Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge is a very special bridge with architectural features built like a beautiful lua cloth on the top of the Mountain. This is a place that attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Let’s explore the beauty of this Golden Bridge, what’s so attractive?

Da Nang Golden Bridge is a new thing to Ba Na Hills tourist area

Super product Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge has been released, which has been praised by many international press. Extremely impressive design swimming two mossy hands reaching out to grasp the golden silk in the middle of the sky. This is probably the biggest masterpiece and the most beautiful virtual check-in point when it comes to Ba Na Hills Tourism

The Golden Bridge was inaugurated in June 2018 with less than a year of construction. Tour programs with the Golden Bridge are chosen by many tourists and have become a hot trend transmitted on social networks. This bridge was designed by Mr. Vu Viet Anh of TA Landscape Architecture. He is very proud because the beauty of this bridge has brought outstanding beauty for Da Nang tourism to international friends.

Information about Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge is located right near Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden, this is considered a special golden silk strip connecting the two points, Marseille station and Thien Thai flower garden. Some information about Golden Bridge – Hand Bridge

  • Address: An Son village – Hoa Ninh commune – Hoa Vang district – Da Nang
  • Altitude 1441m above sea level
  • Length: 150m with 8 spans, 7 pillars, the largest span is 21.2m
  • Bridge deck area: 5m, the pedestrian part is 3m, the remaining two sides of the flowerbed are 1m . each
  • Color: Made from gold-plated steel plate, titanium-plated stainless steel. The hands are framed from wire mesh, the outside is mossy stone
  • Designer: TA Landscape Architeture
To be able to build a unique architecture, the artisans had to be meticulous on each design

When should you visit Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge?

Because the bridge is built quite high, right on the mountainside, the Weather on Ba Na Hills is very cool and fresh. However, each time is different, the beauty of this bridge is also dressed in a different shirt such as:

  • In the dry season: From February to August, the weather here is very fresh, you will catch a lot of beautiful moments at each different time. However, at night, this bridge is also hidden in the fog, so it will be very cold
  • In the rainy season: From September to January next year, the weather turns to winter, so it is very cold. At this time, there will be more rain and especially it will be very dark. If you go at this time, it will be difficult for you to save good photos

In short: You should travel to Ba Na Hills to see the Golden Bridge in the dry season.

Directions to Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge

To be able to move to the Golden Bridge from the city center, you will move the road to Ba Na Hills. On the main roads in Da Nang, there are detailed instructions on both sides of the road. Then you will move from Ba Na Hills gate along the cable route, you will arrive at the Golden Bridge. Some popular means of transportation to Ba Na Hills for your reference are:

Bus to Ba Na Hills

You can refer to the bus to Ba Na Hills to pick up in Da Nang with a round-trip price of 100k with a painful time frame of 7:30 – 8:30 until 17:00 – 17:30. Traveling by this means will be quite limited in time but also save a bit of money

Motorbike rental

Perhaps this is the most popular and ideal vehicle for those who have a hobby of backpacking and exploring freely. You can take the initiative to travel at any time. The price of motorbike rental in Da Nang is only about 100k – 150k/day.


An optimal choice for you to go in groups, families with car prices ranging from 600k – 700k round trip. This is probably an expensive means of transportation, if you leave the car waiting for too long, there will be an additional waiting fee.

Car rental travel service

In addition, you can rent a service car suitable for large groups, requiring larger cars to serve. The price of car rental will depend on the number of people you go with from 400,000 – 2,000,000 VND

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1 day tour

Not only that, you can refer to Ba Na Hills 1-day tour at travel companies in Da Nang. Each company has a different price list, but the quality should be consulted. Following the tour, you will not have to worry about any additional services because the tour price has already taken care of all packages.

Do you have to buy tickets to go to Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge?

  • Tickets to the Golden Bridge are completely free

But to visit the Golden Bridge, you have to buy a cable car ticket to Ba Na Hills tourist area. As follows:

Fares for foreigners:

  • Adults and children over 1m4 tall: 850,000 VND
  • Children from 1m – 1m4 tall: 700,000 VND
  • Children under 1m tall: free

For Danang people:

  • Adults and children over 1m4: 550,000 VND
  • Children from 1m – 1m4: 450,000 VND
  • Children under 1m tall: free

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Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge is a masterpiece of Da Nang tourism

Right from the moment of its appearance, Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge has become a tourist attraction in Da Nang that attracts the most public attention. This place is not only appreciated for its architecture but it is also a work of art combined by the harmony between human creativity and natural beauty.

The image of the Golden Bridge quickly covered newspapers and social networks, attracting a large number of tourists. When coming here, visitors will be able to see with their own eyes and admire an image like a mother nature supporting the bridge. What a majestic and magnificent image.

The majestic beauty of the bridge right in the middle of the mountain sky

The Golden Bridge has become a check-in point with many breakthrough photos in every moment. There have been many beautiful photos of the Golden Bridge spread across social networks in Vietnam and around the world. Therefore, you should come here even once to see the wonderful beauty here.

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Da Nang Golden Bridge is famous in international newspapers

Da Nang Golden Bridge has become a major tourist icon worldwide. According to statistics, the British Daily Mail newspaper published this image all over the newspaper. In addition, on social networks, there were more than 20,000 posts with the hashtag #goldenbridgevietnam in a short period of time right after the inauguration.

In addition, the Golden Bridge was also mentioned in the British newspaper BBC Neww with the title ”The Golden Bridge of Vietnam: a walk through the hands of the self!” Accordingly, this bridge was also featured in newspapers. such as Buzzfeed, Archway, Design Boom, Street Art Globe, etc. The appearance of a bridge on major newspapers has proved the uniqueness and strong attraction in Vietnamese architectural works.

Moments to save when going to Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge

The shape of the bridge is like a golden silk strip in the middle of the surrounding sky surrounded by mountain slopes. Vang Bridge gives visitors a feeling of comfort and freshness. On warm sunny days, the Golden Bridge is beautiful and sparkling. When night falls, this place is engulfed in clouds like a fairyland. Let’s take a look at the beautiful photos at this bridge.

Couples who have chosen the Golden Bridge to save a happy moment for life

Hotels to stay when traveling to Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge

Ba Na Hills is one of the places that you, your family and friends will not want to miss when coming to Da Nang. With the location about a while from the city center, you will often choose a Ba Na Hill hotel address to stay. So today, let ‘s explore with Danang Private Car’s the top hotels on Ba Na Hill as  beautiful as a place to be.

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Notes when going to Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge

When visiting Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge, you should note the following:

  • Do not litter the yard, losing natural beauty and polluting the environment when visiting
  • Do not climb or take people outside the railing of the Golden Bridge
  • If you are traveling with small children, remember to keep an eye on them
  • Please adjust the schedule and visit time accordingly because the operating schedule of Ba Na Hills cable car will open at 7 am and end at 9 pm.
  • You should bring a light jacket when visiting the bridge, you will feel a bit chilly

Above is the necessary information about Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge for your reference. Hope this article will help you to experience this place more fully. Do not forget to fully charge the battery to save the best photos here.