Which season is the most beautiful and attractive to travel to Hue? DETAILED Hints

You are intending to travel to Hue but wondering which season to travel to Hue is beautiful, refer to the information and suggest a detailed itinerary to explore Hue 3 days 2 nights in the article.

In order to prepare a full Hue sightseeing schedule, you will need to know information about Hue tourism in which season is beautiful because the weather in the ancient capital of Hue is quite humid. Refer to the information analyzed below to arrange the most appropriate time for a Hue Travel Trip.

What is the best season to travel to Hue? What month should you travel to Hue?

Which season is the most beautiful in Hue? In which month should you travel to Hue? These are the concerns of many devotees moving when preparing to visit Hue, accordingly, the answer to the question of which season to travel to Hue depends on the characteristics of climate, weather and cultural activities. made at that time. Normally, people will travel to Hue in the following seasons:

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What is the best season to go to Hue? Dry season

The dry season (from May to September) in Hue is one of the perfect answers to the question of when is the best season to travel to Hue. Many followers consider that the dry season weather in Hue is beautiful because there is little rain, it is dry, it is convenient for tourists to visit famous Hue tourist sites, participate in swimming, many activities …

When is the best season to travel to Hue? Spring

Spring in Hue (from January to the end of February) is also an ideal time to travel to Hue. You will not have to wonder which season is the best season to travel to Hue because spring weather in Hue is a transitional moment between seasons, which is worth experiencing, that is when the cold fades away, and the sun begins to warm up.

Which season is appropriate to travel to Hue? Festive season

The festival season in Hue (around April) is the busiest and most exciting time in Hue with many unique art and entertainment activities from domestic and foreign art troupes, helping to make Hue the land of the ancient capital become the most beautiful city in the world. so glamorous, more brilliant than any time of the year. Traveling to Hue during the festive season, visitors can freely take virtual photos because the city is splendidly decorated like royal palaces.

Which season is the most beautiful in Hue? Tourist season

The tourist season in Hue (there are beach tourism festivals, which usually fall from May to July) is also the answer to the question of which season is most beautiful to travel to Hue, which is answered by many devotees. Coming to Hue during the tourist season, visitors can immerse themselves in the sea, watch the lives of fishermen, indulge their taste buds with a variety of delicious Hue dishes.

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Discover what’s beautiful in Hue through a seasonal schedule

If you are planning to travel to Hue, after knowing which season is beautiful to travel to Hue , prepare to go, you can refer to the detailed suggestions of the following schedules:

Itinerary to visit Hue 3 days 2 nights in spring

Day 1: Thien Mu Pagoda – Hue Citadel

After settling down at the hotel, you can start the first day schedule to explore Hue Ancient Capital from Thien Mu Pagoda, the oldest temple in Hue, a historical relic rich in cultural and artistic values. .

Continuing the journey, you can visit Hue Citadel, a complex of valuable historical relics, which was the palace of the Nguyen Dynasty in the past. Hue Citadel includes hundreds of magnificent palaces, temples and shrines such as:

  • Ngo Mon Gate: An invaluable ancient architectural masterpiece, facing the south of the citadel. On the Ngo Mon Gate is the Ironwood Floor Ngu Phung, consisting of 2 floors and 9 sets of roofs.
  • Thai Hoa Palace and Dai Trieu Nghi Courtyard: Originally the venue for important ceremonies such as the coronation ceremony, the king’s birthday, and the reception of ambassadors.
  • Palace Dien Tho: It was the residence of the Empress Dowager, the Queen Mother of the past, in the past.
  • Forbidden City: Is the living area of ​​the king and royal family.

Day 2: Tomb of Tu Duc – Tomb of Minh Mang – Tomb of Khai Dinh

The most suitable schedule for the second day of traveling to Hue is to explore the system of tombs of the Nguyen dynasties such as Tu Duc Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb

  • Tomb of Tu Duc: Is considered the most beautiful mausoleum in the system of mausoleums of the Nguyen Dynasty, located in an area with charming scenery and green nature.
  • Minh Mang Tomb is a complex of 40 large and small works symmetrically arranged, including many splendid and magnificent palaces, castles, pavilions, in the middle of a poetic space.
  • Khai Dinh Tomb: It is a mausoleum with a unique combination of architecture including Eastern and Western architecture, which is completely different from the mausoleums of the previous Nguyen Dynasty kings.

Day 3: Dong Ba Market

On the third day of your Hue tour, you can visit the crowded Dong Ba market to buy gifts for your family and friends. Dong Ba Market is located in the center of Hue city, is a 3-storey market with thousands of stalls selling a variety of items, from fabrics, clothes, handicrafts, handicrafts to dried seafood, fish sauce, and seafood. Hue specialty confectionery.

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Self-sufficient Hue travel schedule in autumn

Day 1: Going to the temple – watching the Perfume River

After you arrive in Hue, check in to your room to regain your strength, you can rent a motorbike to explore famous Hue tourist sites, eat delicious Hue dishes. You can rent a motorbike in Hue easily because the service is usually available at the hotel, the price fluctuates around 150,000/day.

After eating delicious food in Hue, you can start your journey to discover Hue from Thien Mu Pagoda, Huyen Khong Pagoda, which are all attractive tourist attractions in Hue.

In the evening, you can go to the new pedestrian bridge in the area under Truong Tien Bridge on the south bank of the Perfume River to discover the beauty of Hue ancient capital at night, watching the poetic Perfume River.

Day 2: Hue Citadel – Hue Quoc Hoc

Hue Citadel is an attractive tourist destination for many tourists, featuring many outstanding architectural works, temples and palaces rich in cultural values.

Highlights to visit in Hue Citadel:

  • Ngo Mon: The main gate of the Imperial Citadel, with its magnificent architecture, looks like a magnificent castle from afar.
  • Thai Hoa Palace: Belonging to Hue Citadel area, is the center of Hue citadel, symbolizing the power of the Nguyen Dynasty.
  • Duyet Thi Duong: Located inside the Forbidden City, was a theater for kings, royal princes, and officials in the past.
  • Flag tower: Belonging to Nam Chanh fortress, where the imperial flag was raised.
  • Bao Vinh Old Town: From the mid-17th century to the nineteenth century, this was considered the busiest commercial area in Hue citadel.

Continuing the journey, you can go to Quoc Hoc Hue, a school with bright pink flowers on the pure green Perfume River, possessing impressive and unique beauty. Quoc Hoc Hue has a history of 126 years of establishment and operation, and is the third oldest high school in Vietnam.

Day 3: Thuy Tien Park – Thien Lam Pagoda

Starting the journey on the 3 day to discover Hue, you can start with a journey to Thuy Tien Park, a favorite Hue tourist destination for those who love to explore and experience the strange scenery of Hue. this land.

Thien Lam Pagoda is one of the must-visit places when visiting Hue Ancient Capital. (Image source: Collected)

Then, on the way back, you can visit Thien Lam pagoda, located on Quang Te hill, Thuy Xuan ward, Hue city, possessing extremely beautiful and airy natural scenery. Thien Lam Pagoda belongs to the Nam Tong sect founded by Mr. Ho Nhan. At noon, you return to the hotel to pack up your luggage and check out.

Finding out information about traveling to Hue in a beautiful season can help you prepare for the most thoughtful and thorough trip. Hopefully with the information provided by the article, you will have the most complete and interesting Hue travel trip.



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