hue spring rolls are made from meat and rolls, grilled with a very specific aroma, served with raw vegetables, cucumber, sliced ​​raw mango, dipped with sweet and sour dipping sauce. This dish in Dong Ba Hue market is sold opposite the roadside for 10,000 – 20,000 VND.

Types of cakes

Hue cuisine is also famous for its cakes. There can be flour cake, beo cake, little ram cake, banh chung, banh chung, wet cake, etc. And of course you can find all of these at the market.

At the beginning of the market you will see stalls selling delicious pate chaud with meat for only 5,000 VND / piece. A little further in, there are flour cakes filled with shrimp and meat, wet cakes with spring rolls and raw vegetables, or banh beo cups. Don’t forget to try the very attractive little ram cake with fish sauce!

Hue tea

Referring to Hue cuisine, it is impossible not to mention Hue tea. Hue tea has long been famous for its variety, sweet taste, and irresistible aroma.

There are dozens of different types of tea for you to choose from such as lotus seed tea, filtered powdered tea, green bean tea, mixed tea, fruit tea, banana tea, etc. Especially the unique and unique roasted pork wrap powdered tea. , very famous.

What does Dong Ba Hue market have to buy as a gift?

Not only a food paradise, this largest traditional market in Hue also sells a lot of suitable items for visitors to buy as gifts. suggests you a few dishes such as:

Sesame Hue

Sesame is probably the first suggestion that we want to mention. Because this is a delicious and easy gift that almost everyone likes. Hue sesame has 2 types: flexible sesame and crispy sesame. Made from sesame, malt, sugar, peanuts. Particularly for crispy sesame, there is another ingredient, which is rice paper.

Characteristic sweetness but not boring. When you eat, you will feel the sweet, pleasant, supple taste. With hot tea, there is nothing like it. Sesame seeds are packed in packages with many weights for your reference.

Nem Hue

Coming to Dong Ba market in Hue , you can buy bamboo or spring rolls as gifts. Tre Hue has its own characteristics with two types of beef and pork with aroma, sweet taste, mixed with a little bit of golden fried bacon with galangal, garlic, and hearing. The outside is wrapped in guava leaves and then wrapped in banana leaves.

Nem chua is also a delicious dish that is no different from Tre, but the smaller one, the scent is somewhat different. This duo is always chosen by tourists to enjoy and buy to take home.

Hue royal tea

Hue royal tea is very fragrant, it is not only a drink for normal refreshment but has many good uses for health. Royal tea has many types, sold for about 50,000 – 60,000 VND/bag. You can buy it as a gift for your grandparents or parents.

Types of fish sauce

Hue has long been famous for fish sauce. Different from the fish sauce in other places, the fish sauce here is made pure, rich but not too salty, especially with a very fragrant smell. You can buy sour shrimp paste, oyster sauce, shrimp paste, etc. to use in daily meals or as gifts.
Fish sauce is usually packed in a box, the outside is wrapped in a plastic bag for easy transportation and does not have a strong smell when carrying.

Which hotel should I stay in for exploring Dong Ba Hue market?

To facilitate exploring Dong Ba market and save time. You should look for hotels and homestays near the market or the surrounding area. The accommodation system in Hue is very diverse, spoiled for you to choose according to your needs. A few suggestions you can refer to:

  • Hue Four Seasons Hotel: No. 7 Nguyen Cong Tru, Group 13, Hue City (0.8km from the market)
  • Tran Ly Hotel: 78 Le Loi, Hue City (1.4km from Dong Ba market)
  • Melia Vinperl Hue: 50A Hung Vuong Street, Hue City (about 3km from the market)

Recommend places near Dong Ba market in Hue

From Dong Ba market, it is easy to move to visit nearby places.

Truong Tien Bridge

From market to Truong Tien bridge only 750m. This bridge across the Perfume River connecting the South – North banks is also considered a representative image of Hue, attracting many tourists. You can walk on the bridge and admire the romantic Perfume River or explore the pedestrian street at the foot of the bridge.

Hue Imperial Citadel

1.4km from Dong Ba Hue market is Hue Citadel, also known as Hue Citadel. This is the largest-scale construction in Hue with a construction process of more than 300 years. The Citadel is the living place of the king of the Nguyen Dynasty, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

Thien Mu Pagoda

Moving about 5km further to the North, you can visit the sacred and mysterious Thien Mu pagoda. The pagoda is located on Ha Khe hill, on the left bank of the Perfume River, famous for many mysterious legends along with many impressive architectural works that everyone wants to explore.

A few notes to know when going to Dong Ba market in Hue

  • If you intend to buy seafood at Dong Ba market, you should come early because at this time, the seafood has just been caught ashore and brought to the market to sell, so it is always fresh.
  • Experience going to the market on Tet holiday is often very crowded. Please pay attention to preserve luggage, wallet, phone, … to avoid pickpockets, theft.
  • When you intend to buy things at Dong Ba market, don’t be afraid to bargain. Many people who review this market “challenge” the price a lot. If you don’t haggle, it’s easy to be “spoiled”. If you are good at negotiating, you will likely get a cheap item.
  • For believers who like to live virtual, you can go to the main gate area of ​​the market with red letters of Dong Ba Market to take pictures. This is also the check-in coordinates that are popular with young people every time they come to Hue.

It is said that the easiest way to understand the local culture and pace of life is to visit the markets and come to Hue too. If you want to understand more about the people and culture here, visit Dong Ba Hue market . Not only can you visit and explore, but you can also enjoy a lot of delicious and attractive dishes at extremely cheap prices.

One of the ancient streets registered in the tourist destination of Hue that tourists should go there is Bao Vinh old town. This place has a calm, ancient and peaceful color. Below, let’s explore what’s attractive about Bao Vinh Hue ‘s old town.

Brief introduction about Bao Vinh ancient town in Hue

Bao Vinh Ancient Town is a tourist destination known by many people because of its unique architecture and bold historical culture. Recently, however, Bao Vinh Old Quarter is facing the risk of being wiped out because the conservation work is too slow.

Bao Vinh Ancient Town Hue - A destination imbued with ancient architecture
Bao Vinh Ancient Town Hue – A destination imbued with ancient architecture

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Where is Bao Vinh Hue Ancient Town located?

Bao Vinh Ancient Town is located in the north of the outskirts of the citadel in Huong Vinh commune – Huong Tra district – Thua Thien Hue . This is considered to be the largest trading port of Dang Trong, spanning the 17th and 19th centuries. Today, the old town is preserved very intact, only about 3km from the center. Therefore, it is easy for tourists to come to visit the ancient features of the neighborhood that is more than a few hundred years old.

The old town is located only 3km from the center, which is very attractive to tourists
The old town is located only 3km from the center, which is very attractive to tourists

How to get to Bao Vinh Ancient Town in Hue?

  • Traveling by road: You go from the city center through Trang Tien bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn right to Tran Hung Dao street. Next, you turn left to Huynh Thuc Khang Street and go along the Dong Ba River to the end of the road. When you meet Dao Duy Anh street, go all the way to Bao Vinh
  • Traveling by water: In addition, you can choose to take a boat along the banks of the Dong Ba River. When you reach the shore, you will walk up a short distance to Bao Vinh old town.

Map Bao Vinh Ancient Town:

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What is special about the history of Bao Vinh Hue ancient town?

Pho Co Bao Vinh Hue was once a neighborhood in the port town of Thanh Ha – Bao Vinh, it was formed in the early 17th century. This can be said to be the busiest place for trading and exchanging goods of Cochinchina. There are many traders from countries like China, Japan, Macau, India. There are even European countries coming here to exchange and trade goods.

