Summer tourism in Nha Trang always attracts tourists with its bustling beaches, cool and refreshing atmosphere, and the richness of the cuisine here.

Why is Nha Trang summer tourism preferred by many people?

Nha Trang always tops the list of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam. Not only domestic tourists but also foreigners love Nha Trang summer tourism. Because when traveling to Nha Trang in the summer, tourists can freely explore beautiful beaches, experience many exciting water activities, and cannot resist the temptation of delicious fresh seafood dishes.

Explore to your heart’s content when traveling to Nha Trang in the summer

Tourists often wonder which season is suitable to visit Nha Trang? The answer is that Nha Trang summer tourism is the best. The suitable time for traveling to Khanh Hoa Nha Trang is from January to August, with the period from April to June being chosen by many Vietnamese families.

Because this is the summer vacation of children, students have more time for the whole family to rest, relax, avoid the summer heat, and refresh themselves. The scenery of Nha Trang in the summer is also very beautiful, with many interesting tourist activities, promising to bring a wonderful vacation for the whole family.

Activities not to be missed when traveling to Nha Trang in the summer

Dynamic entertainment activities

During the summer tourism in Nha Trang, tourists can indulge in various exciting activities at famous beaches and amusement parks. Here are some recommended activities that many tourists love:

  • Snorkeling to admire coral reefs: The beaches in Nha Trang are renowned as some of the richest and most beautiful coral reefs in Southeast Asia, boasting breathtaking beauty. Giant coral reefs, with countless colorful species, and thousands of different fish species along with diverse ecosystems under the sea are alluring to every visitor.
Snorkeling to admire coral reefs in Nha Trang
  • Mud bathing: Nha Trang is home to abundant natural mineral mud sources. Mud bathing spots here resemble spas with various caring and attentive services.
Stunning check-in at Ponagar Tower
  • Visit other famous attractions such as Ponagar Tower, Institute of Oceanography, Dam Market, Nha Tho Mountain Church… to learn more about the local culture and capture beautiful check-in photos.
  • VinWonders Nha Trang, covering an area of ​​over 50 hectares, including 6 amusement zones with over 100 different games, ensuring satisfaction for tourists of all ages. When visiting VinWonders Nha Trang, tourists should not miss the TaTa Show with international scale, bringing unforgettable experiences with music and stunning effects.
  • Enjoy activities at the Vinpearl Summer Camp for Future Leaders. With a 5-day 4-night schedule, children will learn, experience, and participate in beneficial activities, helping to develop both their minds and bodies.

Beach bathing and check-in at famous beaches and islands

With an area of ​​nearly 507km2, a coastline stretching nearly 385km, along with 200 coastal islands, 19 large islands, and 100 islands with submerged rocky reefs belonging to the Truong Sa archipelago, Nha Trang is favored by nature with stunningly beautiful scenery and beaches. From stretches of white sandy beaches to dazzling coral reefs to pristine islands, Nha Trang has it all.

When traveling to Nha Trang in the summer, tourists should not miss the following beaches and islands:

  • Hon Mun Island: boasting a large and diverse coral ecosystem and rated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as the most biologically diverse marine area in Vietnam. Visiting Hon Mun, tourists will immerse themselves in the natural space here and experience exciting activities on the sea.
Immerse yourself in the clear blue water at Hon Mun Island
  • Hon Tam Island: is a larger island covering over 110 hectares located in Nha Trang Bay, voted as one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world.
Mud Bath at Hon Tam Island Nha Trang
  • Van Phong Bay, Van Ninh: possessing a pristine landscape, with mountains, sea, and the only sea walkway in Vietnam. The mild climate here will truly make your vacation more relaxing and comfortable.
  • Cam Ranh Bay: voted as one of the 10 most beautiful bays in Vietnam. This place still retains pristine beaches, possessing captivating beauty, deserving to be one of the must-visit destinations for tourists in Nha Trang summer tourism.
  • Bai Dai Beach: likened to a long silk strip in the bay, along the pristine, deep blue beach are pure white sand dunes, where tourists often check-in when traveling here.

Explore diverse cuisine

In addition to the beautiful beaches and islands, during your summer trip to Nha Trang, you must not miss these 5 incredibly enticing dishes:

  • Jellyfish noodle soup: is a specialty that any tourist visiting Nha Trang in the summer should not miss. Although the flavor may seem simple, it brings wonderful sensations to tourists. A bowl of jellyfish noodle soup includes rice noodles or tapioca noodles, tuna meat, fermented shrimp paste, pepper, garlic, ginger, onions, fish cakes, and of course, jellyfish and fish. With so many toppings, the price starts from only 25,000 Vietnamese dong.
  • Grilled nem Ninh Hoa: found throughout the country, each region has its own unique flavor, but Nha Trang is still considered the best quality. Each piece of grilled nem Ninh Hoa is fragrant with ground meat, has a beautiful golden color, served with rice paper, raw vegetables, and dipping fish sauce. You won’t be able to resist this dish.
  • Grilled beef Lac Canh: is considered the representative face of Nha Trang cuisine. Each piece of beef is thinly sliced, marinated with spices, tender as it melts in your mouth, will surely make you ecstatic from the first bite. Moreover, the beef is grilled over charcoal, giving it a distinctive aroma.
  • Dipping bread: is a delicious, nutritious, and cheap breakfast loved by many tourists. A serving of dipping bread definitely includes bread and a dipping bowl with egg sauce, chili sauce, pickles, scallions, pork balls, quail eggs, fried eggs, and lots of fish cake inside.
  • Quang noodle: The difference between Quang noodle from Hoi An and Nha Trang is that the noodles in Nha Trang’s Quang noodle are usually thin and small like dry vermicelli, unlike the large, thick noodles in Hoi An. The accompanying toppings such as eggs, shrimp, peanuts, and herbs are quite similar. However, Nha Trang’s Quang noodle also comes with boiled meat, fish cakes, pig’s feet…

Clothing to bring when traveling to Nha Trang in the summer

Clothing is also an essential part of every trip to capture beautiful photos and feel comfortable. For female travelers, bringing bikinis, flowing maxi dresses, along with accessories like sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, and scarves will ensure the most impressive photos at the beaches.

Bikini is the number one choice for female travelers.

Male travelers can choose to wear shorts paired with short-sleeved shirts or T-shirts. In addition, colorful Hawaiian shirts with eye-catching patterns will make you stand out even more. If traveling with family or friends, consider coordinating matching outfits to make group photos look better and make it easier to recognize each other when moving around.

Furthermore, sunscreen is essential to protect your skin, and basic medicines such as cold and flu medicine, fever reducers, cough syrup, and face masks are necessary because travelers may not know where the nearest pharmacy is when they are on the go.

To make your summer trip to Nha Trang more budget-friendly, don’t overlook the private transportation options provided in Nha Trang by With fast and convenient services, offering door-to-door transfers, it will make your summer vacation in Nha Trang even more memorable.

Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang is a relaxation spot that never stops being “hot” when it comes to tourism in Nha Trang. This is a paradise that attracts thousands of tourists every year for its famous hot mineral water, mud baths, and entertainment.’s hopes you will have many relaxing moments and a wonderful experience here!

Brief introduction of Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang

  • Address: 438 Ngo Den, Ngoc Hiep Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
  • Phone: (+84) 0258 3837205
  • Hotline: 0258 383 5345
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:
  • Operating hours: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM daily
  • Prices range from 50,000 VND to 1,400,000 VND.

Thap Ba Hot Springs tourist area is located about 4km north of Nha Trang city center, near PoNagar Tower, Hon Chong, and Long Son Pagoda.

Welcome to Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang!

As a pioneer in the mud bath trend in Nha Trang, Thap Ba Hot Springs is renowned for its tourism services combined with health care, thanks to the natural hot mineral water source. Despite its long operation history, the quality of Thap Ba Hot Springs remains excellent as it constantly innovates to become an indispensable tourism specialty in Nha Trang.

Guide on how to get to Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang

Thap Ba Hot Springs tourist area is located near the city center, making it easy for visitors to find. You can choose from various modes of transportation such as motorbike taxis, taxis, or private cars.

For culture enthusiasts, a small tip: you can take National Highway 1C and find Ngo Den Street to explore PoNagar Falls with its ancient Cham tower, which is very famous!

Additionally, for convenience in transportation, you can use the private car rental service with drivers in Nha Trang from’s. With a team of local drivers, they will pick you up at your hotel or wherever you desire and then take you to Thap Ba Hot Springs tourist area quickly and safely.

Explore what Thap Ba Hot Springs tourist area in Nha Trang has to offer

When visiting Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang, tourists are not only enchanted by the rich and diverse service system but also satisfied with the myriad amenities available here.

Hot Mud Bath

  • Service Hours: 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Last Entry: 6:00 PM

Upon arrival at Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang, tourists often do not miss the hot mud bath service due to its benefits. Thanks to the natural mineral mud and the ideal temperature of 37 – 39 degrees Celsius, it helps improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and tension after days of hard work and stress.

The moment when tourists immerse themselves in hot mineral mud while chatting with friends

Herbal Hot Mud Bath

  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Last Entry: 6:00 PM

Different from the natural hot mud bath, Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang also offers herbal hot mud bath services. Extracted from various precious herbs, combined with the faint aroma infused into the hot water, it helps relax the mind, recharge energy, and promote health. Moreover, your skin will absorb mineral substances, making it smooth, radiant, and full of vitality.

A happy couple enjoying the unique experience of soaking in special herbal mud, guaranteed to try it once and come back for more

Services include:

  • Hot mud bath in a private tub for about 20 minutes
  • Herbal hot mineral water bath for about 30 minutes
  • Jacuzzi bath, hydrotherapy
  • Use of hot mineral pool facilities
  • Complimentary bathing essentials – towels and 1 bottle of Lavie 350ml

Service Prices:

  • For 1-4 guests/private tub: 425,000 VND/guest
  • For 5 guests/private tub: 375,000 VND/guest
  • Children from 1m – 1.4m: 150,000 VND/guest

Mountain Spa

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Last Entry: 4:30 PM

Did you know that Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang also offers luxurious services tailored for VIP guests? In this service, guests will receive meticulous body care from dedicated staff, step by step, and experience ultimate luxury. At this moment, everyday worries seem to fade away, allowing you to fully enjoy this relaxing spa service. You’ll surely be pleasantly surprised by the fresh and rejuvenated appearance of yourself after the treatment!

