Sup boating in Da Nang is the most attractive water sport today. And you don’t have to go all the way to Hawaii to experience this extremely exciting activity. But right here in Da Nang, this is a very hot game for young people. Stand on the sup and enjoy the feeling of freedom, which is a feeling that is probably as “high” as a doping dose . Discover things you didn’t know about Sup sailing with . Or the notes when playing or the appropriate and safe place for this activity. 

What is Da Nang sup boating? Why has it become a hot trend today?

What is sup boating?

SUP is an acronym for the phrase “Stand-up Paddleboarding”, which roughly translates as “stand-up paddleboarding”. Many people call it paddleboard or simply sup paddle. Originated in Hawaii and quickly became popular around the world.

Sup is actually a small boat, with a length of 3 to 4m and weighs only about 7kg. Players stand, sit or lie on top, plus a few rowing techniques are able to move on the water.

Rowing sup is a hobby of young people, with standing or lying down, kneeling on a beautiful sup feeling liberal, free and cool right on the sea. A feeling of extreme “adventure” is established as soon as you can stand firmly on it. Not stopping there, this is also a healthy exercise for all ages. Especially those who are adventurous and love to explore.

Classification of rowing sup

  1. Surfing: This super boat is specially designed for surfing. With an extremely thin, light size, it can bring players to stand on the waves. Surfing is considered an activity that young people all over the world love, but it is quite risky and requires a lot of practice.
  2. Super racing: These are super designed to slide quickly on water
  3. Travel sup: With a wide and long sup face design to be able to balance in the best way on the water. Tourists who want to discover a new feeling can choose this type of soup.
  4. Fishing sup: Sitting on a sup is just enough for you to fish for entertainment but also really interesting and impressive.
  5. Yoga sup: Dedicated to those who want to practice yoga on the water. This sport brings refreshment, relaxation and novelty.

Why is sup rowing so popular?

Da Nang is known as a coastal city, where there are many beautiful beaches, calm waves and a climate worth living. And yet, this tourist center attracts many modern entertainment activities, following trends and hot trends.

It is easy to understand why Da Nang sup boating is a hobby of local youth. Tourists coming to Da Nang also come to try and experience this fascinating sport.

What is the most beautiful season of Da Nang sup boating?

It is a rather risky sport, so you should consider the right time. According to many articles about Da Nang travel experience , a few summers are the most suitable time to paddle sup. You can still go in seasons but check the weather carefully, avoid rough sea days.

From May to August is said to be the best time to experience this sport. Your Danang trip will become much more convenient and enjoyable when you plan it.

Learn thoroughly about rowing sup, how to row, notes when rowing or places to rent sup with the same price ….. This saves you the minimum cost for this personal hobby.

What do you need to prepare to experience sup boating in Da Nang?

What do you need to prepare to experience sup boating in Da Nang?
  • Life jacket: As a game, water sport is risky, so you need and must wear a quality life jacket before starting. Even if you already know how to swim, you should wear a life jacket for safety at all times and in all circumstances.
  • Diving goggles: Diving goggles will make it more convenient for you to flip out of the sup boat. Or maybe when surfing sup to the coral area, you can dive to see the art masterpiece of the sea.
  • Swimwear: For convenience in rowing and controlling the sup, you should choose swimwear such as shorts, blazers, bikinis, etc. The Ao Dai can make it difficult for you in some movements.
  • Some other items: Sunscreen, waterproof bag for the phone … so that whenever you can check in extremely trendy with your sup.

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Expert guide on how to safely row a sup boat in Da Nang 

It is a travel experience worth trying for everyone, but SUP Da Nang accidents can still happen. To ensure safety, you should be very attentive, seriously learn how to paddle safely.

Warm up thoroughly before rowing sup Da Nang

Exercise your body thoroughly to have enough energy and spirit before going to sea. Sup needs to be tested most thoroughly. It is best to take the sup boat to about 50 cm of water to check the quality of the sup.

