Thuy Tien Lake – The abandoned water park in Hue

Ho Thuy Tien - The abandoned water park in Hue

Although not put into operation, Thuy Tien Lake in Hue is still buzzing and trending on social media. What’s even more surprising is that millions of domestic and foreign tourists still frequently come here to explore and relax.

Some details about Thuy Tien Lake in Hue.

Thuy Tien Lake in Hue has always been known as an eerie and mysterious tourist attraction. Most visitors are drawn here by its eerie charm. Since its closure, the park has remained in a desolate state, giving many tourists a shiver when they first set foot here.

Initially, you will feel a sense of desolation. The scenery is all desolate, with everything covered in rust and faded yellow, creating a strange atmosphere. The concrete walls are cracked and covered with various drawings. Surrounding the park, there are overgrown trees, wild grass, and moss.

Ho Thuy Tien - Danang Private Car
The images of Thuy Tien Lake have been published in various foreign travel magazines.

There are no staff or caretakers here. However, throughout the year, it remains an ideal destination for adventurous people who want to explore unusual spaces.

In late 2016, an article about Thuy Tien Lake was published on the website in the United States. The photos displayed were both desolate and eerie, but they immediately captured the attention of many foreign tourists.

Where is Thuy Tien Lake located in Hue?

The geographical location of Thuy Tien Lake in Hue.

Thuy Tien Lake is situated within the area of Thuy Bang commune. The distance from Thuy Tien Lake to the city center is 18 km. This tourist area is located on Thien An Hill. Therefore, tourists can explore various locations on Thien An Hill as part of their Hue tour.

The simplest directions to Thuy Tien Lake in Hue.

To reach Thuy Tien Lake in Hue, you can follow Lê Duẩn Street. Then, head towards Dã Viên Bridge and visit Phan Chu Trinh Street. After that, turn into Điện Biên Phủ Street. When you reach the end of this road, turn into Lê Ngô Cát Street.

The road to Thuy Tien Lake is not too difficult.

Next, turn left onto Minh Mạng and Khải Định Streets. Finally, turn into Thuy Tien Street and drive for about 1 km until you reach Thien An Hill. Here, park your vehicle at the station and proceed on foot to Thuy Tien Lake!

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When is the best time to explore Thuy Tien Lake in Hue?

The best time to visit Thuy Tien Lake in Hue is during the transition between spring and summer. During this time, the lake is clear and less cold. The scenery is lit with rays of sunlight, reducing the desolate and chilly feeling. It’s also a great opportunity to capture beautiful photos.

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During the daytime, the weather here is always cool and pleasant. Hence, you can visit the lake at any time. However, remember not to visit the lake in the evening or during dusk. Unless, of course, you enjoy exploring the eerie atmosphere and want to challenge your courage!

Unforgettable experiences when exploring Thuy Tien Lake in Hue.

Despite having been abandoned for a long time, the premises of this destination still evoke indescribable feelings for tourists. Stepping inside, you will feel like you are entering a mysterious and eerie world.

Instagrammable check-ins at Thuy Tien Lake in Hue.

One of the most beloved experiences for many tourists when entering Thuy Tien Lake Park in Hue is capturing Instagram-worthy check-in photos. The most popular check-in spot is the wide-open mouth of the water lake. This statue has an imposing, mysterious, and somewhat eerie appearance. By choosing the right angle, you can easily capture unique and beautiful photos.

Ho Thuy Tien - The abandoned water park in Hue
Ho Thuy Tien – The abandoned water park in Hue

Moreover, you can also check-in at the pine hill near Thuy Tien Lake with a vintage car sculpture made of stone. The shape and blue color of this car resemble a classic luxury car from the West.

Exploring the underwater palace at Thuy Tien Lake in Hue.

The underwater palace is an area inside the building symbolizing a dragon. To step into the underwater palace, tourists need to be mentally prepared. Many people have felt frightened upon entering here, so you may want to consider whether you want to enter or not.

The structures inside the underwater palace are extremely desolate and decayed. All the fish tanks that were once built are now shattered into various pieces. If you climb up the spiral staircase, you’ll reach the dragon’s head.

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From here, look into the distance, and you will enjoy the panoramic view of Thuy Tien Lake. Far away, you can see the lush and green Thiên An hill. Standing at the dragon’s head and looking down, you will witness the enchanting beauty of the water and feel a slight shiver from the cold atmosphere.

Not far from the underwater palace, there is a system of slides covered in thick green moss. The water in the lake looks murky and pitch black. The long slides add to the eerie and terrifying atmosphere. Therefore, for those who cannot handle haunting or spooky experiences, you should carefully consider before venturing into this space!

Visiting the water stage at Thuy Tien Lake.

Thuy Tien Lake in Hue also features another unique and mysterious attraction, which is the water stage area. In the past, this area was designed and built to host vibrant art performances. Many tourists from around the world visited and had a special affection for these performances. However, since it has been abandoned and left uncared for, everything now appears desolate, in ruins, and covered in moss.

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Ho Thuy Tien

When you visit this area, you will come across rows of long seats with a capacity of up to 2500, now engulfed by moss. The scenery here is drastically different from the opulent and glamorous atmosphere of the music performances of the past.

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Important notes to know when visiting Thuy Tien Lake.

Some essential points to consider when traveling to Hue and visiting Thuy Tien Lake are:

  • Always apply sunscreen: Since you will be experiencing the outdoors here, it’s crucial to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Bring mosquito repellent: The area around the lake has many trees and dense vegetation. Having mosquito repellent will help you minimize the impact of these insects.
  • Be cautious during movement: Most of the structures in this tourist area are in a deteriorating condition. Therefore, unexpected collapses or tripping hazards may occur. You should wear non-slip shoes and move with great care, being attentive to your surroundings.
  • The location has been abandoned for a long time and remains unrepaired. However, to enter and explore, you still need to pay 10,000 VND per person to the security guard and 5,000 VND for parking your vehicle.

Despite Thuy Tien Lake in Hue being abandoned for a long time, it remains a beloved destination for many tourists. In the future, the number of visitors to this place will undoubtedly continue to rise. So, if you have the opportunity, take the chance to come and explore!


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