Weather in Da Nang in July & Summer travel tips for Da Nang

What activities are suitable for the weather in Da Nang in July? Visiting Da Nang in July offers numerous beautiful sights and recreational activities waiting for you to explore. Is the weather in Da Nang in July nice? Is it suitable for traveling to Da Nang? If you are planning to visit Da Nang in July, follow the detailed weather forecast below to make a reasonable travel plan.

Weather in Da Nang in July: Is it Rainy? Weather Forecast for Da Nang in July

Average Temperature in Da Nang in July

What is the average temperature in Da Nang in July? Will there be rain in July, and if so, how much? These are common questions for travelers planning a trip to Da Nang in July, as the weather significantly impacts their itinerary and outdoor activities.

Weather Forecast for Da Nang in July for Travelers

Weather Conditions in Da Nang in July 2024

The weather in Da Nang in July 2024 is extremely pleasant, with mild and moderate conditions and minimal rainfall. The average temperature ranges from 25°C to 34°C. There will be a few light showers, with a total rainfall of about 87.3mm. This ideal temperature range allows tourists to enjoy outdoor activities and explore the beautiful sights of Da Nang.

Review of Traveling to Da Nang in July


Traveling to Da Nang in July, with its mild and pleasant weather, offers several advantages for visitors choosing this time of year:

  • Festivals and Cultural Activities: There is an opportunity to participate in grand festivals and unique cultural and artistic activities in Da Nang.
  • Health and Comfort: Visitors can maintain their health during the trip as Da Nang’s weather in July is moderate and not overly hot.
  • Culinary Delights: July in Da Nang offers a plethora of delicious foods to enjoy, such as bún thịt nướng (grilled pork noodles), bánh xèo (Vietnamese pancakes), and nem lụi (grilled pork skewers).
Advantages and disadvantages when traveling to Da Nang in July


While the weather in Da Nang in July is generally favorable for tourists exploring famous landmarks, there are still occasional sudden showers. Although the rainfall is not heavy, it can still affect outdoor activities. Therefore, if you visit Da Nang in July, it is advisable to stay updated on the weather, bring an umbrella, or adjust your travel schedule flexibly to cope with unexpected weather changes.

Tips for a Fun and Budget-Friendly Trip to Da Nang in July

To have a fulfilling trip in Da Nang’s July weather, which includes occasional sudden showers, here are some useful travel tips:

  • Prepare Your Wardrobe: When visiting Da Nang in July, don’t forget to bring along beautiful outfits, such as beach maxi dresses. Additionally, pack a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Getting Around the City: Da Nang offers various transportation options. You can use private car services in Danang, taxis, Grab, or public buses to get around the city. Alternatively, you can rent a bicycle or motorbike if you want to explore Da Nang on your own.
  • Book Accommodation in Advance: July is the peak tourist season in Da Nang, so make sure to book your hotel in advance to secure good accommodations at reasonable prices.
  • Research Events and Festivals: Look up the schedule of events and festivals in Da Nang in July to choose the best travel dates and make the most of your visit.

What Activities Are Ideal in Da Nang’s July Weather?

Enjoy Beach Activities

The weather in Da Nang in July is perfect for beach activities, so don’t miss the opportunity to experience the famous beaches. Some of the popular beaches in Da Nang that attract tourists include My Khe Beach, Bac My An Beach, and Tien Sa Beach.

Sunset on My Khe beach

With its vast beaches, visitors can immerse themselves in the cool waters and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze. Da Nang’s beaches also offer exciting activities such as surfing and other water sports. Don’t forget to capture beautiful photos at the beach to create lasting memories of your visit to Da Nang.

Visit Tourist Attractions

Da Nang is an attractive destination with many unique tourist spots. Visitors to Da Nang have the chance to explore the stunning natural beauty, rich culture, and unique architecture. Especially in July, the month of festivals and peak tourism, don’t miss these must-see attractions:

In Da Nang, every Saturday and Sunday, Dragon Bridge will shoot fire to entertain both locals and tourists.

There are many more beautiful sights in Da Nang to explore and admire. Therefore, before visiting, research these places to gradually discover the beauty of Da Nang.

Ideal Weather for Hoa Phu Thanh Waterfall Sliding

Hoa Phu Thanh Waterfall is a new and exciting tourist spot in Da Nang that attracts many visitors, especially young adventurers who love extreme sports. At Hoa Phu Thanh, visitors can experience waterfall sliding with rubber rafts. You will slide down the rushing white water from the top of the waterfall to the deep valley below, providing a thrilling and refreshing experience as the water splashes against your skin. Sliding down the waterfall requires courage and skill, but it also creates memorable moments for your Da Nang trip. Besides waterfall sliding, visitors to Hoa Phu Thanh can also enjoy ziplining, camping, and organizing fun outdoor activities.

Coral Diving at Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is an excellent destination for those who love snorkeling and exploring the ocean’s diverse marine life. With its beautiful beaches and clear blue waters, Son Tra Peninsula promises visitors an unforgettable diving experience.

Under the waters of Son Tra Peninsula, visitors will witness a vibrant and diverse underwater landscape. The colorful corals are mesmerizing, and the various marine creatures and plants coexist in a rich marine ecosystem. Around the stunning coral reefs, you’ll encounter small fish darting through the water. Even more enticing, you’ll have the chance to challenge yourself by swimming alongside these fish in the depths of the ocean.

Explore Da Nang at Night

Exploring Da Nang at night will give you a completely different perspective of the city. Da Nang remains vibrant and lively, allowing you to admire its beautiful, sparkling, and enchanting night scenery. Additionally, you can participate in fun activities or explore the city’s beautiful landscapes at night.

Street painting activities at Son Tra Night Market in Da Nang

Firstly, you can head to the various night markets in Da Nang to explore, shop, and enjoy delicious food. Da Nang’s night markets are usually bustling and offer a wide variety of goods. From souvenirs to specialty items that you can buy as gifts and delicious dishes that you can enjoy right at the market. Some famous night markets in Da Nang include:

Additionally, at night in Da Nang, visitors can visit various bars to enjoy entertainment with friends. The bars in Da Nang are lively, with many attractive programs that appeal to tourists. Some popular bars frequented by tourists in Da Nang include:

  • New Phuong Dong
  • Sky 21 Bar & Bistro
  • ADM Club
  • Yumi Bar

With the detailed weather forecast for Da Nang in July provided above, hopes you will have a complete and perfect trip. Da Nang in July has many beautiful landscapes waiting for you to explore, delicious dishes waiting for you to enjoy, and many exciting entertainment activities waiting for you to indulge in.


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