What is special about the history of Bao Vinh Hue ancient town?
What is special about the history of Bao Vinh Hue ancient town?

Previously, Bao Vinh old town was very famous for professions such as making coffins, making mother of pearl, mosaic, making bricks, etc. However, since the French colonialists invaded our country at that time, the Hue citadel fell and the city was destroyed. Bao Vinh was devastated. It is also from that that the professions in this street are less and less. Despite many difficulties, the people here are trying very hard to retain the golden beauty of Bao Vinh. They have kept each roof, door step, and scenery intact

Admire Bao Vinh Hue’s old town dyed with time

Today, although it has been faded over time, the shape is still preserved by the ancient lines. How much nostalgia always makes visitors come here nostalgic. The passage of time has also made many old houses quite degraded. Small houses are nestled next to high-rise buildings.

Following the oars of the Perfume River, looking to Bao Vinh old town, we can still admire the ancient features, the houses tinged with ancient moss. Especially at sunset, the afternoon sunlight gently embraces the peaceful neighborhood next to us. The picture is suddenly dyed sad, making visitors feel entangled and charming every time they visit

Experiencing many storms, this place still retains its old town character
Experiencing many storms, this place still retains its old town character

Although it has been hundreds of years, Bao Vinh always brings its own beauty that makes visitors ecstatic. Because in every street corner and space in Bao Vinh old town, visitors will have a peaceful, romantic and enchanting breath.

Check-in points not to be missed in Bao Vinh ancient town in Hue

Bao Vinh village communal house

If you come to Bao Vinh ancient town in Hue, you should not miss the ancient village of Bao Vinh. No one remembers clearly what year this communal house was built, only knowing that it was built to worship the founder of the Pham family.

Bao Vinh village communal house - the common living place of the people here
Bao Vinh village communal house – the common living place of the people here

This is the place where the villagers live, on the occasion of December 7 is the anniversary of his death. People often come here a lot to offer offerings. The village communal house also brings with it the old feudal architecture, the screens have been dyed with moss. All have brought visitors nostalgia of the past.

Bao Vinh Crossing Pier

The horizontal wharf is a dear image associated with Bao Vinh Hue’s old town with many memories. People put this as a horizontal wharf because passengers on the boat only go back and forth between BAo Vinh and Tien Non village, Sinh village or Than Tien village on the other side of the river.

If anyone has ever been on a boat trip, they must be very interested in the water but do not want to go ashore. When sitting on this boat, you will be able to see Bao Vinh old town fully. Pictures of houses close to each other, embankments built from the French period stretch across this stretch of road

Bao Vinh Hue Market

A market that brings me a peaceful, simple and dear character is Bao Vinh market. This market is not like other big markets because very few customers come to buy, so the items here are very few. Especially if you visit Bao Vinh market on Tet holiday, you will admire the outstanding traditional stalls in Hue.

Thien Giang Tu Temple

A temple that is more than 200 years old is Thien Giang Tu Pagoda. Although the area of ​​this temple is small, it is cleaned very cleanly for visitors to visit. This temple is looked after by the elders who often come here to chant and recite Buddhist scriptures

Thien Giang Tu is said to have lived in the time of Bao Vinh’s formation, the pagoda’s architecture is bold in the design of the temple under the Ly Tran dynasty. Legend has it that in the temple there is still a terracotta Buddha statue with a very pure Vietnamese face.

According to a historical story, in the reign of King Tu Duc, when the king was sailing around, it rained, so he stopped at the temple to stay, then named the pagoda Thien Giang . This is quite reasonable because at the time of feudalism, only the King dared to put the word “Thien”.

Mat Biec Coffee Shop

  • Address: 66 old town Bao Vinh – Huong Vang – Huong Tra – Thua Thien Hue

The Eye of the Eye Café is an inspiration from the film Mat Biec directed by Victor Vu. This is a Hue tourist destination that many tourists check in because of its ancient features. The architectures here are all built in the ancient style, bringing dear feelings to visitors.

Bao Vinh ancient town in Hue is a destination that many people cannot help but be surprised when visiting. A small street corner under a dreamy sunshine brings nostalgic images. Bao Vinh is still lying there and waiting for the guests to come to comfort and admire

Hue – a poetic, romantic and sweet destination, a unique heritage region with its very own beauty, hard to mistake. If you have never set foot in Hue, it may be difficult to imagine how gentle and dear Hue is. Those who love Hue will surely have feelings, respect and nostalgia for this place. And for those who have never been to the ancient capital, they will definitely need more self-sufficient Hue travel experiences to refer to in the upcoming trip.


Dubbed “the land of poetry” or “the land of the gods”, Hue tourism always knows how to seduce visitors with its quietness, slow pace of life and old architectural works. Once the political, cultural and religious center of the Nguyen Dynasty, Hue now retains almost intact palaces, mausoleums, pagodas and many ancient works.

Coming to Hue, visitors automatically immerse themselves in the old space, walk on the banks of the Perfume River and enjoy the special Royal style dishes. By 1993, Hue, along with the ancient spectrum of Hoi An, was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage, attracting millions of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. If you love nature, like beauty, tenderness and delicious food, Hue is the first name that comes to mind.

Although Hue tourism is not invested as strongly as Da Nang, this place is very suitable for a 2-3 day trip. In addition to the old buildings, Hue travel experience also suggests you the beaches, check-in points, very poetic virtual living and ravishing eco-tourism areas. So what are you waiting for without taking a moment to learn more interesting things about this ancient capital right now.


Something about the climate in Hue should be known in advance

Hue is located in the middle of the S-shaped country, so the climate has interference between the North and the South. Specifically, the climate here belongs to the tropical monsoon area. Each year will be divided into 2 hot dry seasons and cold wet rainy seasons. The hot season lasts from May to September, with high temperatures. The cold season lasts from October to March next year, there is a lot of rain, it is cold. In some months, there will be extremely heavy rain, easy to cause floods and landslides. Therefore, there will be unfavorable months to travel to Hue .

What is the best time to travel to Hue?

If Danang’s tourism demand sees the largest number of visitors in the summer months, from May to July, Hue is a little different. Because simply, Da Nang mainly develops the type of sea tourism, water park. Meanwhile, Hue is more about the main attractions. According to Hue travel experience, the best time to come here is:

April and May: This is the time when Hue has not entered the hot season. The weather is extremely mild and pleasant, suitable for all fun activities. Especially, once every 2 years, Hue organizes a very large and unique Festival festival at the end of April. This is a festival honoring traditional cultural values, if going on this occasion, it will be very interesting. taste.

Traveling to Hue in the rainy season is also an interesting experience.

Tourism in Hue in the rainy season: Although not very convenient for sightseeing, the rainy season in Hue has an irresistible attraction. This city has been very skillful when it comes to making rain a specialty. In the rain, old buildings and garden houses suddenly become poetic and romantic. Especially, if you go in this season, the number of visitors is very small, you do not have to crowded or wait.

Flower season in Hue: For those who love flowers, they can go in very beautiful flower seasons. Although not as good as in Moc Chau or Hanoi, Hue still owns some typical flowers. The cornflower season in March and April, the red phoenix flower season in April-May-June, from May to August is the time when lotus flowers are in full bloom. Each flower season brings Hue a unique beauty that is difficult to confuse.


– About necessary costumes and accessories for Hue trip

Although you are very eager for a visit to Hue, do not miss investing in costumes. Going to Hue without taking pictures, living virtual is considered a waste of half the trip. If you want to have beautiful photos with Hue, it’s best to buy about a week in advance to catch up.

