Setting foot in new lands, seeing the beauty, enjoying the joy and accumulating more living capital and rich knowledge is an experience that Son Tra Travel believes anyone should be eager for. In addition to the modern, bustling and famous amusement parks, Da Nang tourism also has Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang . This is a long-standing traditional craft village that promises to bring you many new experiences!

General introduction about Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang

Where is Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang located?

Cam Ne mat village is a long-standing traditional craft village, preserving many cultural and spiritual values ​​in Da Nang. Mat village is located about 15km from the city center, in the territory of Hoa Tien commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city.

Cam Ne mat village is located about 15km from Da Nang
Cam Ne mat village is located about 15km from Da Nang

Origin of Cam Ne mat village

Cam Ne mat craft was formed during the Nguyen Dynasty, originating from Hoang Hoa, Thanh Hoa. Legend has it that sophisticated and quality Cam Ne mat products were used in the inner court of the Nguyen kings and mandarins. Many artisans of the mat village were ordained by the kings to reward and recognize their talents.

Around the 15th century, mat weaving began to be introduced to the South, at the time when King Le Thanh Ton defeated Champa, merging Do Ban citadel into Quang Nam – Da Nang.

Only a few households in the mat village remain, however, the beauty of the loom and the quality of the mats are still preserved.
Only a few households in the mat village remain, however, the beauty of the loom and the quality of the mats are still preserved.

Experiencing many ups and downs, changes of the times, Cam Ne mat craft is still handed down and developed to the present. Today, the craft village is not only a place to produce mats, but also become a tourist and cultural destination that attracts tourists. Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang is not only famous in the inner city but also known by people in neighboring areas such as Hue, Quang Tri, and Quang Nam.

Up to now, the mat village has only a few households following the profession, however, the beauty of the loom and the quality of the mat are still preserved, containing many meaningful cultural values.

Directions to Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang

Cam Ne mat village is about 15km southwest of Da Nang city center. The distance is relatively close and easy to go, so you can choose many different means of transport depending on the conditions to visit the mat village.

You can choose many different means of traveling to the mat village
  • Motorbike: It will take about 30 minutes if you choose motorbike as a means of transport to the projection village from the city center. The vehicle is very suitable if you are traveling with friends, want to stop here and there on the journey to check-in or enjoy some street food.
  • By car: If you go by self-driving car, it will only take you more than 15 minutes to reach Cam Ne Da Nang mat village from the city center. This is the preferred means of transport, so you go with your family or a large group of people. Self-driving cars also help you take the initiative in time, schedule, freedom to move and admire the scenery along the way.
  • Grab, Taxi: Public transport and transportation services in Da Nang are extremely diverse and easy to find. If you want convenience, without having to find the way, you can “book” yourself a grab or taxi ride to get on the way to the mat village.

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The ideal time to visit Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang

Da Nang weather is divided into 2 distinct seasons in a year. Son Tra Travel advises you, the most ideal time to travel to a livable city is the dry season.

  • Dry season:

The dry season in Da Nang lasts from April to September every year. At this time, the weather is sunny, the sky is clear, not a cloud in the sky. You will easily move to places of entertainment, entertainment and tourism. Da Nang is an ideal destination when it has the sea, river, and mountains, and is extremely close to the old town for tourists to combine to plan a trip to Hoi An.

Visiting Cam Ne mat village in the dry season is also the most appropriate, because you will be comfortable walking in the space of the craft village, sightseeing, participating in interesting experiences.

The dry season is the ideal time to visit the tatami village
The dry season is the ideal time to visit the tatami village

  • Rainy season:

Usually starts from October every year, lasts until about January next year. The weather at this time often rains in the evening, sometimes there may be storms. This is the season when tourists to Da Nang are least crowded of the year.

Find out the unique features of Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang

Surely many visitors will be curious about the experiences they are directly involved in, if they choose Cam Ne mat village as a destination in their journey to visit Da Thanh. Son Tra Travel will reveal to you right here!

