A Day in Ba Na Hills – Where to Go, What to Play, What to Eat?

Traveling to Da Nang without checking-in at Ba Na Hills is a big disadvantage. Where is Ba Na Hills tourist area and why does this place always maintain its attractiveness to tourists over the years? Let’s find the answer through this article! 

Ever since, Ba Na Hills tourist area has been associated with beautiful names such as “fairy ground in the world” or “miniature Europe in the heart of Da Nang”. Not only possessing a cool climate, countless picturesque check-in locations, Ba Na Hills also creates a beautiful highlight in the heart of #teamKlook with many fun activities, entertainment, shopping, dining… exciting. Where to go, what to eat, what to play in Ba Na Hills? Here is all the information you need to know about self-sufficient Ba Na Hills tourism.

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Where is Ba Na Hills?

Sun World Ba Na Hills tourist area is located in Hoa Vang district, about 25km southwest of Da Nang city center, at an altitude of 1487m above sea level. This is considered a European-class resort paradise in the heart of Da Nang city. Every year, Ba Na Hills attracts millions of domestic and foreign visitors. The images of Ba Na Hills regularly “storm” social networks and many times appear in the list of the most “worth-visiting” destinations in the world. It is not an exaggeration to say that the trip to Da Nang will be a waste if you “miss the appointment” with Ba Na Hills.

When should you go to Ba Na?


Weather and climate in Ba Na Hills change constantly, rainy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon, foggy in the afternoon. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the weather forecast before going to have a full day of fun in Ba Na Hills!
To avoid the phenomenon of rain and fog, the best time to come here is from April to September. At this time, there is little rain, the weather is nice, helping you catch all the beautiful corners everywhere. Or if you want to participate in festivals in Ba Na Hills, go in spring (January – March) and winter (October – December), but remember to bring warm clothes and umbrellas, because This time in Ba Na is quite cold and wet!

Instructions on how to go to Ba Na Hills Da Nang

1. Go to Ba Na Hills by bus

Located in Da Nang city, most tourists coming to Da Nang will visit Ba Na Hills. To easily get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang city center, you can catch the transfer bus of Ba Na Hills, the bus will stop at a number of fixed stations, you need to follow the information on the website to know the time. times and stations. Or if you are traveling in a large group, rent a private car to pick you up from the hotel.

2. Rent a car to Ba Na Hills

Renting a car to Ba Na Hills Da Nang is the fastest and most convenient solution, for people traveling in groups of three or more people. Depending on your needs, you can choose to rent a private car in a one-way or round-trip package. In the hot weather of Da Nang, what’s better than being “chilled” in a modern, cool air-conditioned car and having a “local” driver arrive safely, #teamKlook?
You can book Ba Na Hills Car Rental from Da Nang at Danang Private Car at an economical price. Don’t miss it!

3. Take the cable car to the top of Ba Na mountain 

You may not know: the cable car system of Ba Na Hills was voted by CNN as one of the 10 most impressive cable car routes in the world.
To enter the amusement park of Ba Na Hill, you will experience the highest and longest cable car system in the world, 5,801 meters long and 1,368 meters high. The cable car system built according to European standards, setting up to 4 world records will give you an extremely “view” of Da Nang city and a panorama of Ba Na Hills area.
Ba Na Hills has a total of 5 cable car routes, including: Ba Na – Suoi Mo cable car. Debat – Morin, Toc Tien Waterfall – L’Indochine, Hoi An – Marseille and Bordeaux – Louvre. In particular, on the way to the cable car, you will admire the emerald green Toc Tien waterfall, clear and extremely fast flowing, creating a very pleasant murmuring sound. One of the unforgettable experiences when taking the cable car to the top of Ba Na Hills is that you will feel the obvious change of weather.
Come to think of it, the weather at the foot of the mountain can be very hot and there is not a drop of rain, but when it comes to the top of the mountain there is drizzle and cold wind, this feeling will definitely be very interesting, #teamKlook!

