Lang Co Beach or Lang Co Bay is a beach with beautiful scenery with smooth white sand stretching along with clear sea water creating a charming and poetic scene.


In 2009, Lang Co Bay was honored with the prestigious title of being one of the world’s most enchanting bays, recognized by Worldbays. Nestled like a fairyland in the heart of Central Vietnam, Lang Co Bay has become a beloved destination, especially for young travelers exploring the Da Nang – Hue route.

For those visiting Lang Co beach for the first time and feeling a bit unsure, don’t worry.’s has prepared a comprehensive and user-friendly Lang Co travel guide just for you. Let’s start and confidently plan your upcoming trip.

Lang Co – One of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World

There are many legends surrounding the name “Lang Co.” Some legends suggest that the name Lang Co is a mispronunciation of the name of a fishing village called “An Cu.” There is also a legend that tells of the presence of many storks living here, so the place was called Lang Co (Stork Village). Over time, the locals mispronounced it as Lang Co.

Lang Co – One of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World

In the past, Lang Co was a stopover for travelers before crossing the Hai Van Pass. There were only a few rice stalls and some dried seafood vendors here. Since the Hai Van Tunnel was put into operation, tourism services and accommodations for tourists traveling between Da Nang and Hue in Lang Co have truly developed.

With its pristine and breathtaking natural beauty situated beneath the majestic Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Bay quickly became a favorite destination for many tourists. Lang Co is a bay with a sea. Lang Co Bay has a length of 42.5 km, and the sea here stretches for 10 km. Not only is it a beautiful bay in Hue, but Lang Co is also recognized as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. When visiting Lang Co, tourists can enjoy swimming, diving, or resort tourism…

Where is Lang Co Beach?

Nestled between two large passes, Hai Van Pass and Phu Gia Pass. Lang Co beach belongs to Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province. (See map of Lang Co bay )

It is nearly 30km from Da Nang city to the north and about 70km from Hue city center to the south.

Lang Co sea area was formerly a small fishing village, because the population is sparse, so the storks here live a lot, so it is also known as Co Village. After some time, this place was renamed Lang Co

When approaching the foot of Hai Van pass, you will have a panoramic view of Lang Co Bay with a white sand dune emerging running in a beautiful arc.

Another reason why Lang Co always welcomes so many tourists is because Lang Co Beach is located right on the way to the heritage sites of the central region from Phong Nha Cave, Hue Ancient Capital, Hoi An Ancient Town and even My Son Sanctuary.

When is the best time to visit Lang Co Beach?

Summer will be the most ideal Lang Co Bay tourist season for all visitors. Imagine if on a hot summer day with the sweltering weather of the central region, you can relax on the most beautiful bay in the world and immerse yourself in the cool blue sea. .

In August to November, the weather in Hue is very bad, with prolonged rain and storms, so it will not be suitable for a trip to the beach. Moreover, in this season, the sea is rough, so the sea water is no longer beautiful when you come.

From December to the end of February, the weather in Hue is a bit cold, so it is only suitable for sightseeing rather than swimming at this time.

How to get to Lang Co Bay?

Lang Co Beach can be said to be located between two central tourist centers, Hue and Da Nang, so when you visit these two places, you can combine visiting Lang Co Bay .

Therefore, I will guide you how to move from Da Nang and Hue to Lang Co Bay, and how to move to Da Nang and Hue, you can refer to the self-sufficient Da Nang travel experience and guide. Travel to Hue to learn more.


To travel by motorbike from Da Nang to Lang Co or vice versa, follow National Route 1A, which is the main highway connecting these two cities. The distance between Da Nang and Lang Co is approximately 70 kilometers, and the journey takes about 1.5 to 2 hours by motorbike, depending on the traffic and your speed. Similarly, if you’re traveling from Hue to Lang Co, you can take National Route 1A, and the distance is around 30 kilometers, taking about 1 hour by motorbike.

Furthermore, to fully explore Lang Co, it’s advisable to book a motorbike tour from Hue to Da Nang. With a motorbike tour from, you can embark on a memorable journey, discovering attractions like Lap An Lagoon, crossing Hai Van Pass, visiting Dragon Bridge, Marble Mountains,…

Private car

If you are not healthy or do not have good driving skills, I recommend that you choose the next vehicle that is a private car.

