Attend the Full Moon Festival – Hoi An’s Full Moon Festival is held on the 14th day of the lunar cycle each month and is probably the best time to visit the city. The streets are shut down to all traffic and are lined with brightly colored lanterns. This is a great time to party with locals as the streets come alive with folk music, plays, and dancing!

Attend the Full Moon Festival
Attend the Full Moon Festival

Relax on the beaches – An Bang and Cua Dai beaches are both within close proximity to Hoi An and are a great place to spend an afternoon. Cua Dai is designated as one of Vietnam’s five UNESCO World Heritage sites but both beaches offer soft white sand and excellent beach-side restaurants. These beaches are fantastic places to spend the day getting some sun and meeting cool people.

Relax on the beaches Cua Dai

Take a trip to Cham Island – Many tourists take a day trip out to Cham Island which lies just 21km from Hoi An in the South China Sea. The diving there is great and because you’re in Vietnam, it’s very cheap.  Most tours include lunch and it’s also possible to include a night dive in your excursion.

Take a trip to Cham Island

Experience Da Nang city – Located about 30-minutes from Hoi An, Da Nang is a bigger city (where you’d fly into).  It’s famous for it’s Marble Mountains, great beaches, and a pretty active surfing scene.  There is also an extravagant party scene here that it good for a night out once in a while. Some hostels will help groups of guests arrange transportation to and from Da Nang for the night, just ask!

phong nha to danang by car


Top Things To See and Do In Hoi An Part 2
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Shop at the Central Market – Hoi An’s Central Market is probably one of the best in Vietnam.  The market sits on the riverside and is packed full of excellent food at rock-bottom prices. This is the place to pick up spices, souvenirs, try local food and have your tailoring done. There is also a great fish market worth visiting!

Shop at the Central Market

Visit Quan Cong Temple – The temple was built in the early 17th century to honor the Chin Dynasty but nowadays it serves as one of Hoi An’s most spectacular architectural accomplishments and a thriving tourist attraction. Inside there are two huge wooden statues, one of Quan Kong’s protector, Chau Xuong and one of his adopted son and of course the gilt statue of Quan Cong himself.

Visit Quan Cong Temple

Cross the Japanese Covered Bridge – The bridge is thought to have been built by Hoi An’s Japanese community in the late sixteenth century and roughly translated from Vietnamese, its name means “Pagoda in Japan”. It makes for great photographs.

Cross the Japanese Covered Bridge

Take a cooking lesson – If tasting local food isn’t enough for you and you’d like to bring a like bit of Vietnamese cuisine home with you then consider enrolling yourself in cooking lessons. Many restaurants offer lessons where you’ll first start off picking the raw ingredients then learn how to prepare the food.  If you want a more full-day experience, you can even tack on a 5am fishing trip in a bowl-shaped fishing boat.

Take a cooking lesson

Take a bicycle tour around the city – Get guided around the city by a local who will answer any of your questions, teach you about history, the local economy, and take you out for some Vietnamese coffee.  This is a great way to get your bearings since it’s a small, but relatively sprawling, city.  You’ll go through the rice fields and into neighborhoods that you wouldn’t normally venture through. A morning of bicycling around in a small group starts at around 300,000 VND.  You can book this through any hostel or hotel.

Take a bicycle tour around the city - danang private car


Top Things To See and Do In Hoi An
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Hoi An Ancient Town was voted one of Asia’s most attractive destinations in 2017. Hoi An is an attractive destination for its tranquil, rustic setting, the temptation of culinary culture and the beauty of ancient architecture buildings hundreds of years ago.

If you travel to Central of Vietnam, shouldn’t miss Hoian Ancient Town. Danang Private Car show you top thing to do in Hoian for day tour.

You can start to visit Hoian at about 14:00 until night time. There are much thing to do in Hoian Ancient Town.

1, Walking tour Hoian Ancient Town

First of all, buy a ticket 120,000VND/Pax to visit Hoian Ancient Town Attractions. You will have opportunity to discover Japanese Covered Bridge – one of the special architecture in Vietnam and was built in the 16th century as a symbol of goodwill between Chinese and Japanese merchant communities.  After that, go along the walking street to see the local life of local people. Next attraction you can visit is Tan Ky Ancient House – For more than 200 years, Tan Ky ancient house on Nguyen Thai Hoc street has retained the same structure and architecture as the first day of construction. This is an interesting stop on the journey to discover the ancient features of ancient Hoi An.

Tan Ky Ancient House
Tan Ky Ancient House

Tan Ky Ancient House – Danang Private Car

2.  Tailor, shopping

Then you can shopping for souvenir, or getting something tailor made is a popular thing to do in Hoi An. And you can order as soon as you order and receive within hours, even if you prefer to order in Hoi An, you can leave the measurements and address, the shop will send the product to your place.