4. Experience Ba Na Hills climbing train

From Debay station, before visiting Debay ancient wine cellar, Le Jardin d’amour flower garden and Linh Ung pagoda, visitors will have a short trip on the mountain train of Garaventa. You will be traveling through the mountainsides, enjoying the panoramic view of the primeval forest through the mountain train. The train will take you to Le Jardin d’Amour flower garden, Debay ancient wine cellar, Buddha statue, Linh Ung pagoda.
  • Operating time: 8:00 – 16:45 – there will be 1 train every 15 minutes.
  • Service time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (in peak season, serving until 18:30).
  • Ticket price: Currently, cable car tickets have been combined with train tickets, so they are free.

Hours of operation of Ba Na Hills

  • Ba Na Hills tourist area is open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • The Family Entertainment Center (FEC) operates every day, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Lunch buffet is open every day from 11am to 14h30.

Ba Na Hills ticket price (updated 2022)

In front of the amusement park are ticket counters for day play. The price for adults is about 750,000 VND; The price for children from 1-1.4 meters tall is 650,000 VND. Free admission for children under 1m tall. Rates include round trip on the cable car and entrance to most attractions in the park.
In addition, with Ba Na Hills Ticket At Klook, the ticket price will be cheaper than when buying directly. Especially with QR code tickets, you don’t have to wait in line to buy tickets. From now until April 24, 2022, when booking Ba Na Hills cable car tickets on Klook, you will also get a buffet ticket worth VND 260,000 at Beer Plaza restaurant.

Map of Ba Na Hills tourist area

Ba Na Hills is divided into 4 main areas: the foot of the mountain, Ba Na station, Morin station and the top of Ba Na Hills.
  • The area at the foot of the mountain: food court – shopping, ticket counter, Hoi An restaurant, Suoi Mo station, Suoi Mo.
  • Ba Na station area: Linh Ung pagoda, Tinh Tam garden, Shakyamuni Buddha statue, Doumer restaurant, Debay bar – Debay wine cellar.
  • Morin station area: the dining and resort area in Ba Na includes a chain of hotels with classic European design, Fantasy park and French Village.
  • Ba Na Hills peak area: Linh Chua Linh Tu temple, bell tower, Tru Vu Tra Quan.

Ba Na Hills tourism activities you should not miss

Admire the “treasure” of culture and top-notch architecture in Ba Na Hills

1. Miniature French & European Village

French Village is the last stop of the cable car journey, located on the top of Chua mountain. This area is designed according to ancient European architecture, like the dreamy Paris city of France, with soaring towers and peaceful castles.
You don’t have to go to Europe when you can go to the French Village in Ba Na Hills to feel the splendor and magnificence of ancient castles, a very European beauty in the heart of Da Nang. This is considered a work designed in the ancient architecture of the city of Paris. The work is divided into 7 areas, representing 7 musical notes in the music, simulating the square and town of the poetic Cannon country, creating a fairy picture in the heart of Da Nang city.

2. Golden Bridge – the emerging symbol of “virtual life association”

At the stop of Bordeaux Station is the Golden Bridge – the symbol of Ba Na Hills. The Golden Bridge at Ba Na Hills is one of the 100 best destinations in the world (voted by TIME magazine). Although inaugurated in June 2018, the Golden Bridge still proves its attraction with a dense presence on the social network accounts of tourists.
Located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, this world famous bridge is 150 meters long and is distinguished by the two giant stone hands that support the bridge. These two stone hands are likened to the giant hands of the gods pulling a strip of gold out of the land. On foggy days, the bridge will make you feel like you are walking through paradise surrounded by white clouds.
Coming to Ba Na Hills, everyone will definitely want to check-in with this “legendary” virtual living symbol, so you should come here early in the morning, or in the afternoon to avoid the situation of having to crowded to take pictures. Please! #teamKlook also don’t forget to prepare a raincoat or umbrella because the weather here changes very quickly, you won’t be able to turn back in time!
  • Opening time: 8:00am – 7:00pm.

