Save the quick and easy way to travel from Hanoi to Ba Vi to fully enjoy your exploration of the beautiful Hanoi region. Your vacation will be more wonderful than ever when you explore the pristine and majestic nature with many recreational activities at the Ba Vi tourist area.

Overview of Ba Vi

Ba Vi, located in Hanoi, is a district that was part of the former Ha Tay province but has now been incorporated into the administrative unit of the capital city of Hanoi. It is one of the most attractive ecotourism areas in Northern Vietnam, conveniently located close to the city center of Hanoi. This makes traveling from Hanoi to Ba Vi quite convenient, making it an interesting destination for many young travelers or those looking for weekend getaways.

Traveling from Hanoi to Ba Vi to fully explore the beauty of nature

When visiting Ba Vi, tourists can explore various places such as Ba Vi National Park, Dong Mo Golf Course, Son Tinh Camps eco-camping area, the Cultural Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups, and more. In just two days, you can fully experience the pristine beauty and the wonderful attractions in this area.

Ba Vi Hanoi tourist area is a popular weekend resort destination for families and a favorite adventure spot for many young people. When visiting this destination, you can camp, rent resort accommodations, explore the national park, historical sites, and savor delicious local dishes and specialties of Ba Vi. If you’re traveling to Ba Vi Hanoi by motorbike, pay attention to safe speed on the roads.

Guide to Travel from Hanoi to Ba Vi

Ba Vi is located approximately 60km northwest of the center of Hanoi. There are various ways to reach this beautiful land, but the most common methods are by motorbike or car. After arriving in Hanoi, if you’re traveling by motorbike from the city center, it will take about 2 hours to reach Ba Vi National Park—a place with a diverse ecosystem and charming landscapes. There are two convenient routes to travel from Hanoi to Ba Vi:

Ba Vi is located approximately 60 kilometers from the center of Hanoi
  • Via Lang Hoa Lac Route: Travelers can take the Lang Hoa Lac route by following the road until reaching Lang Hoa Lac and then turning right towards Son Tay. At the end of the Son Tay district, turn left and continue for another 10km to reach the Ba Vi Hanoi tourist area. This route is the most convenient for motorbike travel.
  • Via Ho Tung Mau Route towards Nhon: Drive along National Highway 32 to Dan Phuong Bus Station, then cross Phung Bridge and head to Son Tay Bus Station. When reaching the intersection with a sign pointing to Trung Ha 20km, turn left towards Son Tay. Continue straight for another 7km, passing by the 105 Hospital – Xuan Khanh, and at the next intersection, turn left again to go straight to the foot of Ba Vi mountain.

Means of Transportation to Ba Vi

Traveling from Hanoi to Ba Vi by Bus

Traveling from Hanoi to Ba Vi by bus has gained popularity among the public, especially among the youth. This mode of transportation is not only simple for daily commuting but is also chosen as a unique means for tourism. When taking the bus to Ba Vi, you can choose from the following routes:

  • Bus 214 departs from Yen Nghia Bus Station to Xuan Khanh.
  • Bus 71 or 74 from My Dinh to Xuan Khanh.
  • Bus 110 passes through the gate of Ba Vi National Park.
Traveling from Hanoi to Ba Vi by bus has received a positive response from the local residents

The bus will stop at Xuan Khanh, which is 5km from Ba Vi. From there, you can take a motorbike taxi or a regular taxi to continue your journey to the tourist center. Note that when using this mode of transportation, avoid carrying valuable belongings and only bring essential items for the trip. Prepare small bills for ticket purchases if you don’t have a monthly pass and strictly adhere to the rules and regulations on the bus.

Traveling by Private Car with a Driver

This is an ideal option for large groups and international tourists. Using a private car service provides you with quick and convenient transportation, unlike using public transportation in Vietnam, which can be challenging for international travelers and may involve price haggling.

To meet the demand for an excellent trip to Ba Vi,’s offers private car rental services with drivers in Hanoi. With a professional team of drivers with years of experience and a fleet of new cars, fully equipped with a variety of options from 4 to 45 seats, you can have the safest and most comfortable journey to Ba Vi.

Traveling by Car

The road from Hanoi to Ba Vi by car is convenient and straightforward. From the central areas of Hanoi, follow the Lang Hoa Lac route, turn right towards Son Tay at the end of Lang Hoa Lac road. At the last intersection, turn left, and drive approximately 10km until you see signs directing you to Ba Vi National Park. Follow these signs to reach the eco-tourism area.

A car offers various advantages, allowing passengers to admire the scenery along the road leading to Ba Vi and enjoy music through the car windows. Traveling by car provides safety, protection from the weather (rain, sun, dust), and a comfortable journey.

Traveling by Motorbike

When it comes to traveling to Ba Vi, the most popular mode of transportation, especially among young people, is the motorbike. This mode of transportation is closely associated with meaningful adventure journeys. The road to Ba Vi is easy to navigate, with clear road signs. If you are near the following locations, you can choose one of the two routes:

  • Starting from BigC Thang Long (Tran Duy Hung), follow the Thang Long Boulevard for about 30km to Hoa Lac Bridge. Go straight to the Cultural Village area following signs to Yen Bai commune, then continue to Ba Vi mountain.
  • Starting from the Cau Giay area, follow National Highway 32 for about 37 km to the intersection of Son Tay Bus Station, turn left, continue 3.5 km to the intersection of 105 Hospital. Go straight for 9 km to the T junction at Tan Linh, turn left and continue for 3.5 km to the 5-pointed star intersection, where you’ll find the ticket booth for Ba Vi National Park.

Traveling to Ba Vi under the form of motorbike adventures is a trendy choice attracting many young people seeking exciting experiences. When traveling by motorbike, you have the freedom to explore and visit prominent places in Ba Vi, enjoying delicious local dishes and specialties along the way.

Certainly, you can admire the captivating beauty of the forest, the scenery on both sides of the road, and the diverse and abundant flora and fauna. Additionally, you can take control of your time and space, organize fun activities, picnics, camping, bonfires, and barbecue right in the forest area.

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Some Notes When Traveling to Ba Vi

If you’re traveling by motorbike, make sure the handlebars are firm and the bike is in good working condition. The journey to this destination is relatively easy, but it can be challenging on uphill sections. At the end of Thang Long Boulevard, it’s advisable to take the road to Xuan Mai. After a short distance, turn right to enter the boulevard. Since motorbikes are prohibited on this road, pay close attention to avoid penalties.

On the way from Hanoi to Ba Vi, you may encounter various blood-sucking insects such as leeches and mosquitoes. Therefore, regardless of the mode of transportation, it’s recommended to wear long-sleeved clothing and bring necessary medications, especially insect repellent.

Consider the transportation options from Hanoi to Ba Vi mentioned here to choose the one that suits your preferences and needs. Choosing the right means of transportation will contribute to adding excitement and creating a wonderful experience for your travel journey, exploring the famous landmarks of Ba Vi. Don’t forget to check the Ba Vi travel itinerary before packing your bags and embarking on the exploration of this land.


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