Which is the best price for Ba Na Hill Buffet 2024?

Many tourists are worried whether eating on Ba Na Hill is expensive or not, which service should be used reasonably, saving for the trip. According to Ba Na Hill travel experience , I often eat buffet at restaurants at the top of Nui Chua. Below I will suggest how much the Ba Na Hill Buffet fare is and which one should be the most delicious.

Price list for Ba Na Hill Buffet at famous restaurants

Everyone has different tastes, so choosing the right food will be difficult. However, coming to Ba Na Hills, you will have many choices from Western dishes to a famous Vietnamese dish.

The buffet fare of European restaurants will be higher than that of Vietnamese restaurants. Currently, the price list of Ba Na Hill Buffet tickets at specific restaurants is as follows:

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Ticket price for Ba Na Hill Buffet Korean restaurant

  • Ticket price for Ba Na Hill buffet for adults: 350,000 VND / person
  • Ba Na Hill buffet ticket price for children (1m-under 1m4): 210,000vnd/child
  • Time: 10:00 – 14:00
  • Location: Korean Restaurant

In Korean restaurants, almost all dishes are not much different, only adding specific flavors such as tongue-slicing spicy. If you are a fan of Korean food, this is the restaurant that best suits you.

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Ticket price for Ba Na Hill Buffet at Russian restaurant

  • Adult buffet ticket price: 325,000 VND
  • Ticket price for Children’s Buffet: 175,000 VND
  •  Time: 10:00 – 14:00
  • Venue: KAVKAZ VISTA . Restaurant

Buffet ticket price in Ba Na Hill in Russian restaurant will be higher than in other restaurants, this can show that Russian cuisine is very diverse. Bringing visitors new flavors with extremely unique sauces that make visitors remember forever.

The food counter in the Russian restaurant is very richly decorated

Ticket price for Ba Na Hill Buffet at Vietnamese restaurant

  • Adult ticket price: 350,000vnd/person
  • Child ticket price (1m-under 1m4): 210,000vnd/child
  • Time: 10:00 – 14:00

You will have the opportunity to dine at one of the following three restaurants: Beer Plaza, featuring French-style design with a spacious three-floor environment; Arapang restaurant located at Du Dome Square, offering an elegant and cozy atmosphere; or Four Season

Buffet Dinner Prices at Beer Plaza Restaurant:

  • Adults (Over 1m4): 250,000 VND per person
  • Children (1m – under 1m4): 150,000 VND per person

Note: Prices do not include beverages.

Buffet Ticket Prices at Little Tokyo Restaurant

Additionally, if you have higher preferences, choosing Little Tokyo Restaurant is an excellent option. Although it comes with a relatively higher cost, it will surely satisfy even the most discerning diners.

  • Adults (Over 1m4): 350,000 VND per person
  • Children (1m – under 1m4): 210,000 VND per person

When booking buffet tickets, the restaurant name will be randomly assigned before the guest’s arrival date, or you can check the restaurant name on the ticket when holding it in your hand.

Ticket price for Ba Na Hill buffet dinner

  • Adult ticket price: 250,000vnd/person
  • Child ticket price (1m-under 1m4): 125,000vnd/child
  • Time: 17h30 – 21h30
  • Location: Beer Plaza Restaurant/ Louvre

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A brief introduction about the buffet service in Ba Na Hill

Below I will introduce a little about the buffet restaurants that are chosen by many of you. Visitors to Da Nang are very interested in restaurant services on Ba Na Hills.

Buffet Beer Plaza Restaurant

This is a restaurant built in 2019 with a spacious and luxuriously designed space. The food here is very secure, the kitchen is also close to the display counter, so the food will be brought out very quickly. Beer Plaza restaurant stands tall like a giant glass beer barrel with a mirror reflecting the magnificent panorama around.

Buffet Beer Plaza Restaurant

Lavender Buffet Restaurant

When the Beer Plaza restaurant did not appear, the Lavender restaurant was always chosen by many tourists because the space here is very large. The dishes on display are rich and eye-catching. There are many places around for you to enjoy the scenery around. Here you will be served in a very friendly and attentive way. Bringing a feeling of warmth and closeness to visitors.

Buffet Restaurant Morin

With a long tubular design, visitors can see the surrounding mountains and clouds. The food here is very rich with both European and Vietnamese dishes for visitors to enjoy according to each person’s taste. With a very delicate menu and attentive service attitude, Morin restaurant has given visitors an unforgettable impression.

Arapang restaurant

Arapang restaurant is the highest buffet restaurant in Ba Na Hill because it was built on 4 floors with many beautiful seats for visitors to choose from. With a capacity of up to several thousand people, you can see that the space here is extremely large. The ticket price for buffet here can be raised to 295,000 VND to enjoy more high-class dishes.

What should you pay attention to on the ticket price of Ba Na Hill Buffet?

In general, the price of Ba Na Hill Buffet tickets at restaurants is about 255,000 VND/adult and 128,000 VND/child. The restaurants that I recommend above all have almost the same dishes, only different in seating and surrounding view.

Each ticket price of Ba Na Hill Buffet will have the same quality, a variety of attractive dishes

Many visitors will have their own feelings because the food here has up to 100 dishes, so they have different tastes. So you can’t hear people praising which restaurant and criticizing which restaurant, that will not be true. According to many times I go, all restaurant systems in Ba Na are equally delicious.

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Experience in buying Ba Na Hill Buffet tickets

Every day, tens of thousands of tourists come to Ba Na Hill tourist area to meet the demand for buffet tickets here, which is also a concern.

Every day, the number of customers using the service will be very crowded

Since October 2018, Ba Na Hill has issued a regulation that does not allow visitors to bring food, so most visitors will use the buffet service at Ba Na Hill very large. There are days when tickets are sold out and visitors will have to use food service at other restaurants on Ba Na with extremely expensive prices.

Reviews of buffet food service in Ba Na Hill

In general, the ticket price of Ba Na Hills Buffet is the same, suitable for many tourists. With many restaurants in a tourist area, it will help you have more choices. The food at each restaurant is diverse and rich, most of which are very delicious Vietnamese dishes.

Those are my personal opinions and each person will have different feelings. You can share at the end of the article so that everyone can know the evaluation of buffet service in Ba Na Hill.

Above is all the information about the ticket price of Ba Na Hill Buffet as well as the restaurants serving that I want to send to you for your reference. Hopefully, this article will help you have a more comprehensive view of the services in Ba Na Hill. Wish you have a fun and interesting trip to Ba Na Hills.


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