The mausoleum and the Citadel are very suitable for wearing these ancient costumes.
The mausoleum and the Citadel are very suitable for wearing these ancient costumes.

Depending on the time of travel, choose appropriate clothes. If it is the dry season, priority should be given to neat, light, and sweat-absorbing outfits. If it is to buy rain, there will be no shortage of coats, scarves and socks. You should also buy several sets separately to suit the shooting context. If going to the beach, definitely bikini, sunglasses, hat. If it is the Citadel or mausoleum, you should choose ao dai, which can be traditional or innovative.

Book Hue City tour From Danang now to fully experience beautiful tourist attractions in Hue you will have:

Shuttle bus to your place

Visiting places such as: Lang Co Bay, Pearl Village, Imperial Citadel, Khai Dinh Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda, Perfume River – Trang Tien Bridge, Hue City…

Types of identification documents

Whether it’s a 1-day or long-term trip to Hue , documents are still something you can’t forget. Namely, ID card, car card, student card, etc. It will be necessary for you to rent a hotel, rent a motorbike, buy a discount ticket. Tell them, if you see any important documents, carry them, of course, keep them in your wallet carefully, don’t leave each place in a place that is easy to get lost.

Electronics and personal belongings

For a self-sufficient Hue tour to be complete, of course, a smartphone is indispensable, both for communication and for taking pictures. In addition, you can bring a camera, along with a battery charger, power bank, selfie stick. Regarding personal items, please prepare sunscreen, brush, face towel. Accompanied by drugs such as headache medicine, stomach pain medicine, bandages, etc.


Going to Hue by plane – a quick solution

For those of you who are far from Hue like Saigon or Hanoi, this is the most appropriate option. The advantage of this vehicle is that it is extremely fast, only about 1-2 hours to arrive. Moreover, currently, the route Ho Chi Minh – Hue or Hanoi – Hue is exploited quite a lot by 3 airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet and Bamboo. From Hue airport to the center, it only takes 25 minutes to travel by taxi. More convenient, you can fly to Da Nang first. Then spend 1-2 days to explore Hue.

  • Flight tickets Saigon – Hue: 900k-1,300k/way.
  • Air ticket from Hanoi to Hue: 750k-1,600k/way.
  • Taxi price from Phu Bai airport – Hue center: 250k-300k / depending on the car 4-7 seats.

Coming to Hue by bus – cheap option

If you want to save a little money, you can switch to taking a bus. However, it takes quite a while. Specifically, from Saigon and Hanoi, it takes about 18-20 hours to Hue. That takes a lot of time, but most people only have about 3-4 days of free time to return, traveling long distances is tiring. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in flying, and taking a bus is only suitable for those who are not too far from Hue, or have a lot of time.

You can directly book tickets online via Hotline or website of the bus operator. And if you want to be more sure, just go to the bus station or the office to buy tickets easily. Here are some suggestions for car companies in 2 big cities, Saigon and Hanoi.

Bus companies in Hanoi to Hue

  • Camel Travel: Bus time runs at 17:00, 18:00, 18:45, ticket price is 250k / way. Hotline for booking: 024 8585 0555 / 090 222 7070.
  • Queen Cafe Open Bus: Bus runs at 18:00; 18:30, ticket price 280k / way. Hotline for booking tickets: 0243 9036 036.
  • Thanh Hung garage: Hours of operation are 18:00, 19:00, 19:30, ticket price is 250k-300k/way. Hotline for booking: 0243 9900 333 / 090 225 22 00..
  • Nhat Tuan garage: The car runs at 16:00, 17:00, the ticket price is 280k / way. Ticket booking hotline: 024 8589 8333 / 0899 233 28.

Bus companies in Saigon to Hue:

  • Anh Tan bus: Hours of operation are 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, ticket price is 500k/way. Hotline for booking tickets: 094.331.4668.
  • Hoang Long garage: The car runs at 7am, 8am, 14h30, 17h30, 18h30 and 21h, fare 550k / way. Hotline: 0234.385.4854.
  • Minh Phuong garage: The car runs at 7am, the ticket price is 430k / way. Hotline: 093.583.3393.
  • Minh Duc garage: The bus runs at 8:00 am, the ticket price is 430k / way. Hotline: 093.583.3393 – 094.574.3232.

NOTE: Because the schedule of the garage is subject to change. So according to self-sufficient travel experience in Hue, before you leave, you should ask clearly about the starting point, price as well as advance booking procedures. Because sometimes on peak days, tickets will sell out quickly. Most of the above bus companies pick up passengers at the central bus station, in Saigon it is Mien Dong bus station and in Ha Hoi it is Nuoc Ngam, My Dinh or Giap Bat bus stations.

Traveling to Hue by motorbike – an experience plan

Traveling in Hue by motorbike is the choice of many young people, but the starting point is usually Da Nang, Quang Tri, Quang Binh, and neighboring provinces. If you come from Da Nang, you can combine conquering Hai Van pass, check in the famous Hai Van Quan. Moreover, this option will help you save a lot of money, you don’t have to go to Hue to rent a car.

Going to Hue by train – interesting option

If you have a lot of time, want to have a true experience trip, the train is also very interesting. On the car, you can find a lot of fun, enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road, and the cost of the train ride is also very cheap. To save time and limit train stops, you should choose to take the SE trains. About the schedule and ticket price, you can look up on the Vietnam Railways system at Ticket price from 400k-500k/way.

Book Exploring Hue City by motorbike now at Danang Motorbike Adventure.


Private Car Rental With Driver

Selecting Hue Car Rental chaufeur service, you will be provided with reasonable price, professional drivers and quality vehicles. Depending on your budget, the number of group members and the number of luggage, there are different offers from economy to executive class cars. According to our thoughts, driving along Hue Ancient City roads will be pleasant and memorable with rows of trees, ancient architecture, … 

Rent a motorbike in Hue

No matter how you come to Hue, by plane or sleeper bus, it is still advisable to rent a motorbike to move around. The places to visit and play in Hue are not concentrated in the center but scattered in the surrounding areas. If you are determined to visit as many places as possible, riding a motorbike is still the most economical and convenient way. Motorbike rental in Hue ranges from 120k-150k/day.

If you are confused and don’t know where to rent a motorbike, you can call Sister Chi motorbike rental shop , phone number 0389.441.733 will have a new car delivered within 30 minutes. Chi is one of the largest motorbike manufacturers in Hue, providing a large number of vehicles for regular maintenance, so you can rest assured to rent here.

Catch a taxi in Hue

If you want a simple and light trip, taxi is still the most suitable choice. This option is suitable for travelers with abundant resources, traveling in groups or having a specific destination. Taxi prices in Hue are also quite cheap, but you should be clear about the fare as well as the route you take to avoid being hacked. Some taxi companies for your reference:

  • Mai Linh Taxi: 0234. – 0234.
  • Thanh Cong Taxi: 0234. 0234.
  • Yellow Taxi: 0234.
  • Hoang Sa Taxi: 0234.

Ride a cyclo in Hue

As a means of transport and also a super interesting experience in Hue, it is traveling by cyclo. You will see a lot of cyclos parked at the attractions as well as in the center. To feel Hue with a gentle, deep look, everyone should spend a little time roaming around by cyclo to try once. About the price, you can negotiate with the driver, if it’s crowded, will it be reduced.

