Hanoi Motorbike Rentals – Top 10 Trusted Locations, Easy Bike Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Renting a motorbike in Hanoi is no longer unfamiliar for individuals and organizations studying, working, and traveling in the capital city of Hanoi. However, it’s essential to research and choose a reputable, high-quality, and trustworthy rental service to acquire a quality bike at a reasonable price. Below is a list of reputable motorbike rental shops in Hanoi recommended by Danang Private Car’s.

Address of the most reputable motorbike rental service in Hanoi.

Motorbikes are always the ideal choice for most young people when visiting the capital. Renting a motorbike in Hanoi is no longer unfamiliar, but selecting a professional service is not easy. With many years of experience in providing motorbike rental services, DanangPrivateCar.com will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes. This shop has outstanding advantages that make it a leading brand in Vietnam.

Bon Bon Motor

Bon Bon Motor is considered one of the few quality and reputable motorbike rental points today. With the operating motto “customer safety is number one,” it has gained a lot of trust and become the preferred choice for tourists when coming to the land of a thousand years of civilization or for residents working and living in the capital city.

One of the advantages of Bon Bon Motor is its wide range of different motorcycle models (from 2012 to the present), providing diversity in styles and designs. At the same time, they offer you the most suitable options according to your needs, preferences, and budget. Additionally, they always provide good-quality helmets with the motorbike so you can confidently explore Hanoi’s streets.

Bon Bon Motorbike specializes in motorbike rentals in Hanoi

The procedure for renting a motorbike at Bon Bon Motor is quite straightforward. You only need to have your passport/ID card or driver’s license ready. In some cases, you may need to deposit a certain amount of money (from 1,000,000 VND to 4,000,000 VND) to cover potential damages. This deposit will be fully refunded if you return the bike without any issues.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 246 Ton Duc Thang Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi
  • Phone Number: 01255 222 555
  • Rental Prices: 80,000 VND to 150,000 VND per day (depending on the type of motorcycle)

13535 Motorbike Rental Hanoi

13535 Motorbike Rental Hanoi is a professional, reliable, and trustworthy motorbike rental service in Hanoi. They offer a wide range of motorcycle models, from basic to premium, from simple to powerful, including both manual and automatic scooters such as Future, Wave, YBR 125, Jupiter, SuEN 150, Exciter 150, Sirius, Nouvo, Lead, etc. This variety provides you with many suitable options.

13535 Motorbike Rental Service in Hanoi

One of the advantages of 13535 Motorbike Rental Hanoi is its central location in the capital city, right by Vietnam Airlines/bus 86 stop, making it convenient for renting and returning bikes. In some cases, they can even arrange pickup in Sapa/Noi Bai and return in Hanoi, which is suitable for travelers exploring the unique aspects of Hanoi.

Additionally, the quality of their rental motorcycles is excellent. All bikes are relatively new and well-maintained, ensuring a smooth and safe ride. They also provide all the necessary legal documents such as insurance and carvet. Rental contracts are prepared in advance for a quick and hassle-free process.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 55 Ham Long Street, Hang Bai Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Phone Number: 0888 286 139
  • Rental Prices: Starting from 130,000 VND per day (depending on the type of motorcycle)

Nguyen Tu Motorbike’s

Nguyen Tu Motorbike’s is a professional motorbike rental service in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. However, it differs in its rental methods, motorcycle types, and prices. They offer both daily, weekly, and monthly rental options, with prices ranging from 120,000 VND to 150,000 VND per day and 800,000 VND to 1,200,000 VND per month.

Semi-automatic motorcycles and scooters are the most popular choices at Nguyen Tu Motorbike’s. They stand out due to their diverse models, good quality, and smooth engines. Regular maintenance and thorough checks are performed to ensure safety before handing over the bikes.

What sets Nguyen Tu Motorbike’s apart is its dedicated and friendly staff who guide and assist customers in choosing the right motorcycle based on their preferences, needs, budget, and intended use. They provide detailed explanations during the contract signing process to ensure customers understand their legal responsibilities and rights.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 24D Ta Hien Street, Hang Buom Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi – 112B Nguyen Van Cu Street, Long Bien District, Hanoi
  • Phone Number: 0942 467 674
  • Rental Prices: 120,000 VND to 150,000 VND per day and 800,000 VND to 1,200,000 VND per month (depending on the type of motorcycle)

Motogo – Trusted Motorbike Rental Service in Hanoi

Motogo is currently the number one self-drive motorbike rental service in Hanoi. Their primary goal is to prioritize quality by providing only the best new, high-quality motorbikes for rental while maintaining a transparent rental process.

They offer two common motorbike models for rental, namely Sirius and Air Blade, suitable for various purposes.

When you rent a motorbike from them, you will be provided with 2 helmets, 2 raincoats, and 1 liter of fuel. For those renting motorbikes for road trips, they also offer a complimentary rear luggage rack, straps, and a roadside repair kit.

Rental Prices:

  • 120,000 VND per day for manual motorcycles
  • 200,000 VND per day for automatic scooters

Phone Number for Reservations (24/7): 0338.02.33.44

Loc Motorbike

Lộc Motorbike is a well-known motorbike rental service in Dong Da, Hanoi, and is preferred by individuals and organizations visiting the capital for work, tourism, or study. Additionally, students and local residents often choose this location for long-term transportation needs, including renting tents for camping trips.

Loc Motorbike is a familiar motorbike rental address in Hanoi for various organizations and individuals

Lộc Motorbike is known for its diverse range of motorcycle types, styles, and models, meeting various preferences and purposes. Rental procedures are simple and quick, requiring only about 10 minutes and essential personal documents such as a driver’s license, ID card, or passport, along with a deposit.