You can rent a self-drive car if you have a license or you can take a taxi/grab to go to Lang Co beach. For this vehicle, the price is a bit expensive and the time is also somewhat limited than a motorbike, but it is safe.

Link: Danang To Hue Via Lang Co Beach


In addition to the two means above, you have another somewhat more interesting option to travel to Lang Co Bay in Hue , which is to travel by train. Because there is a train station in Lang Co town, you can buy train tickets from Da Nang and Hue stations to Lang Co station.

Train fare is quite cheap, if you depart from Da Nang you only lose 60k / way (train code SE22) and if from Hue it is 90k / way (train code SE21).

Take a bus

Bus from Hue to Lang Co

There will be buses moving from Hue to Da Nang and vice versa, because Lang Co Beach is located on the main road of these two locations, you can catch the bus at the bus station to go and when you arrive at Lang Co, stop.

You can take the bus or you can also choose to take the high-class limousines for safety and comfort. Reputable car companies such as: HAV Limousine, Hoang Duc Limousine, Huong Giang Limousine, The Sinh Tourist, Huetourist, …

What’s So Appealing About Lang Co Beach?

If you’re wondering why travelers on the Hue – Da Nang route insist on visiting Lang Co, let unravel the mystery for you!

Witness Nature’s Masterpiece

Lang Co Bay lies serenely between the majestic Hai Van Pass and Phu Gia Pass. Here, stretches of exquisite sandy beaches, smooth and flat, meet the crystal-clear, tranquil waters. The natural scenery here is so breathtaking that words can hardly do it justice. Rarely does any beach in our country boast such diverse ecosystems, with vast tropical forests, picturesque mountain ranges, the expansive Lập An lagoon, and majestic mountain passes. Visiting Lang Co is like embarking on an adventurous journey from the mountains to the sea.

Swim in Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach offers an ideal seaside destination with its pristine and serene environment. Having explored various coastal areas nationwide, you’ll find Lang Co to be remarkably peaceful, a stark contrast to bustling beaches, yet it leaves a lasting impression on travelers. Historically, King Khai Dinh himself chose this spot to build Hành Cung Tịnh Viên as his summer retreat. Visitors to Lang Co can freely frolic in the cool waters and participate in various exciting beach activities.

Visit the Tranquil Fishing Village

In Lang Co Bay, there’s a peaceful, small fishing village, home to coastal fishermen. Here, travelers have the opportunity to learn about the livelihoods of these gentle and kind-hearted people. This fishing village, with a history spanning over 250 years, sits peacefully between deep mountains and vast waters. Travelers can indulge in a variety of enticing seafood such as green mussels, pearls, blood cockles, and grouper.

The peaceful fishing village by the bay

Explore Lap An Lagoon

Lap An Lagoon is also part of Lang Co Bay, known as the largest brackish water lagoon in Hue. Nestled beside Phu Gia Pass, travelers heading along National Highway 1A can easily spot it. Nature here paints a serene picture with azure waters and towering mountains. Surrounding the lagoon are the majestic Bach Ma Mountains. Visitors can rent boats for sightseeing, relish fresh and delicious seafood cultivated in the lagoon, and enjoy unlimited photo opportunities. Be sure to savor the exquisite oysters here – they’re an absolute must-try!

The majestic beauty, wilderness, and serene tranquility of Lap An Lagoon in Hue provide tourists with moments of complete relaxation as they immerse themselves in the vast and captivating landscapes

Tourist attractions in Lang Co Bay Hue

Immerse yourself in the cool water at Lang Co beach

Lang Co Beach is the most impressive highlight when traveling to Lang Co Bay in Hue . If Da Nang has My Khe beach, Hoi An has An Bang beach, then Hue has Lang Co beach that satisfies many tourists by its charming beauty.

The beach here is quite clean, with clear blue sea water and long fine white sand, on summer days swimming here is a wonderful experience.

However, one thing to note is that Lang Co beach does not have a lifeguard and there is no safety sign like My Khe beach, so you need to pay attention when swimming.

Let’s conquer Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is the most beautiful pass road in Vietnam separating Da Nang and Hue with high mountains on one side and deep sea on one side.

