Speedboat to Ly Son Island: Ticket price, schedule

Ly Son captivates visitors with its long clear beaches and beautiful unspoiled nature. Therefore, Ly Son is a favorite place of many people. Coming to Ly Son island, there is a very convenient form of taking a speedboat. Today, Danang Private Car will introduce you to “everything” about the speedboat to Ly Son island from ticket price to schedule.

What is the speedboat to Ly Son island?

People often compare Ly Son island district to a pearl island in the middle of the sea. The island is about 15 nautical miles from the mainland (1 nautical mile is equivalent to 1,852 m (1.85 km), making it an isolated place from the hustle and bustle of life.

Currently, the means of passenger transport on the Ly Son – Sa Ky route is a high-speed train, recently the term super-speed train has been added.


Previously, at SA Ky port, there were only high-speed ships with an average speed of about 16 knots. That is, departing from the harbor to Ly Son island will take about 1 hour. Recently, ships An Vinh 04, Super 2 East Sea, Chin Nghia 03, Chin Nghia 05… with a speed of 30 knots. From there it shortens the time to 30 minutes, and this is called a bullet train.

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Speedboat port to Ly Son island

Sa Ky port is located about 25km east of Quang Ngai city. Currently, at the port, there are many ships with varied daily schedules. You will choose your own travel time that suits your schedule.


Speedboat port to Ly Son island
Speedboat port to Ly Son island

Inside Sa Ky port, there are 2 main types of ships and the fare for each type is different:

  • High-speed boat to Ly Son island: is a hydrofoil, a modern ship with a capacity of more than 100 seats. Travel time by train takes about 60 minutes. This train will be suitable for those who love sightseeing or exploring the sea because the train is quite slow. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a sight of flying fish.
  • Speedboat to Ly Son Island:  As a speedboat, its travel time fluctuates around 30 minutes to reach the island. The train runs very fast and is suitable for passengers who love adventure and thrills. Note that on the day of big waves, you should also think if you choose.

Speed ​​train schedule Sa Ky – Ly Son

When moving to Ly Son, you should pay attention to the train schedule so that you do not miss the train, the train will start the first trip at 7:30 am and finish the last speedboat to Ly Son island at 15:30 every day. During these time frames, trains run:

  • Morning: 7:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m
  • Afternoon: 13h30, 15h00

On weekends or holidays, Tet will have from 8 to 9 trips or maybe 12 trips. Therefore, you should arrive 1 hour in advance to have time to prepare and board the speedboat to Ly Son island to avoid missed or late train.


How to buy tickets and choose shipping lines to Ly Son island

Currently, Sa Ky port is the only point where you can buy tickets to move to Ly Son island. Every day, there will be 14-15 speedboats to Ly Son island and back. You can go directly to the ticket counter to queue and buy train tickets.

  • Note: When buying a speedboat ticket to Ly Son island, you need to bring ID, CCCD, Passport or birth certificate for children.


One tip when choosing a speedboat is to choose larger trains that will run more smoothly without breaking the waves. The train has air-conditioner for ventilation, so it will also help you feel more comfortable. If you are seasick, remember to take your medicine and prepare yourself in advance of the vomiting bag.

Train ticket price to Ly Son 2022

Currently, a number of speedboats to Ly Son island perform extra time frames such as during the day according to the schedule and the number of tickets sold. Additional running hours:

  • Morning: 7:50, 8:00, 8:30, 10:30, 10:40, 11:10
  • Afternoon: 12h30, 13h00, 14h00, 14h20, 14h30, 15h10
Carriers Seats Price Time
Righteousness Express 07 168 VND 178,000 35 minutes
An Vinh Express 152 VND 178,000 35 minutes
Super East Sea 2 152 VND 178,000 35 minutes
Super East Sea 139 VND 178,000 35 minutes
An Vinh 04 78 VND 168,000 35 minutes
Righteousness 03 78 VND 168,000 35 minutes
Righteousness 05 82 VND 168,000 35 minutes


  • Disabled people get 25% off ticket price
  • Seniors get 15% off ticket price
  • Children under 6 years old will be free.


Notes when taking the speedboat to Ly Son island

The journey by speedboat to Ly Son Island will be extremely interesting. To have a perfect trip, you need to be sure to know the following notes to have a safe trip.

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  • Choose a reasonable train time to avoid arriving too early / late.
  • Guests suffering from seasickness need to take anti-sickness medicine 30 minutes before
  • Choose a big train to reduce shaking when running
  • Choose ships with air conditioning and open space
  • It is recommended to buy tickets in small order from 1-30 to be able to sit under the stern of the train to avoid getting drunk
  • You should choose clothes with good sun protection, and if not, prepare to apply sunscreen if you do not want to be grilled in the middle of the sea.


Above is the information about the ticket price of the speedboat to Ly Son island that Danang Private Car wants to provide to you. Hopefully the above information will help you have a memorable and complete discovery of Ly Son island.


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