When is the best season to travel to Da Nang Golden Sand Beach?

If you are trying to find a new place, converging both mountains and rivers with a captivating beauty, then come to the Golden Sands of Da Nang . Coming here, you can immerse yourself in the taste of the sea, have fun and relax with cool water. This article will reveal tips for visiting Golden Sands for the best experience, please refer.

Introducing Da Nang Golden Sand Beach

First, let’s learn more about this Danang beach ! About the location as well as the reason why you should come here, you must not know, right? So what a quick reference!

Where is Golden Sand Beach?

Golden Sand Beach is mentioned in the list of famous tourist attractions in Da Nang . However, in fact, there are still quite a few people who do not know where it is located in Da Nang . In fact, this is a beach located in Son Tra peninsula, with a large area of ​​up to 10,000 m2. Golden Sand Beach stretches with a wide coastline, fine golden sand and surrounded by flora.

It is worth mentioning that nature has given a great favor to this beach. It is a fine sandy beach, cool, clear sea water and far away there are majestic mountains. The combination of these factors has made the sand beach its very own beauty.

Why travel to Da Nang Golden Sand beach at the weekend?

There are 3 reasons to answer the question of why you should come to Da Nang Golden Sands at the weekend:

  • This place converges full beauty: True to its name, this place has a golden sandy beach, pleasant weather. The beach is located in Son Tra peninsula, surrounded by mountains and forests. In the distance, there are small streams flowing from the deep forest into the sea. The flora system here is also extremely rich, you will have a panoramic view of the unique forest. Sunrise and sunset are the two times when the sand beach exudes the most magical beauty. Believe that, just looking at them once, their images will be imprinted in your mind forever.
  • Help dispel fatigue: After a tiring working week, you must want to find somewhere to remove all the burdens in the city, right? Coming to Golden Sand beach, your wish will come true. Here, there is only the sound of the waves crashing, the gentle wind on the leaves. You can relax, walk barefoot on the beach or immerse yourself in the cool water. No one bothers you, just thinking about it feels great, right?
  • There are many fun activities: Coming to this beach, you can participate in swimming, catching fish or watching corals. Besides, you can also go kayaking, chill camping with friends. It can be said that you will make the weekend more meaningful.

When is the best season to travel to Da Nang Golden Sand Beach?

Based on the Da Nang travel experience of many players, it is not always appropriate for you to set foot in Golden Sands Beach. The best season to visit here is summer. Because at this time, in the sunny sea, the light wind is extremely good for fun activities.

In the fall, this place is suitable for introverts. Because there are quite a few visitors at this time, you can schedule to explore with your group. Or simply camping alone, chilling everyday moments by the sea.

Means of travel to Golden Sand beach resort in Da Nang

To move to Da Nang Golden Sand beach, you can rent a cheap Da Nang tour , ride a motorbike, take a taxi… There are many types of vehicles for you to choose from. Each type will bring distinct advantages, specifically:


If you want to travel by this means, you need to do procedures to rent a motorbike in Da Nang . Car rental price will range from 100 to 150,000 VND. This price will change when the car you choose to rent is more advanced. The advantage of this vehicle is that you can freely return to the stop. If you want to check in, you just need to stop the car as you like.

The way to go is also quite simple, you just need to run from the city center to Le Duc Tho street. From here, turn onto Yet Kieu Street, go straight for 3km to reach Golden Sand Beach.

Private Car

This form of transportation is somewhat more expensive than going by motorbike. However, in return, your safety is guaranteed to be higher. Car rental With Driver is not too expensive. Normally, it will fluctuate in the range of 200 – 300,000 VND.

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If you go in a group, this is the most ideal form of transportation. Because passenger cars often accommodate a larger number of people. In addition, the seat price per capita is also affordable. The only minus point is that if you are car sick, you will be a bit tired when traveling by bus.

Have fun at the attractive Son Tra Golden Sand beach

If you are wondering what to experience when coming to Golden Sands beach, the answer is right here:

Zipline aerial swing

This is a game that is tested by many young people today. They think that the feeling is very different and want to enjoy it many times. When swinging in the air, you will be comfortable looking at Golden Sand Beach from a completely different angle. The area is larger, beautiful and allows you to see a beautiful view from above.

Snorkeling to see corals

This coral diving activity is also available in Ngu Hanh Son and My Khe tours. However, coming to this beach, you should not subjectively assume that the feeling will be the same. This place hides many secrets under the sea, the coral shape is also different. Therefore, believe that you must be amazed by what is in front of your eyes.

Enjoy Swimming

At the present time, Da Nang Golden Sand Beach is still wild and peaceful. Therefore, when immersed in the water you still clearly feel its freshness. A small tip for you is to take the initiative to prepare travel gear!  Some things you need to remember such as swimwear, glasses, floats… Also, if you’re traveling with a family with young children, you need to pay attention! Because there are quite a few lifeguards here.

Overnight camping

This is the best bonding activity if you go with family and friends. There will be nothing more wonderful than camping at this beach. Just sipping a drink, enjoying a barbecue, chatting, singing… Is this making you feel lightheaded? That is why this place is especially suitable for those who want to make the weekend meaningful.

Boating on the sea

Boating on the sea is a pastime of many tourists when visiting this beach. They want to row the boat by themselves, watching the beauty of the water and the clouds. Then, witness firsthand the coral reefs and fish swimming in the sea.

From this boating activity you will also see more clearly the image of Danang bridges . The interesting thing is that after this boating trip, you will feel extremely comfortable. This is the feeling of many tourists when they arrive at the beach! Come check it out now!

Ticket price for Da Nang Golden Sand Beach resort

To visit this Golden Sand beach in Da Nang, you need to buy an entrance ticket. Ticket price is currently being updated at 30,000 VND/time/person. The ticket price includes services such as fresh water bathing, zipline swing as well as equipped with coral viewing glasses.

In addition, some of the services offered here are also available for a fee. The price list for reference is as follows:

  • Rent a wooden hut: Price ranges from 500,000 VND/person
  • Filtered water: 10,000 VND
  • Campfire: 300,000 – 500,000 VND
  • Enjoy Danang specialties : From 150 – more than 500,000 VND, depending on your choice.

Golden Sand Beach is also located close to Man Thai Beach in Da Nang . Therefore, you can combine to visit this beautiful sea too!

If you need more information about Golden Sand beach, don’t forget to leave feedback. We will immediately help you get the most accurate and fastest answer. In case you need to rent a tour to explore Da Nang or rent a car here, let us help you!


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