Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills – Detailed review of location and cuisine

Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills is a prominent, large restaurant within the restaurant system in the Ba Na Hills tourist area. It always offers tourists delicious meals with a diverse menu in a luxurious space. Let’s explore this restaurant in detail with’s.

How many restaurants are there in Ba Na, should Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills be chosen?

The Ba Na Hills tourist area is located at an altitude of 1487 meters above sea level. Known as the “Dalat of Central Vietnam,” it boasts a vast scale. The entire Ba Na mountainous area covers an area of ​​up to 8,425 hectares. This place has conditions for building magnificent tourist areas. Nestled amidst vast natural forests with beautiful scenery akin to a fairyland and a unique climate with four seasons in one day.

Another special feature that leaves an impression on tourists is the system of luxurious, high-class restaurants in Ba Na.

There are many famous restaurants in Ba Na Hills. Some notable ones include: Ba Na Hills Bar Debay Restaurant, Brasserie Wine Cellar Restaurant; Club-Buffet Restaurant; Hoi An Restaurant. Or Kavkaz Vista Restaurant; Doumer Restaurant; Le Jardin Restaurant; Morin Restaurant.

Bana Hills has many famous restaurants

Among them, the most outstanding is Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills. Lavande is part of the Ba Na Nui Chua restaurant chain. Named after a typical flower of France, Lavande symbolizes luck and harmony.

There is no shortage of restaurants in Ba Na Hills. However, Lavande stands out for its quality delicious dishes and excellent service. Especially, despite being located in a world-famous tourist spot, the prices here are still reasonable.

Introduction to Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills

If you’re looking for dining options in the Ba Na Hills tourist area, look no further than the experience of delicious and cost-effective dining at Lavande Restaurant.

Lavande Restaurant Address

Lavande is one of the restaurants in the Ba Na tourist complex. Located in the French village, right behind Saint Denis Church. This is a place where tourists flock daily. Therefore, the restaurant always has a large number of diners stopping by.

Operating hours of Lavande Restaurant

Restaurant opening hours: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Review of the architectural space of Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills

Situated within the French village at Ba Na Hills, Lavande is built in characteristic French architecture. The restaurant consists of 3 floors. The space exudes a sense of antique elegance, gradually becoming more intimate as you ascend, creating a luxurious and cozy atmosphere for visitors.

Regardless of where one sits inside the restaurant, guests feel warm and comfortable thanks to the thoughtful lighting system and attentive service style.

Surrounding the restaurant is a garden of flowers and pristine forest

Notably, the restaurant is extremely airy and blends harmoniously with nature, surrounded by flower gardens and pristine forests.

Therefore, standing on the balcony of Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills, visitors can freely gaze upon the vast and majestic forested mountains. At the same time, they can immerse themselves in the romantic beauty of the vibrant flowers all around.

Review of services at Lavande Restaurant, Ba Na Hills

Danang Private Car’s believes that Lavande at Ba Na Hills is the destination where you will be satisfied if you want to enjoy top-notch dining services. Let’s dive into the exciting experiences awaiting visitors at Lavande.

Lavande Restaurant – Where diverse cuisine from all over Vietnam converges

When visiting any restaurant, the quality of the food is what diners are most concerned about. And Lavande’s delicious and relatively affordable menu promises to meet this expectation. Here, there is a variety of delicious dishes from all three regions of Vietnam.

Each dish reflects the essence of each region. Whether you are a visitor from any locality, you can find dishes that suit your taste here.

This place offers a variety of delicious Vietnamese cuisine dishes

Especially, don’t miss out on the specialties of Da Nang and Quang region served at Lavande. Quang noodles, Cao Lau, chicken rice, savory pancakes, … these familiar and affordable dishes, but prepared with skillful hands by the chefs, will surely impress you.

Moreover, Ba Na is a favorite destination for international tourists. Therefore, Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills also offers a menu of European and Western dishes for guests with such preferences. If you want to enjoy Western cuisine, then pizza, pasta, or various cold cuts, smoked meats, sausages… are quite reasonable choices.

Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills – Offering diverse dining options

Lavande boasts a team of professional chefs, renowned both domestically and internationally. The restaurant only operates for about 3 hours per day. However, each day, Lavande serves nearly 60 dishes, each with its own characteristic flavor.

Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills offers two service options: à la carte ordering or self-selected buffet. With prices starting from around 305,000 VND per person, diners can indulge in a luxurious buffet feast at Lavande. This price is considered relatively “affordable” compared to the quality of food at such an upscale restaurant.

The restaurant offers two service options: à la carte ordering or self-selecting buffet

Alternatively, if you prefer a lighter meal, you can opt for à la carte ordering. Regardless of the service method chosen, the quality of the dishes is guaranteed.

Lavande at Ba Na Hills – A restaurant with a professional staff

As a renowned restaurant, Lavande places great emphasis on staff training. Here, you will be served with extremely professional, attentive, and caring manners.

All guest requests are promptly addressed. When dining at Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills, you will also be offered complimentary cinnamon tea and apple tea during your meal.

Lavande has a professional and dedicated staff team

In addition to the professional staff, the restaurant also achieves a five-star service quality thanks to its accompanying amenities.

These include luxurious, spacious, and clean surroundings. Along with that are fully equipped amenities such as fans, air conditioning, napkins… All aimed at providing diners with a perfect dining experience.

Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills and Dining Ticket Prices

As shared by Danang Private Car, Lavande Restaurant – this Ba Na restaurant not only offers à la carte dining but also has a buffet option. Therefore, the dining prices here are divided into two separate types.

À la carte dining ticket prices

If you’re not too hungry or just want a moderate meal, it’s simple. And if you want to order exactly what you like, choose to dine “à la carte” with items from the restaurant’s menu.

With this option, you can order individual dishes from the available menu. This ensures that the food is freshly prepared, always delicious, and hot.

When ordering à la carte, you can choose exactly the dish you like

The prices of dishes range from 120,000 to 300,000 VND per dish. Thus, the cost of a meal at Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills for a group of 4 people will be around 600,000 to 1,500,000 VND.

This price is higher if you opt for the buffet. However, diners will be able to choose their favorite dishes. Not to mention, the dishes served at the table are always the freshest because they are only prepared when ordered.

Lavande Restaurant Buffet Ticket Prices

If you’re dining with a large group, dining in the Ba Na Hills buffet style will be more enjoyable and cost-effective. Because with buffet ticket prices for adults: 305,000 VND per person and buffet ticket prices for children are 178,000 VND per person, you will enjoy unlimited dishes at the buffet line.

From appetizers like salads, steamed vegetables. To main dishes such as braised meat, grilled meat, fish, stir-fried vegetables, soups, lagu, Quang noodles, pho… Or a myriad of desserts, fruits, cakes, yogurt, juices, fresh milk… All are ready on the buffet line at Lavande Restaurant, Ba Na Hills.

Choosing between ordering à la carte or dining at the buffet at Lavande Restaurant, Ba Na Hills

The decision to dine à la carte or enjoy the buffet option depends on the preferences and needs of each diner. Each option has its own advantages. And regardless of the chosen method, Lavande can accommodate.

If you have a hearty appetite, enjoy trying various dishes, and prefer a variety of options, purchasing a buffet ticket is the ideal choice. Moreover, considering the buffet ticket prices at a luxurious restaurant located in a world-famous tourist destination like Lavande, it is considered quite reasonable.

On the other hand, if you prefer a lighter meal, snacking, or simply want to enjoy specific favorite dishes, then ordering à la carte is the optimal choice.

How to Purchase Buffet Tickets at Lavande Restaurant, Ba Na Hills

After reading this, many travelers must have felt intrigued, eager to dine at Lavande right away! And the question arises: how to purchase buffet tickets at the restaurant on Ba Na Hills – Lavande?

Purchase directly at the tourist area gate

There are several ways you can get your hands on buffet tickets at Lavande Restaurant, Ba Na Hills. The first way is to buy tickets right at the entrance gate of Ba Na Hills tourist area.

If you’ve decided to dine at Lavande, you can go directly to the ticket counter at the tourist area gate to inquire about purchasing.

Ticket sellers will provide clear guidance on the restaurant’s location, which cable car line to take to get to Lavande. Next is the opening hours, ticket prices for adults, children, and group rates.

Purchase directly at Lavande Restaurant, Ba Na Hills

Another way to buy buffet tickets at the restaurant is to go directly to the restaurant. If you haven’t decided where to have lunch at Ba Na yet, you can wait until you arrive at Lavande and buy tickets directly at the restaurant.

However, based on experience at Ba Na Hills, you may encounter the situation where buffet tickets are sold out because travel companies have pre-booked for tour groups. Therefore, it’s advisable to proactively arrange your schedule, discuss with members of your group to finalize the ticket purchase plan as early as possible.

Some Tips to Know When Dining at Lavande Restaurant, Ba Na Hills

Experiencing the culinary delights of Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills is one of the attractions for tourists. Before heading to the restaurant for a meal, here are some tips to keep in mind as summarized by Danang Private Car’s.

  • Lavande is one of the most famous restaurants in Ba Na Hills. Therefore, during the tourist season, it is always very crowded. If you want to dine here, make sure to book your tickets early to avoid the situation of tickets being sold out.
  • If you’re traveling to Ba Na on a tour, it’s also necessary to book at least 1 day in advance. This will help the restaurant prepare ingredients and cook dishes in advance. The number of guests served each day is also limited.
  • Be sure to know the operating hours of Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills to avoid arriving late when the restaurant is already closed.
  • When dining at the buffet, take your time to savor the flavors of the dishes.
  • Avoid taking too much food at once. This can lead to waste if you can’t finish everything you’ve taken. Only take a maximum of 2 plates of food at a time, with a maximum of 2-3 items per plate.
  • Maintain order, walk lightly, and speak softly while dining inside the restaurant. If the buffet line is crowded, be polite and queue up without pushing.
  • Maintain cleanliness at the food counters and within the restaurant premises.
  • For unfamiliar dishes or foreign cuisine, ask the restaurant staff for information about ingredients, preparation methods, etc., before placing an order.
  • If there are young children in the group, supervise them carefully. Do not allow them to run around inside the restaurant area.

Lavande Restaurant at Ba Na Hills promises to deliver exciting experiences for diners. With its luxurious space, diverse menu, and delicious food, along with its professional service style, all contribute to making this place a reliable choice for travelers to choose for their trip to Ba Na. Don’t forget to use the private car service from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills from for the best trip experience.


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