Soaking in mineral mud containing herbal ingredients beforehand helps remove dead skin cells

Services include:

  • Relaxation in a private area (70 minutes) including hot mud bath and herbal hot mineral water bath
  • Refreshing pool bath
  • Hydrotherapy, Jacuzzi bath
  • Complimentary fruits, tea, ginger jam, bathing essentials, towels, and 1 bottle of Lavie 350ml

Service Prices:

  • Single package: 1,000,000 VND/package
  • Double package: 1,400,000 VND/package
  • For 3 guests or more: 650,000 VND/guest
  • Children (1-1.4m): 170,000 VND/guest

Group Mineral Mud Bath

  • Service Hours: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Last Entry: 3:00 PM

If you’re traveling with a group, the group mineral mud bath is an option you shouldn’t miss. Here, tourists can enjoy moments of relaxation, share thousands of interesting stories, and experience unforgettable feelings.

At Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang, tourists can strengthen bonds with friends or family

Steam Bath – Massage

  • Service Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Last Entry: 6:00 PM

Another plus point at Thap Ba Hot Springs Nha Trang is the steam bath – massage service, which helps minerals penetrate deeply into the body. If your skin is lacking vitality, try this experience, guaranteed to refresh both your appearance and confidence at Thap Ba Hot Springs tourist area in Nha Trang.

Professional massage techniques help improve your sleep quality

Service Prices:

  • Full body massage for 45 minutes: 250,000 VND/guest
  • Foot massage for 45 minutes: 200,000 VND/guest
  • Steam bath: 50,000 VND/guest

Swimming Pool

  • Service Hours: 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Last Entry: 6:00 PM

In addition to the hot mineral mud bath services, Thap Ba Nha Trang also has a system of swimming pools using entirely natural mineral saltwater. With temperatures ranging from 37-39 degrees Celsius, tourists can enjoy and forget the way back.

Children also have their own pool with a safe depth of only 0.8 meters!

How to Properly Mud Bath at Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang:

Mud bathing at Thap Ba Hot Springs is highly beneficial for health, but it must be done correctly! According to research by, mud bathing is divided into four main stages:

  • Cleanse the body with hot mineral water.
  • Next is the main stage: mud bathing at Thap Ba, applying mud to the face, hair, and all over the body.
  • After 15 minutes of mud soaking, sunbathing is done to allow the skin to absorb the minerals in the mud.
  • After sunbathing, you need to rinse off the mud. Then, soak in the hot mineral water pool, swimming pool, or waterfall.

Some notes when mud bathing at Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang

  • The best time to mud bath is in the afternoon. Because after mud bathing at Thap Ba, your skin has removed dead cells, toxins, etc., making it somewhat sensitive to sunlight and dust.
  • Tourists should wear a bikini so that the mud can make maximum contact with their bodies!
  • When injured, you should not mud bathe.
  • To avoid losing nutrients, do not bathe in cold water or use shower gels, as it will reduce the effectiveness of the mud. But don’t worry, after 1-2 days, you can bathe as usual!

After hours of tired work, what could be better than enjoying relaxing moments and good health treatments at Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang? Why hesitate? Let’s plan a trip now!

Once a year, during the end of the year, people from all over will return to their homeland to reunite with family for the Tet holiday. This is the largest festival of the year in Vietnam, as well as in other East Asian countries such as China, Japan, etc. So, what is the significance of Tet Nguyen Dan (Tet Holiday)? Let’s explore more useful information with’s through this article!

Tet Holiday, What Is It?

Lunar New Year, also known as Tet or Tet Holidays, is the most important festival of the year for the Vietnamese people, celebrated at the beginning of the lunar year. Lunar New Year goes by various names such as Tet Ca, Tet Am Lich, Tet Ta, Tet Co Truyen, and more.

The Tet Holiday is the most important festive occasion of the year for the Vietnamese people, as well as in some other Asian countries

In terms of Han-Vietnamese phonetics, ‘Tet’ in Han characters represents the festival, ‘Nguyen’ signifies the beginning, and ‘Dan’ refers to the early morning. Therefore, the most accurate pronunciation in Han-Vietnamese phonetics is Lunar New Year.

How is the time of Tet Holiday calculated?

Lunar New Year is calculated to begin on the first day of the lunar year, typically falling 1 to 2 months later than the Gregorian New Year due to the rule of adding an intercalary month every three lunar years. Therefore, the start of Lunar New Year usually falls between January 21st and February 10th.

Lunar New Year takes place during the leisure time of farmers, providing a break for rest and preparation for the upcoming farming season. Traditionally, as the majority of people in Vietnam are involved in agriculture, the holiday allows them to take a break and rejuvenate their spirits after days of hard work.

Example: According to the lunar calendar, the 30th day of Tet in 2024 falls on a Friday, February 9, 2024, in the Gregorian calendar, and the 1st day of the Year of the Wood Dragon is on February 10, 2024, falling on a Saturday.

What is the origin of Tet Holiday?

The origin of Lunar New Year is still a subject of debate. Most information suggests that Lunar New Year originated in China and was introduced to Vietnam around the time of the Chinese domination, about 1000 years BCE. However, according to Vietnamese historical folklore, particularly the story of “Banh chung banh day,” the Vietnamese people celebrated this festival during the reign of the Hung Kings, which is more than 1000 years BCE, predating Chinese domination.

What is the origin of Tet Holiday?

Confucius wrote, ‘I do not know what Tet is, I heard somewhere that it is the name of a great festival of the Man people, where they dance wildly, drink alcohol, and have fun on those days.’ This suggests that Lunar New Year may have originated in Vietnam.

While there is ongoing debate about whether the origin of Lunar New Year is from Vietnam or China, it is evident that each country’s celebration of Lunar New Year has unique characteristics. This festival holds significant importance for the people of each nation.

What is the significance of the traditional Tet day?

Lunar New Year is the intersection of heaven and earth

Lunar New Year is considered a time representing the intersection of heaven and earth, where spiritual beings connect with humans. ‘Tet’ during Lunar New Year signifies the seasonal changes, operating through the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, reflecting an agricultural cycle that held special meaning in the ancient economy.

Lunar New Year is an occasion to express reverence to ancestors

It can be said that this is the most important time of the year when family members gather to prepare and offer the most elaborate meals and trays of fruits to the ancestral altar.

The Tet holiday is an occasion to express reverence to our ancestors

According to tradition, during this holiday, ancestors return home to celebrate Tet with their descendants and bless the family with health and harmony.

Tet Holiday is a day of luck and hope

The new year symbolizes a new beginning, so every Tet, people often visit temples to seek blessings and good fortune for the upcoming year.

From ancient times until now, there is a belief that Lunar New Year will drive away the misfortunes of the old year and welcome the hopes for a better new year. Therefore, many people choose this time to start their work for the year and initiate new ventures due to the auspicious energy of the new year.

Tet Holiday is a time for families to come together

Not every family is always close by, so Lunar New Year is the most anticipated time for everyone to reunite with their loved ones. Coming together around the pot of Chung cake on New Year’s Eve is a dream shared by many.

The Tet holiday is a time for families to come together.

Moreover, it is also a time for descendants to express gratitude to their grandparents, parents who gave birth and raised them with the most sincere affection, whether through heartfelt thanks or simple gifts for Tet day.

Lunar New Year is an occasion to express reverence to the spiritual beings.

From ancient times to the present, the Vietnamese people highly value the act of worshiping their ancestors to seek blessings for the family. This is the most emphasized ritual, and according to folklore beliefs, farmers express their gratitude to Rain God, Earth God, Sun God, etc., for the assistance they provided throughout the year.

Tet is the birthday of everyone.

“Happy new age”: This is a familiar saying from grandparents, parents, uncles, and aunts when they exchange Tet greetings to celebrate each other’s additional year.

During this occasion, people exchange the best wishes, hoping for a better new year. Adults celebrate the age of the elderly and the young to wish the elders a long, healthy life and hope that the younger ones grow quickly, behave well, and excel in their studies.

Customs and traditions of the Vietnamese during Lunar New Year

Worshiping Ong Cong and Ong Tao (Kitchen guardians)

Before Lunar New Year, on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month each year, families clean their kitchens and prepare an offering with fruits, savory foods, and a live carp. This is to prepare for Kitchen guardians, who ascend to heaven to report the family’s activities to the heavenly court.

Making Chung cakes (Stuffed sticky rice cake) and Tet cakes (Cylinder sticky rice cake)

As Tet approaches, markets are filled with stalls selling dong leaves, banana leaves, and bamboo sticks for wrapping traditional Tet cakes. Stuffed sticky rice cake and Cylinder sticky rice cake are essential items in the Tet menu, offered to ancestors on the ancestral altar or given as Tet gifts to friends and family.

Wrapping Chung cakes and Tet cakes is an indispensable culinary tradition during the Tet holiday

Cleaning and decorating homes

For the Vietnamese, cleaning the house at the end of the year symbolizes getting rid of the negatives from the old year, preparing to welcome luck and prosperity for the new year. It is a time for family members to come together to refresh their homes.

In addition, to decorate their homes for Tet, the Vietnamese also buy various flowers, such as Water Lily, Money Tree, Chrysanthemum, with different colors and meanings.

Arranging the Five-Fruit Tray

Arranging a Five-Fruit Tray to offer to the ancestral altar is an indispensable tradition during Lunar New Year. It expresses the respect and gratitude of the descendants to their ancestors.

In each region, there are different ways to arrange the Five-Fruit Tray, and various fruits may be used. However, all share the common meaning of wishing for luck and peace in the new year.

Tending to ancestral graves

This custom takes place in the days leading up to Lunar New Year. On these days, family members gather at the graves of their ancestors to clean and visit. This practice demonstrates the respect and filial piety of the descendants towards their deceased grandparents, parents, and ancestors.

Year-end worship

Year-end worship is a long-standing tradition in Vietnamese culture. It is a significant ritual usually performed on the 30th day of Tet to invite the ancestors to celebrate Tet with the family. It marks the end of the old year and prepares for a new year of safety and prosperity.


After the New Year’s Eve moment, the first person to enter the house is the one performing the ‘first-footing’ for the family. According to tradition, this person should be compatible with the family’s head to bring a prosperous and harmonious year with good health.

Giving red lucky money envelopes to children is a tradition for wishing them luck and success in the new year, especially in their studies

Tet greetings and birthday celebrations

The new year symbolizes everyone getting a year older. People exchange the best wishes to hope for a successful new year. On the first day of Tet, the younger generation visits their grandparents, parents, and then the elders traditionally give lucky money to the children for a fortunate and successful new year.