The tailor industry of South East Asia
The tailor industry of South East Asia

Tailor in Hoian – Danang Private Car

3. Drink a cup of coffee

When you travel to Vietnam, do not miss to try a cup of Vietnamese coffee. There are many beautiful coffee shop with great view as you can choice: high viewer coffee shop or “market view” coffee shop still great.

Ca Phe Sua Da (Milk coffee with ice) is one of the most popular coffee in Vietnam, let try it when you in Vietnam!

4. Local foods

Hoian is not only famous with tailor, lantern… but also famous with local food. There are many specialties you should be try, such as: My Quang (Noodle), Cao Lau, Mi Hoanh Thanh, sweet soup…

From 30,000 VND you can try one big bow of My Quang. Easy to find it at any restaurant in Hoian Ancient Town. Or you can try Chicken rice – one of the best local food there with from 40,000VND.

My Quang Nodle
My Quang Nodle

5. Traditional game

After have a big dinner, you can enjoy the traditional game: Bai Choi (card) or Dap Nieu (broken the pots). Only 5,000VND you can try to enjoy local game with local people here. There is a small gift if you were winner.


Get into Hoi An’s night life, mix with local people and have fun!

If you are not staying in Hoian, how to visit Hoian?

There are many way to go to Hoian by private car. Travel with Danang Private Car Transfer, your trip will be easier and more comfortable!

Thing to do in Hoi An
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With streets overrun by motorbikes merging in every different direction, ceaseless horns honking and merchants calling out and tugging at you as you push your way down the sidewalk, Việt Nam can give even the experienced traveler quite a shock. But amidst the seeming chaos, the country’s beauty unfolds and Vietnam becomes a charming friend with a lively personality and a kind smile.


The Vietnamese are friendly people trying to stay one step ahead of a rapidly growing tourism industry. Whether you’re in the countryside surrounded by rice paddies or in Ho Chi Minh City, you won’t get very far without someone marketing to you. But compared to other South East Asian countries, Vietnam offers similar services but at much lower prices – cheap massages, relaxing beaches, excellent food and breathtaking countryside.


There’s still a bit of rivalry between the North and South and both have much to offer travelers of all types. Whether you’re starting in the North and heading South or vice versa, you’ll most likely stop at various small towns and beaches along the coast. But getting around this country isn’t that easy. Bus rides are long and the trains are tediously slow. Flight is a preferable alternative, given the distance between destinations. Once in town, a great way to quickly orientate yourself to a busy city is to negotiate with a cyclo-driver for a “bicycle-drawn carriage” ride around.


Some of Vietnam’s most gorgeous architecture is left over from French Indochina and drivers/tour guides are eager to provide a history lesson while carting you around. While Vietnam still conjures mixed emotions in some of the Western world, the Vietnamese are quick to remind you that Vietnam is not a war – it’s a country.


Saigon, as it’s known by the locals, has a war museum and tours to educate tourists about the conflict. But if that gets too serious, just head to the coast for beachfront nightlife and fresh seafood cooked right beside you as you sunbathe during to day.

Ideal Destination Vietnam
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The right time to travel to Da Nang:

I have not arrived in Da Nang in the winter and spring so I do not know how beautiful these two seasons are. But I think the right time to travel to Da Nang is summer.

The right time to travel to Da Nang
The right time to travel to Da Nang

What is more fun than going to the summer beach? Between the hot, suffocating 39-40 degrees like this (May to June) I hungered for my feet to swim on the sea. Cool sea water The rough waves raced on my back and ran straight to the shore laughing happily white foam. Wishing to hang out on the beach with his friend, holding Larue beer can think of all the things in life. Da Nang wonderful!

Tourist destination in Da Nang city:

City of bridges:

Located in the heart of the city, first to mention the bridge. This city has many bridges, but I mention only five most special bridges.

Da Nang viewed from above
Da Nang viewed from above

– Han River Bridges – this romantic bridge is the symbol of the city. And also the first quay bridge in Vietnam. Previously when the need to move across the river a lot, every day at 1 am a bridge rotated 90 degrees, to pass the train. And 3h30 it is back to the old place. Currently, this bridge usually turns at 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays to serve visitors. One of the most enjoyable experiences you can not miss is coming and watching this bridge!

– The second bridge is Dragon Bridge, the bridge shaped like a dragon rolled to the sea often spray fire and water at 21h Saturday and Sunday night. It is the bridge with the largest iron dragon in the world, with a design is not 2. The dragon turned itself straight to the East Sea.

– Next to Dragon Bridge is Nguyen Van Troi bridge. The bridge built for this war is preserved as a souvenir of the city.