This is definitely an interesting discovery point for many of you when combining tourism with Lang Co Bay in Hue . You have the opportunity to explore the winding passes, Hai Van Quan relic, especially you can see the whole view of Lang Co Bay from the foot of Hai Van Pass.

Explore Lap An lagoon

Experience going to Lap An lagoon

The Lap An lagoon, also known as An Cu lagoon, is located at the foot of Phu Gia pass, surrounded by the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, in front of Lang Co bay.

Coming to Lang Co Bay , you must definitely visit here to discover all the poetic beauty and simple life of the people here. You can take a walk around the lagoon, take pictures or can take a fishing boat on the lagoon.

Bach Ma National Park

This is a nature reserve, preserving rare animals of Vietnam with a cool and temperate climate, coming here you will discover the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests, explore famous waterfalls such as Do waterfall. Quyen or Ngu Ho waterfall and together conquer Bach Ma peak.

What to eat in Lang Co?

Lang Co beach is favored by nature with not only beautiful scenery and especially rich seafood resources such as oysters, lobsters, sea crabs, green mussels, blood cockles, sea fish, etc.

Therefore, seafood is the specialty dish you will enjoy when traveling here. The seafood dishes here are fresh and caught directly on Lang Co beach and Lap An lagoon.

To enjoy these fresh seafood dishes, you can visit small roadside restaurants or go to coastal seafood restaurants to enjoy, but in my opinion, the prices at these restaurants are relatively high.

Some restaurants in Lang Co:

  • Be Than seafood restaurant – Lang Co town, Hue ( see the way )
  • Be Den starfish restaurant – 688 Lac Long Quan, Lang Co town.
  • Lang Co fishing village seafood restaurant
  • Bien Ngoc restaurant ( see address )

Hotels in Lang Co?

Normally, I advise you to go to Lang Co Hue beach for 1 day combined in your Da Nang – Hue trip, so you usually choose to stay in Da Nang or in Hue to conveniently go to other places. difference.

However, if you want to travel to Lang Co 2 days 1 night and stay at Lang Co Bay, you should not be too concerned because here there are many motels, hotels, even high-class resorts. Professional service style of international standards for you to choose.

  • If you want to stay at hotels with affordable prices, you can refer to Ha Phuong Homestay, Phu Quy 3 Hotel, Champa Lang Co Hotel, Ngoc Hang Hotel, ..
  • If you want to stay at high-end resorts with spacious space and professional services but the price is a bit higher, you can refer to names such as: Languna Lang Co, Lang Co Beach Resort, Banyan Tree Lang Co, Angsana Lang Co Resort, Thanh Tam Seaside Resort.

What to buy in Lang Co tourism as a gift?

Lang Co oyster sauce

If in Da Nang, there is fish sauce, so Aunt Can or Nam O fish sauce is quite famous, in Lang Co Hue, there is also a dipping sauce that pleases diners from afar, which is oyster sauce.

This is a very famous fish sauce of Lang Co in particular and Hue in general. This fish is available at Lang Co beach all year round, so people make fish sauce, you can buy this dish as a gift after the trip is the most meaningful.

Other Hue specialties

In addition to oyster sauce, you can also buy specialties of Hue as a gift such as sesame, Cung Dinh tea, sour shrimp paste, Tre Hue, melaleuca essential oil, areca candy, …

Notes and experiences in Lang Co Hue tourism

  • The beach here is very beautiful, suitable for swimming, but this beach is not yet equipped with a lifeguard and safety area signs, so you must be very careful and should choose shallow places to bathe. , should not go too far.
  • If you go to the beach, you should prepare bathing suits, jackets, hats and sunscreen.
  • Service prices here are not strictly managed like in Da Nang, so before choosing any service you need to consult the price first, to avoid expensive price cuts.
  • If going from Da Nang, you should choose to take the pass by motorbike, which will be more suitable for sightseeing instead of going through the tunnel, but you need to be very careful when going through dangerous winding sections.
  • In the evening in Lang Co, there are not too many fun activities because it is far from the center, so I still recommend going back during the day.


However, the disadvantage of the tour is that you don’t stay in Lang Co for a long time, you can’t visit Hai Van Pass (passing the tunnel). If you are interested, you can book a tour to Lang Co without worrying about how to move and where to eat, there will be a car to pick you up at the hotel and take care of your meal at the restaurant.