This article has presented the significance of the Tet Holiday and common activities during Tet for the Vietnamese people. Hopefully, through this, you have gained more information about the traditional Tet day and wish you a warm and joyful Tet celebration with your family!

How to travel from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon? What mode of transportation should travelers choose? The following article from will help you answer these questions.

The distance from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon and the duration of the journey are common concerns for many travelers researching these two tourist destinations. Understanding the distance between Nha Trang and Quy Nhon will make it easier for you to plan your upcoming Nha Trang trip.

How many kilometers and hours does it take from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon?

Nha Trang and Quy Nhon are always on the list of Vietnam’s most beloved coastal cities. These two locations are renowned for their long beaches, smooth white sand, and clear blue sea. When visiting Nha Trang and Quy Nhon, you can experience many exciting activities, such as exploring the unique local culture, indulging in delicious and famous cuisine, or immersing yourself in the cool sea water.

Because of this, many tourists often combine trips to Quy Nhon and Nha Trang. So, how many kilometers from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon, and how many hours does it take from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon? The distance between these two coastal cities is approximately 214 km, taking about 4 hours to travel along National Highway 1A. If you take National Highway 19C, the travel time is around 6 hours, equivalent to 283 km.

5 Convenient Ways to Travel from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon

After learning the distance from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon, don’t forget to explore the transportation options. The transportation network from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon is quite developed, allowing travelers to comfortably choose a suitable means of transportation for their itinerary. Here are 5 convenient ways to travel from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon for your reference.

Personal Vehicle

If you enjoy exploring coastal roads, a personal vehicle such as a motorcycle is the perfect choice. When traveling by motorcycle, tourists can stop anytime to capture “like-worthy” photos and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. You can rent a motorcycle in Nha Trang here.

Travelers can move using personal vehicles

Some motorcycling experiences for the journey to Quy Nhon include:

  • Before setting off, travelers should carefully check and maintain the motorcycle.
  • Don’t forget to bring personal documents such as a driver’s license or identification.
  • Prepare some food and drinks to replenish energy during the journey.
  • Pay attention to the speed, especially when passing through densely populated areas or challenging road sections.

Nha Trang to Quy Nhon Passenger Bus

If you want a comfortable journey, especially when traveling with the elderly and children, you should choose a passenger bus. Traveling by passenger bus allows you to avoid worrying about the weather outside. Additionally, passengers can take advantage of resting on the bus, recharging energy before embarking on the exploration of Nha Trang. Currently, there are many bus companies serving the route from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon. The bus ticket prices for Quy Nhon to Nha Trang range from 250,000 to 450,000 VND per person per trip.

Buses are a suitable means of transportation for families with elderly members and young children

List of 5 reputable bus companies that travelers can experience:

  • Ha Linh Bus Company
    • Contact Information: 1900 7070 – 1900 969681 – 0935 475 063
    • Reference Ticket Price: 310,000 VND per ticket
  • Lien Hung Bus Company
    • Contact Information: 0199 7070 – 0978 914 895
    • Reference Ticket Price: 230,000 VND per ticket
  • Thanh Thuy Bus Company
    • Contact Information: 0964 202 094 – 1900 6772
    • Reference Ticket Price: 400,000 VND per ticket
  • Hoang Huy Bus Company
    • Contact Information: 0906 777 444
    • Reference Ticket Price: 250,000 VND per ticket
  • Son Tung Bus Company
    • Contact Information: 1900 969 671 – 1900 555 523
    • Reference Ticket Price: 280,000 VND per ticket

Renting a Travel Car from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon

This is an ideal choice for large groups and those who want to be flexible with their time. Nha Trang has many attractive tourist destinations; however, these places are often quite far apart. If you are not familiar with the terrain, you may easily get lost and waste a lot of time finding your way. Therefore, renting a travel car with a driver is more convenient.

Renting a travel car from Quy Nhon to Nha Trang helps you have the most private and comfortable journey

With the private car rental service with a driver in Nha Trang from, your journey will be smoother. With a team of professional drivers, they can pick you up anywhere in Nha Trang. Additionally, on the way to Quy Nhon, you can relax and explore various attractions along the route. Book your trip from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon today.

Hiring a Taxi from Nha Trang To Quy Nhon

Another transportation option from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon that travelers should consider is hiring a taxi. If you choose to travel by taxi, you can have more control over your time. However, the fare will be relatively high due to the considerable distance from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon.

Hiring a taxi is a transportation option that travelers should consider

This mode of transportation is suitable for those travelers who want to move quickly or have urgent matters requiring travel between the two cities. Taxi rental prices range from 2,100,000 VND to 5,500,000 VND depending on the type of vehicle. Here are some reputable taxi companies in Quy Nhon – Nha Trang along with their contact numbers:

Taxi Company

No. Taxi Company Hotline Number
1 Mai Linh Taxi 0258.
2 Vinasun Taxi 0258.
3 Sun Taxi
4 Asia Taxi 0258.6256.888
5 Thanh Hung Taxi 0258.3.822.822
6 Binh Minh Taxi 0258.3.899.899

Quy Nhon to Nha Trang Train

Traveling from Quy Nhon to Nha Trang by train is an experience you should try at least once. The train journeys start from Dieu Tri Station and conclude at Nha Trang Station. There are approximately 9 train trips between these two stations each day. Ticket prices range from 120,000 to 310,000 VND per ticket, depending on the type of seat: hard seat, soft seat, or sleeper.

I hope that the article has helped you answer the question of how many kilometers from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon and provided information on how to travel between these two locations. Wishing you and your family a safe and enjoyable trip. Don’t forget to consider the services of for the best travel experience!


In Nha Trang, besides the free attractions, there are also many appealing places where you’ll need to purchase tickets for entry. Therefore, let’s stay updated with the latest price list from’s and see which places are suitable for your trip. Let’s get started!

Ticket Price List for Nha Trang 2024

Ticket Type Ticket price (VND/person)
Adult (above 140cm) Child (100140cm) Senior (>60 years)
VinWonders Nha Trang + Canoe before 4:00 PM 800.000 600.000 600.000
VinWonders Nha Trang + Canoe after 4:00 PM 560.000 420.000 420.000
 Vinpearl Submarine Nha Trang 1.400.000 950.000 1.200.000
 Mud Bath at Hon Tam Nha Trang + Canoe 400.000 280.000 400.000
 Combo Mud Bath at Hon Tam + Lunch + Canoe 600.000 420.000 600.000
 Combo Mud Bath at Hon Tam + Lunch + Sea Bath + Canoe 750.000 530.000 750.000
 Duca Show Nha Trang Ticket 590.000
 Sea Coral Nha Trang Sunset Cruise 990.000 990.000 990.000
 Sea Coral Nha Trang Day Cruise 1.050.000 1.050.000 1.050.000
 Emperor Nha Trang Sunset Cruise 1.050.000 1.050.000 1.050.000
 Emperor Nha Trang Discovery Cruise 1.150.000 1.150.000 1.150.000
 Horizon Nha Trang Day Cruise 1.150.000 1.150.000 1.150.000
 IResort Nha Trang Hot Springs + Water Park Ticket 170.000 80.000 170.000
 IResort Nha Trang Mud Bath Ticket 260.000 150.000 260.000
IResort Nha Trang Mud Bath + Light Meal Ticket 450.000 300.000 450.000
 IResort Nha Trang Premium Mud House Service 900.000 650.000 900.000
 Ponagar Tower Nha Trang Ticket 25.000 25.000 25.000
 Ponagar Tower Nha Trang Mud Bath Ticket 260.000 130.000 260.000
 Ponagar Tower Nha Trang Herbal Mud Bath Ticket 375.000 150.000 375.000
Hon Mun Nha Trang Ticket 22.000 11.000 22.000
 Hon Mun Nha Trang Diving Ticket 500.000 500.000 500.000
 Hon Mun Nha Trang Basket Boat Ticket 50.000 10.000 50.000
Hon Mun Canoe Ticket 300.000 300.000 300.000
 Hon Mun Wooden Boat Ticket 250.000 250.000 250.000
 Hon Mun Coral Diving Ticket 450.000 450.000 450.000
Hon Chong, Hon Vo Nha Trang Ticket 22.000 11.000 22.000
 Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute Ticket 40.000 20.000 40.000
 Tri Nguyen Aquarium Ticket 170.000 85.000 170.000
 Nha Trang Submarine Tourism Area Ticket 100.000 50.000 100.000
 Galina Lake View Nha Trang Ticket 50.000 25.000 50.000
 Nha Trang Orchid Island Ticket 180.000 100.000 180.000
 Nha Trang Monkey Island Ticket 150.000 80.000 150.000
 Yang Bay Waterfall Nha Trang Ticket 150.000 90.000 150.000
 Doc Let Nha Trang Ticket 50.000 25.000 50.000
 Dong Cao Suoi Tien Ticket 40.000 40.000 40.000
 Alexandre Yersin Museum Ticket 20.000 10.000 20.000
 Thach Lam Hot Spring Tourism Area Ticket 30.000 20.000 30.000
 Bai Tranh Ticket 50.000 25.000 50.000

Ticket Prices for Artificial Structures in Nha Trang

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang Admission Prices

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang is the largest entertainment complex in this coastal city. It attracts tourists with its substantial investment and numerous 5-star services. Whether you are traveling with family, friends, or alone, Vinpearl Land is undoubtedly an attractive destination.

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang is a world-class paradise for entertainment and luxurious resort experiences

Below are the prices for the most popular cable car service at Vinpearl Land, as updated by

  • Round-trip cable car ticket: Adults 880,000 VND, Children 700,000 VND, Seniors 700,000 VND.
  • One-way cable car ticket: Adults 800,000 VND, Children 650,000 VND.
  • Round-trip cable car ticket after 4:00 PM: Adults and Seniors at a flat rate of 450,000 VND, Children 350,000 VND.
  • Tickets specifically for Nha Trang residents: Adults and Seniors 610,000 VND, Children 490,000 VND.

Ponagar Tower Nha Trang Admission Prices

Ponagar Tower is a famous tourist destination in Nha Trang. It exudes ancient beauty and solemnity, built on top of a small hill near the Cai River, just 2km from the city center. The tower complex depicts a prosperous period of the Champa Kingdom, known as the Hoan Vuong Kingdom. With three areas – the Gate Tower, Mandapa – the front temple, and the tower temple, this is truly a historically rich destination that you shouldn’t miss.

This is a famous tourist destination in Nha Trang, and Ponagar Tower is the largest Cham Pa architectural complex in Vietnam.

