Ba Na Hills is an excellent tourist destination that any travel enthusiast must experience at least once in their lifetime. Therefore, the entrance fee to Ba Na Hills is always highly sought after and searched for on travel community forums. The following article will update the Entrance Fee to Ba Na Hills 2024 for our customers, along with many fantastic offers. Let’s find out more with!

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Ba Na Hills Cable Car Entrance Fee in Da Nang 2024

Entrance fee to Ba Na Hills for Nationwide visitors

For visitors from other provinces traveling to Da Nang, the entrance ticket to Ba Na Hills will be a bit higher. However, the ticket prices will vary depending on different times of the year. The cable car ticket prices for Ba Na Hills mentioned here only include a 10% VAT surcharge (excluding other activities). You can check the detailed price list on the official website of Ba Na Hills or refer to the following price list:

Target Audience  Ba Na Hills Cable Car Ticket Prices 
 Adults and children over 1.4m  900,000 VND
Children from 1m – 1.4m 700,000 VND
 Children under 1m  Free

Combo Price List (Cable Car + Buffet) for Nationwide Visitors

Target Audience  Ba Na Hills Cable Car Ticket Prices 
 Adults and children over 1.4m  1,200,000 VND
Children from 1m – 1.4m 900,000 VND
 Children under 1m  Free

Entrance fee applied to residents of Da Nang

The cable car ticket prices for Ba Na Hills are adjusted for various groups. Local residents and people from the central provinces will be eligible for lower ticket prices. If you are a resident of Da Nang, you only need to provide your ID card or birth certificate to authenticate and enjoy the discount. So, how much is the entrance ticket to Ba Na Hills?

Target Audience  Ba Na Hills Cable Car Ticket Prices 
 Adults and children over 1.4m  600,000 VND
Children from 1m – 1.4m 500,000 VND
 Children under 1m  Free

Combo Price List (Cable Car + Buffet) for residents 

Target Audience  Ba Na Hills Cable Car Ticket Prices 
 Adults and children over 1.4m  1,200,000 VND
Children from 1m – 1.4m 900,000 VND
 Children under 1m  Free

What is included in the Entrance Fee to Ba Na Hills?

The entrance fee to Ba Na Hills in 2024 has various adjustments. Specifically, a Ba Na Hills ticket includes entrance to the gate, VAT tax surcharge, and access to 105 games at Fantasy Park. Activities such as the train to the castle, visiting the Golden Bridge, Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden, Debay wine cellar, and the Sun Square are also covered by the Ba Na Hills ticket.

Buffet Prices at Restaurants in Ba Na Hills

Buffet Prices in the “Ba Na Hills by night” Combo

  • Adults: 800,000 VND
  • Children: 600,000 VND

The “Ba Na by night” Combo is designed for travelers who want to experience the evening atmosphere at Ba Na Hills. When you book the “Ba Na by night” combo ticket, you will enjoy a series of fantastic activities. The ticket includes cable car, dinner buffet, and round-trip bus. This combo package is only available on SPECIFIC DAYS OF THE WEEK.

Buffet Prices at Ba Na Hills for Vietnamese Cuisine

  • Adults (height >1.4m): 800,000 VND
  • Children (height from 1 – 1.4m): 600,000 VND
  • Children (<1m): Free of charge


  • The prices above include a 10% Value Added Tax.
  • Prices include games in the Fantasy Park entertainment area and free participation in the Knight’s Legend game.
  • It covers the service fee for the mountain climbing train on routes 2 and 1, and visiting the Debay wine cellar and flower garden area.
Enjoying Vietnamese dishes at Ba Na Hills

Vietnamese cuisine is undoubtedly a must-try at Ba Na Hills. If you want to enjoy Vietnamese dishes, you can visit the Arapang restaurant. You can satisfy your hunger with more than 70 different dishes. With a dominant yellow color scheme, the restaurant’s ambiance gives a warm and cozy feeling, as if being surrounded by family.

Korean – Asian Buffet Prices

  • Adults (height >1.4m): 380,000 VND
  • Children (height from 1 – 1.4m): 230,000 VND
  • Children (<1m): Free of charge

If you are a Korean food enthusiast, do not miss the Korean – Asian buffet package at Ba Na Hills. You will get to enjoy enticing Korean dishes with visually appealing presentations. Additionally, you can also diversify your taste with unique Asian buffet dishes.

Beer Plaza Dinner Buffet Prices

  • Adults (height >1.4m): 250,000 VND
  • Children (height from 1 – 1.4m): 150,000 VND
  • Children (<1m): Free of charge

The Beer Plaza dinner buffet is an exciting blend of a lively atmosphere and excellent grilled dishes. You will have a great time with cool German beers, immersing yourself in a hot music environment. Alongside premium dishes, you get to enjoy emotional performances by talented artists.