In addition to the above options, there are many other options such as renting a tourist car (with driver), booking a tour to visit, very suitable for guests traveling in groups. In general, you can be flexible about transportation, so that it is most convenient for everyone.


Hue is a rising tourist destination of the Central region, so it is not difficult for you to have a place to stay in the center. Regarding the accommodation system, Hue, in addition to resorts and hotels, also has homestays and motels with all rental rates from low to high. Depending on the budget, the needs of each person should choose where to be reasonable.

Resorts in Hue

Although not inclined to resort tourism like Da Nang, there is no shortage of luxury resorts in Hue. Here, visitors will have moments of relaxation in the heart of the dream city, where there are ancient and contemplative buildings. Lang Co Beach Resort, Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa, Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort or Lapochine Beach Resort.

Hue Hotels

Compared to homestays and resorts, hotels in Hue are very diverse and rich, so there will be less room fire. According to the assessment, most hotels and motels are concentrated mainly on Le Loi street, near Truong Tien bridge. The rental price ranges from 200-400k/night. Suggest some beautiful, spacious hotels with affordable rents such as Beaulieu Boutique, The Scarlett Boutique or Hotel La Perle.

Homestays in Hue

For young people who like something special, they can stay at homestays. According to Hue travel experience, the rental price will usually be cheaper than the hotel, only from 100k / dorm room. In addition, most homestays are now full of services such as motorbike rental, laundry, tour booking, etc. Some suggestions for you are Sala homestay, Hue Sweethouse Homestay, Lucky Homestay.


Hue tourist attractions in the inner city

Imperial Citadel

The Citadel, also known as the Imperial Citadel of Hue, is the most typical and beautiful work of the Military Complex of Hue Monuments. This used to be the working and living place of the Nguyen Dynasty kings for 143 years, known as the last feudal dynasty of Vietnam. As a royal palace, this place possesses a very large and impressive architecture, bringing many historical, cultural and political values.

A panoramic view of Ngo Mon – Citadel.

Here, visitors will buy tickets to visit the Citadel for 200k/pax . Inside the Citadel are famous works such as Ngo Mon Gate, Ky Dai Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, Quoc Tu Giam. If you don’t like going inside, you don’t need to buy a ticket but just have fun and take pictures outside. However, if it takes a long time to come to Hue, you should still go inside to visit.

Thien Mu Pagoda

As an ancient temple in Hue, built in 1601, Thien Mu Pagoda is also a famous spiritual site in the ancient capital. Located on the beautiful Ha Khe hill, facing the gentle Perfume River, the temple appears with a peaceful and impressive look. Tourists come here very interested in sightseeing, walking as well as curious about the mysterious stories behind it.

Have you checked in this angle at Thien Mu Pagoda yet?

Truong Tien Bridge – Perfume River

Hue travel experience cannot ignore Truong Tien Bridge. This is the first bridge across the Perfume River, located right next to the Hue citadel. The bridge was inherently associated with many names such as Thanh Thai, Clémenceau, Nguyen Hoang before being called Truong Tien, or Trang Tien as it is today. The bridge has not only economic significance but also the pride of Hue people. Standing on the bridge, visitors can see the whole dream city.

Just like a soft silk sheet, the appearance of the Perfume River seems to add more and more dreamy look to Hue city. Tourists love to go for a walk, admire the scenery of the Perfume River from both sides, and in the distance, Truong Tien Bridge has remained so solid over the years. To be able to record memories with this legendary river, you can choose to take a cruise and enjoy Hue songs on the very poetic and unique Perfume River.

Dong Ba Market

With a history of up to 120 years, Dong Ba market is not only a place to focus on trade, but it is also a very important historical witness. It can be said that if traveling to Hue without visiting Dong Ba market, it is considered as if you have not set foot in Hue. Whether it is a self-sufficient Hue tour or a tour, you should still visit the market to visit and shop.

Dong Ba Market – a long-standing market in Hue.
In addition to the stalls selling common items such as shoes, clothes, and hats, the market also sells a lot of souvenirs that are very delicate handcrafted items. But the most noticeable is still the variety of fish sauce and Hue delicacies, which are the easiest to attract tourists here.

Hue tourist attractions in the suburbs

The system of tombs of Minh Mang – Khai Dinh – Tu Duc

Currently, in Hue, there are still 7 tombs of the Nguyen kings, but only 3 are the most beautiful, invested for tourists to visit. Each mausoleum has its own architecture, showing the personality, virtue and aesthetics of each king. If Minh Mang Tomb has a solemn look, Tu Duc Tomb is somewhat poetic, Khai Dinh Tomb is more majestic and superficial.

Thuy Tien Lake – Abandoned Park

Thuy Tien Lake Park is known as an abandoned park in Hue. Although it has been closed for a long time, this place is still in the top of the most attractive Hue tourist attractions, because of its desolate, creepy look. In particular, since appearing on a foreign newspaper site, many curious young people have flocked here to discover the mysterious and mysterious features of this place.

Thien An Hill in Mac Biec

Few people know that, right in Hue, there is a very poetic place, likened to Da Lat, which is the hill named Thien An. Many young people have chosen this peaceful, tree-covered space to roam, admire the scenery and take beautiful photos. The path leading to the deep forest, with green pine trees on both sides, suddenly became a favorite background for young people to check in and live virtual. A useful Hue travel experience for you is that going on a sunny day the picture will be much more beautiful.

Vong Canh Hill

The reason it is called Vong Canh hill is because from here you can see the whole city. In the past, this place was chosen by the Nguyen kings as a place to stop and admire the scenery. From the top of the hill, looking out into the distance, you can see the whole Huong Giang stream winding through the mountains and forests, in the middle of the stream are canoes that add to the poetic and gentle beauty of this place.

Lap An lagoon

Compared to the great love cup of Hue, Lap An lagoon appears with wild, quiet features and a bit of swordplay. Nature has favored this place with an enchanting beauty, with the charming Lang Co bay on one side and the majestic Bach Ma mountain range on the other. From here, young people can drop their souls on the path leading to the exit in the middle of the lagoon, take virtual photos or simply watch the sunset.

Tam Giang Lagoon

Known as the largest lagoon system in Southeast Asia, Tam Giang Lagoon is not only famous for fishing but also impresses with its unspoiled and quiet beauty. Coming here, visitors definitely cannot ignore two Hue tourist attractions that are Thai Duong Ha fishing village and Ru Cha mangrove forest. Join the floating market of Tam Giang lagoon to learn about the life of the people of the fishing village.

Ecotourism sites in Hue

Suoi Voi tourist area

The reason why this place is called Elephant Spring is because there are rocks in the shape of very vivid elephants. This is an interesting destination for weekends with cool water along with fresh air, beautiful mountain scenery. Coming to play at Suoi Voi, visitors can enjoy bathing in streams, eating local dishes or resting in leaf huts. The ideal time to go to Suoi Voi is in the summer, this is a useful Hue travel experience to have a fun and less troublesome trip.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

As an ideal family vacation destination, Alba Thanh Tan has a full range of services such as accommodation, restaurants, massage & spa, adventure games and especially hot mineral springs. good for health. There will be combo packages for adults and children, ranging from 160k-760k, including services such as entrance ticket, mineral bath, buffet, zipline, etc.

A Nor – A Luoi waterfall tourist area

Located in A Luoi town, A Luoi waterfall has a unique 3-tier cascade system. With the shortest waterfall at the top, the highest waterfall at the end, forming a beautiful waterfall over 100m high. Away from the noisy city, coming to Anor waterfall, visitors will be immersed in the clear stream at the foot of the waterfall, organize a barbecue among the mountains or learn about the traditional culture of ethnic minorities. in A Luoi.

