Love Bridge Da Nang is one of the tourist destinations chosen by many tourists when coming here. Not only beautiful scenery, virtual life photography, but you also have a keychain to mark your name on this bridge. Join Da Nang Private Car to learn and explore the beautiful scenes of Da Nang Love Bridge.

Introducing the Love Bridge in Da Nang.

Where is the Love Bridge located?

The Love Bridge is located on Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang, on the riverside of the Han River.

It is nestled under the famous Dragon Bridge. This unique bridge does not cross the Han River but winds along its side. It is a highly popular tourist spot in Da Nang, especially among young couples in love.

When was the Love Bridge constructed?

The Love Bridge was built in 2015, drawing inspiration from famous bridges around the world such as Hohenzollern (Germany), Pont des Arts (Paris), Tretriakovsky (Russia), Rome (Italy), etc. It has an arched design and a length of 68 meters.

What is the significance of the Love Bridge in Da Nang?

The Love Bridge in Da Nang features a unique design that combines the ancient architectural elements of the East with the openness of the West.

The presence of vibrant red heart-shaped lamp posts along the bridge creates a striking and incredibly romantic atmosphere. However, perhaps the most special feature is the hundreds or even thousands of love locks attached to the iron railing. This is why the bridge is also known as the Love Lock Bridge.

This has created a sense of romance for the local people and couples. It is a place where lovers express their wishes for eternal love. When two people hang a love lock engraved with their names, lock it, and throw away the key, they pray to stay together forever.

Guide on how to get to the Love Lock Bridge in Da Nang.

As it is located in the city center, right by the Han River, visitors can easily travel to this destination for sightseeing. will provide detailed instructions regarding the routes and transportation options.

Regarding the route:

Depending on your starting location, you can choose one of the following two routes:

  • If you are starting from My Khe Beach area, you can take Vo Van Kiet Street towards the direction of Dragon Bridge, reach the area near the foot of the bridge, then turn right onto Tran Hung Dao Street. After about 100 meters, you will arrive at the Love Lock Bridge. If you are starting from the airport, follow Nguyen Van Linh Street, cross Dragon Bridge, and then turn onto Tran Hung Dao Street to reach the destination.

  • If you are starting from other locations, you can ask local residents for directions or use the Google Maps application to navigate to the Love Lock Bridge in Da Nang.

Regarding transportation:

To reach the Love Lock Bridge, you can take a private tour car or taxi (if traveling in a group), use the Grab Car or Grab Bike service through the mobile application. These options are convenient and comfortable as you don’t have to worry about finding the way.

However, based on the travel experiences of previous visitors to Da Nang, it is recommended to rent a private car with a driver in Da Nang for more flexibility in transportation and to combine visiting nearby attractions such as Helio, Asia Park, Cham Museum, etc.’s is a leading provider of private car services with professional drivers in Da Nang. With their experienced drivers who have served both domestic and international tourists for many years, they will ensure you have a comfortable, safe, and cost-effective trip.

Ticket prices and love lock prices at the Love Bridge in Da Nang.

Similar to other love lock bridges around the world, the Love Bridge in Da Nang does not have an entrance fee and is completely free. Visitors can freely explore and take photos to their heart’s content. However, there may be fees for parking (ranging from 5,000 VND for motorbikes to 20,000 VND for cars) and purchasing souvenirs, including love locks.

Love locks are sold at the souvenir counter near the bridge, available in various shapes, colors, and price ranges. Prices range from 70,000 VND to 250,000 VND.

A set of love locks will include the lock itself and a key. The lock can be engraved with your name and the name of your loved one, along with a message, promise, or heartfelt expression from both of you.

When is the best time to visit the Love Bridge in Da Nang?

Being a famous tourist destination, the Love Bridge attracts a large number of visitors for sightseeing and taking photos almost all the time. However, the busiest and most crowded periods are usually on weekends, holidays, Valentine’s Day, and during the summer tourist season.

The summer season is the best time to visit the Love Bridge.

According to the experience shared by, it is recommended to visit during the summer season to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the city. During this time, the weather is favorable with less rain, beautiful sunshine, and convenient transportation.

There are also many unique events and activities related to beach tourism that you can experience. Your trip will undoubtedly be very exciting. This bridge looks beautiful at any time of the day, so you can easily plan your visit accordingly.

Check-in location at Love Bridge

Carp Turning into Dragon

is the iconic image for the marina, the body is sculpted and the scales are very elaborate. The dragon head was inspired by the Ly Dynasty and designed to spray rain.

