Most detailed experience of visiting An Bang Beach in Hoi An

An Bang Beach is a relatively new destination for tourists visiting Hoi An. Unlike the ancient and peaceful charm of the old town, An Bang Beach shines like a beautiful emerald gem. In 2011, CNN GO named An Bang Beach one of the 50 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Location and transportation to An Bang Beach.

Geographic location of An Bang Beach.

An Bang Beach is located in Cam An Ward, about 7 km southeast of the Hoi An Old Town. From the old town, go straight along Lac Long Quan Street towards Cua Dai Beach. Then turn left onto Hai Ba Trung Street, and after about 2 km, you will reach An Bang Beach.

An Bang beach is rustic, unspoiled of Hoi An

How to get to An Bang Beach.

The route to An Bang Beach is quite straightforward, and visitors can easily get here by bicycle or motorbike in just 15 minutes. Lac Long Quan Street runs along the coastline, offering a beautiful scenic route. It is an ideal road for young travelers who love adventure tourism.

The beautiful coastal road is loved by backpackers

For visitors arriving in Hoi An by other means of transportation, there are motorcycle and bicycle rental services available on a daily basis. Rental services in Hoi An are popular and convenient. Visitors can choose to rent from rental shops or even at their hotels. The rental prices in Hoi An vary. The cost for a motorbike is around 80,000 – 150,000 VND per day, and for a bicycle, it is around 20,000 – 50,000 VND per day, depending on the type and quality. There is a safe and clean parking lot available at the entrance of An Bang Beach. Visitors can park their vehicles there and enjoy their leisure activities without worries.

In addition, due to the considerable distance from the city center of Hoi An to An Bang Beach, choosing a taxi or private car is a reasonable option for tourists. For foreign visitors, taking public transportation can be challenging in Vietnam, so why hesitate? Pre-booking a private car with a driver in Hoi An from’s is a great choice. They specialize in providing transportation services for tourist destinations, hotels, and airports. With a professional team of drivers and years of experience, they will help you save the most time for sightseeing. Moreover, their prices are much cheaper compared to traditional taxis.

The beauty of An Bang Beach.

Pristine natural scenery of An Bang Beach.

As a recently invested and developed tourist destination, An Bang Beach still maintains its pristine and rustic charm. The sea water is pure and has a beautiful emerald green color. Unlike the bustling atmosphere of other beach resorts, An Bang Beach in Hoi An offers a sense of relaxation through its simplicity. It has a peaceful and gentle beauty that is strangely attractive.

The natural beauty of An Bang beach is very popular with tourists

Originally a fishing village beach, An Bang Beach still retains its simplicity and authenticity. The lush green seaweed lines the smooth sandy beach. There are a few coracle boats, the most genuine means of transportation for the coastal people, on the beach.

Standing on An Bang Beach, feeling the breeze carrying the taste of salt, listening to the sound of waves, tourists will find tranquility in their souls. Immersing oneself in the shimmering blue water, it feels like shedding away the dust of the city and the weariness of everyday life. This is a true experience of a relaxing beach trip.

Sunrise and sunset at An Bang Beach.

When visiting the beach, experiencing the sunrise and sunset is a must. These two moments are when An Bang Beach is at its most stunning. Whether it is the gradual sunrise or the sun slowly disappearing on the horizon, the rays of sunlight create a sparkling and enchanting layer on the sea. It forms a dazzling and surreal space.

The sun on An Bang beach can be said to be the most beautiful scenery

The best time to admire the sunrise at An Bang Beach is around 5 AM, and the sunset is around 6 PM. Travelers should consider the timing to enjoy the magnificent scenery of nature.

What to eat at An Bang Beach?

The dining options at An Bang Beach are simple yet diverse, as food and tourism services in the area have been well developed. There are tables and umbrellas available on the beach for visitors to rest and enjoy their own food. However, visitors can also choose to order from nearby restaurants and bars. Let’s explore some famous bars and restaurants at An Bang Beach with Bazan Travel!

The Deckhouse Restaurant & Bar – the most famous restaurant at An Bang Beach

For travelers who have visited Hoi An, especially An Bang Beach, the name The Deckhouse is likely familiar. Famous for its ideal location along the coastline of An Bang Beach, The Deckhouse always provides a refreshing and seaside atmosphere.