When visiting Ponagar Tower Nha Trang, you need to purchase tickets for entry. Additionally, adhere to the regulations set by the management to respect the tranquility and solemnity of the site:

  • Entrance ticket: 25,000 VND per person.
  • Hot mineral mud bath: Adults: 260,000 VND/person, 130,000 VND/child (the larger the group, the lower the price).
  • Herbal mud bath: Adults: 375,000 VND/person, 150,000 VND/child (the larger the group, the lower the price).
  • Opening hours: 8 AM – 6 PM daily.

Oceanographic Institute Nha Trang Admission Prices

The Oceanographic Institute in Nha Trang is known as the earliest scientific research institution in Vietnam. It is part of the specialized research centers of the National Center for Natural Science and Technology of Vietnam. Here, you can witness 20,000 specimens of 4,000 marine species in Nha Trang specifically and Vietnam’s sea in general. Alongside freshwater specimens from the Gulf of Thailand, the East Sea, and Cambodia.

The Oceanographic Institute is a unique destination in every Nha Trang travel journey.

When visiting the Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute, you will broaden your view of the wealth of the ocean. You’ll see the 26-meter-long skeleton of a giant whale for the first time, observe the unique and rare dugong specimen, and encounter numerous marine creatures you may have never heard of before. The greenhouse area with colorful fish and lovely coral reefs will provide an experience akin to being in an aquarium, further appreciating the richness of the sea.

Ticket prices at the Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute are as follows:

  • Adults: 40,000 VND per entry.
  • Students: 20,000 VND per entry.
  • Children or students: 10,000 VND per entry.

Note: Adults are considered 16 years and older, children under 16 years (must bring a birth certificate or student ID), children under 6 years or under 1.2 meters are free, and students must present a student ID.

Opening hours: 6 AM – 6 PM.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium Nha Trang Admission Prices

Tri Nguyen Aquarium is an underwater world located on Mieu Island, about 2km from the Nha Trang coastline. It is a vast world with various marine creatures. You can immerse yourself in the world of hundreds of fish species, sea turtles, feed them, touch turtle heads, and take photos as you please. Additionally, there is a restaurant with extremely attractive dishes, and the entrance fee is very affordable:

Entrance tickets:

  • Adults: 170,000 VND per person.
  • Children: 80,000 VND per person.

The ticket includes: Aquarium visit, bouncing carpet play, performance viewing, seahorse fishing, touching turtle heads, dragon baby park visit, and rare fish visit.

Tickets for aquarium visit and beach bathing at Bai Rong:

  • Adults: 100,000 VND per person.
  • Children: 70,000 VND per person.

The ticket includes: A private 5000 m2 beach, use of the swimming pool, chairs, mattresses, participation in kayaking, basket boats, and watching the music performance from 11:15 AM to 11:45 AM daily.

Vinpearl Submarine Nha Trang Ticket Prices

Vinpearl Submarine Nha Trang is the first and only tourist submarine in Vietnam, located within the VinWonders Nha Trang complex on Hon Tre Island. The unique feature of the Vinpearl Nha Trang submarine is its 100% transparent acrylic hull design, providing a 360-degree view for you to freely explore the mysterious ocean with fascinating and unusual marine creatures. The submarine can dive to a depth of 100 meters beneath the sea surface.

Nha Trang Submarine Tourism Area

Vinpearl Submarine Nha Trang Ticket Prices:

  • Adults (height above 140cm): 1,400,000 VND/ticket
  • Seniors (over 60 years old): 1,200,000 VND/ticket
  • Children (100-140cm): 950,000 VND/ticket
  • Children (under 100cm): Free


  • The minimum advance booking time for Vinpearl Nha Trang submarine tickets is 24 hours before departure.
  • Individuals with heart issues, high blood pressure, children under 3 years old, and pregnant women should not participate.
  • The submarine journey lasts for 110 minutes, so please use the restroom before boarding, as there are no restroom facilities on the submarine.
  • The submarine ticket includes transfer by canoe, so remember to arrive at the pick-up point at least 30 minutes before departure.
  • Bring warm clothing as the temperature may drop significantly when descending to the ocean floor.

Ticket Prices for Natural Attractions in Nha Trang

Hon Tam (Tam Island) Nha Trang Admission Prices

Tam Island is approximately 7km east of Nha Trang city center and attracts tourists with its pristine and pure beauty. The climate here is mild, and the temperature is comfortable throughout the year, with a calm and peaceful sea area. Currently, Hon Tam has been developed with many facilities to serve tourism.

Some Types of Tickets at Hon Tam Island, Nha Trang

Hon Tam Nha Trang admission prices:

  • Adults: 220,000 VND per person.
  • Children: 150,000 VND per person.

Hon Mun (Mun Island) Nha Trang Admission Prices

Mun Island is a famous island for its charming natural beauty. Not only that, but it is also blessed by nature with a vast stretch of beach, gentle sandbanks, and valuable coral reefs. Below is the price list for some sightseeing services at Hon Mun:

Hon Mun Island has a beautiful location, presenting a harmonious natural painting in terms of colors
  • Canoe ticket: 300,000 VND per person, Wooden boat ticket: 250,000 VND per person.
  • Entrance ticket: Adults 22,000 VND, Children 12,000 VND.
  • Beach bathing: 66,000 VND per person.
  • Glass-bottom boat ride: 60,000 VND per person.
  • Coral diving: 450,000 VND for 10 minutes, 650,000 VND for 20 minutes.

Monkey Island Nha Trang Admission Prices

As the name suggests, Monkey Island in Nha Trang is an island filled with trees and wildlife, especially monkeys. This small island covers an area of 35 hectares with 1200 coconut trees, creating an incredibly peaceful scenery. Here, you can immerse yourself in nature, play with cute monkeys, feed them, and enjoy the diversity of monkey species. Note that when you come here, be friendly with the monkeys as they are intelligent creatures. If you provoke them, they might misbehave.

Monkey Island enjoys cool weather throughout the year

Admission prices to Monkey Island in 2024:

  • Adults (over 1.4 meters): 120,000 VND per person per trip.
  • Children (from 1 meter to 1.39 meters): 80,000 VND per person per trip.

Daily pick-up time: 8 AM – 8:30 AM.

Orchid Island Nha Trang Admission Prices

Orchid Island is about 18km north of Nha Trang city center. With over 100 orchid species showcasing their colors, it will leave you overwhelmed. Rare species such as mokara, dendro, ngoc diem, hoa hoang, hai yen, nghinh xuan, thuy tien, gia hac, kim diep, etc., cover the entire island in vibrant colors and fragrances. The pathways on this island are also uniquely designed, making tourists feel like they are entering the fascinating world of Disneyland with models of Mickey, Pooh bear, Donald Duck, and more.

Prices at Orchid Island:

  • Adults: 220,000 VND per person.
  • Children: 135,000 VND per person.
  • Elephant riding photo shoot: 50,000 VND per ride, ostrich riding photo shoot: 50,000 VND per ride, ostrich feeding: 20,000 VND per ride, bird feeding: 10,000 VND per ride.

Operating hours: 8 AM – 4:30 PM.

Ticket Prices for Hon Chong Hon Vo Promontory Nha Trang

Hon Chong Hon Vo Promontory is located about 3 km northeast of Nha Trang city center. Hon Chong is a large cluster of rocks with various shapes, stacked on top of each other, descending from the high shore to the sea. Another smaller group of rocks, located at the foot of the eastern hill, is called Hon Vo. The ticket price for visiting Hon Chong – Hon Vo is 30,000 VND per visit.

Hon Chong – The Heartwarming Natural Beauty in Nha Trang

Ticket Prices for Yang Bay Waterfall

The ticket price for Yang Bay Waterfall includes entrance and electric car:

  • Adults: 150,000 VND per trip
  • Children (0.9-1.4m): 90,000 VND per trip
  • Children under 0.9m tall: Free
The ticket price for Yang Bay Waterfall doesn’t matter; what’s important is that there are incredibly beautiful photo opportunities here

Yang Bay Valley spans approximately 570 hectares and is located about 45 km from Nha Trang city. Originally a primeval forest, this area boasts fresh and cool air. It captivates visitors with the pristine beauty of the mountains covered in grass, trees, and waterfalls. Yang Bay Waterfall stands proudly amid the sky beside Tinh Tam Lake.

Ticket Prices for Doc Let Beach, Nha Trang

Doc Let, or Sloping Beach, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Khanh Hoa province. With its long stretch of white sand and casuarina trees casting shadows on the sand, and distant small and large islands surrounding it, blocking the wind and making the sea gentle and calm. You will be impressed by the wild and rustic beauty of Doc Let. Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Adults: 50,000 VND per trip
  • Children (1m-1.3m): 25,000 VND per trip
  • Children under 1m: Free

Ticket Prices for Dong Cuu – Suoi Tien

A newly popular check-in spot in Nha Trang. You can freely check in on the green grass fields with cute flocks of sheep. Additionally, you can experience other interesting activities at this farm, such as taking care of the sheep, shearing the sheep’s wool, and observing the process of making sheep wool. The ticket price for Dong Cuu is 40,000 VND per trip.

Ticket Prices for Yersin Museum, Nha Trang

The museum is named after the Swiss-French scientist Alexandre Yersin, who made significant contributions to the development of science and medicine in Vietnam. The museum is located on Pasteur Street, Loc Tho Ward, Nha Trang City. The museum mainly displays artifacts related to the life and career of Alexandre Yersin, along with some other items related to the history, geography, and culture of Nha Trang and the surrounding areas. The museum is open from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM and from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM daily, with ticket prices of 50,000 VND for adults and 20,000 VND for children.

Ticket Prices for Thach Lam Stream, Nha Trang

Ticket prices for Thach Lam Stream:

  • Adults: 30,000 VND per trip
  • Children: 20,000 VND per trip

Thach Lam Stream is a famous tourist destination in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam. The stream is located in the primeval forest area facing the sea, about 6km north of Nha Trang city center. Thach Lam Stream is one of the attractive ecological tourism destinations in Nha Trang, where you can bathe in the stream, enjoy the natural scenery, and relax after stressful working days. Thach Lam Stream has a clear water lake with black sand at the bottom, green moss, and swimming carp. The cool and fresh stream water allows visitors to bathe and relax in the lake. In addition, you can also participate in activities such as fishing, mountain climbing, or trekking in the forest.

Ticket Prices for Bai Tranh, Nha Trang

Ticket prices:

  • Adults: 50,000 VND per trip
  • Children: 25,000 VND per trip
  • Participating in sea games: from 100,000 to 500,000 VND.