The fishtail means peace, prosperity and unity. And the image of Carp turning into a Dragon will spray rain and every weekend night creates interesting images for visitors to visit here. The Carp Turning into a Dragon statue is 7m high, weighs nearly 200 tons and is cast from 5 blocks of natural white marble.

The Dragon Carp is not only an image to beautify the marina landscape, but it is also an image to adorn the aesthetic value of the East bank of the Han River. This image expresses the desire to escape the hardships of the current life and becomes an image that many young people and tourists are interested in taking photos of.


Da Nang Love Bridge with the image of Carp Turning into a Dragon is located in the DHC Marina Marina cluster of the Marina project and the Water Sports Club.

Love Bridge was built in the middle of the Han River Bridge and between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge, so standing here you can admire the beauty of both famous bridges, certainly the scenery that Love Bridge brings . It will be very romantic and poetic

When coming to Da Nang to travel, the image of Carp turning into a Dragon by the Da Nang Love Bridge next to the Han River is a great tourist destination at night. Many lovers have come here to hang locks with their names on the bridge to prove their love.

DHC Marina

Designed with 5 luxurious floors serving drinks at the yacht’s Skybar. The location is very ideal to admire the beautiful scenery of Da Nang Love Bridge and relax.


Molly Coffee shop next to the Love Lock Bridge.

Right next to the fish statue transformed into a dragon is Molly Coffee shop. You can stop here to enjoy a cup of fragrant hot coffee. The shop is designed as an open space, so it is very airy and refreshing, with a special view overlooking the vast Han River scenery.

The coffee shop right at the bridge of love is also an ideal rendezvous point.

The beauty of the Love Lock Bridge in Da Nang.

At any time of the day, the Love Lock Bridge mesmerizes visitors with its beauty.

The daytime beauty of the Love Lock Bridge.

In the morning, sunlight reflects on the sparkling water surface, and the colorful love locks stand out against the clear blue sky. Coming here in the early morning, you can immerse yourself in a romantic and peaceful atmosphere.

Pier of love during the day.

In the evening, as the sun starts to set, the vibrant orange glow of the sunset blends with the red color of the heart-shaped decorations, creating an eye-catching scene. There is nothing more wonderful than walking with your loved one amidst the sunset and sharing stories about love.

How beautiful is the Love Lock Bridge at night.

The Love Lock Bridge in Da Nang is already enchanting during the day, but it becomes even more alluring and dazzling at night. The shining heart-shaped lights illuminate the romantic Han River. Combined with the colorful buildings and street lights, it captivates anyone who lays eyes on it, making it hard to look away.

The Love Lock Bridge sparkles at night.

Some experiences when visiting the Love Bridge in Da Nang that you should know.

As a prominent destination, the Love Bridge attracts a large number of visitors every day, especially during peak seasons. To explore this location, here are some tips and experiences you should know:

  • If you intend to attach a love lock to the Love Bridge, you can buy one at the Souvenir shop located right at the entrance or bring your own.
  • For those traveling by motorbike, you can park your vehicle in front of the cruise ship restaurant, the empty space in front of the Love Bridge, or the Son Tra Night Market, all are acceptable parking spots.
  • Although the Love Bridge in Da Nang is beautiful during the day, if you prefer a romantic atmosphere, it’s best to visit in the evening.
  • The Love Bridge is a popular spot on Saturday and Sunday evenings. This is an ideal location to watch the Dragon Bridge breathe fire and water. If you don’t enjoy crowded places, it’s advisable to avoid visiting during this time.

Additionally, here are some other famous bridges in Da Nang that you might consider visiting

Da Nang is renowned for its bridges, so if you have the opportunity to visit this city, take the time to check out these bridges. Besides the Love Bridge, the following bridges are worth a visit:

  • Dragon Bridge: A bridge with a unique design featuring a giant dragon curving towards the East Sea, capable of spraying water and fire.
  • Han River Bridge: A symbol of Da Nang city, this bridge can rotate 180 degrees.
  • Tran Thi Ly Bridge: The bridge with the tallest pylon in the world and the largest cable-stayed plane in Southeast Asia.
  • Thuan Phuoc Bridge: One of the longest cable-stayed bridges in Vietnam.

Among the coastal bridges, it can be said that the Love Bridge in Da Nang is the only one that does not span a river. It is also the shortest bridge but holds a special charm and romance. You should try to visit, explore, and take some memorable photos here. If you have a loved one accompanying you, it’s even more reason not to miss it.