The staff at Lộc Motorbike are warm, friendly, and accommodating, always ready to assist and provide guidance to help customers find the most suitable bikes. They offer competitive prices, providing a balance between quality and cost, making it a trustworthy choice.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 1096 Lang Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi
  • Phone Number: 0985 825 787
  • Rental Prices: 70,000 VND to 150,000 VND per day (depending on the type of motorcycle)

Mr-Good Bikes

Mr-Good Bikes is a reliable and quality motorbike rental service in Tay Ho, Hanoi, serving customers 24/7 throughout the week. They offer straightforward rental procedures, reasonable prices, a professional and experienced staff, and a variety of motorcycle models, making it a trusted choice for first-time visitors to the capital and individuals, organizations coming to the land of a thousand years of civilization for work, study, or tourism.

When renting a motorbike at Mr-Good Bikes, you will receive a free helmet and other safety equipment to ensure a safe journey. Contracts are prepared in advance, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. In case you need airport transfer services or other accommodations, the staff is responsive and accommodating, aiming to provide a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 10 Ngoc 378/65/42 Street, Thuy Khe Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi – 149 Trich Sai Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • Phone Number: 0343 506 996
  • Rental Prices: 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND per day and 1,000,000 VND to 1,400,000 VND per month (depending on the type of motorcycle)

Phung Motorbike

Phung Motorbike is a professional motorbike rental service in Hanoi that also offers motorcycle repair services. Therefore, all the motorcycles available here are guaranteed to be of high quality. They are regularly inspected and maintained, resulting in smooth and reliable engine performance and minimizing potential issues when riding through the city.

The rental procedure at Phùng Motorbike is simple, requiring a deposit and essential identification documents such as a driver’s license, ID card, or passport. After document verification and deposit payment, you will sign a contract and receive the chosen bike. The staff is dedicated, friendly, and always ready to assist with any issues or questions that may arise during the rental process.

Phung Motorbike offers a wide range of motorcycle models, including both manual and automatic options, catering to various riding preferences and needs. Prices are competitive, making it a good choice for travelers and locals looking for motorbike rental in Hanoi.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 30 Ngo 186/58 Pho Dai Tu Street, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi
  • Phone Number: 0966 370 353
  • Rental Prices: 90,000 VND to 120,000 VND per day (depending on the type of motorcycle)

Mr-Good Bikes – Hanoi Motorbike Rental Service in West Lake Area

Mr-Good Bikes is a specialized motorbike rental service covering the entire Hanoi area, with a prime location near West Lake (Hồ Tây). They offer a variety of motorbike models at affordable prices suitable for all customers. Their team of experienced professionals has years of expertise in the industry.

They provide 24/24 customer service and support, along with the convenience of motorbike delivery and pickup across Hanoi. Located near West Lake, which is one of the central areas of Hanoi, it offers great accessibility for travelers and locals alike.

The motorbike delivery and pickup fee is reasonable, not exceeding 40,000 VND per trip. Additionally, they equip customers with complimentary helmets and other essential items for safe road travel.

The rental process for motorbikes in Hanoi with Mr-Good Bikes is quick and straightforward, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. They offer flexible 24/24 return times, provided that customers notify the reception department in advance.

Contact Information: Phone: 0343 506 996


  • Alley 149 – Trích Sài – Tây Hồ – Hanoi
  • No. 10 – Alley 378/65/42 – Thụy Khuê – Tây Hồ – Hanoi

Renting Motorbikes at Hanoi Station

Are motorbikes available for rent at Hanoi Station, and are they expensive or affordable? You can explore the store recommended by Gia Huy. The unit is located at 27 Alley 62 Tran Quy Cap. It is a motorbike rental service near Hanoi Station that is highly sought after by many customers.

Rental prices range from 120 to 150k. In general, these prices are among the most competitive in the market. There are various types of motorbikes available, including manual and automatic. Furthermore, the equipment is regularly maintained, ensuring the machines are in good condition.

To rent a motorbike, you need to provide your ID card, national ID (CCCD), and driver’s license. When renting a motorbike, the staff will guide you through the process. If you’re picking up the bike at the airport or Hanoi Station, the staff will provide instructions on the pickup location, typically near the motorbike parking area. The cost of pickup and drop-off is free.

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  • Address: 27 Alley 62 Tran Quy Cap, Van Mieu, Dong Da, Hanoi
  • Phone: 0928 290 000

Documents required for motorbike rental in Hanoi

When renting a self-drive motorbike in Hanoi or a motorbike, you will need personal identification, either an ID card, a driver’s license (Gplx), or a passport.

Two copies of the rental contract, with each party retaining one copy.

A deposit of around 1-2 million VND, which may be higher for foreign customers.

The rental period is calculated over 24 hours from the time of rental, and if returned within 6 hours, it is still counted as one day.

Experience when renting a motorbike in Hanoi

  • Don’t be complacent with the motorbike rental procedures.
  • Check the safety of the motorbike.
  • Calculating the rental time.

When receiving the motorbike, you must carefully check the front and rear brakes, lights, horn, and the lock. If you notice anything unusual or damaged, you should immediately report it to the owner to avoid having to pay for damages.

To ensure safety during your journey, you should choose newer models of motorbikes and don’t forget to ask for the owner’s phone number in case of emergencies.

Clarify who is responsible for roadside breakdowns, under what circumstances you would be liable for damages, and inquire about any roadside assistance available.

It’s advisable not to attempt self-repairs at roadside repair shops to avoid unforeseen risks.

Here are the reputable and detailed reviews of motorbike rental addresses in Hanoi. I hope you’ll find plenty of useful information and gain valuable insights to make the best choice for your trip to the capital city.



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