Top 10 reputable motorbike rental addresses in Hue with cheap prices, delivered to your place

Hue tourism is not as simple as the reviews of those who have gone before, this is a city surrounded by mountains and forests, the most suitable for traveling by motorbike. Let’s find out the top 10 places to rent motorbikes with us. Hue cheap, reputable, quality for the trip.

Top 10 cheap motorbike rental addresses in Hue for delivery

Hue is a tourist destination that brings many poetic songs along with the charming beauty of this place. For visitors to fully explore the beauty of this place, please experience the motorbike rental service in Hue to explore this ancient capital. Below is a summary of motorbike rental locations in Hue that readers are most interested in.

Danang Motorbike Tour

This is a shop that combines 2 services: motorbike rental and motorbike tour service at Hue Motorbike. This is a motorbike rental address in Hue that is very convenient for first-time visitors to come here. You will choose to explore the dreamland of Hue on your own or use the service of having someone drive you around by motorbike.

Experience the tour service by motorbike with an accompanying guide, which is very suitable for first-time visitors to Hue.

Here, the vehicles are very quality to ensure visitors throughout the journey of discovery. Professional service staff, dedicated to the profession. The very enthusiastic guides will help you explore this dreamy land of Hue.

Contact information:

Motorbike rental Hue Ms. Chi

Chi is the most prestigious Hue motorbike rental shop . This place has very good service that many tourists choose to visit. The store is located right in the city center, which is very convenient for visitors to find.

The strength of this store is that the rental cars are all very good quality. All vehicles are new, with clear provenance, performance is guaranteed. In addition, the cars here are brought to regular warranty. Therefore, visitors will be very assured when using the service at this store.

Not only that, but this place also has Hue motorbike rental service at the airport, train station, and hotel. The shop is ready to deliver the car to each place, each location that visitors want.

Contact information:

  • Address: 16 Hung Vuong – Hue City
  • Hotline: 0389.441.733

Rent a motorbike at Beaulieu Boutique Hotel

The motorbike rental service at Beaulieu Boutique Hotel Hue is one of the services that tourists like the most. This is probably an extremely convenient service for visitors to stay here very easily. Because it is available at the hotel in moderate quantities, please contact to book in advance.

Not only that, but here also gives visitors interesting experiences from quality cars. So if you are wondering where to choose where to rent a motorbike in Hue at your hotel, please contact us for advice.

Contact information:

  • Address: 15 Pham Ngu Lao – Phu Hoi – Hue
  • Hotline: 0961.116.079

Motorbike rental service at Hue train station – Hidibike

The impressive thing when renting a motorbike in Hue of Hidibike shop is the service that provides for all the needs of visitors, even the most demanding tourists. With the slogan ”Prestige creates a brand”, this is a perfect and safe place to rent motorbikes for tourists to choose.

The motorbike rental service in Hue at this shop specializes in excellent, fully-maintained motorbikes. The performance of the car is very good, so you will be extremely comfortable moving throughout your journey. Besides, the car is also fully equipped with accompanying services such as helmets, virtual rain and 1 liter of gasoline, etc. Especially, the motorbike rental procedure is extremely simple, it only takes 5-10 minutes. .

Contact information:

  • Address: Ly Thuong Kiet – Phu Nhuan – Hue
  • Hotline: 0945.811.111

Hue motorbike rental and return the car in Da Nang – Anh Duy

If you are looking for a place to rent a motorbike in Hue and drop it off in Da Nang, Anh Duy is the place to meet the needs of many tourists. Motorbike rental prices are extremely competitive, but the prices here are very suitable for tourists to choose.

The store has a lot of models from digital cars to scooters for visitors to choose from. All the cars here are very safe to use for long trips. In case you have a problem while riding, a staff member will be there to assist you.

Contact information:

  • Address: Nguyen Chi Thanh – Phu Hiep – Hue City
  • Hotline: 0969.209.291

Cheap motorbike rental address – Ms. Ha

The cheap Hue motorbike rental shop, Ms. Ha, is located about 3km from the train station, very convenient for tourists to rent a car. With its central location, it is also a strong point to be known by more tourists and receive many positive feedbacks about the quality here.

There is a car delivery service here, at any address you can contact to book a car according to your requirements. Especially, the staff here deliver the car on time, so it is very suitable for your sightseeing plans.

Contact information:

  • Address: Chu Van An – Phu Hoi – Hue
  • Hotline: 0935.733.573

Renting motorbikes to foreigners in Hue – Hidden Land Travel

The motorbike rental location gives priority to foreigners when traveling to Hue when there is a need. This place has a very large scale of motorbikes, including high-volume motorbikes, creating a lot of choices for visitors. That is why you should rest assured when using the service here.

Besides many models, the car ensures high performance and regular maintenance. The staff here are extremely enthusiastic and always help customers when there is a problem. All problems of visitors are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Contact information:

  • Address: Ly Thuong Kiet – Phu Nhuan – Hue City
  • Hotline: 0384.412.822

 Rent a motorbike in Hue – Kevin Motorbike

Coming to a motorbike rental shop in Hue Kevin, you are very flexible about where to deliver the car. Any location, the shop will also accept car delivery. However, the delivery fee here is also calculated but it is also very reasonable to ensure and optimize for customers.

Here, we offer not only popular cars, but also more high-end cars. So you will have a lot of options for your favorite car.