3. Debay Wine Cellar

A unique work built by the French in 1923, Debay cellar is the ideal place to store wine, the temperature is always kept at 16-20 degrees. In addition to exploring the wine cellar dug 100m deep in the ground, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy passionate European specialties, or choose meaningful souvenirs for friends and relatives.
  • Service time: 8:00 – 17:00 (peak season, Debay cellar serves until 18:30).

4. Vườn hoa The Garden Of Love

From the Golden Bridge, you can walk a few steps to Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden. In the flower garden Le Jardin D’Amour are 9 gardens with 9 different emotions of love: Garden of Love, Garden of Secrets, Garden of Myths, Garden of Memory, Garden of Eden, Garden of Osaka, Garden of Thoughts , Suoi Mo slope, Sacred garden. Come to Le Jardin D’Amour to enjoy the classical beauty in the lyrical and poetic French music space, creating relaxing and wonderful moments.
  • Opening time: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.

5. Wax Museum

This is the first wax exhibition area in Vietnam, with wax replicas of many famous figures in the world in fields such as cinema, music, sports, politicians, etc. The statue is a sophisticated work of art made by Italian artisans. You will have the opportunity to meet 49 world famous stars, businessmen and politicians such as Angelia Jolie, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Lady Gaga,…
(*) Wax museum ticket is not included in Klook’s Ba Na Hills Ticket , you need to pay the entrance fee of 100,000 VND at the gate of the Wax Museum.

6. Fantasy Park

As the largest amusement park in Vietnam, Fantasy Park is suitable for all ages. The amusement park has more than 100 games with different levels, waiting for you to explore. Ba Na Hills tickets include tickets to 90 games at Fantasy Park, book tickets on Klook and “play to the wharf”. In particular, in Fantasy Park there is an interesting place called “Back to Jurassic”, which brings us back to the era of the dinosaurs, very realistic and vivid.

  • Operating time: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (peak season, Fantasy Park is open until 18:30)

7. No. 01 & 02 . Double Speed ​​Slide

One of the thrilling games that most visitors love at Ba Na Hills. The high-speed double slide here has up to 2 double helixes, first appearing in Vietnam.
Every year, at Ba Na Hills, many festivals take place, spanning from the beginning to the end of the year, refer to the festivals below and schedule it now!

8. Flower Festival

You will admire countless blooming flowers such as: Tulip flowers, Bell peach flowers, Hydrangea flowers, Aparang flowers, etc. In particular, 1 million tulips cover the flower garden of love. love Le Jardin D’Amour will make this place a great love paradise. In particular, the Tulip Festival in Ba Na became “Vietnam’s largest Tulip Festival”, recognized by the Vietnam Guinness Book of Records.
  • Time: February – March every year.

9. Summer Carnival

Held in May every year, this is a festival that brings a vibrant summer atmosphere with performances and costumes of professional dancers. Not only can you take pictures with the dancers in colorful costumes, you can also admire the elaborate performances from dance, singing, circus, magic, makeup, walking on stilts from more than 100 artists and dancers. from Europe show, with many different themes, changing from year to year. This is definitely a festival that you cannot miss when coming to Ba Na Hills in the summer.
  • Time: May – September.

10. B’estival . Beer Festival

Photo source: Sun World Ba Na Hills Resort
B’estival – another version of Oktoberfest, is considered the beer festival with the most participants in Vietnam, with many interesting events and activities for visitors. Coming to B’estival, you will live in a unique festive atmosphere, get drunk in beer yeast and enjoy the typical culinary flavors, mixed with dances combined with vibrant music.
  • Time: May – September every year.

11. Halloween Festival

A festival that is no longer strange in the West, is now recreated in Ba Na Hills through fairy tales, horror films, and expressed in the language of the charismatic dance art of artists. international scholar. In particular, pumpkins will be indispensable in Halloween, don’t forget to check-in with giant pumpkins, friends!
  • Time: September – October every year.

