Hue Royal Cuisine – a unique feature of the ancient land

People who come to Hue will never forget the charming beauty of an ancient, peaceful but modern city. However, it will be a pity if you miss the opportunity to experience the unique Hue Royal Cuisine of this land. Join Danang Private Car to learn about the unique features of Hue cuisine right away!

What is Hue royal cuisine? 

Vietnam currently has about 3,000 dishes of all kinds, of which more than 1,700 dishes are prepared according to the culinary style of Hue royal court. Cuisine in Hue royal court is considered the pinnacle of Vietnamese cuisine because of its sophistication and meticulousness.

Hue’s royal cuisine is not much different from folk dishes in terms of ingredients. However, the decoration and presentation of the dishes are delicate and meticulous to attract diners.

Hue’s royal cuisine is not only delicious but also very eye-catching

In addition, Hue royal dishes are not only delicious but also visually appealing. Especially, there is a harmonious balance between color and taste, yin and yang, hot and cold.

The ingredients, processing and delicate presentation of Hue royal cuisine have long been considered a cultural mark of the ancient capital. Hue cuisine is not only considered a sophisticated culinary art work. It is also the embodiment of the philosophy of life left by the forefathers.

What makes Hue royal cuisine? 

It is no coincidence that the people of Hue can build such a wonderful cuisine. Having gone through hundreds of years of formation, development and preservation, there will be a number of factors affecting Hue cuisine.

Here are the most prominent factors that shape all kinds of dishes and cooking styles in Hue. Please join Danang Private Car to find out more details:

Climate factor

Hue has a tropical humid climate with two typical rainy and dry seasons. Along with the aridity of the soil are suitable conditions to produce diverse sources of raw materials. Since then, the delicious taste of the ingredients is the basic foundation for creating unforgettable dishes.

Historical factor 

Going back many years ago, Hue used to be inhabited by the Cham Pa people. After that, Lord Nguyen when reigning chose Hue as the capital of Vietnam. These historical factors have promoted and formed the typical dishes of Hue. The most prominent of which is Hue royal cuisine .

Local people in Hue cuisine

Under the profound and far-reaching influence of Confucianism. Especially the idea of ​​”three obediences and four virtues” has formed the standard requirements for evaluating traditional women in the past. One of the most important criteria stated is cooking skills.

For many years, this thought has been ingrained in the subconscious of every local people, especially Hue women. Accordingly, every woman is constantly trying to learn. Improve yourself to reach this standard of evaluation.

Therefore, visitors can easily see that when cooking, Hue people almost put their whole mind and heart into every step.


Influenced by wet rice culture, Hue has many dishes made from rice such as beef vermicelli, vermicelli, banh xeo, sticky rice,…. In addition, local beliefs and lifestyles also play an important role. Especially in contributing to the development and maintenance of the cuisine in this destination.

That may be why for more than 600 years, Hue cuisine is divided into four seasons: spring – summer – autumn – winter. More or less, all contribute to the unique dishes of this land. Therefore, each dish has its own story and distinct human meaning.

Classification of Hue royal cuisine 

In Hue, there are hundreds of different types of dishes from Hue street food, vegetarian dishes, folk dishes to royal dishes. Each type has its own characteristics and differences but all have one thing in common: perfection.

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Hue vegetarian dishes

Simple ingredients like rice, potatoes and vegetables are transformed into delicious vegetarian dishes thanks to the culinary skills of the Hue people. In a mysterious way, these dishes have the same attractive color and taste as ordinary dishes.

It is the subtlety, meticulousness and care in cooking that more than 108 vegetarian dishes of Hue are still preserved to this day. Moreover, up to 75% of local people are Buddhist, so being vegetarian is quite important.

This is the reason why vegetarian cuisine in Hue has been developed and preserved for many years. Visitors can consider enjoying some famous vegetarian dishes such as banh tet, banh chung, vermicelli and vegetarian pho.