Other Hue tourist attractions

Although Hue does not have many entertainment and entertainment resorts, it converges many beautiful attractions that are worth visiting once. In addition to the names mentioned above, Hue is also famous for many destinations such as Bach Ma mountain, Thuan An beach, Canh Duong beach, Hai Van Quan relic, Xuan Thuy incense village, An Dinh palace, Nam Giao music house, etc. Phu Cam worship,


Bun Bo Hue

Anyone who has come to Hue without eating Hue beef noodle soup is meaningless. Hue beef noodle brand is no longer a specialty of the ancient capital but also very famous and popular from the North to the South. Although now, beef noodle soup has been presented to each region’s taste, but the taste of bun bo in Hue is still the best. A bowl of beef noodle soup with a characteristic red color, pungent flavor, and bold lemongrass flavor in the broth. In particular, when you try the broth, you can see that the fish sauce flavor is very noticeable, creating a very unique taste of Hue beef noodle soup.

Hue beef noodle soup – the quintessence of Hue cuisine.

Banh beo – Nam – filter

Traveling to Hue, visitors will be attracted by the small, beautiful cakes, in which it is impossible to ignore the trio of beo – nam – filter, which is a specialty of this region. Filter cake is made from filter flour, wrapped in banana leaves or dong leaves. Banh nam is soft and fragrant because of the cake flour and the red taste of ground shrimp, while banh beo is poured in tiny cups, and the filling is very attractive. . In particular, the price of these Hue cakes is very cheap, just holding a few dozen can be full. Self-sufficient travel experience in Hue, if you want to eat well, visit the very famous Ba Do restaurant.

Mussel rice, mussel vermicelli

If we say the most rustic dish in Hue, it must be mentioned mussel rice, mussel vermicelli and mussel noodles. Mussels are caught directly from the mussels, although small, but very fresh and sweet, they are lightly fried and then mixed with vegetables, fat, peanuts and vermicelli to create a very strange taste. In particular, this dish is more delicious when served with a cup of hot mussel juice. Most of the streets, big and small, sell this dish, from big shops to street vendors. But the best is still eating at Con Hen, p. Vy Da.

Mussel dishes are a folk dish of Hue people.

Hue tea

When it comes to Hue specialties, we have to mention tea dishes, in Co Do there are a total of 36 different types of tea, all of which are delicious. Typically, it is very famous pork filter powder tea. In Hue, it is difficult to find anywhere selling less than 10 types, and when enjoying, visitors can order by the glass or a combo of 10-20 cups of each type depending on their consciousness. Compared to tea in other places, Hue tea is less sweet, has an ethereal sweet taste, so it is not boring.

In addition to the famous specialties mentioned above, Hue is also known for many delicious dishes such as fruit green bean cake, Nam Pho soup cake, grilled meat vermicelli, banh Khoai, etc. If you have a long Hue tour, You should schedule to sweep all the delicious dishes here. It is important to know which restaurant is the best, to schedule a detailed and complete schedule.


Hue specialties make ideal gifts


For a long time, sesame has become a cake associated with the land and people of Hue. Those who have the opportunity to travel to Hue, at least buy a few bags of sesame seeds to return as gifts for their family. Thanks to the delicate sweetness of malt sugar, combined with the fatty taste of peanuts and sesame, the cake is extremely loved by both adults and children. It is very suitable for use for receptions, treats or dinners.

The packets of sesame seeds are a meaningful gift during the trip to Hue.

Tre Hue

Tre, is a dish that has a similar recipe to spring rolls and rolls but has a very unique flavor. To prepare this dish, people bring together many different ingredients, including beef or pork, braised fish sauce, chili powder, fresh chili, galangal, roasted sesame and especially rice ear. All are mixed with a certain ratio, wrapped in banana leaves, similar to spring rolls. It has a pink spicy taste, the crispy taste of meat, not too sour like spring rolls or sweet like spring rolls.

Hue royal tea

Originally a drink enjoyed by kings and mandarins of the Nguyen Dynasty, royal tea has now become famous throughout the country. Tea is not only delicious, nutritious but also a panacea to help increase resistance, reduce stress and is very good for health. Tea is synthesized from many rare herbs such as artichokes, stevia, ginseng, anise, licorice, flowers, herbs, etc. Travelers from far away who want to buy tea can go to special shops. products or shops specializing in Hue royal tea in the center of Hue.

Hue sauce

Hue specialties cannot help but name different types of fish sauce, which are ruoc sauce, seasoning sauce, sour shrimp paste, oyster sauce, etc. Each type of fish sauce has its own unique flavor, processed according to traditional recipes, so it is very difficult. mistake. If you pass by the rows of fish sauce, it will definitely be difficult to resist the fish sauce with eye-catching colors, lined up in a straight line with the fragrance flying everywhere. You can buy fish sauce at Dong Ba market or specialty stores.

Hue tourism – meaningful souvenirs

In addition to the specialties introduced in the self-sufficient Hue travel experience above, Hue is also famous for unique souvenirs. Walking at Dong Ba market or attractions, you will easily see the image of a very pretty Bai Tho conical hat. In particular, on the rims of the conical hats are embroidered or printed with typical images of Hue such as the ancient capital girl, Truong Tien bridge.

Besides, for those who love the arts, it will be difficult to resist the embroidery and lacquer paintings. Each work is created by the skillful and skillful hands of famous artists who have breathed their soul into it. Each picture shows the author’s thoughts and feelings for the homeland, the country and the people of Hue.


Hue has a strong attraction, so that everyone has to tell their hearts to come to Hue even once. However, in Hue, the attractions and tourist areas are not as many as in Da Nang. Thus, just a trip to Hue 2 days 1 night is enough to feel about Hue. If you have more time, you should choose to fly to Da Nang, then spend 1-2 days to have fun in Hue. The rest of the days should be spent playing in Da Nang, here there are many attractive destinations.

Da Nang – Hue tour on the first day

Because there are friends in Saigon, there are friends in Hue, and there are friends in Da Nang, so it will be difficult to give the most general suggestion about means and travel time. Therefore, in this 2 days 1 night Hue travel itinerary, you should choose the most suitable means by yourself. Note, should watch the time to Hue in the evening. Leaving the next day is always convenient.

About accommodation: It is recommended to rent a homestay or hotel in the Western Quarter area because the price is quite cheap and it is also more convenient to move.

Morning: You find a nearby restaurant to have breakfast then start your sightseeing journey. On the first day, because there is still strength, take advantage of going to distant places first. For example, Hai Van Quan, Lang Co bay, Lap An lagoon, Thuan An beach, Ru Cha forest, etc. If you come to Hue by plane or bus, you must rent a motorbike to move around for your convenience.

Evening: After becoming a city, you find a place to have dinner and then go to West Street. Note, Hue closes quite early, so take advantage of going a little early. Moreover, the evening in Hue is quite quiet, so there are not many places to play.

Da Nang – Hue tour on the second day

If the first day took time to go to the suburbs, then the second day you should schedule the points in the center. Suggest some spots like Quoc Hoc Hue, Thuy Tien lake because these places are very beautiful on the picture. Then, buy tickets to visit the Citadel, Khai Dinh Tomb, Nam Giao Forum. These are all remnants of the Nguyen Dynasty, so there are many interesting things.

After that, if you still have time, you should stop by Thien Mu pagoda, watch the Perfume River and in the afternoon go to Dong Ba market, go sightseeing, eat ready to buy things as gifts. After that, return to the hotel to check out and leave Hue.

