Where can I buy tickets to My Son Sanctuary and how much does it cost?

You plan to schedule a tour of My Son but still do not know the details of the ticket price of My Son holy land, where to buy it Danang Private Car would like to send readers relevant information to prepare well for your upcoming trip. If you are looking for an ancient relic, you should come here, it promises to be a meaningful visit.

About My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam

Where is My Son Sanctuary located?

My Son Sanctuary is a famous ancient architecture in Quang Nam, which was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 1999. They are also included in the list of 23 particularly important national monuments that need to be recognized by UNESCO. must be preserved.

Located about 69km from Da Nang City and 45km from Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary is located in Duy Phu Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province. Listed in the list of the most beautiful ancient temples in Southeast Asia, My Son Sanctuary is ranked alongside Cambodia’s Angkorwat and Myanmar’s Golden Temple.

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Because of this speciality, although it does not own a large number of visitors like Hoi An and Ba Na Hills, My Son Sanctuary still welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign visitors every year. Those who are interested, love and want to learn about the culture and history of ancient architecture, this will be a really worthwhile destination.

What is My Son Sanctuary worth to attract tourists?

Located majestically, quietly in the middle of a valley only about 2 hectares wide, surrounded by green mountains and forests, My Son Sanctuary attracts tourists with its ancient look along with thousands of years of history. To be able to preserve and restore this precious heritage, the government has also issued a regulation to sell tickets to My Son Sanctuary for each tourist to visit.

In the past, My Son Sanctuary was known as the place where the hard sacrifices of the Champa dynasty were held. According to historical books, My Son was built in the 4th century, then added many large and small towers, creating a valuable architectural complex. This place is also the cultural and religious center of the Champa dynasty as well as the burial place of ancient kings and royal princes.

The highlight of this place is the ancient temples, along with the temples and small towers. Now, through thousands of years of history, the relics of an ancient temple architecture, although faded over time, still retain its inherent values. The government has also restored and renovated a number of items and grounds to create favorable conditions for visitors from near and far to visit.

If you are interested in relic sites and want to better understand My Son holy site, you can refer to the latest updated My Son holy site travel experiences in 2023, which promises to be useful information that everyone will enjoy. are interested.

How much does it cost to visit My Son Sanctuary?

To be able to visit My Son Sanctuary, every visitor coming here is required to dance at the entrance. Currently, the ticket price of My Son Sanctuary has been adjusted compared to the specified ticket price from the early days. The specific ticket prices are as follows:

  • For Vietnamese customers: 100k/pax
  • For foreign guests: 150k/pax

Opening time of My Son Sanctuary: 6:30 am – 5:30 pm every day of the week.

For a relic of outstanding historical and cultural value like My Son, the ticket price can be said to be not too expensive, so that you can admire the masterpieces of architecture and beliefs of the ancient Cham kingdom. . Thereby, it also helps to better understand the history of formation, the creativity of the ancients in the construction of this magnificent and magnificent temple and tower.

Although My Son is open every day, including New Year’s holidays, not every time is ideal. You can easily choose a beautiful day, but avoid going around September, October because during this time it rains a lot, the weather is quite cold and especially, the road leading to the holy area is easy. muddy, not suitable for sightseeing.

Note: For those who intend to travel to Hoi An on their own, they should not go because as mentioned, the weather in the Central region is quite unstable, it rains continuously and there may be storms and floods. Instead, you should choose the time from March to May when the weather will be milder, more sunny but not as harsh as June and July

Ticket price to visit My Son Sanctuary includes:

  • Sightseeing tickets
  • Free tram
  • Watch cultural performances

Performance schedule: All days of the week, except rainy days or some other reasons, if any, will be announced specifically.

Performances: 9:15, 10:45, 14:00, 15:30

Art performances at the foot of the tower: 10am in the morning and 14.45pm in the afternoon.

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Where to buy tickets to My Son Sanctuary?

Currently, the ticket price of My Son Sanctuary is sold directly at the ticket counter at the entrance. After purchasing tickets, visitors will be transported by tram inside to start their tour. If you go with a group, you can hire an narrator to gain more understanding about the history of the Cham kingdom as well as the development process of this famous relic.

Special: If you are a student, you will have a program to buy tickets to My Son Sanctuary at a discounted price. Children can bring their identity card, household registration book or student card to buy tickets at a discount.

Finding out in advance about the ticket price of My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam is also a necessity when you are about to have a tour of this cultural heritage. Certainly, although it does not bring the bustle or majestic mountain scenery, My Son Sanctuary will bring you a very special memory, about the remaining ancient values ​​and impressive Apsara dances in the area. this.


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