A day of exploring Bana Hills with exciting adventures

With the one-day itinerary for exploring Bana Hills suggested by DanangPrivateCar.com below, your trip to Da Nang promises to be much more exciting. Follow along with us!

Exciting Experiences in a One-Day Journey Exploring Bà Nà Hills

Morning in the One-Day Journey Exploring Bana Hills: Golden Bridge – L’Jardin Zone

To start your one-day journey exploring Bana Hills, you can depart from the city center around 7:30 AM. On the way, you will pass by My Khe Beach in Da Nang, famous for its clear blue water and the coastal road that hugs the main route.

Upon arriving at Bana Hills, you will ascend to the mountain peak via a modern cable car system. This is also the first highlight of this famous tourist area, and it is one of the iconic images representing Da Nang tourism.

The first attraction in the one-day journey exploring Bana Hills is the Golden Bridge. The most striking feature of this iconic bridge is the image of Buddha’s hands supporting it, which is both unique and meaningful. This landmark is so prominent that TIME magazine named it one of the world’s top 10 best tourist destinations in 2018, and The Guardian favored it by calling it “the most impressive pedestrian bridge.”

Afterward, you can continue to the L’Jardin Zone. This is also the most notable attraction within the Bana Hills entertainment complex, featuring significant structures such as Tinh Tam Garden, French Stable, a hundred-year-old pomelo tree, and the Old Villas area. Here, you will feel as if you are stepping into a European fairy tale with castles that seem to come straight out of a storybook. Surely, when you visit this place, you will have the opportunity to take countless dreamy photos to check in at Da Nang. If you capture beautiful photos, don’t forget to share them with DanangPrivateCar.com!

To start your one-day itinerary exploring Bà Nà Hills, you can travel by personal vehicle to the base of Bana Hills. Then, taking the cable car to the top is an exciting experience that this tourist destination offers to welcome everyone.
During the cable car journey, you will see the magnificent mountain scenery stretching out below. There’s nothing better than the feeling of floating in the deep blue sky and admiring the beautiful natural landscape, right?
Beneath your feet are dense forests, and in the distance, undulating hills against the deep blue sky. Gazing further out, you can even see the vast ocean scenery. Isn’t that fascinating?
If you want to travel to higher points at Bana Hills, you can also take the cable car. This one-day journey exploring Bana Hills is sure to leave everyone with many unforgettable memories.
The castles, built in a classic French style, stand out as captivating highlights amidst the majestic mountains and forests of Da Nang.
A corner of the French Village, a favorite spot for many visitors at Bana Hills. Inspired by castles with their classic beauty, the French Village vividly recreates the European scene in the heart of Da Nang.
Of course, we can’t forget to mention the famous Golden Bridge. With its impressive design, this bridge has left many with unforgettable impressions of a truly unique tourist destination.
If you visit the Golden Bridge during festive occasions like Tet, you’ll commonly see people gathering to take photos here. You may have to wait quite a while to snap a picture at this iconic spot for checking in at Da Nang.
The impressive scenery of the Golden Bridge when viewed from above. It’s evident that the most striking feature of the bridge is the image of the hands of the Buddha supporting it at each span.

Afternoon: Summit of Mount Chua – Fantasy Park – Linh Ung Pagoda – Loc Uyen Garden

During noon, you can enjoy a buffet at restaurants within the Bana Hills area, offering a diverse menu with numerous dishes spanning both Asian and European cuisines. Additionally, there are many cafes with charming spaces for relaxation and capturing beautiful photos.

After recharging your energy, you can continue your one-day journey exploring Bana Hills by taking the cable car to reach the summit area of Mount Chua. Often referred to as the “roof of Da Nang,” from here, you’ll have a panoramic view overlooking the entire cityscape and far-off seas. This is undoubtedly the most exquisite spot for sightseeing and enjoying the breeze.

Continuing the one-day journey exploring Bana Hills, if you seek moments of entertainment with a range of thrilling activities, don’t miss out on Fantasy Park! This indoor amusement park boasts a vast area, even recognized as the largest in Asia, offering a variety of enjoyable games for everyone to choose from. Here, you must not overlook attractions like Skiver Pilot, Freefall Tower, Jura Park, Haunted House, Outrun Racing, Windmill Area, Fairy Forest, as well as the highly captivating 3D and 5D cinema areas!

Furthermore, if you’re a fan of spiritual tourism, you can visit the Linh Ung Pagoda situated atop the mountain at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. The serene atmosphere of the pagoda, along with the highlight of the nearly 27-meter-high statue of Buddha with 8 outspread arms, will surely bring you a sense of tranquility. Moreover, from the pagoda’s courtyard, you’ll have a panoramic view of the cityscape and even glimpses of Son Tra Peninsula and My Khe Beach in the distance, which is truly fascinating, isn’t it?

After marveling at the pagoda, paying respects to the Buddha, and participating in a series of fun games, you can take the cable car back down the mountain, concluding an extremely exciting and memorable one-day journey exploring Bana Hills.

A day exploring Bana Hills with exciting experiences wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the French Village, with its fountain lake, always a favorite photo spot for many whenever they visit. You can also try tossing coins into the water and making wishes; who knows, those wishes might come true!
Of course, another outstanding structure within the tourist and leisure complex that must be mentioned is the Linh Ung Pagoda. This pagoda, located atop the mountain with its spacious surroundings and expansive views, is truly sublime.
The giant Buddha statue amidst the surrounding lush forests and the deep blue sky is an attraction you definitely shouldn’t miss. Standing at the foot of the Buddha, it seems like all worries vanish into thin air.
After having marveled at the pagoda, you can return to the French Village area to capture dreamy photos. Looking like this, people might mistake you for wandering in the Western heavens!
Don’t miss the chance to enjoy thrilling and exciting games at Fantasy Park! There are still many special amusement games waiting for people to explore and enjoy at this park.


A one-day journey exploring Bana Hills is just enough for everyone to experience a variety of games, entertainment services, and enjoyable relaxation here. If you’re someone with limited time but still want to enjoy the exciting games at this entertainment complex, don’t forget to bookmark this article from DanangPrivateCar.com in your travel handbook. Also, remember to use the private car rental service with drivers in Danang from DanangPrivateCar.com for the best trip to Bana Hills in a day. Book your day trip from Da Nang to Bana Hills now.


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