Experience hunting clouds on Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass connects Hue and Da Nang, is one of the most beautiful passes on the S-shaped strip of land. Therefore, the experience of hunting clouds on Hai Van pass is loved and sought by many tourists!

Experience hunting clouds on Hai Van Pass

Located on the National Highway 1A route between Da Nang city and dreamy Hue, Hai Van pass has a length of about 23km and is located at an altitude of more than 500m above sea level. Hai Van Pass is often called by tourists as “the place where you can see the fairyland”.

When the road tunnel through the pass was not built, Hai Van used to be a dangerous pass. Today, the Hai Van tunnel has replaced the mission of the pass, so the pass is now only for the purpose of discovery and tourism. Hai Van Pass has a quiet and poetic beauty, always welcoming the discoveries of many tourists who love unique experiences.

The top of Hai Van pass often occurs when clouds fly in the middle of the mountain slope. Along with the four great peaks of the pass in the North, Da Lat in the Central Highlands, Hai Van Pass is also a favorite spot for tourists on the way to discover the romantic beauty of Vietnam.

On clear days, without rain, with favorable weather, visitors through Hai Van pass will enjoy the cloudy scenery, the steep slope covered with fog. It is interesting to drive while looking at the green forest along the road or to look towards the bay, all covered with white clouds.

When there are many cold air waves that make Hai Van peak covered with fog and clouds, this place is crowded with tourists to hunt clouds on Hai Van pass . Everyone is looking forward to the moment when giant white clouds slowly crawl over the top of the pass.

The top of Hai Van pass has long been an ideal stopover in the North-South journey of tourists. Hai Van Quan historical site is currently being invested, renovated and renewed to open up many facilities for tourists to stop by. After the renovation is complete, visitors will both be able to hunt clouds on Hai Van pass and visit the monument.

Visitors can choose to go cloud hunting and watch the sunrise at 5 am and watch the sunset at 5 pm to feel the poetic beauty of the breathtaking beauty from the top of the beautiful pass in Vietnam.

From the top of the pass, looking to the south, the modern city of Da Nang seems to be shrinking. The vast and picturesque seascape of Cu Lao Cham also shrinks into view, making everyone enamored as if they don’t want to step out of the illusory world.


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