The place where the mats are both beautiful and quality 

A special thing is that usually craft villages will be formed right in the area where raw materials are available. Particularly , Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang does not have a local area for growing jute and sedge (sedge) trees.

However, this also cannot cause the mat weaving profession to be lost, but still be handed down and preserved through many generations. Cam Ne villagers often buy jute and sedge materials from other regions to weave Cam Ne mats.

A feat of weaving mats can be mentioned is choosing trees to make gauges and weaving looms. Choose a tree that is straight, light and durable. Usually, people will use the old areca tree to make fabric and weave. Two people, one holding the size, the other holding the shuttle, weaving continuously for more than 10 hours will get 1 and a half pairs or 2 pairs of mats, depending on the size of the mat.

Cam Ne mat village weaves 2 types of mats, smooth mats and flower mats
Cam Ne mat village weaves 2 types of mats, smooth mats and flower mats

In the village, there are many types of mats with different sizes, wide and narrow, patterned mats or plain mats. Plain mat is a type of mat that leaves white sedge fibers intact, not dyed. The sedge before weaving is dried, so that it is no longer green. Plain mats include two types: woven from small, long sedge fibers, without patching, the cost will be higher. The second type is woven from short sedge fibers connected together.

Finished weaving mats are dried in the sun, both to make the mats white and shiny, and dry and brittle, without any excess ends on the mat. The final stage is to pin the ends of the jute ropes so that the two ends of the sedge fibers do not come apart.

In addition to smooth mats, Cam Ne village also produces colorful flower mats. The workers here will choose dyed sedge yarn, the color depends on the intention. An encrusted sedge can be dyed once or twice or three times depending on the color and intensity of the blend. The green, red, purple, and yellow sedge fibers … after drying, will be woven into flower mats.

The beautiful, quality warships, after completing the stages, will be transported to all regions, consumed in the area and surrounding areas. The price depends on the size and quality of the projector, but it is always extremely affordable and affordable.

Explore the peaceful village space

Coming to Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang, visitors will be able to roam freely in the peaceful and fresh space of a traditional craft village.

Just walking around, watching the fragrant mats with the scent of sedge, showing off their brilliant colors in the morning sun, and listening to many interesting stories associated with the traditional mat weaving in Da Nang is an interesting experience waiting for you. friend.

Cam Ne land does not grow jute and sedge plants, so to produce mats, people have to buy materials from other regions. From there, they weave products of many colors and sizes.

The woven mats are dried throughout the village, so don’t forget to check-in in this space with this special background. Surely, visitors will have the opportunity to “live virtual” to bring back 7749 genuine photos to show off friends and relatives.

With rows of green trees, a clear green space filled with brilliant colors of sedges are dried along the path, in the yard, Cam Ne mat village exudes a special, poetic, charming beauty of its own. .

Experience hand-woven mats at Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang

An interesting activity for visitors when coming to the mat village is that you will be directly involved in the stages of weaving a complete mat. Skilled, enthusiastic artisans will guide meticulously, so don’t worry if you feel you are not yet skilled or unfamiliar with weaving a papyrus mat!

Visitors, especially international visitors, are always very eager to participate in practical experiences in traditional craft villages.

Immerse yourself in the daily life of the people of the Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang

Despite the development of tourism, the pace of life of the people in Cam Ne mat village remains unchanged, slowly flowing peacefully.

Therefore, when you come here, you feel comfortable, comfortable, all fatigue and worries seem to be “healed”, soothed when you let your soul drift to the gentle rhythm of Cam Ne village.

Amazingly delicious specialties must try in the journey to visit Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang

Having fun, visiting the Da Nang mat village, it is definitely indispensable to recharge your hungry stomach with famous local specialties. What to eat in Da Nang? will share with you the following list of must-try dishes!

Quang Noodles Da Nang

Quang noodle is a popular dish that is extremely popular with Da Nang – Quang Nam people. They can enjoy Quang noodles for breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner… any time of the day.

