The beautiful moments of Da Nang that attract tourists

The beautiful moments of Da Nang will surely be unforgettable memories for tourists when they have the opportunity to visit the coastal city. It’s not just about delicious food, Da Nang also brings you many impressive experiences about landscapes, life, and people. When traveling to Da Nang, explore the following experiences and you will find that this place is not only beautiful but also worth living.

The unforgettable beautiful moments of Da Nang in the eyes of tourists should not be missed.

Da Nang is a dynamic, youthful, and modern city, a wonderful tourist destination in the eyes of everyone. From the city center to the outskirts, this place always leaves a deep impression with all its beautiful scenery, large tourist areas, and exciting beach activities.

If you go on a trip somewhere, what remains with you afterward are the memories you keep. The beautiful moments of Da Nang will surely leave a lasting impression on you, whether little or much. Time is always something difficult to speak of, it continues like a process, and it cannot be recovered. So try to keep the beautiful moments of Da Nang, so that in the future, you can know how wonderful your youth was.

Beauty and delicious food are something you can feel and see, but they easily fade away. So what impressed you about Da Nang? For me, I have a small corner dedicated to this beautiful city.

Da Nang is not peaceful and gentle like Hue, nor is it rugged and romantic like Da Lat. Da Nang has an impressive living space, with surprisingly clean and beautiful streets. Not only that, this place can easily make people mesmerized by “Ba Na – The Road to Paradise” which is beautiful like a dream, the shimmering city of Hoi An at night, or the sudden blue beaches. Da Nang is worth it, worth remembering, and worth returning to many times.

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Enjoying the beautiful moments of Danang.

The beautiful moments of Danang are never the same, each person will have their own impression, a different feeling. Some are enchanted by the sea, some are interested in adventurous amusement parks, some love the feeling of wandering on the top of Son Tra mountain.

Admiring Ba Na in the clouds.

Ba Na Hills is located on the top of Chua Mountain, in the Truong Son range about 30km from the center of Danang. With a height of over 1,400m, Ba Na Chua Mountain has a cool and clean climate all year round. In 2007, the Sun Group corporation built the Ba Na Hills tourist area with ancient French architecture and a cable car system that achieved 4 world records.

Did you know that Ba Na Hills is known as the Sapa of Central Vietnam, not only attracting tourists with its pristine natural landscape but also with its white and dreamy cloud space? The Ba Na Hills tourist area welcomes visitors with a cool and slightly chilly atmosphere. Clouds surround and weave through the French architecture buildings, creating a romantic scene, no different from Sapa.

Sunrise on Son Tra Island.

Son Tra peninsula is known as the green lung of Danang and also the place where you can witness the first sunrise over the coastal city. And Mui Nghê is the destination that many young people choose to explore the beauty of Son Tra to watch the sunrise over the sea.

You can ride a motorbike up to Son Tra very early in the morning, then find a convenient spot right at Mui Nghe to wait for the extremely gentle moment of the sun rising. This will surely be a beautiful moment of Danang that you should have for yourself as it brings many experiences. You can do this in your Danang day trip, combined with visiting Linh Ung Pagoda, the thousand-year-old banyan tree, and Ban Co peak.

Additionally, you can participate in a coral diving tour, and enjoy the local seafood specialties of this place.

A private car trip from Da Nang to Son Tra Peninsula is a good choice to capture the best moments.

The Blue Sea of Non Nuoc.

If you have fallen in love with My Khe Beach – one of the 6 most attractive beaches in the world, don’t miss the opportunity to admire the beauty of Non Nuoc Beach. One of the ideal combinations is for tourists to climb to the top of Thuy Son peak – located in the scenic area of Ngu Hanh Mountain to be able to enjoy the whole picture of the sea. There, the soul and the blue sea blend into one.

Non Nuoc beach – green and blue water like a picture

Traditional Boat Racing Festival.

The beautiful scenery and culture of Da Nang combine to create many interesting activities, and the traditional boat racing festival is a unique festival in Da Nang that people look forward to. The festival takes place annually in January of the lunar calendar, held on the romantic Han River with the meaning of praying for good rain and wind, and the life of fishermen is warm and full.

Traveling to Da Nang at the beginning of the year will be an opportunity for tourists to admire the beauty of traditional culture of the people. In addition, don’t forget to combine a trip to Son Tra Peninsula to visit Linh Ung Pagoda and pray for peace for yourself and your family.

Go to the fishing village early in the morning.

Visiting the fishing village, learning about the lives of fishermen is also a beautiful moment to discover about Da Nang. For many years, many tourists have come to fishing villages to explore many beautiful scenes as well as to learn more about the culture, customs and traditions, and to have the opportunity to experience fishing and squid fishing with local people.

If you have come to Da Nang for tourism, you should not miss the beautiful moments of this beautiful coastal city, to discover interesting things that nature and the people here bring.

