Most accurate ticket prices for visiting Marble Mountains Da Nang in 2024

Many readers of Danang Private Car’s have had many questions about how much it costs to visit Marble Mountains Danang, where to buy tickets, or what is special about the Non Nuoc – Marble Mountains tourist destination. Marble Mountains, also known as the Non Nuoc tourist area, is a destination that is not too new but is still a “symbol” of tourism in Danang. Even international tourists are particularly impressed with this destination during their trip. This is not only a scenic spot but also a historical relic, helping tourists have a multi-dimensional view of tourism in Danang.

In today’s article, we would like to send readers the most detailed information about the ticket prices for visiting Marble Mountains Danang, and we hope that you will include Marble Mountains in the tourist destinations that you will pass through when visiting Danang.

Ticket prices for visiting Marble Mountains and an introduction to Non Nuoc tourist area.

For locals in Danang, the Marble Mountains tourist area is a well-known destination, a famous scenic spot not only in Danang but also in the central region.

Marble Mountains is a famous destination with 5 towering mountains located right by the seaside, on the main road from Danang to Hoi An, convenient for tourists to visit. From the center of Danang to Non Nuoc, it only takes about 8km, and you can easily book a Grab or a taxi at a reasonable price. What impressed me the most about Marble Mountains is the incredibly beautiful scenery, with green mountains and blue waters.

Along with that is the system of caves and temples, beautiful like paintings. With just the ticket price to enter Marble Mountains, tourists can admire a beautiful natural masterpiece. Each step through the mountain will lead tourists to a world full of mystery, dark caves, and the cool air in the depths of the caves will make tourists fall in love with it.

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Reasons why you should visit Non Nuoc Marble Mountains

It’s hard to deny the attraction of Non Nuoc Marble Mountains, a place that always has a certain number of visitors, whether in the summer or winter. Not only is it a historic site, but it also offers you the opportunity to explore the mysterious world inside caves and rock cliffs. If you climb up to the hill, you can admire the beautiful panoramic view of Da Nang city.

Marble Mountains – a destination located right on the romantic beach of Da Nang

Moreover, looking east from Marble Mountains, you will see a stunning view of the sea with its dark blue water and cool sea breezes. From here, you can see the Son Tra peninsula standing tall in a green color of trees, sky, and sea water. All of these create a magnificent Non Nuoc space, which is not easily found anywhere else.

Marble Mountains not only has mountains but also has two famous temples, Linh Ứng Temple and Tam Thai Temple. Both are ancient temples that tourists visit every day to pray for peace and admire the ancient beauty of this place. believes that with a ticket price of only 40,000 VND/adult and 10,000 VND/child, you will be “lost” in the beauty of this famous Non Nuoc tourist destination. We will suggest some of the most beautiful and impressive destinations at Non Nuoc Ngũ Hành Sơn for you.

Huyen Khong Cave:

This is the most magical destination in the Marble Mountains tourist area. It has a mysterious and enchanting beauty, but it is also a famous spiritual destination.

Huyen Khong Cave – the most mysterious and beautiful cave in Non Nuoc

Am Phu Cave:

With a curious and attractive name, any tourist visiting Ngu Hanh Son mountain cannot miss this cave. It has a complex structure among other caves, from the yin-yang staircase leading visitors to two options: one is to ascend to heaven, and the other is to descend to hell.

Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village:

Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village is known as the most famous craft village in Danang, located at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son mountain. That is why after buying tickets to visit Ngu Hanh Son, tourists often look for a souvenir to give to friends and family. Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village also produces many high-quality and valuable stone carving products, making it a famous masterpiece not only in Danang but also throughout the country.

Fine art stone village is located at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son mountain

Thuy Son Mountain:

Thuy Son is one of the five mountains in Marble Mountains, including Kim Son, Moc Soi, Hoa Son, Tho Son, and is also the largest and most beautiful mountain in Non Nuoc.

If you follow the paths opened right inside the caves, visitors can climb up to the hill to admire the scenery. It is a great spot to enjoy the beautiful and modern city of Danang. It is also a location where you can see all the natural wonders, such as the charming My Khe beach, the Son Tra Peninsula – the green lung of the city, and the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, which is located between Hue and Danang.

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Detailed ticket prices for visiting Marble Mountains.

In order for domestic and foreign tourists to admire and explore the wonders of nature in Marble Mountains, Non Nuoc tourist area has opened ticket sales with the following specific ticket prices for visiting Marble Mountains in Da Nang:

Ticket price for visiting Marble Mountains – to climb Thuy Son:

  • For adults: 40,000 VND/person.
  • For students: 10,000 VND/person.
  • For children under 1 year old: Free

Ticket price for visiting Marble Mountains – to visit Am Phu Cave:

  • For adults: 20,000 VND/person.
  • For students: 7,000 VND/person.
  • For children: Free

Ticket price for visiting Marble Mountains – for elevator: 30,000 VND/round-trip ticket.

Ticket price for visiting Marble Mountains – for tour guide: around 50,000 VND/person.

What is included in the Marble Mountains entrance fee?

The Marble Mountains entrance fee in Da Nang is not a comprehensive package. Visitors who purchase tickets at the gate (including gate 1 and gate 2) can also buy tickets to visit the Am Phu cave. In addition, services such as taking the elevator or hiring a tour guide can be purchased depending on the visitor’s needs.

Note: Regarding the cost of taking the elevator up, it may be necessary for large groups with young children or elderly people. Alternatively, walking up and purchasing a one-way ticket back down is also a good option.

The most valuable tips for buying tickets to visit Marble Mountains in Da Nang.

Based on travel experience in Da Nang to visit Marble Mountains, tourists should find a restaurant to have a meal before climbing the mountain. Usually, it takes at least 1.5-2 hours to explore all the nooks and crannies of Non Nước tourist area. Moreover, while visiting the caves and cliffs, good physical strength is required, otherwise, it will be easy to feel tired.

Visiting in the early morning: If you want to avoid crowds and enjoy the fresh air of Marble Mountains, you should visit in the early morning. This will allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and avoid the crowdedness of many tourists.

Prepare suitable clothing: You should prepare suitable clothing when visiting Marble Mountains. Clothing should be comfortable, easy to move in, and suitable for the hot and humid climate of Da Nang. Additionally, you should bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect your skin from the effects of sunlight.

Knowing the price of Marble Mountains admission tickets will help tourists consider whether to travel independently or join a group tour. Hopefully, with the specific information that Danang Private Car’s has shared, you will have a suitable choice based on your needs, preferences, and budget. Marble Mountains will surely be a “valuable” destination, not only a scenic and charming landscape but also containing spiritual and historical values.



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