Tran Thi Ly
Da Nang travel experiences
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Spreading along the S-shaped strip is a harmonious combination of natural landscapes and exquisite architecture worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

Ha Noi
Ha Noi

Hanoi: The capital of thousand years of civilization with the old town features traditional architecture as well as many traditional values are always waiting for international visitors to explore. Hoan Kiem Lake with Ngoc Son Temple and The Huc Bridge – the symbols of Hanoi. In addition, visitors can explore the culture – history of the country when visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoa Lo Prison, ethnological museum …


Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the two largest economic and cultural centers in the country, but still preserves its graceful architecture from the French colonial period. As suggested by Trip Advisor, international visitors can go to the War Remnants Museum, Cu Chi Tunnels to learn about the Vietnam War, or to visit Notre Dame Cathedral, Jade Emperor Pagoda. If you want to shop, Ben Thanh market is a familiar destination with a wide variety of items.



Sa Pa is colorful and charming, is a perfect getaway after the mountain rugged. Sa Pa owns many beautiful sights such as Ham Rong flower garden, Muong Hoa valley, Silver waterfall, Gothic style stone church in the center, Bac Ha market … Especially, Fansipan – the highest mountain in Vietnam And is called the “rooftop of Indochina” – has great appeal to those who like to climb and conquer.

Ninh Binh is prospering in tourism with great advantages thanks to the convergence of both natural and cultural heritages such as Trang An ecological tourism area, Tam Coc – Bich Dong ecological tourism area, Phuong, Bai Dinh pagoda, Hoa Lu ancient capital … In this picture is Van Long lagoon in Gia Vien district – where the scene is chosen for Kong movie super: Skull Island thanks to wild scenery, mysterious.

Ha Long Bay is a jewel of pride, the pride of Vietnam tourism. The limestone islands, rocky mountains and caves create a unique natural complex that easily impresses visitors. When sailing out to visit the bay, you can visit and explore some of the floating villages of fishermen. Due to the beauty and value of geology, Ha Long Bay was honored by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage Workers.

Nature has created the system of majestic caves in Quang Binh, most famous is Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park with limestone terrain, hundreds of caves, underground rivers and rare plant systems, It attracts many adventurers around the world to explore. Some other scenery in Quang Binh is chosen as the main context for Kong: Skull Island such as Cha Noi, mouse cave … In picture is Son Doong cave, is considered the largest natural cave in the world.

Hue Imperial City is one of the city bearing the history of Vietnam, with the relics dating back to the 19th century Nguyen Dynasty. Located on the gentle Huong River, the Hue Citadel has a large area, perimeter Around 10 km, some famous attractions such as Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, Dien Tho Palace … Guests should take a boat on the Perfume River to visit the tombs and temples such as Tu Duc Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda …

Da Nang has been rising strongly in recent years, gradually becoming the familiar destination of domestic and foreign tourists. The big plus of the city is the friendly people and the clean environment, the delicious and strange dishes, the local flavor. The tourist sites are diverse as My Khe beach – one of the most charming beaches on the planet, Ba Na Hills tourist area with many recreational activities, Son Tra Peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son, Han River , Dragon Bridge…

Recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage in 1999, Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam) is an increasingly popular destination for foreigners, considered a haven for shopping with great souvenirs. Handicrafts, antiques, silk, art … The 19th century pagoda, ancient house architecture, lantern town and mysterious cultural elements make it attractive to Hoi An town. In particular, the hospitality and friendliness of the people can make visitors want to come back many more times.

Nha Trang is famous for its beautiful beaches, but you can also find amusement parks, mud bathing services, golfing, visiting Ponagar Tower – a tower complex with unique architecture of the nation. Slow.

Dalat is the ideal resort location thanks to pleasant weather throughout the year. Features of Dalat tourism are the farm and flower garden and agricultural products, making visitors enjoy the feeling of farming. The attractions are very rich, beautiful and romantic as Xuan Huong Lake, Valley of Love, Datanla waterfall, Langbiang Mountain. Cultural enthusiasts can visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda, Truc Lam Monastery or Hang Nga Villa.

Phan Thiet is a destination not to be missed with sea lovers, most famous is Mui Ne with blue water, beautiful red sand dunes at sunset fall. Some other interesting destinations in Phan Thiet are Bai Rang, Tien stream, Sand Bay … Phan Thiet is also famous for making traditional fish sauce.

40 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels is a large network linking underground tunnels, used by guerrillas as a haven in the Vietnam War. The tunnel system is about 250 km long, including rooms, clinics, kitchens, storage rooms, working rooms.

Phu Quoc – the largest island in Vietnam – is an ideal vacation destination with pristine rainforests, undrilled coral reefs and large beaches, clear waters. Outstanding among them is Bai Dai, which is on the list of 5 beautiful beaches in the world voted by ABC News. To find out about culture – history, visitors should go to Ham Ninh fishing village, barrel production fish sauce or Phu Quoc prison.

According to Touropia, life on the river in the Mekong Delta will be the most memorable and enjoyable experience for all visitors to set foot on this charming land. Where the majestic Mekong flows into the sea, dense lagoon waterways take visitors through the mangroves, take part in the floating market and immerse yourself in the local wildlife.

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