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival DIFF.

Attached to the dreamy name of the city, Da Nang has become even more dazzling with the international fireworks festival on an unprecedented scale. This is known as the largest fireworks festival in Southeast Asia, with a script of five nights of performances featuring powerful countries from around the world. And for the past 10 years, the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival seems to have become an essential spiritual food for the people of Da Nang as well as domestic and international guests.

A corner of the DIFF event from above

One of the beautiful moments about Da Nang was captured in a photo titled “Event and Festival.” This moment seemed to explode all the senses of the viewers, because there were no words to describe its attraction. A sparkling Da Nang city at night, the peaceful Han River suddenly became colorful, creating an extremely vivid picture. Along the Han River were luxurious yachts and millions of floating lanterns, adding a mysterious, surreal beauty to the scene.

Moment of “Twin Dragons Admiring the Moon”

The Han River and the bridges crossing the river are always a source of inspiration for creating beautiful photos, capturing beautiful moments of Da Nang. Every time you see it, you cannot help but be amazed by the Han River’s beauty from every angle. The artwork “Twin Dragons Admiring the Moon” partially depicts this beauty, with the image of two dragons enjoying the beauty of the full moon. The sparkling lights shining under the Han River seem to add more glitter to its shimmering beauty.

Sunset on Da Nang Beach

Owning My Khe Beach, one of the most charming beaches on the planet, Da Nang deserves the title of a city of beautiful landscapes. And one of the most beautiful moments in Da Nang is not only watching the sunrise on Son Tra but also experiencing the sunset on the beach. From any location in the city, you can easily watch the sunset. But the ideal suggestion for you is My Khe beach, Van village, East Sea Park, Tien Sa port, and Nam O beach.

Dragon Bridge spitting fire and water – the most impressive moment about Da Nang.

It seems that every bridge in Da Nang is associated with a special event, such as the Han River Bridge that turns at night, the Thuan Phuoc Bridge is jokingly called the “debt eraser,” and the Dragon Bridge is associated with the event of spitting fire and water.

Fire-breathing Dragon Bridge is an expected event on weekends

Every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm, local people and tourists can admire the impressive performance of the spitting of fire and water from this giant Dragon. At this time, the bridge, which was already majestic, becomes even more powerful and soulful than ever before. If you have the chance, don’t miss one of the most beautiful moments about Da Nang.

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Experience capturing the beautiful moments of Da Nang:

Visit Da Nang during events.

Most of the beautiful moments in Da Nang happen before an event, such as the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival, Dragon Bridge spitting fire event, or hot air balloon performances at East Sea Park. It’s rare to witness these moments because events usually occur only once a year, except for Dragon Bridge spitting fire which happens every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm.

Hot air balloon festival at East Sea Park

Time it right to get deep photos of Da Nang.

Da Nang is blessed with natural beauty, from its romantic and picturesque Non Nuoc Beach and My Khe Beach to its Ba Na Hills, Bach Ma Mountain, and Son Tra Peninsula. To capture the most beautiful moments of Da Nang, the ideal time is probably at sunrise and sunset. Sunrise brings mischievous rays of morning sunshine that feel fresh, while sunset paints a dreamy, enchanting scene.

Choose a beautiful location to capture the most beautiful moments of Da Nang.

If you want the most beautiful photo of Da Nang, then you cannot miss this step. Whether you are taking photos of events, sunrise or bridges, choose an ideal spot to capture the most impressive images.

  • Event photography: You should take panoramic shots because this will capture all the moments to create a beautiful picture. If it is a fireworks event, there is nothing better than taking photos from the grandstand, from the top floor of hotels or from a position on a cruise ship. The cruise ships will choose the best position for tourists to enjoy the best fireworks display from various countries. Therefore, if you want beautiful photos and the most exciting experiences, you should book yourself an early ticket for a Han River cruise.
  • Taking photos of the Dragon Bridge spitting fire: To be able to capture the entire Dragon Bridge as well as the most beautiful image of the Dragon spitting fire, the location I’m talking about is standing from the Love Bridge – the Koi Fish transforming into a Dragon statue. If you stand close to the head of the Dragon Bridge, you will get a close-up view, but it will not be as beautiful when taking photos from a distance.
  • Taking photos of sunrise: Surely you already know where the best place to take photos of sunrise or sunset is, which is from the beach or from the top of a mountain. This moment will become more magical if it appears on the beach or a wide-open horizon. At that time, everything blends together, unintentionally creating a beautiful, natural landscape.

Beautiful moments in Da Nang will surely be memories that every tourist will cherish when leaving this city. Da Nang is not only worth living in, but there are also many things to hold onto. It would be a pity if you haven’t visited all the attractions, tasted all the delicious food, and tried new experiences. Da Nang always opens its arms to welcome visitors to this wonderful city, where there are many cheap and delicious dishes and honest, civilized people.




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