Ancient Hue royal cuisine

Conspicuous features of royal cuisine include fresh ingredients. Intricate cooking style, meticulous and elegant decoration and unique names.

Because in the past, royal dishes were served at royal banquets. Each dish is not only beautifully decorated but also has to ensure the most nutritional elements.

There are many typical dishes with the characteristics of royal cuisine such as spring rolls, longan tea, gac sticky rice, bird’s nests, phoenixes, phoenixes flying over the island, steamed unicorn shrimp… (Most of them are named after decoration and appearance of dishes).

Hue folk cuisine

Unlike Hue royal cuisine , although it is not a dish made from the best ingredients. But folk cuisine still ensures all standard criteria in both form and quality.

Various ingredients used to cook folk dishes can be found. The presentation and decoration of rustic dishes are not too picky or complicated. However, it still has to be elegant, streamlined and clean.

“Collectiveness” is a unique beauty in the folk culture of Hue people in particular and Vietnamese people in general. In particular, in cooking, Hue people always focus on color coordination. To make the dish not only beautiful but also delicious.

Some typical dishes of folk cuisine can be mentioned such as banh beo, wet cake with barbecue, Cao Lau, beef noodle soup, etc. Each dish is deeply connected with a story. As well as a message of love and loyalty of local people.

Famous dishes in ancient Hue royal cuisine

Hue royal cuisine has the characteristics of royal cuisine under the Nguyen dynasty. Created to serve in daily Royal meals, Royal banquets and royal rituals dedicated to ancestors.

Famous among them are the 8 rarest dishes called bowls of pearls in ancient royal cuisine. Below, Son Tra Travel will introduce you to these eight treasured dishes!

Spring rolls

Nem cong is a very unique dish when it is processed without cooking. Nem peas have the effect of eliminating toxins from the body because peacock meat has detoxifying properties. This dish consists of the thighs of peacocks that have been finely pounded. After being cooked by microbial fermentation thanks to hot spices such as galangal, garlic, pepper, …

No phoenix

Cha pho is made from phoenix meat, a rare bird that lives in the high mountains. The phoenix is ​​collectively known as the phoenix, but the phoenix refers to the male birds. So this bird became rarer and more precious.

The phoenix meat is also finely pounded with spices and wrapped in banana leaves. Unlike spring rolls, this dish will be steamed. Similar to spring rolls, pho phoenix also has the effect of protecting health, which is a unique feature of Hue royal cuisine .

Western cow skin

Western bull, also known as rhinoceros, lives in deep forests and often eats thorny plants. The skin of the western bull is very thick but there is a thin area in the armpit. This is the part used to make nutritious ox skin.

Bear hand

Bear hand is also one of the special dishes of Hue royal cuisine . Because the bear’s hand part is very active, the meat is firm and very nutritious.

Bear hands are rich in nutrients, clean, and loved by ancient kings. At the same time, the dish also contributed to enhancing the strength and authority of the ancient kings.


Bird’s nest is a very precious high-class raw material from the past to the present. In the past, oats were only used to offer the king in solemn royal banquets. From oats can be processed many different dishes such as bird’s nest soup, bird’s nest stewed with pigeon meat, bird’s nest, …

Orangutan lips

Orangutans are the most intelligent of all primates, often living in the mountains. Catching orangutans is often difficult, so they often have to get drunk.

Orangutan’s lips are the most precious part of the orangutan. Therefore, this part is used to prepare dishes for the king. Orangutan’s lips are one of the outstanding dishes of ancient  Hue royal cuisine .

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Deer tendon

Deer is a rare animal, so venison also became one of the ancient royal dishes. Venison is usually cooked as thigh tendon, soaked in water and vinegar to whiten. When the venison is soft, it will be cut into pieces and cooked with many other ingredients such as bamboo shoots, spring rolls, dried shrimp, etc.