Link Book: Danang To Hue 1 Day


Currently, Hue is becoming a tourist highlight of the Central region, not inferior to Da Nang. Hue tour or self-sufficient, this depends on each visitor. For example, young people like to go on their own, adults like to go on tour for leisure. In terms of funding, going on a tour will help you balance the cost, because usually the tour package includes nothing more.

If you are in Da Nang, want to go to Hue but have little time, it is very convenient to choose Hue 1 day tour . Going on a tour with shuttle bus, food, sightseeing tickets, etc., so you don’t have to rent a car, find a place to eat or wait to buy tickets. Saying them, it is easy to understand that if you go on a tour, if you have booked a tour, you will get on the car every day. Usually tours departing from Da Nang will go and return in the same day, not staying.


Hue is very famous for places such as royal palaces, mausoleums, temples, etc. Therefore, when visiting these monuments, pay attention to comply with the regulations. Specifically, do not dress revealingly or pose offensively when visiting the Citadel or the king’s mausoleum. In particular, do not film, take pictures or arbitrarily touch the artifacts inside the mausoleums and temples if there is a ban board.

  • If departing from Da Nang by motorbike, pay attention to issues such as checking the vehicle, filling up the tank with gas and being careful when driving. Because the Hai Van pass is quite winding, the bends are narrow, if the car is old or the driver is weak, it is easy to have an accident. In addition, should bring all documents, wear a quality helmet when participating in driving.
  • Regarding shopping experience in Hue, you should go to Dong Ba market because there are a variety of specialty items sold here. Note, it is recommended to pay first ½ of the initial offer price, then gradually raise it. To make it easier to bargain, you should go in the afternoon because morning bargaining is something no one likes. If you go on a crowded holiday or New Year, you should pay attention to your bags and luggage.
  • Although it is summer, the weather in Hue at night often turns cold. So you need to bring a light jacket to avoid catching a cold when going out. It is best to monitor the weather situation to be prepared to be sure.
  • Plan ahead for the places you plan to go. Ideally, if you are short on time, just select a few places. To feel Hue clearly, you have to stay for a long time, don’t try to run the show because it’s easy to get exhausted and you can’t explore everything.
  • Although the system of rooms in Hue is very diverse, in the high season, it is still easy to catch fire as usual. Ideally, you should take the initiative to book a room in advance to be sure, and rent a satisfactory room. In addition to booking directly via Hotline or the hotel’s website, you can book on Agoda, Booking or Travaloka booking applications.

Above are some self-sufficient Hue travel experiences that I and my friends have gathered. Hopefully, it will be a magnet for those of you who have not had the opportunity to go to Hue to have useful information in the upcoming trip. The article every day will update more information about new attractions and places to eat. Everyone remember to follow regularly to know what Hue has!

In addition to famous places to visit in the city or other ecological areas, Hue beach is the most worth-visiting resort this summer. Going to these famous unspoiled beautiful Hue beaches you can explore Break and relax in the sea. If you are intending to come to Hue, do not miss the following interesting information about the places that attract many domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

Thuan An Beach

About 20km east of the city center, Thuan An Hue beach owns a coastline stretching over 12km. The sea water here is clear all year round, the air is fresh and cool, and especially not too crowded with tourists. Therefore, Hue beach is an extremely ideal destination for relaxation, entertainment and entertainment after stressful working days.

Thuan An Hue Beach – one of the beaches near Hue city (Photo: Collectibles)

Hai Duong Beach – a beautiful beach in Hue with many virtual check-in corners

Hai Duong Beach Hue owns a peaceful and wild character because it has not developed much tourism here. The impressive point in this Hue beach is the two super unique check-in locations created by people to break the waves, named high beach and low beach.

The low beach is solid screw-shaped breakwaters, tinged with moss. The high beach is super large 3-foot stone slabs, randomly overlapping, this promises to be a super cool check-in location, don’t miss it!


Have fun, check in fully at Hue beach – Hai Duong (Photo: Collectibles)

Vinh Thanh Hue Beach

Distance from city center Hue is only about 30 minutes by car, Vinh Thanh is known as one of the cleanest beaches, with lots of seafood and the freshest air in the capital. Coming here, you will experience an extremely large sea scene, clear blue sky, sunny white clouds, and gentle breezes. The most interesting thing when coming to this Hue beach is to contact and experience the livelihood of the people of Vinh Thanh fishing village, they are extremely sincere, gentle and hospitable.

Vinh Thanh beach is also a dating place for many couples 

Lang Co Hue Beach – one of the famous beaches in Hue

Lang Co Beach Hue is probably a name that is no longer too strange for sea tourism enthusiasts . Located right at the foot of Hai Van Pass, this Hue beach is favored by nature for its poetic beauty and charming countryside.

The best time to go to Lang Co beach is from April to July. Coming here, in addition to having fun and relaxing on the enchanting beautiful beach, you can also enjoy famous specialties such as: grilled oysters, crab cakes, crab noodle soup and a variety of fresh seafood.


Lang Co – Hue beach is located right at the foot of Hai Van pass (Photo: Collectibles)

Canh Duong Beach in Hue

Canh Duong is known as the most “artificial” beach in Hue with many super quality virtual check-in points, the weather is very pleasing to people. Coming to Canh Duong beach, you can not only admire the beautiful scenery, have fun and relax, but also organize your own BBQ by the beach or visit nearby restaurants to enjoy specialties. here. All that promises to bring you an extremely memorable trip.

Canh Duong beach is the most “artificial” in Hue (Photo: Collectibles) 

Binh An Hue beach

True to its name, Binh An beach has the most simple and peaceful beauty in the ancient capital. Here there are blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine and green casuarina trees, whispering in the wind. The poetic scenery in Binh An beach makes anyone who has ever visited feel forever missed.

The most beautiful time of this Hue beach will probably be in the evening, when the sun gradually disappears behind the mountain peaks, walking by the beach, breathing in every sea breeze blowing in, truly makes our souls very Relaxing, all fatigue gradually disappear.

Binh An beach is very beautiful, should not be missed when coming to Hue (Photo: Collectibles) 

Ham Rong Hue Beach – Hue’s beautiful beach “hides” from the hustle and bustle

Possessing a wild and mysterious beauty, Ham Rong Hue beach is really an ideal destination for tourists who love to conquer, explore and experience. In Ham Rong beach, near the shore are large and small rocks covered with moss, in the distance are waves crashing on the shore, blending with the poetic quietness has created a picturesque scene. , making this Hue beach win the hearts of many visitors.

Sunset on Ham Rong beach (Photo: Collectibles) 

Tan Canh Duong Beach Hue – Beautiful Hue Beach

Leaving behind unfinished deadlines, leaving behind the chaos of busy life, there is nothing more wonderful than coming to Hue and enjoying the fresh and cool atmosphere of Tan Canh Duong beach.

Unlike the wild and peaceful beauty of the above beaches, Tan Canh Duong brings with it the excitement and bustle of many bars, restaurants, and amusement parks for all ages, planned according to the standards of the city. green – clean – beautiful standards, meeting all the entertainment and relaxation needs of visitors.

 Tan Canh Duong – Hue beach with many interesting things is waiting for you (Photo: Collectibles) 

Hai Binh Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in Hue

Hai Binh is one of the newly discovered Hue beaches and tourism development in recent times. Converging full of beautiful scenery, mild climate, rich and diverse nature, this beach promises to be a memorable stopover and resort during your Hue trip.

