Beer Plaza Ba Na Hills Restaurant Beautiful, Newly Built

Beer Plaza Restaurant is a stopover exclusively for visitors who like the vibrant atmosphere and gathering with friends to relieve stress on the weekend. Beer Plaza not only offers a feast that stimulates all the senses.

Danang Private Car takes visitors here and experiences a lot of new and interesting things at this restaurant.

Introducing Beer Plaza Ba Na hills restaurant

Ba Na hills has a system of countless restaurants serving local cuisine and cuisines of many countries around the world. There is a newly built restaurant completed with a scale of up to 4,000m2 , which is Beer Plaza .

Where is Beer Plaza restaurant?

  • Address: Du Dome square, French village

Visiting the French village , visitors see a small road leading to Beer Plaza Ba Na restaurant . Beer Plaza is a unique and magnificent architecture.

Beer Plaza is located in a prime location. Therefore, the restaurant is chosen by many tourists to enjoy the food and refuel for the next journey to discover Ba Na.

Beer Plaza Ba Na restaurant opening hours

  • Service time: 11am – 3pm and 5pm – 9pm

Beer Plaza is the only Ba Na hills restaurant with 2 opening hours to serve diners. Therefore, visitors to Ba Na 1 day tour and Ba Na overnight tour have the opportunity to participate in a food party, music and light festival at Beer Plaza .

The unique architecture of Beer Plaza restaurant

Beer Plaza Restaurant has an architectural design that cannot be confused with any restaurant in Ba Na hills . It was a massive restaurant and was overwhelmed by its huge scale as well as the materials used and the layout.

Seen from above, Beer Plaza is like a giant golden beer barrel made of glass. The mirrors are arranged together to reflect the golden sun and the beauty of nature on the top of Chua mountain.

What about the architecture inside Beer Plaza? The architecture inside the restaurant is extremely impressive . There are 3 floors and a large stage 2 floors located in the central area of ​​the building where the hot dance takes place.

In contrast to the small and quiet Brasserie restaurant , Beer Plaza is large and vibrant. The restaurant is capable of serving up to 3,000 diners at the same time. Beer Plaza is also the venue for the Beer Festival from July to September every year.

How much does Beer Plaza Restaurant cost?

Beer Plaza is in the top of the list of buffet restaurants with delicious food, good service and many virtual living corners. In particular, the buffet fare at Beer Plaza is also quite reasonable.

  • Lunch buffet ticket price: 255,000 VND/adult
  • Dinner buffet ticket price: 280,000 VND/adult
  • Ticket price for children’s buffet over 1m: 128,000 VND/ pax
  • Children’s buffet ticket price <1m: Free

Guests can book a cheaper Beer Plaza buffet fare of promotions from the restaurant.

Delicious food at Beer Plaza restaurant

Beer Plaza Ba Na Restaurant is a miniature world culinary paradise. They are delicious dishes from Asia to Europe . The menu is diverse, the number of dishes is up to 70 dishes . The dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and according to authentic recipes.

Each dish of each country has its own flavor. Diners have many options for their meals.

  • Special Western dishes: smoked veal, grilled American beef, pizza, fried chicken, German sausage,…
  • Delicious Asian dishes: Hanoi fried spring rolls, Quang noodles, Cao Lau, chicken rice,…

How to book Beer Plaza restaurant buffet ticket

How to book buffet tickets at Beer Plaza restaurant ? There are 2 simple ways to book Beer Plaza buffet tickets.

Buy single buffet tickets

Buy a separate Beer Plaza buffet ticket, excluding entrance tickets to Ba Na hills and accompanying guides. Where to book retail buffet tickets?

  • Book tickets directly on the website of Sunword Ba Na hills
  • Book buffet tickets through travel agencies

Fares are publicly listed and there are usually no promotions.


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