Hue Lim Wooden Bridge: A place not to be missed

Referring to Hue, people will immediately think of the land full of poetic and peaceful. Not only famous for its distinctive voice, but also many famous cultural and historical architectural works. In particular, Hue Lim wooden bridge is a name that has recently been welcomed by many people. So what’s interesting about this bridge, let’s explore with Danang Private Car now!

Learn about Hue Lim Wooden Bridge

Coordinates of Lim Wooden Bridge

Located in the heart of the city, ironwood bridge is located on the south bank of the romantic Perfume River. Located between two famous bridges of Hue: Truong Tien Bridge and Phu Xuan Bridge. Besides, the bridge is also an extension of the walking route on the Perfume River. Starting from Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street to Ly Tu Trong park.


With a convenient location and architecture in harmony with nature, Lim Go Bridge has quickly attracted a lot of attention since it was just completed. The bridge is a place for people to come here to take a walk and cool off. Not only that, this is also the place to watch the most beautiful sunrise and sunset of the city.

The birth of Lim Go Bridge in Hue

Lim Go Bridge is an architectural work linking the friendship between Vietnam and Korea. The project is part of the landscape planning project on both sides of the Perfume River. Fully funded by KOICA with an investment capital of 6 million USD. The bridge was officially built at the end of December 2017 and completed in November 2018. But it will not be officially put into operation until 2019.


View the city’s billions of dollars’ worth of architecture

Not only having a beautiful location, but also unique architecture is also the biggest impression of Lim Go Bridge. With a total length of nearly 400m and a width of 4m, the bridge is a combination of 2 tones: wooden brown and copper gold, giving the ancient land a modern and luxurious beauty.


The main material to make the bridge is ironwood. This is high quality wood imported 100% from South Africa. Lim wood is not only beautiful and luxurious, but also very resistant to moisture and extremely strong. Each ironwood panel will have a thickness of 5cm and a slight fragrance. Visitors will feel the comfort every time they walk on this bridge.

The railing system of Cau Go Lim is made of 4,100 copper bars with golden tones, with a total weight of up to 7 tons. All these details are completely imported from Korea. Especially when the sun shines in, casting shadows on the shimmering river looks very beautiful.

This building is also installed with 100% waterproof electrical system and lighting. So even if it is submerged in water 4m, it will still ensure the normal and safe operation of the bridge. With a waterproof rating of IP67, Lim Bridge can be submerged in water for 5 days, it will still work normally.

Virtual life with many ‘smooth’ corners

Located on the banks of the romantic Perfume River and with unique architecture, Lim Bridge has become one of the hot check-in spots in Hue. The bridge is wide, beautiful, and has a cool space, so many people come here to walk and cool off. And the best time is at sunrise or sunset. The moments that everyone wants to come out here to save themselves really “delicious” photos.


To embellish the bridge, people also arrange a lot of flower beds and ornamental plants. Both make the scene become harmonious, and create more virtual living roots for everyone. Not only that, the rows of seats by the bridge are also expensive props in the “million-like” frame. Or you can also sit here to cool off and watch the Perfume River.


Wherever you are on Lim Wooden Bridge, you can ‘harvest’ yourself many beautiful photos. Sitting on a chair, leaning on the railing, sitting on the floor or walking freely, … Then just pick up the phone and have a photo to show off with friends.

If you have the opportunity to go to the ancient capital, you must definitely go to Hue Lim Bridge to check in. This is not only a beautiful place to admire the scenery but also a place for you to live virtual. Halo wishes you a very happy and meaningful trip!


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