With a truly “green” space, the chairs and umbrellas at the restaurant are all in a refreshing shade of blue. In addition, the thatched roofs of the huts contribute to the airy ambiance of the place. The green color of the surroundings blends with the sea and sky of An Bang Beach in Hoi An, creating a harmonious, relaxing, and satisfying scenery for visitors to admire and relax at The Deckhouse.

With its great advantage in location and style, The Deckhouse Restaurant & Bar has become an ideal check-in spot that cannot be missed at An Bang Beach.

The menu at The Deckhouse is quite diverse. You can enjoy Hoi An cuisine here, as well as Vietnamese dishes, Western dishes, and various beverages. The food is freshly prepared at the restaurant, served hot, and presented beautifully. The price range for dishes here is around 50,000 – 150,000 Vietnamese dong per dish, which can be considered reasonable considering the ambiance and quality of the food at The Deckhouse.

The menu here includes Vietnamese dishes, Western dishes and soft drinks

Tra Que Vegetable Village

If you are tired of expensive seafood dishes, the freshness of vegetables might be an interesting highlight for your An Bang Beach trip. Just a 10-minute walk along the road, you will come across Tra Que Vegetable Village on your right. This is a collective vegetable farm owned by local families, ensuring absolute freshness and hygiene.

However, the menu at Tra Que Vegetable Village is also very diverse. Moreover, the prices for the dishes here are very affordable, ranging around 100,000 Vietnamese dong per person for a well-prepared meal.

In addition, there are many restaurants of various sizes serving fresh seafood dishes on An Bang Beach. Along with street vendors selling a wide range of Hoi An specialties, they will surely satisfy the taste buds of visitors.

Good accommodations at An Bang Beach, Hoi An

Under The Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay

  • Address: Block 7, An Bang, Cam An Ward, Hoi An City, approximately 4.2 km from the city center.
  • The room rates at Under The Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay range from 22 USD per day (about 500,000 VND).

The space at Under The Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay blends in with nature. With an environmentally friendly open space, this homestay in Hoi An provides guests with comfort from every sense. The garden area of this Hoi An homestay is spacious, ensuring high privacy for each room. The architectural style of each room is minimalist yet fully equipped.

The space of Under The Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay blends in with nature

With its convenient location, guests can easily travel to An Bang Beach and return to change clothes. In addition, Under The Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay also provides a separate play area for guests to relax during their stay.

An Bang Beach Hideaway.

  • Address: Block 8, An Bang Village, Cam An, Hoi An City.
  • The room rates at An Bang Beach Hideaway range from 33 USD per day, approximately 800,000 VND.

Despite being a type of villa for rent, An Bang Beach Hideaway offers an attractive vintage space. The vintage architecture of the apartments creates a warm and nostalgic feeling, making it a famous villa area that is often fully booked.

An Bang Hideway is always loved by An Bang beach tourists

Therefore, to ensure the opportunity to experience this apartment complex, tourists should make reservations in advance, especially during holidays and festivals.

An Bang Garden Homestay.

  • Address: Located on Lac Long Quan Street, right in front of An Bang Beach.
  • The room rates at An Bang Garden Homestay are around 29 USD per day, equivalent to 700,000 VND.

An Bang Garden Homestay is the most suitable choice for tourists who want to experience the view of An Bang Beach in the early morning or evening.

The homestay campus is in the direction of Vietnamese countryside

An Bang Garden Homestay is also a garden integrated guesthouse with an open, spacious, and airy space. The architecture here follows the Vietnamese countryside style. It provides a warm feeling for domestic tourists and an interesting experience for foreign tourists who come to relax at An Bang Beach.

What to do at An Bang Beach, Hoi An?

In addition to swimming in the cool water of An Bang Beach, visitors are also offered various beach activities such as surfing, canoeing, parasailing, etc. These activities are suitable for young people who enjoy physical activities.

Paragliding on An Bang beach in Hoi An

Moreover, there are dedicated sunbathing chairs on An Bang Beach. If visitors don’t want to get into the water, they can lie down, relax, sunbathe, and enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks.

Tourists sunbathing on An Bang beach

Additionally, visitors should also remember to bring some personal items such as snacks, towels, dry clothes, books, or music players to pass the time. It’s also advisable to bring sunscreen and cooling gel to prevent sunburn.

When vacationing at An Bang Beach, visitors will encounter a completely different Hoi An. It’s not just the nostalgic ancient charm but also the purity like an unpolished gem. With the suggestions about destinations, transportation, restaurants, and activities provided by Danang Private Car’s above, plan a complete visit to An Bang Beach, Hoi An!


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