Hue tourism in the rainy season and romantic experiences have 1-0-2

Traveling to Hue in the rainy season brings a strange beauty to the city. It can be said that this place has been extremely skillful when turning the rains and chilly winds into the “specialty” of the ancient capital.

Perhaps only traveling to Hue in the rainy season can visitors feel the romantic beauty of this land. The whole city seems to have become more peaceful and quiet, highlighting the ancient beauty that has existed for many generations.

Special things when traveling to Hue in the rainy season

What is the best season to travel to Hue is probably a common question of many tourists. Coming to Hue every season brings its own interesting things, but the experience of traveling to Hue in the rainy season gives us very special feelings.

From what month to what month is the rainy season in Hue?

Like Da Nang or Hoi An, Hue is located in the tropical monsoon climate, so the weather here is divided into two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The rainy season in Hue starts from September to April next year with a temperature of about 20-22 degrees Celsius . Especially, there are times when the temperature in Hue drops to 10 degrees Celsius, the weather is cold, very suitable for walking around.

The rainy season in Hue has a very cool and pleasant temperature, suitable for walking around (Photo: Facebook Doan Quang)

Why should travel to Hue in the rainy season?

  • Hue rain scene is a very special thing that every visitor wants to experience. The city at that time also became quieter, more loving than ever.
  • Traveling to Hue in the rainy season, visitors will feel more clearly the peace and simplicity of the ancient capital.
  • Many promotions and discounts on airline tickets, hotels, tours help you save costs.

Where to go in Hue? If you want to see the romantic ancient capital in the rain but are still afraid of “wet shoulders”, tourists should visit the following Hue tourist attractions :

Hue tourism in rainy season to Hue mausoleum

Hue mausoleum is one of the places not to be missed when traveling to the ancient capital. And of course, on rainy days, this is a suggestion that cannot be more appropriate. You can visit some famous historical sites here such as Khai Dinh Hue Tomb , Minh Mang Hue Tomb , Hue Citadel … You can rest assured that coming here at this time, you won’t need to wait in line. Waiting because the number of guests is not too crowded, moreover, it is easy to take souvenir photos, not afraid of jostling.

Traveling to Hue in the rainy season, you should visit the mausoleums (Photo: Facebook Vy Ngan)

Hue tourism in the rainy season to visit Hue museum

Traveling to Hue in the rainy season is the most appropriate time for you to get the coolest “virtual living” check-in photos with the romantic flying rain scene. That is even more wonderful when combined with the fanciful, poetic space of Hue museums . On rainy days, umbrellas will be an indispensable accessory, so pay attention to choose umbrellas with beautiful colors that match your outfit so that when you are on the picture, you will be most sparkling.

Listen to Hue Royal Music

An extremely elegant pleasure when traveling to Hue in the rainy season is enjoying Hue royal court music on the Perfume River . You will feel more clearly about the musical culture of the nation dating back to the feudal period with noble and noble rhythms.

Listen to Hue royal court music on the Perfume River (Photo: Collected)

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Watch the romantic rain at a beautiful cafe in Hue

Sitting and sipping a glass of water or a cup of hot Hue royal tea in beautiful cafes in Hue is also an interesting activity on every rainy day in the ancient capital. Rain is also the time when we become closer and have more stories to tell each other.

Traveling to Hue in the rainy season and delicious food

There is nothing more enjoyable than enjoying hot dishes, mixed with the typical spicy taste of the ancient capital in the cold weather of the rainy season of Hue. Let’s discover Hue specialties with extremely attractive dishes.

Bun Bo Hue

Hue beef noodle soup includes beef, crab cakes, pork blood, vermicelli and broth. The broth is simmered from the beef bone, with fish sauce and lemongrass added to make the noodles fragrant and flavorful.

Don’t forget to enjoy the delicious bowl of Hue beef noodle soup (Photo: Collectibles)

Mussel rice

Mussel rice is an extremely suitable dish to eat on cold days. The hot rice served with spicy and fragrant fried mussels will be great.

Mussel rice is suitable to eat on rainy days (Photo: Collected)

Bread flour

Hue filter cake  is a dish with the delicacy of the ancient capital. The thin, flexible, tough transparent shell embraces the inner layer of shrimp and meat. When eating, diners dipped with a little spicy chili sauce is enough to warm their hearts.

Hue filter cake, encapsulating the quintessence of cuisine in the ancient capital (Photo: Collected)

Wet cake

Hue wet cake  is made by the traditional secret of Hue people. The white rice paper layer, served with grilled meat and chili sauce, creates an extremely attractive flavor.

Hue pressed cake

Hue pressed cake  is a very rustic and simple dish. When guests come to the restaurant, the chef begins to coat the cake with a cast iron mold. The cake consists of filtered flour, pork, eggs served with raw vegetables and heirloom sauce.

Private Car Hoi An

What should you pay attention to when traveling to Hue in the rainy season?

  • It is advisable to bring umbrellas, raincoats and shoe covers so that sudden rains do not affect your trip.
  • Hue in the rainy season often has a significant day-night temperature difference, so you should bring a light jacket if you go out at night.
  • Pay attention to preview the weather forecast to arrange and change the itinerary so that it is reasonable.
  • It is recommended to travel by taxi or hire a Hue tourist car service to avoid getting wet.

Life goes on in a hurry every day and we are still engrossed in our work. But take the time to slow down, enjoy the simple, peaceful moments of life, which you will find when traveling to Hue in the rainy season . Romantic scenes, rustic meals but warm people are what Hue brings to visitors visiting this place on a rainy day.


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