Try sitting, or kneeling on sup to find balance. If kneeling doesn’t make you confident, you can lie down, as long as you feel confident to control the sup, that’s when you can go to deeper waters or surf with the sup in hand.

Keep your upper balance while rowing the sup boat in Da Nang

To help the sup move on the water at your disposal you need to use the paddle. You should use the paddle after about a moment when you have balanced on the sup. The blade part is placed under the chest, the shaft part is pointed upwards towards the bow of the boat.

You need to keep the roof blade touching the water to help the boat more balanced. Stay away from obstacles to avoid collisions that can puncture the boat and lose its balance.

How much does it cost to paddle sup in Da Nang? Where to buy cheap soup?

To enjoy the feeling of freedom at sea, you need to have sup and at least 1 sup cost from 6 to 10 million VND. If you are not a professional athlete, perhaps spending that money to experience this sport is not necessary.

That’s why you can rent a sup boat or choose cheap Da Nang sup boating tours. The tour company will be responsible for providing support, guidance and someone to ensure your safety during the trip.

How much does it cost to rent rowing soup? 

Currently, a lot of cheap and reputable Da Nang sup rental units are operating. With prices from 100,000 to 250,000 VND/day, you can own a sup game for the day and have a guide to help you control and move the sup. During the journey, the staff will assist you with all issues as well as ensure your safety.

Da Nang sup rowing services also provide, support photography services, drinks and snacks …. With many kinds of soup with all kinds of colors, you will surely have a memorable experience day.

What will the Da Nang sup boating tour with coral reef diving include?

  • Around 5 am, the group gathers at the beaches: Son Tra, Tho Quang, Man Thai.
  • 5:20 am is the time to warm up, guide, check the boat
  • 5:30pm start experience rowing sup to Hon Sup
  • At 7:00, the tour ends, go ashore to take pictures, take a fresh bath.

Note: This is only the estimated time for a sup rowing tour in Da Nang. Travel time can be arranged for your convenience.

+ The service of rowing soup in Da Nang is included

  • Paddle board, paddle sup
  • Waterproof bag for phone
  • Life jacket
  • Diving aids such as diving goggles
  • Instructors train rowing and diving techniques to see corals
  • Take a photo to check in
  • Soft drink
  • Snack
  • Travel insurance.

Revealing Top 5 professional and safe Da Nang sup boating services you should not miss

Da Nang sup tour – Cheap Da Nang SUP rental

Tour sup Da Nang  is a unit that provides a package tour including: Swim vest, steam sup, instruction on swimming skills and control sup, diving goggles, meals and instructions, ensuring safety during the journey.

At Da Nang sup tour, you are always assured of safety by quality sups, which are always rigorously tested for safety before reaching customers. Technicians are always on hand to ensure all safety.

  • Price per person: 100,000 VND/1 turn
  • Departure from: 05am at 180 Hoang Sa
  • Play time: Relax, when tired, go to…
  • Address: 180 Hoang Sa, Tho Quang Da Nang
  • Contact: Ms. Linh:  0975 39 30 38

Canoeing tour Da Nang – Hon Sup

This quality Da Nang sup rowing service is known to both domestic and international guests. Here you can experience attractive water sports. Diving to see the coral and provided with high quality sup boards. Always have a tour guide with you throughout the journey with the instructors and ensure safety when rowing sup.

  • Price per person: 100,000 VND/1 turn
  • Departure from: 05am at 189 Hoang Sa
  • Play time: Relax, when tired, go to…
  • Address:  Hoang Sa junction, Nguyen Phan Vinh, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Phone number:  0905 88 00 10

Sup Da Nang – Sup rental in Da Nang package

With a very reasonable price, including premium sup and a team of technicians. They are both responsible for guiding you to paddle sup while ensuring your safety during the journey.

Sup Da Nang is also a package rental unit for Da Nang sup rowing. While rowing sup and diving to see the coral, take pictures to check in to save hot trending photos.

