Lap An Lagoon – A pristine beauty hard to find

Lap An Lagoon - Danang Private Car

Being likened to the “Enchanting Hue Bay,” Lap An Lagoon in Hue possesses a poetic and romantic beauty. The perfect combination of land, sky, and clear blue water attracts many young people who come to explore. Currently, it is one of the hottest tourist spots in Hue. Surely, you must be curious about this place, right? Let’s guide you to locate the fastest and most convenient way to get to Lap An Lagoon. Numerous exciting activities are awaiting you there. What are you waiting for?

Where is Lap An Lagoon?

  • Address: Lang Co, Chan May, Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue.

Lap An Lagoon, also known as An Cu Lagoon, is located at the foot of Phu Gia Pass, near National Highway 1A, in the section that passes through Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District. Due to its remote location between Hue and Da Nang, the place retains a wild, mysterious, and alluring charm.

In front of the lagoon is Lang Co Bay, surrounded by the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, making Lap An Lagoon even more graceful and dreamlike. The ethereal scenery amidst morning fog or the tranquil and vibrant view during sunset captivates the hearts of visitors.

Guide to Traveling to Lap An Lagoon

How to get to Lap An Lagoon in Phu Loc?

Lap An Lagoon is located about 60km away from Hue city, not too far, so tourists have various transportation options depending on their preferences:

  • Motorbike: Riding a motorbike takes around 2 hours for a one-way trip, making it a suitable option for adventurous young travelers.
  • Other transportation options for diverse choices: Self-driving cars, sleeper buses, taxis, private tour cars, etc.
Private cars and motorbikes are popular means of transportation to get to Lap An Lagoon

If you are in Da Nang and want to visit Lap An Lagoon or Hai Van Pass, as well as other places, you can book a private car service from Da Nang to Hue with’s professional team of drivers with years of experience. They will ensure you have a comfortable trip to fully enjoy the beauty of Lap An Lagoon.

How many routes are there to get to Lap An Lagoon?

If you decide to use self-driving transportation, you should carefully consider the following 3 routes to get to Lap An Lagoon in Hue:

  • Route 1: Take the route via Doi Cung – Ben Nghe – Hung Vuong – An Duong Vuong – Nguyen Tat Thanh – National Highway 1A.
  • Route 2: Travel along National Highway 1A on Ly Than Tong Street, and when you see the sign indicating Phuoc Tuong Tunnel, continue in that direction.
  • Route 3: Go to Lang Co Town, turn onto Vi Thu An Street, and head straight to Lap An Lagoon.

When is the best time to visit Lap An Lagoon?

Lap An Lagoon is beautiful throughout the year. However, based on the experience of visiting Lap An Lagoon, if you want to witness mesmerizing scenes, it is best to come here from April to July. During this period, there is plenty of sunshine and less rain. The sunlight reflecting on the water during the evening sunset creates an incredibly romantic landscape.

Lap An Lagoon in Hue welcomes tourists to explore at any time of the year.

Exciting Experiences Unique to Lap An Lagoon in Hue

A Pristine and Romantic Landscape

When visiting Lap An Lagoon, tourists are captivated by its gentle and majestic charm. The scenery of mountains, waters, and harmony evokes emotions in the hearts of onlookers. The azure sky with drifting clouds above, and the crystal-clear blue sea surrounded by the majestic Bach Ma mountains shrouded in mist, form a grand watercolor painting.

The majestic beauty, wilderness, and serene tranquility of Lap An Lagoon in Hue provide tourists with moments of complete relaxation as they immerse themselves in the vast and captivating landscapes

If you are feeling stressed or tired after a period of work or study, this is the ideal destination. Lose yourself in the tranquil space, experience a sense of relaxation, and feel like you’ve wandered into a celestial paradise. Moreover, this place serves as a dreamlike backdrop for photography enthusiasts. The mesmerizing and flawless shots taken here leave everyone in awe and admiration.

The Enigmatic Path through the Lagoon

The most unique feature of Lap An Lagoon is only revealed during low tide. At this time, a pristine white pathway emerges in the middle of the lagoon. The smooth white sand with tiny beautiful seashells creates an incredibly romantic passage. On either side are the sea, with distant glimpses of boats or mountain ranges, forming a poetic and magnificent scene. The already picturesque landscape of Lap An Lagoon becomes even more alluring thanks to this “strange” pathway.

The smooth white sand creates a unique and distinctive pathway at Lap An Lagoon

Sunrise and Sunset at Lap An Lagoon

When visiting Lap An Lagoon, no one can resist the call of the enchanting moments of sunrise and sunset. These unparalleled scenes leave travelers’ hearts spellbound.

In the early morning, the first rays of sunlight gently illuminate the water’s surface. The entire space glimmers and radiates a charming and captivating allure. The surrounding mist seems to embrace the lagoon, creating a poetic and stirring atmosphere.