You can eat Quang noodles “full topping” of shrimp, meat and eggs, or Quang chicken noodles, frog noodles or Quang snakehead noodles… extremely diverse for you to choose from. Quang noodles when eaten will be served with broth, add some raw vegetables, chili sauce …

Rice paper rolls with pork

Da Nang pork rice paper roll is a typical dish for Da Nang cuisine, with a combination of many ingredients and flavors, though rustic but extremely attractive to tourists.

With easy-to-find and popular ingredients such as wet cake, rice paper, pork, raw vegetables, spicy seasoning sauce… but still enough to make this dish delicious and attractive.

Banh xeo – Nem lui

In the travel journey to Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang, there is a delicious dish that “attracts” diners, which is banh xeo. This cake is poured from rice flour, the filling includes pork, shrimp, beef, a little bean sprouts and green onions. When the cake comes out of the oven, the crust is golden yellow, crispy, blended with the sweet and fragrant filling.

Diners will eat cakes with raw vegetables, cucumber rolls and sweet and sour sauce to stimulate the taste. Banh xeo – Nem lui are two delicious dishes that are often “doubled” together, on the list of specialties that you must try when you come to Da Nang, otherwise you will be extremely regretful!

Da Nang seasoned fish sauce vermicelli

The central coastal plain is favored by nature with many rich and diverse products, fish, shrimp, and seafood. Thanks to that, many delicious and attractive specialties were born, including vermicelli with a special kind of soft sauce as the main ingredient.

Seasoning sauce is a popular fish sauce in the Central region. Fish sauce is used as a condiment, dipping sauce or to accompany many dishes, especially vermicelli and creates a unique and delicious culinary flavor that cannot be confused with any other dishes.

Bun mam Da Nang will be served with boiled pork belly, roasted pork, sour spring rolls, spring rolls, pork ears… In addition, it is indispensable for raw vegetables, roasted peanuts, and a little fresh chili to create a spicy taste.

Bun Cha fish Da Nang

Da Nang fish cake is a specialty that tourists find and buy as gifts a lot when traveling to the city worth living. It is thanks to the special delicious ingredients that have contributed to the famous fish noodle soup, which is always in the top of the must-try dishes for visitors when coming here.

The fish noodle dish of course has the main ingredients are mackerel rolls, sliced ​​fish cakes, and tuna rolls. If you want a full bowl of noodles, you can order fresh mackerel, tuna…

The fish cake filling is made according to a special recipe, bringing a delicious, rich flavor that is hard to resist. In addition to broth, fish cakes, this noodle dish also stimulates the taste thanks to the addition of tomatoes, pumpkin, herbs.

Experience of discovering the latest Cam Ne Da Nang projection village

  • You should choose to explore the craft village before 10 am and after 3 pm in the day to avoid the harsh summer sun. This is also the time when sunlight is the best for “virtual life” photos.
  • Travel to outdoor locations, equip an extra sunscreen, apply sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Son Tra Travel advises you to choose for yourself comfortable, not too restrictive and good sweat-absorbent clothes for easy movement. Sports shoes, comfortable flat shoes are also the optimal choice for those who want to move in many places.
  • The stages of weaving a sedge mat are not simple, especially when most of us have never done it before. But rest assured, the craftsmen in the craft village will enthusiastically guide you
  • Play must be accompanied by consciousness. Therefore, please preserve the common landscape, avoid littering or causing disorder in Cam Ne craft village.

We often hear that life is not just a passing day. Happiness is not only delicious rice and beautiful clothes, but also poetry and distant lands. Take advantage when we are young, gas is still cheap, eyes are still sharp and legs are not tired to “take each other to hide” to “distant regions”, relieve stress after a series of days of burying your head in work and lessons. book! Cam Ne mat village in Da Nang and many other attractive and poetic destinations in the livable city are waiting for you to come and discover.