  • Price per person: 100,000 VND/1 turn
  • Departure from : 05 am at 174 Nguyen Phan Vinh
  • Playtime: Relax, come in when you’re tired..
  • Address: 174 Nguyen Phan Vinh, Son Tra District, Da Nang City
  • Phone number: 0934 444 864

Da Nang sup rental – The sup boating service should not be missed

If sailing sup in Da Nang is an interesting experience, then renting sup in Da Nang is the place to help you realize this experience. With a package tour including sup, technical guide, snacks and photo support… You just need to sit on sup to enjoy the feeling of freedom on the sea, watching the coral reefs. The rest just let Da Nang sup rental take care.

  • Phone number: 0905 073 195

Da Nang soup rental service 

If you have never tried the sport of sup rowing, don’t worry because the sup rental service in Da Nang already has a team of professional guides. They are all excellent sup players so you can control the sup yourself as well as ensure safety in all circumstances.

  • Address:  K73/12 Khuong Dinh, Da Nang City

The ideal Da Nang sup boating places that you should try

Han River – The place to row SUP Da Nang

Renting soup in Da Nang and then going to the Han River to experience is the choice of many people. With clear blue water, no big waves, it is very convenient for you to see the whole city and have extremely high quality virtual live pictures. Early morning is the ideal time to paddle sup Da Nang on the Han River.

Van village 

If you are wondering how to choose a place to row sup in Da Nang, Lang Van is a good candidate. With less volatile water, clear blue and very clean air. From a distance you can see the beauty of Van village.

Dong Xanh – Dong Nghe

As a famous tourist destination in Da Nang, Dong Xanh Lake – Dong Nghe has wild beauty and is ideal for experiencing sup boats. This is also where there are many prestigious Da Nang sup rowing services for you to choose from.

Dong Xanh Lake – Dong Nghe is a hydroelectric lake, so the water level is shallow and quite safe for you to try this adventure sport.

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is the ideal place to rent a kayak in Da Nang. With a lot of package providers, reasonable prices for you to save your wallet. Son Tra Peninsula is also one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Da Nang, where sunrise and snorkeling are ideal.

Ho Hoa Trung

Hoa Trung Lake scores points thanks to its green nature, white waterfalls that make the scene incredibly attractive. Sup paddle activities here are also being expanded and are chosen by many young people.

Da Nang sup boating and the benefits you may not know

Sitting on a small, light and fashionable sup boat gives you an indescribable feeling. It is a feeling of freedom and freedom for you to get rid of all the worries and chaos of work. Moments of true relaxation are a tranquilizer for anyone to experience.

Not stopping there, rowing sup requires the movement of the whole body, it helps each person to exercise their own health, perseverance and focus. Even the waist and hips are fully exercised so that you can get a desired body.

Notes that should not be missed when sailing sup in Da Nang 

Don’t paddle the soup too far

For first-timers, flipping is very easy, even for experienced players, just 1 wave can make you somersault. To ensure safety when playing, choose shallow water to be safe when flipping sup. It is best to play sup in groups to always receive timely support.

Rowing the soup boat evenly

Regardless of whether it is a basket boat or any other type of boat, to be able to move and avoid capsizing you need to row evenly. If you have more companions, make sure the two of you have a smooth coordination in the journey.

Balance on sup

The sufficient and necessary condition for a super surf is balance. Whether it is an inflatable sup board or a hard sup board, you also need to balance on it. To keep balance, you need to find a suitable point for sitting and lying positions. In each pose there will be a focal point that you need to find before you start.

Thoroughly check the sup before renting

The sup rental units and services in Da Nang have sprung up a lot, besides the quality sups there are still a lot of torn and punctured ones. To ensure safety and avoid losing money unjustly, you need to check carefully before taking it out to paddle. Choose reputable Da Nang sup rental services for safety and travel insurance.

Youth is about discovering, experiencing new things and Da Nang sup boating is worthy for you to try. And if you want a healthy, mentally comfortable, this is the perfect choice. Go to Da Nang to explore the lands, visit Ba Na Hills, Love Bridge or Ngu Hanh mountain … also don’t miss this very interesting sup rowing activity. thank you for reading this article!