If you’ve ever been to Hue, Vietnam, you will undoubtedly be amazed by the vast tombs adorned with gold leaf paintings and exquisite carvings of the Nguyen kings. For generations, the people of Hue have always valued their graves when it comes to departing for the eternal realm, to entrust both their physical and spiritual selves. Those in their twilight years in Hue will consider finding a piece of land, often in a high and prominent location, to erect tombs for their descendants when they depart to the other world. And to “admire” the most majestic cemetery in Hue, I invite you to join me in An Bang village.

Located about 36 km from the city of Hue, along the coast, there is a famous fishing village that has attracted many visitors for years despite not being a tourist destination. An Bang village, part of Vinh An commune, Phu Vang district, is known as the “city of tombs” or the “ghost city of An Bang” with its “super tombs”. My village borders An Bang village, so every time I accompany my father back to our ancestral home, I have the opportunity to pass by this cemetery. Sometimes I stop for a long time to admire the majestic tombs resembling castles, intricately crafted no less than the royal tombs. Wandering through the narrow paths amidst the vast realm of the “others,” I never feel any sense of creepiness or chilliness; instead, I feel amazed and curious.

This place is considered the most luxurious cemetery in Vietnam, with thousands of tombs of various colors and sizes. Some tomb areas are estimated to be worth billions of Vietnamese dong

Lost in the maze

The An Bang Cemetery spans about 40,000 square meters, stretching towards the sea. To date, there are over a thousand tombs ranging from 40 to 400 square meters, with gates towering up to 7-8 meters high. Even the skilled artisans who specialize in building tombs here cannot recall the exact number. The construction cost for each tomb ranges from hundreds of millions to billions of Vietnamese dong, with some costing nearly tens of billions. Some tombs are built, only to be demolished several years later to construct larger ones, each new construction surpassing the grandeur of its predecessor. Dense and overlapping, closely linked one after another, the tombs in various colors and shapes sprawl across the sandy hills, making one feel as if stepping into a profound and mysterious land.

An Bang village, located in Vinh An commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province, is a place known by many as the “City of Tombs” or the “Ghost City.

How to get to the “City of Tombs”?

From the city of Hue, there are two directions to reach An Bang village:

  • Taking National Highway 49: From Hue, follow National Highway 49 towards Thuan An Beach, then continue along the coastal road for about 30 km to Vinh An commune. Upon arrival, you can ask locals for directions to the cemetery.
  • Heading towards Da Nang: From Hue, travel in the direction of Da Nang for approximately 16 km until you reach Thuy Phu commune. At the intersection with Hue bypass road, turn left towards Truong Ha Bridge. After crossing Truong Ha Bridge, turn right into Vinh An commune. From here, you can ask locals for directions to the cemetery.

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Diverse Tomb Architecture

The unique feature of the tomb village lies not only in the scale of the tombs but also in the diverse architectural styles ranging from Buddhist, Christian, to Confucian influences… incorporating distinctive architectural features of tombs in Hue, creatively crafted by artisans according to the wishes of the tomb owners.

The wheel of dharma and Buddhist symbols on a tomb
The tomb in the style of Christianity includes a statue of the Virgin Mary
Another tomb with a modern style

In the past, the motifs of the four sacred animals like dragon, unicorn, tortoise, and phoenix were reserved only for kings and emperors, but now you can see them on many tombs here. On the stone steps, these mythical creatures exude both majesty and bravery as they guard the tombs. On the pillars, dragons and phoenixes coil and soar as if flying across the deep blue sky.

Guardian mythical creatures watch over the tombs

There are also sentimental landscape paintings. It seems that the living wish to offer the whole world to the departed. These meticulously crafted ceramic tiles, adorned with various colors, are intricately cut and embossed to form images.

The intricate patterns, intricate carvings, are exquisitely detailed

Do you think this is the resting place of the deceased?

With its towering triple gate, panoramic view pavilions, spacious courtyard, and serene rock gardens serving as decorative screens… it’s no different from a noble residence. The closely clustered tombs next to residential houses sometimes make it difficult to distinguish between tombs and shrines.

The path leading to the tomb.
The pillars resemble those of royal tombs

In addition to this unique cemetery, An Bang also boasts numerous grand ancestral temples. Along the concrete paths weaving through each small neighborhood, it’s easy to come across ancestral temples with closed gates, high walls, only opening during important ancestral anniversaries, and the scent of incense.

An ancestral temple within the village

Hue, Vietnam is a treasure trove of unique experiences, the more you explore, the more you discover. When visiting Hue, make sure to stop by An Bang village to learn more about this piece of the ancient capital. And don’t forget to utilize the private car rental service with drivers in Hue offered by DanangPrivateCar.com for unforgettable experiences.

When referring to Hoi An, most people will immediately think of Hoi An Ancient Town, Japanese Covered Bridge, Hoai River with the ancient beauty, simple, captivating many tourists but forget that Hoi An also has beaches. The beaches are very beautiful.

  1. Cua Dai Beach – famous tourist destination of Hoi An

Located only 5km from Hoi An center, Cua Dai beach is one of the famous tourist destinations of Hoi An. This is the convergence of three rivers Thu Bon, Truong Giang and De Vong before pouring into the East Sea. Cua Dai Beach attracts tourists right from the first moments by endless white sand stretches, surrounded by towering green coconut trees.

Cua Dai Beach
Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai beach is rich in shrimp and fish with many strange fish such as snapper, rabbit fish, fish, sardines, etc. Therefore, you can go with fishermen to go fishing. This will be an interesting experience that you should try when coming to Cua Dai.

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  1. Ha My Beach – One of the most beautiful beaches in Asia

Located on the coastal route connecting Da Nang City and Hoi An Ancient Town, Ha My Beach is a relatively new name on Hoi An tourist map. Like a “sleeping fairy” while still maintaining the intact, pristine features. Ha My fascinated visitors by white sandy beaches and blue sea. Perhaps that charming beauty that last June Ha My beach was voted by the Telegraph of England as one of the 16 most beautiful beaches in Asia.

Ha My Beach
Ha My Beach

Although this place is quite new, has not been developed much for tourism but you do not need to worry about where to live, or food. Coming to Ha My Beach, you will enjoy a variety of fresh seafood at extremely cheap prices.

Around the beach there are plenty of accommodations from budget to luxury that you can choose. The Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai – 5-star resort overlooking the sea offers a cool, close-to-nature space. Ha My Seaside Hoi An Homestay…

  1. An Bang beach – A quiet piece of Hoi An tourism

Located in Cam An ward, Hoi An city, An Bang beach is likened to the paradise of the sea-loving people. An Bang beach has a peaceful and quiet beauty, in stark contrast to the lively and bustling Cua Dai beach.

An Bang beach
An Bang beach

Walking around An Bang beach, you can visit seafood restaurant, water shops, even bars to enjoy attractive seafood and drinks.

Near An Bang beach, there are many accommodation facilities for you to choose to enjoy a sweet holiday with your loved ones such as: Aira Boutique Hoi An, An Bang Hideaway

Hoi An is not only the old town with the moss house, or only colorful lanterns but Hoi An also has best beaches “beautiful to the soul”. Quickly prepare your luggage to discover the most beautiful beaches in Hoi An!

Best beach in Hoi An,