Elephant leg meat

Elephant is an animal with a large body, but the leg area has a layer of soft tendon meat that is delicious to eat. This layer of meat tastes better than other parts of the elephant. In addition, elephant feet are also very difficult to find, so this dish is even more precious. Elephant leg meat was often prepared specifically for the feasts of ancient kings.

Typical dishes of Hue royal cuisine today

Hue cuisine today has a slight change according to the cultural conditions, weather and people here. Therefore, today’s bowls of pearls are usually dishes: abalone, fish fins, bird’s nest, fish bubbles, sea cucumber, fatty liver, sturgeon roe and lobster.

In Hue, precious dishes are replaced by more frugal dishes. But still retain the delicate beauty and nutrition in each dish. Here are some modern royal dishes of Hue:

Hue royal lotus rice

In the past, Hue royal lotus rice was a dish of the Nguyen Dynasty kings in the 18th century. Today, today’s dish has become so popular that it is served in weddings and birthday parties.

Royal lotus rice is a delicacy of Hue cuisine. This dish not only attracts diners by its delicious taste. It also conquers diners by its elegant presentation in the style of royal cuisine.

This dish is modeled on the shape of a beautiful blooming lotus. The inside is extremely quality with rice cooked from fragrant rice of An Cuu village, lotus seeds, spring rolls, fried eggs, chicken, shrimp, vegetables, etc. All wrapped in lotus leaves. skillfully imbued with the cool scent of lotus flowers.

Longan lotus seed tea

Longan lotus seed soup looks very simple because it only includes 3 main ingredients: lotus seeds, longan and granulated sugar. However, this is considered the most delicate dish of Hue royal cuisine .

To cook delicious longan lotus seed soup, you must choose the typical lotus of Hue, the new dish is full of flavor, fleshy, and fat. Longan must choose small seeds but the meat is crispy and sweet.

The lotus seed inserted into the longan must be as eye-catching as a pearl to qualify as an offering to the king. Nowadays, tourists come to Hue to enjoy this sweet dessert in many restaurants. From sidewalk shops, streets to luxurious and ancient restaurants.

Hue royal tea

Hue royal tea was originally served in the royal court of the Nguyen Dynasty. Nowadays, with precious herbs and delicious taste, many people use this tea for better health. This tea is suitable for all ages, so it is very suitable as a souvenir for your family

Address to enjoy Hue royal cuisine

Hue cuisine, especially royal cuisine, is famous for its processing and decoration. Created a unique feature that is not available everywhere. Discover the famous Hue royal dining restaurants below!

Palace Restaurant

This is one of the most famous Hue restaurants in Vietnam. The restaurant has an area of ​​more than 1200m2. With a capacity of more than 600 seats with many separate large and small rooms. All are designed in the style of ancient palace architecture combined with extremely modern oriental style.

Interior of Hue Royal Restaurant

The restaurant is surrounded by vibrant gardens, ornamental plants and large stone statues placed around the courtyard. Coming to Hue Royal Restaurant, you will fully feel the culinary culture of the people here. The restaurant serves traditional royal dishes, Asian and European dishes interwoven between past and present cuisine.

The menu at the restaurant is also very diverse with specialties such as pork rolls, grilled duck, stuffed squid, etc. In particular, the dishes are elaborately prepared with a luxurious dragon and phoenix image. Hue’s chefs all try to take care of the dishes to keep the typical culinary culture of this ancient capital.

In addition, not only Hue royal cuisine , at Cung Dinh restaurant, you will have the opportunity to put on the royal robes of the old kings. To enjoy the most complete royal meal.

Vuon Khe restaurant

Located in an old French mansion near the Imperial Citadel, Vuon Khe restaurant is known as the oldest French-Vietnamese restaurant in Hue. This restaurant is built in the old French architectural style. With the original brick background from 1915. The doors of the restaurant are designed in the style of the domes of ancient churches.

Entering the restaurant, you will feel the harmonious combination between modern Western style and traditional Hue culture. Wooden furniture is still used with a familiar layout like in old war movies.