Come to Hai Binh beach, don’t forget to enjoy delicious and nutritious mullet. In addition, visitors can also fish by themselves, drop nets, catch fresh snails with sincere and friendly fishermen here.

Phu Dien Hue Beach – The beach in Hue is gentle and peaceful

Phu Dien is known as the most “friendly” beach in the ancient capital, with poetic scenery and honest and simple indigenous people. When coming to this Hue beach, you will feel the lightness, idyllic, not too busy. The long coastline of Phu Dien is covered with white sand, gentle waves gently patting the shore and gentle breezes bringing salty air from the sea have made this place even more attractive to many visitors.

Hue Phu Dien beach is gentle and idyllic (Photo: Collectibles) 

Converging many different beauties, Hue beaches are really worth experiencing, so schedule a “vi vu” today. Besides the above beaches, the ancient capital has many other famous landmarks such as: Huong River Hue, Thien Mu Pagoda, Trang Tien Bridge , Minh Mang Tomb of Hue , Hue Citadel , … waiting for you to explore. .

With 10 Hue beaches suggested above, hopefully you have chosen for yourself the most satisfactory destination for a beach trip with your family. Don’t forget to prepare yourself with an excited soul, a suitcase with lovely dresses and a smartphone/camera full of batteries to be ready to check-in “fire” and super beautiful beaches in Hue!

Traveling to Hue in the rainy season brings a strange beauty to the city. It can be said that this place has been extremely skillful when turning the rains and chilly winds into the “specialty” of the ancient capital.

Perhaps only traveling to Hue in the rainy season can visitors feel the romantic beauty of this land. The whole city seems to have become more peaceful and quiet, highlighting the ancient beauty that has existed for many generations.

Special things when traveling to Hue in the rainy season

What is the best season to travel to Hue is probably a common question of many tourists. Coming to Hue every season brings its own interesting things, but the experience of traveling to Hue in the rainy season gives us very special feelings.

From what month to what month is the rainy season in Hue?

Like Da Nang or Hoi An, Hue is located in the tropical monsoon climate, so the weather here is divided into two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The rainy season in Hue starts from September to April next year with a temperature of about 20-22 degrees Celsius . Especially, there are times when the temperature in Hue drops to 10 degrees Celsius, the weather is cold, very suitable for walking around.

The rainy season in Hue has a very cool and pleasant temperature, suitable for walking around (Photo: Facebook Doan Quang)

Why should travel to Hue in the rainy season?

  • Hue rain scene is a very special thing that every visitor wants to experience. The city at that time also became quieter, more loving than ever.
  • Traveling to Hue in the rainy season, visitors will feel more clearly the peace and simplicity of the ancient capital.
  • Many promotions and discounts on airline tickets, hotels, tours help you save costs.

Where to go in Hue? If you want to see the romantic ancient capital in the rain but are still afraid of “wet shoulders”, tourists should visit the following Hue tourist attractions :

Hue tourism in rainy season to Hue mausoleum

Hue mausoleum is one of the places not to be missed when traveling to the ancient capital. And of course, on rainy days, this is a suggestion that cannot be more appropriate. You can visit some famous historical sites here such as Khai Dinh Hue Tomb , Minh Mang Hue Tomb , Hue Citadel … You can rest assured that coming here at this time, you won’t need to wait in line. Waiting because the number of guests is not too crowded, moreover, it is easy to take souvenir photos, not afraid of jostling.

Traveling to Hue in the rainy season, you should visit the mausoleums (Photo: Facebook Vy Ngan)

Hue tourism in the rainy season to visit Hue museum

Traveling to Hue in the rainy season is the most appropriate time for you to get the coolest “virtual living” check-in photos with the romantic flying rain scene. That is even more wonderful when combined with the fanciful, poetic space of Hue museums . On rainy days, umbrellas will be an indispensable accessory, so pay attention to choose umbrellas with beautiful colors that match your outfit so that when you are on the picture, you will be most sparkling.

Listen to Hue Royal Music

An extremely elegant pleasure when traveling to Hue in the rainy season is enjoying Hue royal court music on the Perfume River . You will feel more clearly about the musical culture of the nation dating back to the feudal period with noble and noble rhythms.

Listen to Hue royal court music on the Perfume River (Photo: Collected)

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Watch the romantic rain at a beautiful cafe in Hue

Sitting and sipping a glass of water or a cup of hot Hue royal tea in beautiful cafes in Hue is also an interesting activity on every rainy day in the ancient capital. Rain is also the time when we become closer and have more stories to tell each other.

Traveling to Hue in the rainy season and delicious food

There is nothing more enjoyable than enjoying hot dishes, mixed with the typical spicy taste of the ancient capital in the cold weather of the rainy season of Hue. Let’s discover Hue specialties with extremely attractive dishes.

Bun Bo Hue

Hue beef noodle soup includes beef, crab cakes, pork blood, vermicelli and broth. The broth is simmered from the beef bone, with fish sauce and lemongrass added to make the noodles fragrant and flavorful.

Don’t forget to enjoy the delicious bowl of Hue beef noodle soup (Photo: Collectibles)

Mussel rice

Mussel rice is an extremely suitable dish to eat on cold days. The hot rice served with spicy and fragrant fried mussels will be great.

Mussel rice is suitable to eat on rainy days (Photo: Collected)

Bread flour

Hue filter cake  is a dish with the delicacy of the ancient capital. The thin, flexible, tough transparent shell embraces the inner layer of shrimp and meat. When eating, diners dipped with a little spicy chili sauce is enough to warm their hearts.

Hue filter cake, encapsulating the quintessence of cuisine in the ancient capital (Photo: Collected)

Wet cake

Hue wet cake  is made by the traditional secret of Hue people. The white rice paper layer, served with grilled meat and chili sauce, creates an extremely attractive flavor.

Hue pressed cake

Hue pressed cake  is a very rustic and simple dish. When guests come to the restaurant, the chef begins to coat the cake with a cast iron mold. The cake consists of filtered flour, pork, eggs served with raw vegetables and heirloom sauce.

Private Car Hoi An

What should you pay attention to when traveling to Hue in the rainy season?

  • It is advisable to bring umbrellas, raincoats and shoe covers so that sudden rains do not affect your trip.
  • Hue in the rainy season often has a significant day-night temperature difference, so you should bring a light jacket if you go out at night.
  • Pay attention to preview the weather forecast to arrange and change the itinerary so that it is reasonable.
  • It is recommended to travel by taxi or hire a Hue tourist car service to avoid getting wet.

Life goes on in a hurry every day and we are still engrossed in our work. But take the time to slow down, enjoy the simple, peaceful moments of life, which you will find when traveling to Hue in the rainy season . Romantic scenes, rustic meals but warm people are what Hue brings to visitors visiting this place on a rainy day.

As a mausoleum with a mixture of Asian and European art architecture reaching a harmonious level, Dong Khanh or Tu Lang Tomb is also an impressive place in a Hue sightseeing tour.

Besides the location near the tombs of other kings, Dong Khanh mausoleum also possesses spaces of high value in architecture, painting and decoration.

The following article provides some information about Dong Khanh Tomb of Hue . Hope it will be useful for you on your upcoming trip.

Where is Dong Khanh Tomb?

Tomb of Dong Khanh or Tu Lang is the resting place of King Dong Khanh – the 9th king of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Located between the two tombs of Thieu Tri and Tu Duc, Dong Khanh Tomb belongs to Cu Si village, Duong Xuan canton, today is Thuong Hai village, Thuy Xuan commune, Hue city.

How to get to Dong Khanh Tomb in Hue?