Little Tokyo Buffet Prices

  • Adults (height >1.4m): 380,000 VND
  • Children (height from 1 – 1.4m): 230,000 VND
  • Children (<1m): Free of charge

Little Tokyo is a restaurant specializing in BBQ and sushi. When you purchase a Little Tokyo buffet ticket, you will experience a miniature Tokyo. The dishes are prepared by the skilled hands of professional Japanese chefs. If you have the opportunity to visit the restaurant, don’t forget to enjoy the shabu shabu hot pot. You will undoubtedly be impressed by the flavors it brings.

Other Expenses when Visiting Ba Na Hills

As mentioned, the ticket to Ba Na Hills only includes a few activities. So, if you want to experience more, you’ll have to spend some money. Let’s find out the details of each additional recreational activity:

Price for Mountain Climbing Train and Moon Palace

  • Adults: 100,000 VND
  • Children (< 1.4m): Free of charge

The mountain climbing train will take you on a tour around the Lord’s Peak. You have 1 minute and 30 seconds to admire the scenery from above. The train will traverse hills and mountains, allowing you to explore all the locations without having to exert yourself.

Mountain train is an interesting experience in Ba Na

In addition to the mountain train, you can also purchase tickets to visit Ba Na Hills Moon Palace. This is a newly built attraction. You will experience genuine emotions ranging from mystery, fantasy to romance, and enchantment. Moon Palace features unique activities such as the Sun God waterfall, time gate, moon battle show, etc. Particularly, you will enjoy an intense battle at the Moon Square through the peak performance art of the artists.

Price for Wax Museum Admission

  • Adults (height >1.4m): 100,000 VND
  • Children (< 1.4m): Free

The Wax Museum displays lifelike statues of many influential characters worldwide. You are sure to be amazed by the lifelike modeling. Each statue is a meticulously crafted process down to the smallest detail. This is also a very popular spot for taking photos at Ba Na Hills.

Wine Cellar Tour Tickets

When visiting the wine cellar, there are ticket packages for you to choose from, including:

 Package  Details  Ticket Price (VND/person)
 Diamond Package Entrance Fee

Drinks at the premium level

 Gold Package  Entrance Fee

Drinks at the high-end level

 Silver Package Entrance Fee

Standard-level drinks


For visitors:

  • < 18 years old who do not consume alcoholic beverages
  • Children under 1.4m are free to visit
Travelers can visit the wine cellar at any time they desire

How to Buy Tickets for Ba Na Hills

There are several convenient and flexible ways for tourists to purchase Ba Na Hills tickets. Below are three main methods to buy tickets for Ba Na Hills:

Purchase directly at the tourist site

At Ba Na Hills, you can buy tickets at ticket counters or vending machines. The buying process is not too complicated. However, the limitation of this method is that you may have to wait in line, especially during peak seasons, and it could take hours before you can purchase admission tickets.

You can buy tickets directly at the entrance gate to Ba Na Hills

Book online through the official website for cheaper prices

For those who prefer the convenience of online booking, Ba Na Hills provides an online tourist point reservation system through their official website. Visit the Ba Na Hills website and navigate to the ticket booking section. Choose the desired ticket type, tour date, and the number of tickets needed. Complete the online payment process, and you will receive electronic tickets or a confirmation email that you can present at the entrance for admission.

Purchase through authorized travel agents for discounted prices

Another option to buy Ba Na Hills tickets is through authorized travel companies. Many travel agencies offer bundled packages that include Ba Na Hills tickets along with other services such as transportation.’s is a good choice for this. Contact us via WhatsApp: +84886660396 or email: for detailed advice.

How to Get to Ba Na Hills

The Sun World Ba Na Hills tourist site is quite far from the city center of Da Nang (25km). Before purchasing Ba Na Hills tickets, you need to arrange transportation to Ba Na. Currently, three common means of transportation are widely used: motorbike, private shuttle, and taxi.

Renting a Motorbike

  • Cost: From 200,000 VND to 300,000 VND per day

For adventurous individuals who enjoy the thrill of riding, a motorbike is the perfect choice. You have complete control over your own schedule. The cost of renting a motorbike is also much cheaper compared to private shuttles or taxis. When using a motorbike, you can enjoy the scenery along the way. You can take breaks whenever you like.

Private Shuttle

A private shuttle with a driver is a suitable means of transportation for tourist groups or groups of friends consisting of 4 people or more. Renting a private tour vehicle provides you with more privacy among your group. You can avoid the intense sunlight of summer and have lively conversations without disturbing anyone.

Choosing a private car helps you save time and costs

With the private shuttle service with a driver in Da Nang offered by’s, you can travel quickly and with flexibility in departure times. Additionally, with the door-to-door service, professional drivers, and basic English communication skills, you will be assisted in purchasing tickets at the entrance to Ba Na Hills. Book your private trip from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills today for the best travel experience.


Taking a taxi to Ba Na Hills is not the most convenient option for tourists. The cost of hiring a taxi is relatively high, and there are time limitations. Taxi drivers usually wait for you for only 4 hours for round-trip taxis. If you want more time, you would need to pay an additional fee for the service.