Contact information:

  • Address: Nguyen Cong Tru – Phu Hoi – Hue City
  • Hotline: 0898.120.333

Cheap motorbike rental in Hue with Nam Thanh quality

Nam Thanh is the best choice if you are wondering where to rent a motorbike in Hue. Coming to the store, you will be able to choose from many different types of cars but the quality is extremely guaranteed. Only about 100k visitors can explore this land.

Contact information:

  • Address: 48 Le Loi – Hue City
  • Hotline: 0543.288.159

Hien’s motorbike rental shop

One more motorbike rental place in Hue that I would like to suggest to you is the motorbike rental shop of Ms. Hien. This is a shop that owns more than 100 motorbikes of different types. However, here only applies to visitors who want to rent from 2 days or more. This is a car rental location that is suitable for those who are on business or long-term travel.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Nguyen Sinh Cung – Hue
  • Hotline: 0935.112.009

Motorbike rental shop at Hue Train Station – Ms. Thao

Rent a motorbike at Hue train station and ask Thao, everyone knows. The location of the store is extremely close to the Train Station, so if you need a car it will be available immediately. This place provides new cars, car rental customers will be equipped with 2 helmets, raincoats, repair kits.

Contact now

  • Address:  29C Kiet, 103 Nhat Le, Thuan Thanh, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue
  • Phone:  0985 005 113

Latest Hue motorbike rental price list

All Hue motorbike rental locations have the same price. And the price of motorbike rental will depend on the type of car you want to use. Below is the general motorbike rental price list of the shops.

  • The latest Hue motorbike rental price is from: 130,000 VND / 1 car / day to 300,000 VND / 1 car / day

In addition to the price list listed above, visitors also have incentives when you have a need for long-term motorbike rental such as long-term work or travel. The car rental fee will be reduced, you will save a lot of money for your travel schedule.

What are the procedures for motorbike rental in Hue?

Just like other tourist destinations when renting a motorbike in Hue, the procedure is very simple, you just need to prepare the following necessary documents:

  • The original ID of the car rental shop will keep
  • Have a driving license A1 or A2
  • For foreign customers who rent a car, they will leave passports and visas
  • Deposit applies to those who rent a car for a long time or for work

Interesting experiences when renting a motorbike in Hue you should know

When you rent a motorbike in Hue, you can experience very interesting things in this ancient capital. Especially the following extremely interesting experiences:

Visit famous places

Hue tourist attractions are always included in your travel itineraries. When renting a motorbike, you will be able to visit destinations such as the Citadel, Khai Dinh Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda… In addition, traveling by motorbike helps you enjoy the weather, stroll around Truong Tien Bridge, easily move to the pedestrian street.

Enjoy food in every corner

Not only visiting famous places in Hue but you also have the opportunity to enjoy famous dishes. Especially these dishes you can move to the restaurants present in every corner. The certain dishes you must try are banh beo, vermicelli with mussels, Hue beef noodle soup, Nam Pho soup cake, etc.

Experiences when renting a motorbike in Hue

At which facility should you rent a motorbike in Hue?

To be able to choose a motorbike rental facility in Hue, you can refer to websites, fanpage, google, etc. I will suggest the most impressive motorbike rental place that is Ms. . Car rental here is from 80k to 120k depending on the type of car you want to use.

How is the rental period calculated?

The way to calculate the time to rent a motorbike in Hue is similar to other places that will be calculated according to 24 hours as 1 day. If you travel for 6 hours, it will be calculated as 0.5 days, and over 6 hours will be counted as 1 day. You should consider your car rental time so that it is reasonable.

Visitors should note the time to rent a motorbike to facilitate the calculation of travel costs.

How to choose the right scooter / gear car

In general, the terrain in Hue is very flat, so you can move the characteristics of 2 types of vehicles as follows:

  • Scooters: Many luxurious models that are easy to move are very suitable for women. The spacious trunk is very suitable for you to store more items. Beautifully designed many big brands for visitors to choose from.
  • Vehicles: Compact, easy to move, especially fast and flexible moving speed. The cost of renting a digital car is cheaper than a scooter. But if anyone is not used to it, it will be very difficult to move

If you feel that moving is suitable, you can choose. One piece of advice for you if you want to go to Hai Van pass, you should choose a car. Moreover, you should choose new car models to have the confidence to explore.

Notes that you should remember when renting a motorbike in Hue

When renting a motorbike in Hue, you should note the following important things:

  • Do not waste money to rent old motorbikes: Many tourists like to be cheap and save money, so they have chosen old cars to move. This will not be safe for you while traveling
  • Should check the safety of the car before use: Visitors must check the brakes, throttle, car lights, … to be more secure for themselves.
  • Check the contract and vehicle documents: You fully read the terms stated in the contract. If you have any questions, I will ask the lessor to answer. The car papers you should check if the license plate, the name of the car owner and the type of vehicle are correct.
  • Fill up the gas tank: In order not to interrupt the trip, when you receive the car, you should fill up the gas tank for more convenience.
  • Do not park arbitrarily: You should stop at a place with an authorized sign. Especially if there is a parking space, you should send it, because it will ensure the safety of the car

Above are the top 10 most prestigious motorbike rental locations in Hue that I have collected. Wish you have a happy trip to Hue and discover many interesting things.


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