Food at the restaurant is not too expensive but very delicious with a menu that combines traditional and modern dishes. If you come here, you should not miss the delicious green mango salad with grilled sea bass with Mediterranean sauce.

In addition, there is also grilled beef with banana leaves imbued with central identity with the typical aroma of lemongrass and banana leaves. The delicious banana bread with passion fruit sauce will be a great dessert for a meal.

In particular, Vuon Khe restaurant also has a small bar where guests can enjoy glasses of famous French wines. This is an ideal place when you not only want to discover Hue royal cuisine . But also want to find a combination of many different cuisines.

Old Hue Restaurant

  • Address: No. 4/4/8 Lane 35 Pham Thi Lien Street, Hue, Vietnam

Ancient Hue Restaurant is located at Phu Mong – Kim Long garden house. Is an old aristocratic village located on the romantic Perfume River. The restaurant is architecturally designed by the investor as a capital of the ancient Nguyen kings. In particular, the layout and typical scenery of Hue ancient houses.

With an area of ​​more than 2000m2, it is designed in a traditional style. In the middle of the restaurant yard are copper urns, ancient wells, lotus ponds and surrounded by five-room houses.

All of the houses here feature plenty of wooden furniture. Especially elaborate dragon and phoenix carvings. That creates a very ancient and luxurious feeling. Besides, there are also antique and painting galleries. Or Hue traditional Ao Dai for tourists to visit and take pictures.

The outstanding specialties at this restaurant are royal dishes with impressive and sophisticated decoration. The restaurant has a variety of dishes from Asia to Europe. But the most prominent is still Hue’s traditional dishes or special royal dishes.

Coming to Hue Co restaurant, you can both enjoy Hue royal cuisine and watch martial arts performances. Enjoy Hue royal court music like the old kings.

Y Thao garden house

Y Thao garden house is one of the best Hue restaurants in Vietnam. The restaurant is located in the Hoang Thanh area owned by a family who lives here. The restaurant has the architecture of an old villa with two main areas: garden space and indoor space.

At Y Thao garden house, you can find very typical architecture of Hue through the careful design and decoration of the owner. Another special thing about visiting this restaurant is that you can admire the owner’s beautiful collection of ceramics and woodwork in the living room.

You can also chat together to understand more about Hue royal cuisine , about the life of Hue people before enjoying a meal at the garden house.

Y Thao garden house serves a variety of Hue specialties with beautiful cooking and presentation. The menu has a variety of vegetarian and savory dishes such as spring rolls, phoenix rolls, cinnamon rolls, green bean cakes, ..

More specifically, at this restaurant, you can also register for courses to cook Hue dishes in royal style at an affordable price. If you want to discover how to make luxurious dishes of Hue, this is a destination not to be missed.

Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant

Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant has a special location, right in the Imperial Citadel. The restaurant evokes the feeling of being lost in a palatial palace with a gentle space. But just as dignified as the banquet of the kings of old.

Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant is famous for its elegant space and authentic presentation of Hue royal cuisine . Simulating a royal palace, the restaurant is surrounded by hundreds of paper lanterns, bonsai, trees, flowers, a miniature pond and man-made waterfall.

Coming here, visitors will wear costumes and crowns of the kings and mandarins of the Nguyen Dynasty. The food is prepared like a royal banquet in the old days. There is also a band performing traditional music.

It can be said that Tinh Gia Vien restaurant is not only considered a culinary restaurant. It is also a cultural and artistic complex that tourists cannot ignore when coming to Hue. Therefore, the restaurant is on the list of the best Hue restaurants in Vietnam.

Hue royal cuisine not only brings delicious taste but also preserves the beauty of Hue culture, history and customs. Therefore, cuisine as well as Hue always bring wonderful and unforgettable experiences to visitors. Therefore, when coming to Hue, do not forget to enjoy the unique dishes of the ancient capital!


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