Festivals in Ba Na Hills are most anticipated by visitors

Ba Na Hills not only attracts visitors by the beauty of the charming scenery but also is the place where special festivals take place throughout the year. However, many tourists still do not know when and how long these festivals take place. Let’s review the festivals in Ba Na Hills that visitors expect the most.

Festival in Ba Na Hills – Flower Festival

The Ba Na Hills flower festival will take place in the spring, when the buds are stirring to sprout, hundreds of flowers are blooming. Usually this festival will be held from February to March. This is the time when you can admire the beauty of nature.

Visitors will feel like they are lost in a colorful and very splendid world. At this time, Ba Na will be filled with brilliant colors from tulips, bell peaches, sister flowers, etc. All have created a colorful flower line.

In addition, when traveling to Ba Na Hills at this time, you will experience more special activities such as wrapping traditional Tet cakes. This is probably a gift given to visitors when you come here in the spring of the new year. Besides, you will see the beauty of the traditional Tet with a fresh and modern beauty.

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Carnival masquerade

Following the flower festival will be the Carnival festival, which takes place from April to September every year at Du Dome square in the French village. When you travel at this time, you will be transformed into extremely vibrant and colorful melodies.

You seem to be lost in a Western world because it is unbelievable that there are princesses and princes here. All the performers were from Europe and they mingled with the spring dances.

In Ba Na Hills, there is a quite famous amusement park, Fantasy Park – An amusement park with more than 100 very interesting indoor and outdoor games. Read more articles: Decipher Fantasy Park Ba ​​Na Hills , what’s so attractive?

Festival in Ba Na Hills – Wine Festival

In May every year at Ba Na Hills, there will be a wine festival. This is a festival where visitors will enjoy glasses of wine at Le Jardin D’amour flower garden. You not only immerse yourself in the melodies but also immerse yourself in the colorful world filled with floral scents. If you go to this festival, you will be very excited and wonderful.

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Beer Festival B’estival

From June to September at Du Dome square and Beer Plaza will take place B’estival beer festival. The festival in Ba Na will recreate an extremely bustling atmosphere in Germany with millions of liters of beer being distributed for FREE. There are also very special art performances here. If you go on this occasion, you can rent funny costumes to mingle with the tunes of the festival.

Halloween Festival

The Halloween costume festival will be held throughout October to greet the group of masquerades. This is the most anticipated festival of the year and is held at Du Dome square. On this holiday, you will see your favorite characters with your own eyes and will be dressed up with the crew in Ba Na Hills. Not only that, but you also get yourself beautiful photos.

Butungx pumpkins of different sizes are decorated around Ba Na tourist area

Winter Festival

Referring to the winter festival, many visitors will probably think of Christmas on Ba Na. The weather on Ba Na Hills in winter is very suitable to organize the most special festival series at the end of the year. You will see the Christmas trees are decorated very eye-catching, colorful.

At Du Dome square, you will see a huge pine tree right in the middle of the majestic mountains, extremely luxurious and splendid. The space at this time on Ba Na will be a very interesting experience for you to enjoy and explore.

Sunshine Dance – Festival in Ba Na Hills

Sunshine Dance is a festival in Ba Na Hills that was just launched in May 2019, this is a festival like bringing a new breeze to Vietnam. You will see dancers wearing impressive colorful costumes to perform.

This festival was inspired by the cake cake festival, which brought spectacular competitions. Performances with the appearance of images from lands such as Festivals, occult, icy, magic. All have created a fresh and attractive color, the most attractive part is the Sunflower crown and the person is sitting right next to the Sun God.

Notes when attending the festival in Ba Na Hills

The cultural values ​​become special thanks to the festival in Ba Na Hills which brings a strong attraction to visitors. So to make your journey more meaningful and complete, please note the following:

Choosing the right festival in Ba Na Hills

Most of the festivals on Ba Na Hills are suitable for everyone, of all ages. However, you should still choose a festival that you love the most to visit. For example, if you are a music lover who likes excitement, you can choose when those festivals take place.
And if you don’t know how to drink beer and wine, but you go on that occasion, you will be very sad because you cannot fully immerse yourself. However, on Ba Na, there will also be other parallel activities for you to combine and have fun.

Watch the weather on Ba Na

Actually, the first thing that tourists often consider before traveling is to see the weather forecast. Once you have determined the weather on Ba Na Hills , the climate, you will be prepared with appropriate clothes and a more specific schedule for the trip. This will help you to ensure your health and safety when playing on Ba Na Hills.

Check out where to stay to participate in festivals in Ba Na

Normally, exciting music festivals will take place all day, many tourists have chosen to stay overnight to enjoy. You can experience the festivals more fully, and enjoy the meaningful cold weather. However, staying here has only one hotel, Mercure Danang French, operating. If you want to stay overnight, please contact to book the room as soon as possible.

What to prepare when participating in the festival in Ba Na Hills?

The festivals on Ba Na Hills will take place outdoors, so visitors will walk to visit. Therefore, choose clothes that are light and easy to move. Besides, if you go to spiritual places, you must dress politely and discreetly. In addition, you should bring a small backpack to hold money and phone

Bring the necessary supplies

You should bring sunscreen because festivals will take place outdoors to protect your skin. In addition, you should bring a hat, umbrella, and sunglasses when you really need to use it. Those are also the necessary props for you to take great photos here.

Not allowed to go separate groups

During the festival, it will be crowded with tourists. So if you don’t want to get lost, remember not to separate, go separately. In case you want to go alone to explore, keep your phone with you so that when you need it, let’s contact each other.

Above are the festivals in Ba Na Hills with many fun activities and it is held all year round for you to explore. Please choose for yourself a most suitable time to explore the experience of this fairyland. Wish you have meaningful trips with your family and loved ones.

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