Lap An Lagoon - Danang Private Car
All of these elements create a mesmerizing “light performance” intertwining between the sky and the water, making Lap An Lagoon in Hue incredibly beautiful and captivating.

As the sun sets, the water surface becomes mystic and captivating. The twilight glow, along with hues of purple and pink reflecting on the calm water, leaves visitors entranced and enthralled.

In the magical fusion of land and sky, Lap An Lagoon leaves tourists amazed. Witnessing nature changing colors amid the blend of ethereal light and shadows is both surreal and real. This magnificent and romantic scene at Lap An Lagoon truly deserves to be called a heavenly paradise on Earth.

Instagrammable Moments at Lap An Lagoon, Hue

It’s no coincidence that this place is dubbed the “Enchanting Hue Bay” for its exceptional uniqueness. The backdrop consists of charming narrow paths, a serene blue water surface, majestic Bach Ma mountains, and drifting clouds, creating a perfect setting for camping at Lap An Lagoon. The picturesque scenes provide ample opportunities to capture mesmerizing and awe-inspiring photos, making your social media feed come alive with creativity.

Just stand still and raise your camera, and you will instantly capture a stunningly beautiful picture at Lap An Lagoon in Hue
Just stand still and raise your camera, and you will instantly capture a stunningly beautiful picture at Lap An Lagoon in Hue

After an enticing exploration of Lap An Lagoon, choosing the right place to stay is crucial to help you and your companions have moments of rest and relaxation, regaining energy for the next adventurous journey.

>>>You can book a motorbike tour from Hue to Da Nang to visit Lap An Lagoon. This is one of the motorbike tours that many international tourists choose.

Culinary Experience at Lap An Lagoon.

When you visit Lap An Lagoon, not only can you check in and admire the beautiful scenery, but also try some fresh local specialties. The main livelihood of the local people here is fishing, particularly oyster farming. The oysters are cultivated using a special method on old tires tied to bamboo poles.

The seafood at Lap An Lagoon is very fresh and delicious

Furthermore, if you want to sample other local specialties in Hue, you should visit the famous tourist destinations. Lap An Lagoon is not yet widely known and hasn’t been heavily developed for tourism, so the place still retains its natural and untouched charm, with limited special eateries available.

Fun Places to Visit Near Lap An Lagoon.

Exploring and checking in at Lap An Lagoon usually takes only half a day or a full day. If you want to fully discover Hue with your friends and family, don’t miss these incredibly hot check-in spots below!

Bach Ma National Park.

Tourists will immerse themselves in the stunning natural beauty when choosing this ecotourism area, harmoniously combining rivers, mountains, and forests of Hue. Many adventurous souls who love exploration and trekking come here to liberate themselves from the pressures of life.


Imperial City of Hue

This is a fascinating and attractive destination that attracts millions of domestic and international tourists. Here, you will find numerous beautiful photo spots with intricately decorated walls and exquisite designs, creating vivid and enchanting pictures. You will be amazed by iconic locations within the Imperial City like Ngọ Môn Gate, Khâm Văn Palace, and the Forbidden Purple City.

Trang Tien Bridge.

This famous bridge boasts unique architecture, located in the heart of the ancient capital, and has been built for a long time. It is one of the well-known tourist destinations in Hue, with vibrant red flamboyant flowers blooming against the backdrop of the sky.

Hai Duong Beach:

The next place’s wants to show you is Hai Duong Beach. It tops the list of popular Instagram-worthy spots in Hue. Here, you will encounter algae-covered rocks and white sandy shores. If you enjoy immersing yourself in a Western-like setting, Hai Duong Beach is the perfect stop for you.

Moreover, the journey to Hai Duong Beach is equally beautiful. On both sides of the road, vast green rice fields stretch endlessly. During this small adventure to the beach, you can also take some pictures amidst the cool green fields.

  • Address: Hai Duong, Huong Tra, Thua Thien Hue (about 15km from Hue city center).

Hai Van Pass:

This mountain pass is not only famous for its beautiful Instagram spots but is also well-known in the Vietnamese backpacking community. Hai Van Pass is often referred to as the “Pass of Clouds” because its peak is often covered with clouds, cutting across the Bach Ma mountain range.

For a long time, this place has become one of the familiar photo spots for backpackers due to the majestic beauty of the mountains and the enchanting Hai Van Gate. If you’re into backpacking and photo ops, don’t miss this spot!

  • Address: Lang Co, Phu Loc, Thua Thien Hue.

Above are some travel experiences at Lap An Lagoon that wants to share with you. If you’re still wondering about the hot destinations in Hue, don’t miss this romantic spot. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and family and explore Lap An Lagoon!


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