Guide to Explore Long Bien Bridge, Hanoi

Long Bien Bridge is a historical bridge that has witnessed many ups and downs in the capital city of Hanoi, Vietnam. Despite the numerous changes, the bridge still stands proudly, becoming an enduring symbol in the hearts of Hanoi’s residents. Additionally, it is an ideal spot for you to admire a different, nostalgic, and romantic side of Hanoi.

General information about Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge is considered the first steel bridge to cross the Hong River, constructed by the French during their colonial rule in Vietnam. Located in the Long Bien District, it serves as a direct link to downtown Hanoi and has been a crucial transportation artery for the city for a long time.

Long Bien Bridge is a historical landmark closely linked to the capital city of Hanoi from the time of French colonial rule

The bridge consists of 19 steel spans supported by over 20 high piers, with a total length of over 2,000 meters. The western part of the bridge features a 896-meter-long stone road leading to the bridgehead. Its modern design at the time led many to compare it to Hanoi’s own horizontal Eiffel Tower at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Unique features of Long Bien Bridge’s architecture

Long Bien Bridge spans 2,290 meters across the river, with an additional 896 meters of approach, consisting of 19 steel spans and 20 tall piers. At the time of its inauguration, the bridge was likened to the Eiffel Tower lying horizontally, being the second-longest bridge in the world, second only to the Brooklyn Bridge in the United States.

The Long Bien Bridge is 4.75 meters wide and is divided into three main lanes. In the center, there is a single railroad track, flanked by two lanes for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, with pedestrian walkways on the outer edges.

Long Bien Bridge features a harmonious design on its tightly layered structure, resembling the graceful and sturdy shape of a winding dragon, exhibiting both strength and elegance.

Architecturally, the bridge stands out with its unique design, featuring a harmonious structure stacked in tight layers resembling a winding dragon, combining strength and grace. The entire bridge is constructed from high-quality steel with modern construction techniques, ensuring both aesthetic and safety considerations.

While Hanoi has seen the construction of several more bridges crossing the Hong River, such as Chuong Duong Bridge, Thang Long Bridge, Thanh Tri Bridge, Vinh Tuy Bridge, and Nhat Tan Bridge, Long Bien Bridge remains an irreplaceable symbol of the capital city. Its ancient architecture and historical significance have been preserved for over 120 years.

Ideal Times for Visiting

Morning: If you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the dust and chaos of the capital city, treat yourself to the serenity of an early morning visit to Long Bien Bridge. Take in the spacious environment with familiar scenes like bamboo groves, small boats, and gently rippling waters. This will give you the inspiration you need to start a new day.

Early morning and late afternoon are the two best times to visit Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi

Late Afternoon: When the sunlight begins to dim and give way to the approaching darkness, it’s the perfect time for travelers to come and savor the beauty of Long Bien Bridge. Admire the bridge’s vintage charm hidden under sparkling lights and witness the quiet crowd returning home as the evening sets in, offering you a feeling of romance and tranquility.

Getting to Long Bien Bridge

Personal Transportation: From Hoan Kiem Lake, visitors can either use a motorbike or stroll to Long Bien Bridge in about 15 minutes to enjoy its historic beauty. You can consider reputable motorcycle rental locations in Hanoi.

Public Transportation: You can choose one of the following bus routes: 03, 30A, 36, 41, 58, 86, and disembark at the nearest bus stop to the bridge.

Private Tour Transportation: If you’re traveling with a group of friends, family, or foreign guests and are looking for a quick and time-saving mode of transportation that allows you to explore not only Long Bien Bridge but also other destinations, choosing to rent a private vehicle with a driver in Hanoi is a suitable option. is a provider of private cars in Hanoi with a professional driver team and years of experience. They can ensure your journey is safe and comfortable. Contact them for a detailed itinerary.

Essential Items to Prepare for Your Visit to the Long Bien Bridge

Personal Documents: Be sure to carry your identification card or passport and your driver’s license if you are using personal transportation.

Photography Equipment: Long Bien Bridge and the surrounding scenery are truly a picturesque place. Don’t miss the opportunity to take photos and “pose” here. Bring your mobile phone or camera to capture the memories during this exciting journey.

Sunscreen, Umbrella, and Comfortable Clothing: This bridge is interesting in that everyone who visits seems to feel much younger while being there. To create beautiful memories with the capital city, whether strolling along the bridge or taking stunning photos, sunscreen is your best friend. Additionally, prepare comfortable and stylish clothing to enjoy a full day of exploration.