Bai Tranh is not only a beautiful beach but also an attractive destination in Nha Trang Bay. Besides the natural landscape, you can also participate in unique and exciting sea games. With the advantage of a long stretch of white sand, clear and cool seawater, Bai Tranh will surely make you feel relaxed and comfortable for rest and recreation. You can stroll on the white sandy beach and admire the pristine nature of the coastal region.

Above,’s has just provided you with an overview of Entrance Fees in Nha Trang. We hope you find the destinations that suit your itinerary. Don’t forget to use our private car rental service with a driver in Nha Trang. Our quick and convenient pick-up service will help you have the best trip to the coastal city of Nha Trang.


Hon Mun Island Nha Trang is one of the top 4 most beautiful islands in Nha Trang, likened to a vibrant ‘Aquarium’ in the heart of Southeast Asia. This is the first nature reserve in our country with a diverse and rich marine ecosystem, attracting the attention of visitors from all directions.

Where is Hon Mun Island Nha Trang located?

Dubbed as the vibrant “Aquarium” in the heart of Southeast Asia, Hon Mun Island confidently displays its beauty with a rich ecosystem that includes many rare marine species and stunning coral reefs. As the first nature reserve in Vietnam, Hon Mun Island is one of the four most beautiful islands in the coastal city of Nha Trang (alongside Tri Nguyen Island, Hon Tam Island, and Hon Mot Island).

Situated to the south of Hon Tre Island – home to the famous Vinpearl Land, approximately 10 km from Cau Da Port, Hon Mun Island is favored by nature with majestic and breathtaking natural scenery along with a lively ecosystem. With an area of 160 km2 of both the island and the surrounding sea, it is a captivating destination for numerous international visitors.

Hon Mun Island has a beautiful location, presenting a harmonious natural painting in terms of colors

When mentioning Hon Mun Island, the unique name of the island originates from the black, ebony-like rocks found here. Distinct from other places, Hon Mun Island not only attracts visitors with its blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine but also entices with the vivid depiction of an “Aquarium” painting.

Hon Mun Island Nha Trang is evaluated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as the most diverse marine biological area in Vietnam and has become the only marine reserve in Vietnam. The “Aquarium” here is rich with approximately 2000 coral species and 1500 rare marine species.

The Best Time to Visit Hon Mun Island Nha Trang

According to the travel experiences of those who have been to Hon Mun Island Nha Trang before, the best time to visit the island is typically from July to September each year. This period is characterized by beautiful sunshine, clear seas, and cool water, making it ideal for snorkeling.

It is advisable to visit Hon Mun Island during the dry season because of the pleasant weather

Note: Travelers should avoid visiting Hon Mun Island around October to November as this is the typhoon season.

How to Get to Hon Mun Island Nha Trang

Before heading to Hon Mun Island, you need to find transportation to get to the city of Nha Trang first. Most tourists typically travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang. For a quick and convenient journey, you can book a private car from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang From’s. After arriving in Nha Trang, there are two ways to move to Hon Mun Island as follows:

Traveling by Boat or Canoe

With a distance of approximately 10km between Hon Mun Island and Cau Da, it takes about 20-30 minutes to travel by boat or canoe. The cost for a canoe or boat trip ranges from 250,000 VND to 300,000 VND per person. Travelers may consider choosing a canoe if exploring with family or a large group.

When traveling by these means, you’ll experience a refreshing and exhilarating feeling, enjoying the view of the serene mountains on both sides while cruising through the clear blue water.

Traveling by boat or canoe will bring a fresh and refreshing experience

Experience Tours to Hon Mun Island Nha Trang

If you prefer not to travel independently and want to make the most of all the services available, it’s advisable to choose Hon Mun Island Nha Trang tour packages, with prices ranging from 200,000 VND to 600,000 VND. These tour packages typically include meals, entrance tickets, as well as must-try snorkeling activities when you set foot on Hon Mun Island Nha Trang.

Experiences to Try Once Visiting Hon Mun Island Nha Trang

Explore the “Aquarium” of Hon Mun Island – Diverse and Rich Ecosystem

Visiting Hon Mun Island, you cannot help but be amazed by the marine ecosystem here. Bestowed by nature with a breathtaking natural landscape resembling a seascape painting, Hon Mun Island boasts over 75% of the world’s existing marine species.

The crystal-clear water is perfect for activities such as beach bathing and snorkeling to observe coral reefs

Delving into the depths of the “Aquarium,” you’ll feel like you’ve entered a vast ocean with deep caves reaching tens of meters and a coral reef system adding vibrant details to the “Aquarium” painting in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Beach Bathing and Water Activities

When visiting Hon Mun Island, tourists can indulge in taking check-in photos and beach bathing, enjoying the clear water here. There is a designated beach area for tourists, and the ticket price is approximately 100,000 VND per person.

Immerse yourself in the clear blue water at Hon Mun Island

Some prefer to rent a sunbathing chair to admire the beautiful sea view. Additionally, visitors can participate in various water activities such as parasailing, kayaking, etc. However, it’s advisable to inquire about the prices of these services to avoid potential overcharging.

Immerse Yourself in the Coral Paradise

Submerge into the clear blue sea, Hon Mun Island Nha Trang offers a form of snorkeling experience allowing many tourists the opportunity to explore this colorful “Aquarium.” Before snorkeling, you will receive thorough guidance on renting specialized snorkeling gear and safety regulations.

Once you’ve set foot in this underwater paradise, you’ll witness firsthand how diverse and vibrant the marine world is. Enjoy marveling at the coral reefs nestled in the clear blue water, feel the sea breeze surrounding your body, bringing a sense of excitement and wonder.

In addition to snorkeling, tourists can also experience coral reef viewing through a glass-bottom boat

For those who prefer a less adventurous approach, observing the coral from a glass-bottom boat is the perfect choice. The boat, shaped like a round raft but designed with a comfortable space in the middle, allows you to both rest and relax while observing the underwater world in the most authentic and lively way.

Besides snorkeling and observing coral from a glass-bottom boat, underwater walking activities also attract the interest of international visitors. Priced at around 600,000 VND and above, you can immerse yourself in the “Aquarium’s” depths, exploring the ecosystem beneath the seabed in the most authentic and interesting way.

Enjoy the Floating Bars on the Sea

What could be better than enjoying a beach party in the middle of the sea? The floating bars on the sea are especially attractive to tourists. Here, you can swim in the sea while savoring delicious food, seizing the opportunity to take some check-in photos in the midst of the magnificent natural scenery.

Tourists can also enjoy a special floating bar experience on the sea

Special ‘Love’ Services

Finally, what makes Hon Mun Island Nha Trang stand out is the service of organizing underwater weddings for couples. Many couples have chosen this beautiful island as the place to preserve beautiful memories and mark important milestones in their lives.

Imagine being enchanted by the romantic scenery underwater, surrounded by vibrant coral reefs, and being with your loved one. What could be more wonderful and romantic than creating happy memories with your loved one in this place?

The romantic scenery is chosen by many couples to leave a mark of happiness

In addition to the natural beauty and diverse marine ecosystem, Hon Mun Island Nha Trang always provides wonderful experiences for countless travelers who have set foot here. If you are still undecided and haven’t found a place to capture memories with friends and family, then Hon Mun Island is the perfect choice for your upcoming trip.

Some notes when traveling to Hon Mun Island Nha Trang:

  • There are no restaurants, eateries, or resorts on the island, so tourists should prepare some food and drinks to bring before heading to the island.
  • Tourists should pay attention to maintaining general hygiene on Hon Mun Island Nha Trang, dispose of trash in the designated areas or carry it in small bags to bring back to the mainland port.
  • If renting a boat or canoe independently, you should consider whether to go to Hon Mun Island or Nha Trang Coral Bay, as these two locations are quite similar, but the coral at Hon Mun Island is considered more beautiful than at Nha Trang Coral Bay.
  • It’s advisable to book snorkeling services before going to the island to get a better price and ensure that the snorkeling time is as agreed upon.
  • Bring cash, sunscreen, medication, and personal hygiene items, as it may be challenging to find places selling these items on the island.

Going to Hon Mun Island Nha Trang is truly an exciting experience when you visit the coastal city. If you’re already here, don’t forget to step out of your comfort zone and take part in the scuba diving experience to explore the most vibrant “Aquarium” in Southeast Asia!

Bai Tranh (Tranh Beach) in Nha Trang is a tourist destination with a distinctive beauty that is hard to confuse with any other beach. So, what makes Tranh Beach in Nha Trang so appealing to visitors?

Bai Tranh (Tranh Beach) in Nha Trang attracts tourists with its unique and special terrain and natural scenery. The area also offers many exciting and interesting water activities that should not be missed. Take note of the essential information for traveling to Bai Tranh below and get ready for a trip filled with new experiences!

Overview of Tranh Beach, Nha Trang

  • Address: Tri Nguyen Island, Nha Trang City

In stark contrast to the vibrant beaches in the coastal city of Nha Trang, Tranh Beach boasts a coastline stretching over 500 meters, surrounded by untouched mountain ranges, embracing it in a wide arc. However, what sets Tranh Beach apart is undoubtedly its uniquely divided sandy area, featuring one side with fine, pristine white sand, and the other side with adjacent pebbles. Moreover, the diverse and abundant marine ecosystem adds to its allure, making Tranh Beach a top choice for young travelers exploring the coastal region of Central Vietnam.

The bridge leading to Tranh Beach

Guide on How to Get to Tranh Beach, Nha Trang

To reach Tranh Beach in Nha Trang, follow these 3 steps:

Travel from your location to Nha Trang

Depending on the distance from your location to Nha Trang and the available means of transportation, you can choose to travel by plane, train, bus, or drive a motorcycle to Nha Trang.

If you are in Ho Chi Minh City and want to explore Tranh Beach in Nha Trang, you can book a private car service with a driver in Ho Chi Minh City from With their door-to-door service, professional drivers, and extensive experience, they can ensure you have a comfortable journey. Book your private car trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang today for a convenient and hassle-free travel experience.

Travel from the city center to Vinh Truong Port

From the city center of Nha Trang, you can hire a private car in Nha Trang, rent a motorbike in Nha Trang, take a taxi, or drive to Vinh Truong Port following this route: head south from Tran Phu to Vinpearl cable car station – Vo Thi Sau Street – Vinh Truong Port.

You can reach Tranh Beach by high-speed canoe or traditional wooden boat

Travel from Vinh Truong Port to Tranh Beach

Upon reaching Vinh Truong Port, you can rent a boat or canoe to reach Tranh Beach. The rental prices for boats or canoes vary, ranging from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND per person.