From the city center. In Hue, you move in the direction of Bui Thi Xuan Street, then turn to Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street. From here you will see Tu Duc Tomb.

Then continue to go about more than 100m, pay attention to the left hand direction, you will see a sign indicating the way to the tomb of King Dong Khanh. Google maps

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Ticket price and opening time of King Dong Khanh’s mausoleum

Dong Khanh mausoleum ticket prices are updated to the latest, specifically:

  • Adults: 100,000 VND/time.
  • Children 7-12 years old: free admission.

Time to visit: Tomb of King Dong Khanh is open to welcome guests on all days of the week, from Monday to Sunday (time frame from 7am to 17h30).

History of the construction of King Dong Khanh’s mausoleum

The process of building Dong Khanh mausoleum is quite complicated. Only after being in office for 3 years (1886-1888), the King unfortunately died at the age of 25, so he did not think about building a mausoleum.

Near the area of ​​Dong Khanh mausoleum today is the tomb of Kien Thai Vuong (1845 – 1876), the father of 3 kings Kien Phuc (1884), Ham Nghi (1885) and Dong Khanh (1886 – 1888). After ascending the throne, seeing that his father’s tomb did not have a shrine, King Dong Khanh ordered the Ministry of Public Works to build a temple to worship his father.

While construction work was underway, King Dong Khanh fell ill and died on January 28, 1889. Therefore, Truy Tu Palace was changed to Tu Lang separate palace, bringing the king’s saint to worship, called Ngung Hy Palace.

After that, King Thanh Thai succeeded to the throne in the difficult and complicated historical and economic situation of the country. Therefore, the court had to use the unfinished temple to worship King Dong Khanh and choose a place about 100 meters southwest to bury him.

Most of the surviving architectural works in Dong Khanh mausoleum were made under King Khai Dinh (1916-1925). After ascending the throne for 3 months, King Khai Dinh requested to repair the mausoleum (August 1916).

The entire mausoleum area from Bai Dinh, Bi Dinh to Buu Thanh and Huyen Cung was built under Khai Dinh’s reign until July 1917, the basic part was completed and it was completed in 1923.

Architecture of Dong Khanh Tomb – a harmonious and impressive combination

In fact, the construction of King Dong Khanh’s mausoleum took place many times, over a long period of 35 years (1888-1923), through 4 kings: Dong Khanh, Thanh Thai, Duy Tan, Khai Dinh. Therefore, Tu Lang bears the imprint of two architectural schools of two different historical times.

Electric impregnating area

The works still carry the old architecture “snap and cork”. The main hall and its dependent houses are still rows of splendid gilded columns decorated with four spirits, four quarters, etc. Ngung Hy Palace has 24 maps depicting the paintings in the classic “Nuoc quartet filial piety”. On the ancient matches, on the roof and on the edge of the palace, there are terracotta reliefs with rustic decoration.

However, the appearance of a system of multicolored glass doors and two paintings depicting the Franco-Prussian war during Napoleon’s time and a number of other artifacts have shown the influence of Western European culture.

Tomb area

The architecture of the tomb is almost completely “Westernized” from architecture, decoration to building materials. The beer house is a variation of Romance architecture mixed with Asian architecture. The tall, thin mandarin statues are made of cement and bricks instead of stone statues, slate tiles, and checkered bricks.

In general, Dong Khanh mausoleum opened the period of mixed Eurasian and Neo-classical architecture

Experience exploring Dong Khanh Tomb Hue

  • It is recommended to visit Hue and Dong Khanh mausoleum around January and February. At this time, the weather is pleasant, not too harsh, the transportation will be convenient.
  • Refer to the beautiful photo angles before going to the mausoleum to get the best frames.

Review of Dong Khanh’s mausoleum from visitors

Dong Khanh Tomb – An option for those who are passionate about culture and history and want to enjoy the green space in the middle of summer in the ancient capital.
The mausoleum is quite empty of tourists to visit, so I really like the scene here, fresh and cool.
The mausoleum is small, easy to maintain, but has also deteriorated a lot!
Dong Khanh Tomb, in harmony with the rural landscape of the countryside, is an attractive tourist destination in Hue.

Referring to Hue, people will immediately think of the land full of poetic and peaceful. Not only famous for its distinctive voice, but also many famous cultural and historical architectural works. In particular, Hue Lim wooden bridge is a name that has recently been welcomed by many people. So what’s interesting about this bridge, let’s explore with Danang Private Car now!

Learn about Hue Lim Wooden Bridge

Coordinates of Lim Wooden Bridge

Located in the heart of the city, ironwood bridge is located on the south bank of the romantic Perfume River. Located between two famous bridges of Hue: Truong Tien Bridge and Phu Xuan Bridge. Besides, the bridge is also an extension of the walking route on the Perfume River. Starting from Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street to Ly Tu Trong park.


With a convenient location and architecture in harmony with nature, Lim Go Bridge has quickly attracted a lot of attention since it was just completed. The bridge is a place for people to come here to take a walk and cool off. Not only that, this is also the place to watch the most beautiful sunrise and sunset of the city.

The birth of Lim Go Bridge in Hue

Lim Go Bridge is an architectural work linking the friendship between Vietnam and Korea. The project is part of the landscape planning project on both sides of the Perfume River. Fully funded by KOICA with an investment capital of 6 million USD. The bridge was officially built at the end of December 2017 and completed in November 2018. But it will not be officially put into operation until 2019.


View the city’s billions of dollars’ worth of architecture

Not only having a beautiful location, but also unique architecture is also the biggest impression of Lim Go Bridge. With a total length of nearly 400m and a width of 4m, the bridge is a combination of 2 tones: wooden brown and copper gold, giving the ancient land a modern and luxurious beauty.


The main material to make the bridge is ironwood. This is high quality wood imported 100% from South Africa. Lim wood is not only beautiful and luxurious, but also very resistant to moisture and extremely strong. Each ironwood panel will have a thickness of 5cm and a slight fragrance. Visitors will feel the comfort every time they walk on this bridge.

The railing system of Cau Go Lim is made of 4,100 copper bars with golden tones, with a total weight of up to 7 tons. All these details are completely imported from Korea. Especially when the sun shines in, casting shadows on the shimmering river looks very beautiful.

This building is also installed with 100% waterproof electrical system and lighting. So even if it is submerged in water 4m, it will still ensure the normal and safe operation of the bridge. With a waterproof rating of IP67, Lim Bridge can be submerged in water for 5 days, it will still work normally.

Virtual life with many ‘smooth’ corners

Located on the banks of the romantic Perfume River and with unique architecture, Lim Bridge has become one of the hot check-in spots in Hue. The bridge is wide, beautiful, and has a cool space, so many people come here to walk and cool off. And the best time is at sunrise or sunset. The moments that everyone wants to come out here to save themselves really “delicious” photos.


To embellish the bridge, people also arrange a lot of flower beds and ornamental plants. Both make the scene become harmonious, and create more virtual living roots for everyone. Not only that, the rows of seats by the bridge are also expensive props in the “million-like” frame. Or you can also sit here to cool off and watch the Perfume River.


Wherever you are on Lim Wooden Bridge, you can ‘harvest’ yourself many beautiful photos. Sitting on a chair, leaning on the railing, sitting on the floor or walking freely, … Then just pick up the phone and have a photo to show off with friends.

If you have the opportunity to go to the ancient capital, you must definitely go to Hue Lim Bridge to check in. This is not only a beautiful place to admire the scenery but also a place for you to live virtual. Halo wishes you a very happy and meaningful trip!