Exciting Experiences When Visiting Long Bien Bridge:

With its historical and antique architectural value, tinged with the patina of time, Long Bien Bridge is a famous tourist destination in Hanoi that attracts a large number of visitors, both tourists and locals, who come to enjoy the scenery and cool down. Here are some exciting experiences you can consider during your visit:

Check-in at Long Bien Bridge

When you visit Long Bien Bridge, don’t forget to capture nostalgic check-in photos on this historic structure. The vast river landscape and the rocky shore of the Hong River with lush greenery provide you with impressive photo opportunities. However, be sure to observe carefully and watch out for passing vehicles to ensure safety while taking pictures.

Romantic Stroll and Enjoying the Breeze on the Bridge

With its spacious and airy atmosphere, Long Bien Bridge is a favorite place for romantic walks and enjoying the breeze for many people. Walking on the bridge, observing the flow of people and vehicles passing by can help alleviate feelings of confinement and worries.

Enjoying the cool breeze, and capturing check-in photos are some of the appealing experiences on this historic bridge.

Admire Scenic Views Like a Painting from the Bridge

The scenery seen from the bridge changes with the seasons and evokes different emotions for each person. It’s a panoramic view of the bamboo bushes along the banks of the flowing Hong River, accompanied by the sound of the wind in your ears and the vast, open sky.

Especially, during sunrise or sunset, the view from the bridge becomes even more picturesque. You can also extend your gaze to admire the modern Chương Dương Bridge and the sparkling cityscape of Hanoi.

Admiring the picturesque scenery and exploring the famous dining and entertainment spots near Long Bien Bridge are also wonderful experiences to be had.

Explore Famous Dining and Entertainment Spots near Long Bien Bridge

The area around Long Bien Bridge has many great restaurants and beautiful coffee shops with spacious surroundings. These are ideal stopping points for savoring Hanoi’s culinary delights, enjoying your favorite beverages, and taking in the beauty of the old bridge, the rocky shore of the Hong River, or the lively Long Bien Market nearby.

Suggested Itinerary for Exploring Long Bien Bridge

Walking Along the Bridge: Walking along the bridge’s structure will allow you to better appreciate the imprints of time on this legendary bridge. Observing the bridge’s sections that have sagged and the faded steel frames will make you proud of this monumental historical wonder in Hanoi’s past. It also deepens your admiration for the bridge’s structural integrity, standing proudly for over a century despite the challenges of war and human impact.

Viewing from Both Ends of the Bridge: This location provides you with a comprehensive view of the bridge’s structure and an overall understanding of its design. From here, you can also extend your gaze to see the clustered houses, lush greenery at the base of the bridge, and the other side of the river, offering a sense of a gentle and old Hanoi.

From Long Bien Bridge, you can easily visit other nearby attractions such as the Hong River rocky shore, Aeon Mall, Phuc Xa Pagoda, the Cultural and Tourist Village of Nang Song Hong, and more. This way, you can capture beautiful photos and create lasting memories of this place.

What to Eat at Long Bien Bridge?

Tran Nhat Duat Coffee Shop

If you want to enjoy the view of Long Bien Bridge in the most relaxing atmosphere, there’s no better place than this ideal coffee shop. From the fourth floor, you can savor a delicious cup of coffee, chat with friends, or quietly admire the vintage beauty of the bridge and the serene lives of the residents who call this place home.

Tran Nhat Duat Coffee Shop

Affordable Grilled Snacks

Corn and sweet potatoes are some of the most beloved snacks during Hanoi’s winter season. Therefore, it’s no surprise that when you visit here, you’ll find many friends gathering around a charcoal grill to enjoy these snacks while they are still piping hot.

Tips for Visiting Long Bien Bridge

  • Long Bien Bridge has a pedestrian lane, but the railings are relatively low due to its age. If you are visiting for the first time, walk slowly and carefully to ensure your safety.
  • The Long Bien Train Station is a popular spot for taking photos. Be sure to pay attention to passing trains to avoid any unfortunate accidents during your enjoyable trip.
  • Currently, the bridge shows signs of deterioration, so avoid recklessly climbing on the steel beams of the bridge, as it can be dangerous for both you and those around you.

Long Bien Bridge is a quintessential landmark among the famous tourist attractions in Hanoi. The bridge holds significant cultural and practical importance in the daily lives of the local people. With its inherent beauty and cultural significance, the bridge stands as one of the most welcoming and friendly tourist destinations.




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