You can choose the appropriate type of canoe based on your needs or the size of your group.

  • Price for 12-seat high-speed canoe: 800,000 VND per canoe
  • Price for 16-seat high-speed canoe: 900,000 VND per canoe
  • Price for 20-seat high-speed canoe: 1,000,000 VND per canoe
  • Price for 24-seat high-speed canoe: 1,200,000 VND per canoe

When to visit Tranh Beach in Nha Trang?

Due to the gradually sloping terrain at Tranh Beach in Nha Trang, it is very safe for tourists. Therefore, visitors can come here at any time of the year. However, the best time to visit Tranh Beach is from February to September when the weather is dry, cool, and conducive to travel.

Ticket Prices for Tranh Beach, Nha Trang

Currently, Tranh Beach in Nha Trang is one of the beaches that charges an entrance fee. You can rest assured that the ticket prices are relatively affordable, with only 30,000 VND per adult and 20,000 VND per child, allowing you to begin your journey to explore this beautiful beach. Additionally, children under 1 meter tall can enter for free.

However, if you want to participate in water sports and enjoy entertainment services at the beach, you will need to purchase separate tickets for each activity. Typically, ticket prices for these activities range from 500,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND per person.

  • Jet ski price: 650,000 VND per jet ski or 800,000 VND for 15 minutes
  • Parasailing price: 650,000 VND per person
  • Banana boat for 5 people: 700,000 VND per boat for 10 minutes

You can be assured that when participating in any of these activities, there will be guides at the locations ready to provide instructions and equip you with safety gear, including life jackets, without any additional charges.

Exciting Entertainment Activities at Tranh Beach

Immerse Yourself in Crystal Clear Water to Explore the Diverse Marine Ecosystem

Who could resist the alluring invitation of the beautiful beach with its seemingly transparent water, where you can see the ocean floor and waves gently lapping? With just a life jacket (if you can’t swim) and snorkeling gear, you have everything you need to float in the refreshing water.

Snorkeling to admire coral reefs at Tranh Beach

With a diverse marine ecosystem, if you want to learn more about the life beneath the sea, you can swim a bit further out (ensuring your safety, of course), then slowly dive down to admire the coral reefs and small fish swimming around. It’s truly fantastic, isn’t it?

Stroll Along the Beach and Admire the Picturesque Coastal Landscape

If you don’t enjoy (or don’t know how to) swim, you can still discover the beauty of Tranh Beach in your own way. Walking along the long coastline, feeling the soft sand and the firm pebbles under your feet, is a fascinating experience, isn’t it?

Strolling along the coastline at Tranh Beach

On sunny days, let the sound of swaying coconut palms resonate with the sea breeze, bringing the characteristic salty aroma. The gentle sound of waves lapping the shore is like a soothing lullaby echoing in the distance, comforting you after the daily challenges of life. Just take a deep breath, feel the complete saltiness of the sea permeate your body, and leave everything behind.

Explore the Homes of Marine Creatures at Tri Nguyen Lake and Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Or if you have an endless passion for the diverse marine ecosystem and want to understand more about it, Tri Nguyen Lake – currently the home to hundreds of rare marine species, including sea turtles – is the ideal destination near Tranh Beach that you can visit.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Alternatively, a Tri Nguyen Aquarium built with a curved glass dome and hundreds of colorful marine species swimming is another place you shouldn’t miss.

Participate in Water Sports at Tranh Beach Tourist Area

If you want to challenge your courage or simply try something you haven’t dared before, then visit the Tranh Beach Tourist Area. With a variety of water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides, you are sure to have incredibly relaxing moments.

Parasailing at Tranh Beach

Explore the Fishing Village near Tranh Beach

Moving southwest from Hon Mieu, visitors will reach the fishing village where the local residents live. They make a living through aquaculture and fishing, making this a must-visit destination for seafood enthusiasts. The seafood here is caught and processed by the local people, ensuring its freshness and affordability.

Explore the Fishing Village near Tranh Beach

Therefore, if you are still wondering what to do in Nha Trang, be sure to visit the fishing village and immerse yourself in the daily life of the local residents.

What to Eat at Tranh Beach, Nha Trang?

Fish Cake Vermicelli (Bun cha ca)

The dish of fish cake vermicelli at Tranh Beach in Nha Trang may seem simple, with nothing particularly special, but surprisingly, just tasting it once will leave a lasting impression. The broth of the fish cake vermicelli is simmered from fresh fish bones, giving it a sweet and refreshing taste that is very pleasing to the palate. A bowl of vermicelli includes broth, vermicelli, fish cake, and herbs, yet it’s enough to satisfy a hungry stomach.

Ba Ba Bun Cha Ca (Grilled Fish Cake Noodle).

Jellyfish Vermicelli (Bun sua)

Being in Nha Trang without trying jellyfish vermicelli would be a regrettable missed opportunity. The broth of jellyfish vermicelli has a clear, sweet taste, not fishy, and is very fragrant. The jellyfish is chewy and crispy, making it a delightful experience. Jellyfish vermicelli becomes even more delicious with a bit of fish sauce, a bit of chili sauce, and a bit of spicy satay.

Jellyfish vermicelli this is a dish not to be missed when coming to Nha Trang, crispy jellyfish eaten with fish cakes and sweet broth.

Banh Can

Made with rice flour and filled with ingredients like meat, shrimp, mushrooms, eggs, squid, etc., banh can is simple but dipping it into a bowl of sweet and sour dipping sauce, along with a bit of spice, completes the experience. This is a popular snack in the Central provinces and is loved by many young people.

Nha Trang’s Bánh căn is prepared differently from other places.

Banh Uot

If you spend the whole day at Tranh Beach and still don’t know what to eat in Nha Trang, then visit a roadside eatery and enjoy a plate of the rustic banh uot (wet rice paper) of Khanh Hoa people! The key to the deliciousness of banh uot lies in the dipping sauce. The dipping sauce must be either garlic fish sauce or a dipping sauce made from fish intestines. Enjoying banh uot with grilled meat, sausage, fermented pork roll, fresh vegetables, and dipping it into the fragrant dipping sauce makes it all wonderfully delicious.

Notes for Traveling to Tranh Beach, Nha Trang

  • Ticket Prices: The ticket price for adults at Tranh Beach, Nha Trang is 50,000 VND, and for children, it’s 25,000 VND (the ticket includes access to the beach and sunbeds).
  • Water Safety: It is recommended that visitors wear life jackets and equip themselves with full protective gear to ensure safety, especially for children when participating in water activities.
  • Protection from Sun Exposure: When traveling to Tranh Beach, Nha Trang, visitors should prepare sunscreen and hats to protect their skin from the harmful effects of sunlight during outdoor activities.
  • It is advisable to avoid visiting Tranh Beach, Nha Trang during the rainy season from September to December, as it may hinder your travel experience

Tranh Beach (Bai Tranh), with its picturesque coastal scenery in the front and mountainous backdrop along the beach, has always been an ideal destination for young travelers seeking a refreshing seaside atmosphere. If you have the opportunity to visit Nha Trang, don’t forget about Tranh Beach!

The coastal city of Nha Trang has long been renowned for its unique and unparalleled landmarks, and now it has a brand-new check-in point with a strong artistic flair: The Do Nha Trang Theater (Đó Theater). Join’s to explore this mesmerizing and creative architectural masterpiece!

Information about the Do Theater in Nha Trang

  • Address: Vega City, Bai Tien, Pham Van Dong Boulevard, Vinh Hai, Nha Trang.
  • Phone number: 0348 660 823
  • Ticket prices:
    • Exterior visit: Free
    • Interior performance viewing: 390,000 VND – 585,000 VND/ticket (Prices at the time of writing are discounted, updated until September 2023)
The architecture of the Do Nha Trang Theater bears the distinctive essence of the ocean

The Do Theater is situated within the resort, art, and entertainment complex Vega City Nha Trang, in Bai Tien area, Vinh Hoa ward, Nha Trang city, conveniently located near Pham Van Dong Boulevard for easy access. This prime area is surrounded by majestic natural scenery and upscale resorts, offering a luxurious boating experience.

How to get to the Do Nha Trang Theater?

To get to the Do Nha Trang Theater, you travel from the city center of Nha Trang towards the north on Tran Phu Street, then continue straight on Pham Van Dong Street. After passing Ana Marina yacht harbor, and reaching the Amiana Resort, instead of turning left to go up Luong Son Pass, continue straight for about 200m until you reach Vega City. The security will guide you to the parking area in the basement. From there, you can walk to the Do Theater.

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The unique architectural beauty of the Do Theater.

With its fresh and distinctive name, the Do Theater is sure to leave every traveler impressed and intrigued. The theater is named and designed inspired by the “do,” a common folk fishing tool used by the Vietnamese to catch small seafood.

Unique Exterior Architecture Resembling a Giant “Do”

The theater takes the shape of a giant “do” lying next to Nha Trang Bay. This traditional fishing tool, typically made of bamboo or short tubes, has one end open for fish to enter, and the other end closed and pointed. Transforming this simple and familiar tool of Vietnamese fishermen, architects have created an exquisite and uniquely designed architectural masterpiece. The theater complex has an outer frame resembling the shape of the “do,” with a color scheme closely resembling the hue of bamboo, wrapping around the inner building. Alongside the “do” is a coral branch with sparkling giant pearls.

The giant ‘ĐÓ’ amidst the colorful neighborhood of Nha Trang Bay

The Do Theater covers a total area of 2500m², constructed with the strictest standards, using premium materials, high durability, and implemented by leading construction units from both domestic and international origins.

Internationally Classy Space Inside the Giant “Do”

Inside the giant “do” is an internationally classy cultural and artistic center on an enormous scale. The theater is equipped with international standard stage equipment and mechanical systems, capable of providing a performance space both on land and underwater with a 240m² reservoir.

The spacious environment along with the high-end audio and lighting system of the Do Theater ensures that the audience experiences a top-notch artistic performance

In addition, the Do Theater is equipped with 536 seats in the auditorium, an exquisite sound system with equipment directly imported from France’s L-Acoustic brand, and a stage lighting system provided by Robert Juliat, a leading supplier of performance lighting systems worldwide. The Do Theater is also one of the rare theaters in Vietnam equipped with 20 automatic lifts, promising to deliver a performance that will deeply resonate with the audience.

Review of the “Life Puppets” Show at the Do Theater

In addition to its unique architecture, the Do Theater in Nha Trang mesmerizes countless tourists with the “Life Puppets” show. So, what makes this performance so captivating? Let’s find out with Vinpearl.

