If you’re unsure where to go for fun and adventure in Hoi An, don’t forget to check out the valuable suggestions in the following review.

When traveling to Hoi An, tourists cannot help but be impressed by the traditional and ancient charm of the attractions, the delicious and affordable local cuisine, and the unique experiences of this cultural heritage region. So, where to go in Hoi An and what’s happening today? Let’s find out.

Introduction to Hoi An

Hoi An is located in Quang Nam, Vietnam, and is a region steeped in the rich culture and long history of our country’s central region. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site since 1999.

With its distinctive beauty, vast intangible cultural heritage, and diverse ancient architecture, Hoi An is a highly favored tourist destination in the central region.

The beauty of Hoi An always leaves tourists enchanted and unforgettable.

When is the best time to visit Hoi An? How to get to Hoi An.

According to reviews from travelers, the best times to visit Hoi An are:

  • From February to April.
  • From May to July.

During these periods, Hoi An enjoys pleasant weather and picturesque scenes with countless red lanterns adorning the streets for the full moon festival.

At different times, Hoi An always captivates tourists with its unique beauty.

To get to Hoi An, depending on your conditions, distance, time, and personal preferences, you can choose between motorcycles, cars, airplanes, or trains for a suitable mode of transportation.

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What to eat in Hoi An?

To know what delicious dishes to try in Hoi An, tourists must remember the outstanding dishes of this land, including unforgettable names such as:

  • Hoi An chicken rice at eateries like Ba Nga, Ba Buoi, Ba Huong, Ba Minh…
  • Hoi An steamed rice cakes (Banh Beo) in Cam Nam, Cam Chau…
  • Vietnamese sizzling pancakes (Banh Xeo) at Quan Gieng Ba Le or Bale Well.
  • Quang-style noodle (Mi Quang) available at Hoi An Market, Cam Ha area…
  • White Rose dumplings at Bong Hong Trang restaurant or street vendors.
  • Phuong’s Banh Mi, often acclaimed by many foreign customers as the “best banh mi in Vietnam.”

Compilation of famous tourist destinations in Hoi An that tourists should visit.

Landmarks within the Old Town of Hoi An.

Tan Ky Ancient House.

As a National Historic and Cultural Monument since 1990, Tan Ky Ancient House has a history of nearly 200 years with distinctive Hoi An architecture. Its interior is divided into multiple rooms with various functions. This traditional and ancient place is often sought out by many tourists to answer the question of where to take “deep” virtual photos in Hoi An.

Tan Ky Ancient House
Tan Ky Ancient House

Quang Dong Assembly Hall.

  • Location: 176 Tran Phu Street.

This is a popular tourist destination in Hoi An where many festivals take place, especially during the Lantern Festival and Quan Cong’s anniversary each year. The assembly hall was constructed by the overseas Chinese from Guangdong in 1885, so it bears a distinct Chinese architectural style.

The Quang Dong Assembly Hall was built in 1885

Hoi An’s Japanese Covered Bridge.

The Japanese Covered Bridge features a unique architecture that combines Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Western styles. It is considered an iconic symbol of Hoi An and is often referred to as the Japanese Bridge.

Tran Family Chapel.

  • Location: 21 Le Loi Street.

Tran Family Chapel is an ancient church that has preserved architectural elements dating back to ancient Vietnamese times when it was built in 1802. With an area of about 1500m2 and incorporating many traditional feng shui principles, it is a popular tourist destination for visitors to explore.

Hoi An Market.

Voted as a “food paradise” by foreign magazines, Hoi An Market is located by the Hoai River and is always bustling and attractive with a wide variety of colorful dishes available everywhere, including the unique specialties of this region.

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Hoi An’s Attractions Outside the Old Town.

Cua Dai Beach.

  • Location: Approximately 5km to the East.

If you’re wondering what to do in Hoi An at night, Cua Dai Beach with its vast sandy shoreline, the sound of crashing waves, and the presence of delicious and affordable seafood restaurants is quite an interesting choice.

Cu Lao Cham Island.

Attracting visitors with its pristine beauty, Cu Lao Cham Island is located about 18km from Cua Dai Beach. It’s a place where tourists can explore nature freely, from lush green forests to diverse coral reefs.

Sa Huynh Culture Museum.

  • Location: 13 Nguyen Hue Street.

This is where hundreds of original artifacts and materials made of wood, paper, iron, ceramics, etc., are displayed, recreating the ancient Sa Huynh culture with its distinctive and very ancient characteristics.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village.

Located 3km from Hoi An, visitors can easily visit the Thanh Ha pottery village and admire a wide variety of exquisite products, with rich shapes and colors, from this famous craft village.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village has many unique products

My Son Sanctuary.

My Son Sanctuary is the architectural center of the Champa Kingdom, nestled in the mountains and forests, accentuating its unique mystical charm. Every brick and tower here has been meticulously and delicately carved by artisans, making it a highly favored destination among tourists.

The architectural marvel of My Son Sanctuary is mystical and unique.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest.

About 3km from the old town, visitors will be surprised to discover the unique Bay Mau Coconut Forest, reminiscent of the waterways of the Mekong Delta. Visitors can travel by rowboat, wooden boat, or canoe, weaving through closely spaced clusters of coconut trees. This will be a completely different experience after the ancient and tranquil atmosphere of Hoi An.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

What to do in Hoi An.

River Cruising on the Hoai River.

Departing from the boat dock on Bach Dang Street, tourists can cruise along the Hoai River to admire the Hoi An scenery from the waterway. This is an experience that is both serene and romantic, appealing to many couples.

Release Lanterns.

On the picturesque Hoai River, an icon of Hoi An’s Old Town, tourists can release lanterns and send their wishes floating downstream. Hundreds, even thousands of lanterns gently drifting away create a mesmerizing sight that no visitor should miss. It’s a unique experience that everyone wants to try at least once to convey their wishes.

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Some Tips to Remember When Visiting Hoi An.

Hoi An is an attractive destination with numerous sights for travelers to explore freely. To make your journey even more complete, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Hoi An is lively everywhere, even in the early morning. Consider waking up early at least once to enjoy the fresh air here.
  • Every evening along the Bach Dang riverside, there are boats ready to take visitors on a scenic cruise along the river while listening to live music. If you’re wondering what to do in Hoi An at night, this experience is worth a try.
  • The people of Hoi An are very friendly and approachable. You often don’t need to hire a guide or a local to explore the area comfortably.
  • This region offers its unique charm from early morning until late at night, so you don’t need to worry about running out of things to do in Hoi An throughout the day.

When you visit this beautiful city in Central Vietnam, you won’t have to wonder where to go for fun because as soon as you step out onto the streets, there are many interesting places to discover.