The Unmissable Points at Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills has numerous tourist attractions with impressive architecture. When traveling to Ba Na, you will feel time passing quickly, but there is still so much to discover. So, let’s note down the unique check-in points at Ba Na Hills.

Explore the Golden Bridge – Ba Na Hills

The Golden Bridge serves as a connection between the Marseille station and the Thien Thai flower garden. With a length of 150 meters, the bridge creates a path with a romantic and poetic atmosphere. If you visit the bridge in the morning, you’ll feel like stepping into a fairyland. The moss-covered hands along with the yellow color of the bridge and the blue sky create a harmonious and captivating combination.

Golden Bridge

Experience the Classic European-style French Village

The French Village at Ba Na Hills includes various structures such as a church, square, and town, all dominated by gothic architecture. With 7 different areas and styles, it is undoubtedly an ideal spot for taking picturesque photos. Additionally, you can enjoy world-renowned delicious dishes here.

This is a village that exudes the rustic charm of the French countryside

Debay Wine Cellar – Mysterious Wine Cellar

Debay Wine Cellar is one of the long-standing tourist spots at Ba Na Hills. The wine cellar is situated deep inside the mountain, with a constant temperature ranging from 16 to 20 degrees. Inside Debay Wine Cellar, there are 9 small wine cellars and 5 large ones. When touring the wine cellar, you will be amazed by the richness of the upper class in the past. On the second floor of the wine cellar, there is a restaurant offering diverse cuisine for you to savor.

The space inside the Debay cellar

Visit Linh Ung Pagoda – Da Nang’s Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda is located in a prime position, surrounded by high mountains. From the pagoda, you can see the entire cityscape. The atmosphere inside the pagoda is incredibly fresh and peaceful. The tranquility of the scenery along with the solemnity of the pagoda gives a sacred feeling. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of life, the pagoda’s bell will make you feel lighter and more peaceful than ever.

Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na

Wax Museum – Virtual Living with Idols

The Wax Museum is located in the Fantasy Park entertainment area. The museum has an overall architectural style leaning towards classic and mystical trends. Currently, the museum displays over 49 famous characters worldwide, from animated characters to influential figures in the community. Through the skilled hands of artisans, each statue is depicted realistically down to the finest detail. This is undoubtedly an unmissable virtual living point when purchasing tickets to Ba Na Hills.

Experience at Ba Na Hills in Da Nang

When visiting Ba Na Hills, take note of the following:

  • The cable car operates on a fixed schedule, but it may change in case of bad weather.
  • It’s advisable to go early to check in quickly and avoid crowded situations.
  • When purchasing tickets, it’s best to visit the Du Lịch Vui office early to avoid sold-out situations. Alternatively, consider buying QR Code tickets online to save time.
  • Bring some light snacks to replenish energy.
  • Wear sports shoes for comfortable walking.
  • Check the weather forecast before heading out for the most suitable itinerary.

Answering Questions When Purchasing Tickets for Fun at Ba Na Hills

Encountering issues while traveling is something no one wishes for. To minimize potential problems, it’s crucial to thoroughly research before your trip. Here are some frequently asked questions compiled by the article. Hopefully, the following answers will be helpful for you.

Why should you visit and have fun at Ba Na Hills?

Sun World Ba Na Hills is a destination that gathers all forms of entertainment, including dining, playing, shopping, and more. Visiting and having fun at Ba Na Hills provides you with exciting experiences. You’ll get to immerse yourself in thousands of beautiful, picturesque virtual scenes. You’ll also enjoy the cool, fresh air and a chill artistic space. Moreover, you can interact and appreciate music performances by artists from both inside and outside the country.

What documents should you prepare when passing through the Ba Na Hills ticket gate?

If you are a local resident, you need to bring personal identification papers or a birth certificate to enjoy discounts. If you are from another province, you need a Citizen Identity Card (CCCD)/National Identification Card (CMND) or a passport. You can also bring your household registration or other photo identification documents. Children who want to buy Ba Na Hills tickets need to be accompanied by their parents. Or, if the children are over 1 meter tall, they must have a birth certificate with a student card, household registration, or passport.

Can you borrow a local’s CMND (National Identification Card) to get promotional tickets?

Borrowing a local’s CMND/CCCD to purchase discounted tickets for Ba Na Hills is not allowed. The gatekeepers will check the photo on the personal identification papers. If the images do not match, you will not be allowed to enter.

Is it better to travel to Ba Na as part of a tour or independently?

If you choose independent travel, you won’t be constrained by time. You can be flexible and explore Ba Na’s attractions without following a set schedule. However, with a guided tour to Ba Na, you won’t need to worry about deciding which places to visit. Tours will have predetermined itineraries and specific times for tourists. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose the travel method that suits you.

The above is information about the Entrance Fees to Ba Na Hills in 2024.’s hopes that readers have gained useful travel knowledge. If you have any questions that need clarification, please feel free to contact us for assistance. We are honored to accompany you during your wonderful vacation.


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