Unique Show, Intricately Crafted

Diverging from traditional water puppetry hidden behind a screen, at the Do Theater, the audience is treated to exceptionally novel puppetry acts. Artists and puppets appear as performing characters, showcasing their skills directly using manual techniques.

“Life Puppets” is an innovative water puppetry program along with various special new puppetry forms, reinterpreting the traditional art form

The performance promises to evoke the most delicate and authentic emotions in the audience. Here, visitors also experience a completely new form of puppetry, combining motion sensor technology with contemporary dance.

“Life Puppets” is an amalgamation of various performance styles such as water puppetry, string puppetry, shadow puppetry, animation puppetry, and contemporary dance, accompanied by the guidance of a music ensemble from Southeast Asian indigenous tribes (SEASOUL). Together, they create a grand, harmonious stage, multifaceted, multilingual, depicting profoundly sophisticated and emotional stories.

Ticket Prices for the “Life Puppets” Show at the Do Theater, Nha Trang

The ticket prices for the “Life Puppets” show at the Do Theater in Nha Trang are categorized into three classes:

  • Dragon (pink seats): 900,000 VND/adult, 630,000 VND/children and seniors.
  • Tiger (yellow seats): 700,000 VND/adult, 490,000 VND/children and seniors.
  • Zodiac (green seats): 600,000 VND/adult, 420,000 VND/children and seniors.
Seating chart based on ticket categories in the Do Theater in Nha Trang City

Life Puppets” Show Schedule

The “Life Puppets” show takes place every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. However, the performance times may vary, so it’s advisable to contact the theater in advance for the most accurate information!

How to Buy Tickets for the Do Theater in Nha Trang

To purchase tickets at the Do Theater, you can consider the following methods:

  • Book online on the official website of the Do Theater:
  • Reserve through reputable ticket booking apps like Klook, Traveloka…
  • Call the hotline +84348.660.823 for advice and quick ticket booking assistance.
  • Purchase tickets directly at the Do Theater to attend the performance. It’s recommended to arrive early to secure a seat and choose a preferred location.

Exciting Experiences around the Do Theater in Nha Trang

In addition to the Do Theater in Nha Trang City, Vega City offers a plethora of restaurants, cafes, artistic structures, exhibition areas, and entertainment venues. Below are some interesting experiences around the Do Theater that you can consider.

Super Chic Check-in at the Caribbean Zone

The Caribbean Zone is a vibrant space, displaying the colors of the Caribbean Sea with multicolored buildings. The highlight of this area is the 5 – 6m tall flamingo statues. Here, visitors can indulge in check-ins, capturing unique and picturesque backgrounds for those “million likes” photos.

The Caribbean area is vibrant, displaying the colors of the Caribbean Sea

Wander into the European Skyline

In contrast to the Caribbean Zone, the European Zone exudes an elegant and subtle color palette, mimicking European architecture. Surrounding this area are numerous artworks such as statues of two Western men, fountain sculptures depicting dance, and giant sailboat models.

The Europe area exudes an elegant style, subtle colors, and mimics European architecture

Explore Other Interesting Zones

Moreover, around the Do Theater in Nha Trang City, there are many other interesting zones for you to explore at your leisure. You can experience cruising Nha Trang Bay aboard the Vega Yacht, visit the Coral Park of Van San Dao and the “Ocean Walk,” participate in the Beach Club with an infinity pool,…

Around the Do Theater, there are many other interesting zones

Famous Tourist Destinations near the Do Theater in Nha Trang.

In addition to the Do Theater area in Nha Trang, there are many renowned landmarks in the land of agarwood that visitors can incorporate into their itineraries for a vibrant Nha Trang journey.

  • Monkey Island Nha Trang: Hoa Qua Son amidst the blue sea and white sand.
  • Hang Heo (Pig Cave): a pristine rocky beach providing magnificent photo opportunities.
At Monkey Island, there are approximately 1,500 monkeys living.

The Do Theater in Nha Trang is not just a unique virtual check-in location but also a place to enjoy exceptional art. This article has provided a detailed review of transportation, architecture, the “Life Puppets” show, and interesting experiences at the theater. Don’t forget to save this valuable information and make a visit to the Do Theater in Nha Trang in your upcoming trip.

Situated 60km north of the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang, Ninh Van Bay emerges like a colorful natural painting. The clear blue beaches, the rugged and poetic hills, the meandering stretches of white sand… all contribute to making Ninh Van Bay incredibly distinctive and unique. Surely, anyone who visits the bay would be amazed and praise the beauty that nature has generously bestowed upon this land. The following article will share the latest independent travel experiences in Ninh Van Bay, hoping to be helpful for your upcoming journey!

Introduction to Ninh Van Bay

Ninh Van Bay is located in Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa province, situated on Hon Meo Peninsula, approximately 60km from the city of Nha Trang. Despite the province’s focus on developing the tourism industry, leading to the construction and operation of numerous luxury resorts, Ninh Van Bay has managed to preserve its pristine beauty, relatively untouched by human impact. It is often considered one of the most beautiful bays in Nha Trang.

Ninh Van Bay in Nha Trang is an attractive tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors

The panoramic view of this bay is a perfect blend of nature, with its emerald-green waters, lush tree canopies casting refreshing shadows, against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. For a long time, this place has become an ideal destination for family vacations, group outings, or romantic honeymoons.

How to Travel to Ninh Van Bay.

As a coastal bay located near the city of Nha Trang, we need to follow two routes to reach this beautiful paradise. The first route leads to Nha Trang, and the second one takes us to Ninh Van Bay.

Traveling to Nha Trang

Nha Trang is one of the major cities, and various common transportation methods can be used to reach the city. The most convenient method is still by air to save time. In addition, traveling by car or train can also provide unique experiences. For some adventurous individuals, they choose to travel by motorcycle to fully enjoy the beauty of the roads.

Moreover, if you are an international traveler, you usually fly to Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City. Afterward, you find a way to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang. To meet this need, offers private car services from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang as quickly as possible. With door-to-door service, you can relax and explore tourist attractions along the way. The professional driver team with basic English skills will make your journey as smooth as possible.

Means of Transportation from Nha Trang to Ninh Van Bay

Located about 60km north of Nha Trang, there are several ways to travel to Ninh Van Bay that we can experience.

  • High-speed boat: Before 2009, the high-speed boat was the only means of transportation to Ninh Van Bay in Nha Trang. The travel time of the boat is very fast, only 20 minutes, and you can reach the bay. High-speed boat tickets are available at various tourist ticket points throughout Nha Trang. Ticket prices range from 70,000 VND to 100,000 VND.Note: Since the high-speed boat runs very fast, if you are prone to seasickness, it is advisable to take medication before departure!
  • Motorbike and Car: You can rent a private travel car with a driver in Nha Trang from, and our driver will take you to Ninh Van Bay the fastest. Alternatively, you can rent a motorbike in Nha Trang and travel there yourself. Follow DT651 to get to National Highway 1A. Then, go to Ninh Hoa town, turn right onto National Highway 26B. Move to the end of TL625D, pass through Ninh Phuoc commune, Ninh Tinh, and you have arrived at the beautiful Ninh Van Bay.

The Suitable Time to Visit Ninh Van Bay

For a convenient trip, it is advisable to visit Ninh Van Bay during the summer and autumn seasons when the weather is dry. The best time is from June to September, with an average temperature ranging from 26-29 degrees Celsius and comfortable humidity. This period offers an excellent opportunity for beach activities.

What to Do in Ninh Van Bay?

Explore the Natural Beauty of Ninh Van Bay and Enjoy Stylish Check-ins

The nature in Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang, is inherently wild and pristine, creating a sense of closeness and relaxation for visitors. Here, you can admire the beautiful scenery resembling a painted picture, touch the soft waves, or comfortably check in at Nha Trang, preserving unique photos with friends and loved ones.

The nature in Ninh Van Bay is quite pristine and simple

Beach Swimming and Participating in Water Games

It would be a miss not to experience beach activities and participate in water games when visiting Ninh Van Bay. The beach here is vast with smooth white sand and crystal-clear blue water surrounded by majestic mountains. Especially when exploring Ninh Van Bay, you also have the opportunity to engage in activities such as surfing, kayaking, and parasailing.

Participate in sea activities at Ninh Van Bay

Diving to Explore the Ecosystem of Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang

Diving in Nha Trang is an ideal sport for those travelers passionate about exploring the underwater world. Thanks to effective conservation efforts, Ninh Van Bay now boasts a rich and diverse ecosystem, highlighted by colorful coral reefs and various fish species.

Experience underwater diving to admire coral reefs

Explore the Tropical Forest near Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang

Not only famous for the beauty of the blue sea, but Ninh Van Bay also attracts tourists with the lush tropical forest of Hon Heo, featuring a rich plant ecosystem. Here, you can admire unique animals like slow loris and black-legged langurs and enjoy vast fields of green garlic.

Explore the tropical forest in Ninh Van.

Immerse Yourself in the Romantic Scenes of Sunrise and Sunset at Ninh Van Bay

Sunrise and sunset are the two most beautiful moments of the day. Observing the sunrise and sunset over the sea at Ninh Van Bay, you can clearly feel the sea breeze, the soothing sound of waves, and immerse yourself in the sparkling sunlight on the sea. This peaceful scene will create unforgettable moments that are not easily found elsewhere.

The romantic scenery in Ninh Van, Nha Trang

Visit the Fishing Village of Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang

All the fishing villages in Nha Trang have their own unique beauty, providing visitors with a simple and intimate feeling. Among them, the Ninh Van Bay fishing village is likened to a watercolor painting, beautiful and poetic while still maintaining its purity and wilderness. When visiting the fishing village, you also have the opportunity to buy clean, fresh seafood at very affordable prices.

Experience a Super Chill Camping on the Beach of Ninh Van Bay

Relaxing camping by the beach with friends and loved ones is also a great experience when visiting Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang. Here, you can set up small tents and listen to the soothing sound of the waves to enjoy a romantic and peaceful scene alongside delicious prepared meals.

Indulge in the Specialties of Ninh Van Bay, Khanh Hoa

When visiting Ninh Van Bay, Khanh Hoa, tourists not only get to rest and explore new and exciting activities but also have the opportunity to indulge in the famous local seafood specialties such as:

  • Nha Trang jellyfish noodles
  • Fish cake noodle soup
  • Fresh and delicious seafood like fish, shrimp, crab, squid
  • Steamed mullet with guava leaves
  • Nha Trang watery noodle soup
Enjoy the delicious steamed mullet with guava leaves dish at Ninh Van Bay
Enjoy the delicious steamed mullet with guava leaves dish at Ninh Van Bay

See more articles about: TOP 20 freshest and most delicious seafood restaurants in Nha Trang

Accommodation in Ninh Van Bay.