12. Wine Festival

At the Wine Festival held in the fall, you will be directly involved in the production of wine – the famous wine of France. One of the most beloved and anticipated traditions at European wine festivals is the La Batalla del Vino (Battle of Wine) ceremony. This ritual will be faithfully recreated at Ba Na Hills, helping you better understand the famous French drink.
  • Time: May every year.

13. Winter Festival

Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at an altitude of 1,487m, why not? You will be immersed in the romantic Asian winter scene with many unique activities and performances.
  • Time: November – December every year.

Admire the unique complex of spiritual works at Ba Na Hills

14. Linh Ung Pagoda

The temple is located in the Ba Na Hills tourist area, which is one of the ideal places to hunt clouds in the area. Linh Ung Pagoda in Ba Na Hills together with Linh Ung Pagoda in Ngu Hanh Son Mountain and at Bai But Son Tra are located in three positions to create a tripod for Da Nang.
Linh Ung Pagoda is located on a land with beautiful, sacred and poetic terrain at an altitude of 1,500m above sea level, and on the premises is a statue of Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha.

15. Tru Vu Tra Quan

Hidden behind the French Village is Tru Vu Tra Quan, a place for you to “stop in the world in a hurry”. The tea shop is designed according to the architecture of the North of Vietnam, simple and delicate. Outside the campus is decorated with trees, close to nature, inside is designed in a meditation style – a low square table, placed on a thin mat, tea people will sit on a carpet. , enjoy the taste of many different types of tea.
This is also a place few people go to, because it is hidden behind the French Village, come to Ba Na Hills, give yourself a quiet space and feel the peace through a combination of architecture, tea ceremony, Music and natural scenery here!

A guide to eating in Ba Na Hills – Fill your hungry stomach with “beauty” of Da Nang

You will not be allowed to bring food and drinks into Ba Na Hills tourist area. However, don’t worry about being hungry, as you’ll have plenty of food options here!

16. Beer Plaza

In the French Village area, you will see a small street leading to Beer Plaza, which is more than 4,000 square meters wide. Beer Plaza restaurant is designed with the look of a giant glass beer barrel. The mirror surface reflects Ba Na clouds and the surrounding landscape. The restaurant serves beer, food and buffet.

  • Service time: 9am – 10pm.
  • Buffet serving time: 11h00 – 15h00.

17. La Lavande buffet restaurant

Located behind Saint Denis Church, in the French Village area, La Lavande creates a cozy culinary space with more than 70 attractive dishes typical of Vietnam, Thailand, China, Japan, European dishes…

  • Service time: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm.

18. Aparang Restaurant

Arapang restaurant is located in Du Dome square area. With delicious buffet counters, arranged throughout the restaurant, it creates a tasteful feast for visitors. The food stalls are diverse such as salads, cold meats, Vietnamese hot cakes, water dishes, fried and baked, hot dishes, cakes and teas, fruits, drinks with more than 70 Vietnamese dishes of your choice.
  • Service time: 11h00 – 15h00.

The latest pictures of Ba Na Hills tourist area 

Using only words alone, it is impossible to describe the “fairy” beauty and the “extreme” feeling when traveling to Ba Na Hills! So right below are the latest series of pictures about Ba Na Hills Danang Resort for #teamKlook to refer to. The most practical advice is to “dress up” in an eye-catching way to blend in with the brilliant, Western-style scenery in Ba Na Hills. You will immediately have a set of cool check-in photos to post on Instagram.

Traveling to Ba Na Hills is self-sufficient, with Klook, don’t worry

Your Ba Na Hills travel itinerary will be simpler and more economical than ever with good price suggestions and conveniences from Klook. A visit to Ba Na Hills will give you a different view of “the most livable city in Vietnam” – poetic, dynamic but still contains many valuable traditional values. What are you waiting for, without inviting your close friends to plan your upcoming trip to Da Nang ?.


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