One of the factors that make your vacation perfect is undoubtedly the accommodation. In Ninh Van Bay, you will come across extremely luxurious and prestigious resorts with modern designs. Particularly, there are beachfront resorts with unique Hawaii-style thatched roofs.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

Staying at a resort in Ninh Van Bay is a regrettable omission. Each resort in the bay features a distinct design that receives much love from travelers. One of the most beautifully designed resorts is Six Senses Ninh Van Bay.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

At the Six Senses Ninh Van Bay resort, you will immerse yourself in the cool and fresh nature with a view of the sea, thatched roofs, wooden floors, and staircases leading to the beach.

L’Alyana Ninh Van Bay

L’Alyana Ninh Van Bay is one of the most luxurious and prestigious resorts in Ninh Van Bay. The resort boasts over 35 villas with an architecture that is both simple and elegant. When you come to L’Alyana, you will be surrounded by pristine nature, listening to the singing of birds, and admiring the sea from the infinity pool.

L’Alyana Ninh Van Bay

Moreover, there is a complimentary breakfast buffet with modern European-style dishes.

Notes for Traveling to Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang.

For the most convenient trip to Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang, travelers should pay attention to the following points:

  • Timing: The best time to visit Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang, is from June to September. This period represents the peak tourist season in Nha Trang, with vibrant and lively activities. The weather during this time is dry, with moderate humidity, making it ideal for beach activities and exploring the bay.
  • Essentials to Bring: Prepare plenty of stylish clothing to capture charming moments along the beautiful beaches of Ninh Van Bay. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, as well as some allergy medication and motion sickness pills to use when necessary. Most personal hygiene items are usually provided by hotels, so you may not need to bring them.
  • Activities and Exploration: Take advantage of the vibrant atmosphere during the peak season to engage in various water activities and explore the surroundings of the bay. Bring a camera to capture the stunning landscapes, and consider participating in water sports or boat tours offered in the area.
  • Safety Measures: Ensure your safety by adhering to any guidelines or rules set by local authorities. Be cautious when swimming, especially in unfamiliar areas, and follow any safety instructions provided by tour operators or lifeguards.
  • Cultural Respect: Respect the local culture and traditions. It’s advisable to dress modestly when visiting temples or cultural sites. Learn a few basic phrases in the local language to show appreciation for the culture.
  • Local Cuisine: Explore the local cuisine and try traditional dishes. Nha Trang is known for its delicious seafood, so don’t miss the opportunity to savor fresh and flavorful seafood dishes.

Vinh Ninh Van in Nha Trang is not only pristine and simple with its clear beaches but also incredibly vibrant due to the exciting exploration activities and delicious fresh seafood. If you have already fallen in love with this famous tourist destination in Nha Trang, don’t hesitate and start planning early to enjoy the most ideal trip!

Located 20km north of Nha Trang city, Monkey Island Nha Trang is an ecotourism destination that is greatly loved by many tourists. The place features wild and natural scenery with pleasant weather throughout the year. Particularly, with over 1200 monkeys residing amidst a diverse vegetation, it is undoubtedly an ideal stopping point. The following article will share the latest travel experience to Nha Trang Monkey Island, helping you have a complete and meaningful journey to the monkey island.

Where is Monkey Island Nha Trang located?

The island is situated in Nha Phu Bay, near Ninh Van Bay and approximately 18km north of Nha Trang city. It stands out with its unusually peaceful ambiance, and being nestled in the open sea, it never fails to leave visitors in awe.

How to get to Monkey Island Nha Trang

To travel to Nha Trang

For domestic visitors, there are various options such as flying, taking a train, or a bus, etc. For international visitors, you can fly to Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, then take a flight to Nha Trang. Alternatively, you can book a private car journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang with Our drivers will provide door-to-door service, and the flexible schedule will help you have the most time-efficient trip.

How to travel from the city center of Nha Trang to Monkey Island

Getting from the city center of Nha Trang to Monkey Island is quite straightforward. You can rent a private car with a driver in Nha Trang from or rent a motorbike in Nha Trang to travel to Monkey Island Nha Trang. Head towards Da Chong Port and from there, take National Highway 1A. After about 15 minutes, you will reach the ticket booth for the boat to the island. The journey becomes exciting as passengers can enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean, vibrant coral reefs, and the sea bathed in the gentle breeze and golden sunlight.

You can rent a car or a motorbike to travel to Monkey Island Nha Trang

Moreover, the time it takes for travelers to reach the island from the port is only 15-20 minutes, allowing for a day trip. Additionally, boats operate every 30 minutes, so there is no need to worry about missing a return trip to the mainland.

  • To reach Monkey Island from Long Phu Port, tourists can purchase ferry tickets at the port.
  • Ticket prices for reference:
    • Adults: 180,000 VND per person
    • Children under 1.3 meters: 90,000 VND per person

When is the best time to travel to Monkey Island Nha Trang?

According to the travel experience in Nha Trang of, Monkey Island is beautiful throughout all four seasons, with clear skies, fresh air, and a cool breeze. Therefore, tourists can visit the island at any time.

Monkey Island enjoys cool weather throughout the year

However, to fully enjoy the beauty of this ecotourism destination, it is recommended to visit the island during the summer. Around late June, the sea begins to turn a clear, vibrant green, the sun shines brighter, and the weather becomes much cooler.

Ticket Prices for Monkey Island Nha Trang?

Ticket Prices (VND/person)

  • Adults: 150,000
  • Children (1m – 1.3m): 80,000
  • Children (< 1m): Free


  • The ticket price for Monkey Island Nha Trang includes round-trip transportation tickets, tent seats, admission fees, fresh water bathing fees, animal circus performances, monkey swimming and motorcycle racing, dog racing, and floating games at sea.
  • The opening hours for Monkey Island Nha Trang tourist area are from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM daily.

What to Do on Monkey Island Nha Trang?

Play and Take Photos with the Monkeys

This is the iconic image of Monkey Island Nha Trang with playful, bold, and warmly welcoming monkeys at any time. These mischievous monkeys are sure to excite you with their intelligence and agile climbing skills. There’s nothing like admiring the picturesque natural scenery, breathing in the fresh air, and playing with the adorable monkey troop.

Check-in with the adorable monkeys

Watch a Monkey Circus

For those who have experienced traveling to Monkey Island Nha Trang, they often speak highly of the impressive monkey circus performances on the island. Because these animals are clever and playful, local residents have trained them to become talented circus performers. Therefore, when you visit Monkey Island, don’t miss the captivating monkey circus shows that you may not have seen before.

Monkey cycling is a circus activity that attracts many tourists to come and watch

Witness a Unique Dog Race on the Island

In addition to enjoying the natural landscape, Monkey Island Nha Trang also offers tourists a dog race, a characteristic feature of the Central Island region. The dog race track is only slightly more than 100m long, but it’s hard for anyone to take their eyes off the impressive sight of a monkey sitting on the back of the dogs to start the race. The usual race times are around 10:40 am, 2:40 pm, and 3:40 pm. Each race features a total of 8 dogs, and players can place bets for a chance to win unique commemorative prizes.

Dog racing is a distinctive feature on Monkey Island

Floating Park

When visiting Monkey Island Nha Trang, make sure to experience the unique and exciting sensation at the floating park. The floating park is an attractive playground that draws a large number of tourists, especially the youth. Covering an area of 2,000m2, the park includes 48 interconnected sports games: rock climbing, balance beams, slides, swings, and more, creating an appealing and enjoyable environment. For those who enjoy physical activities, this place is an ideal playground that shouldn’t be missed.

The floating park offers a variety of captivating and entertaining interconnected games

Experience Countless Dynamic Sports Activities

When you come to Monkey Island Nha Trang Khanh Hoa, in addition to exploring and playing with the lively monkeys, don’t miss the opportunity to experience various exciting sports activities. The island offers numerous games, ranging from simple challenges to adrenaline-pumping activities such as paintball, Prokat racing, ostrich riding, and more. Especially, exploring the vast and mysterious underwater world through diving is a fascinating experience worth trying when visiting Hon Lao on Monkey Island Nha Trang.

Many exciting beach activities attract numerous tourists when traveling to Nha Trang.

Explore Nha Phu Bay

Apart from Hon Lao on Monkey Island Nha Trang, Nha Phu Bay also includes many other islands such as Da Bac Island, Leo Island, Sam Island, and Hoa Lan Spring. Nha Phu Bay is a large bay with diverse natural features, including mountains, islands, streams, the sea, and lakes. The area boasts picturesque landscapes, pristine nature with long stretches of white sand, crystal-clear seawater, and a variety of vegetation. Besides exploring Monkey Island, visitors can also visit Leo Island and Sam Spring for activities like diving, recreation, swimming, and capturing interesting moments.

Nha Phu Bay, with its beautiful natural scenery and clear blue sea, is a destination that attracts both domestic and international tourists

Savor Seafood

What delicious seafood does Monkey Island Nha Trang offer for tourists to try? When you set foot here, remember to enjoy the local specialties in Nha Trang, especially seafood caught by fishermen early in the morning and distributed to markets. Ensure the freshness of fish, shrimp, squid, and more. You can ask restaurants to prepare dishes according to your preferences or choose from the available menu.

Take Note of These Tips After Traveling to Monkey Island Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa:

  • When visiting Monkey Island in Nha Trang, tourists should note not to wear necklaces, bracelets, or bring food, as there are many lively and mischievous baby monkeys that may jump out and snatch your belongings.
  • When feeding the monkeys, avoid touching or patting their heads.
  • Absolutely do not take food from the monkeys or threaten them, as they may chase you.
  • If traveling independently, you can bring your own food and drinks as prices on the island are relatively high.
  • Remember to bring essential items when traveling to Monkey Island Nha Trang, such as swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, and especially a camera or smartphone for taking pictures.
  • Choose a GOOD accommodation to rest after a day of exploring the island.

The article above shares experiences of traveling to Monkey Island Nha Trang by As a famous tourist destination in Nha Trang, Monkey Island exudes a tranquil and pristine beauty, attracting the curiosity and desire for exploration from travelers worldwide. This is an ideal sightseeing spot for you and your family to relax and unwind after long, tiring days.