Da Nang Cathedral captivates visitors by its beauty that is both ancient and modern. This place has become a must-see check-in destination when coming to the coastal city. Let’s explore with danangprivatecar.com right away why this church is so attractive to tourists!

For those who are dreame, Da Nang is a perfect choice, because Da Nang not only has the dynamics of a young city, the city of event also captivated. Danang Cathedral, also known as the chicken church or pink church, is one of them.

It can be said that the chicken church is one of the few architectural works left over from the French colonial period, bringing with it the old ancient features imbued with the time and lines of French architecture in the heart of modern Danang.

A brief introduction about Da Nang Cathedral

First of all, let’s find out some interesting information about the unique church in the tourist city of Da Nang .

Where is the cathedral located?

Located at 156 Tran Phu – Hai Chau district – right in the busy center of traffic, this place is very convenient for all tourists to visit easily during their city tour.

The cathedral with impressive classical Gothic architecture with outstanding pastel pink colors attracts many eyes of domestic and foreign tourists. This is the place you should definitely stop by to explore and check-in in the heart of the beautiful city of Da Nang.

What’s so special about the name of the church?

You may not know, Da Nang Cathedral is also known as the Chicken Church. At the top of the church building, there is a gray chicken made of alloy covered with a layer of protection.

According to the story of the Taoists, chickens are like forecasting the weather for the people, in which direction the chickens, the weather will follow that direction. And here, chickens are made to follow the wind direction to avoid outside influences.

How to move to the cathedral in Da Nang

Many Danang tourists want to go to the church but wonder how to move. So dulichsontra.com will help you answer.

Which way to go to church?

Because the church is located on Tran Phu street, it is very convenient for tourists to move from Dragon Bridge or Han River turning bridge. From the Han River Quay Bridge, visitors turn left onto Yen Bai Street. Then walk about 1km to get there.

Or if you choose to go from Dragon Bridge, visitors will turn right onto Bach Dang street and then move about 700m more. Next, turn right onto Pham Phu Thu Street. Turn left onto Tran Phu. Go 75 meters. So go to church.

How to go to the church?

The route to the church is very convenient, so visitors can choose to travel by many means. You can choose to take the bus to save money, but this means takes a lot of time and it will be difficult for you to be proactive in commuting. In addition, you can also rent a car with a driver very quickly and conveniently.

If you are a backpacker, you can go to the church by motorbike to comfortably arrange time for your schedule to explore other places of the city. Note that please strictly follow the road traffic laws to stay safe.

A brief history of the formation of Da Nang Cathedral

This is the church in Da Nang with the shortest construction period under the French colonial period. Construction started in February 1923 on a vacant lot on Rue du Musée, now Tran Phu. In addition, priest Vallet designed and built the church. At this time the church was also known as Tourane church.

And on March 10, 1924, the dedication ceremony and the church was officially put into operation. The church’s title is Sacred Heart of Jesus. On September 14, 1924, the bishop of Quy Nhon was Bishop Grangeon and the bishop of Hue was and Bishop Allys blessed the church.

By 1963, the diocese of the church was established. And today, the church’s total parishioners number about 70,000.

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Discover the unique architectural beauty of Danang Cathedral

Da Nang Cathedral impresses visitors by its ancient Gothic architecture with the breath of French architecture. The soaring lines, the arched doors with glass frames and the cross-shaped church’s floor have exalted the majestic beauty of an architecture more than a hundred years old.

The highest place of the church is the main bell tower with a height of up to 70 meters, surrounded by 10 small towers carved with many delicate patterns. On the roof of the church, there is also a gray chicken icon made of alloy associated with the story of Saint Peter recorded in the book “The Gospel reminds people of awakening and repentance”.

Entering the church, you will see statues of God, illustrations of biblical events on display. The interior decoration is simple but still creates an ancient solemnity.

In particular, behind this pink church, there is also a cave of Our Lady built according to the model of the French Lourder cave, bringing a sacred and peaceful beauty to this place.

Because of possessing such a unique beauty, not only Christians but also tourists from all over the world as well as people here still come to visit and enjoy this unique architectural beauty. Moreover, this is also the center of community activities every Christmas, which is very busy and crowded.

What is so attractive about visiting Da Nang Cathedral?

This ancient architecture will definitely be an ideal destination for tourists when coming to the coastal city of Da Nang. Find out with danangprivatecar.com the attractions of this pink church.

Admire the beauty that goes with the years of Da Nang Church

This is truly a place worth visiting. In particular, for those who love churches with French architectural style, this place is even more attractive and charming than any other place.

Although it has undergone many changes of time, many historical ups and downs, witnessed many changes of the city. But the cathedral still stands as a historical witness. Today, it has become a new tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Your trip to the city will be more meaningful when you have the opportunity to come here to admire the ancient solemn beauty in the heart of the bustling city.

Check-in to live a beautiful virtual life at Da Nang Cathedral

If you go to church and you don’t take pictures of yourself, it’s a big mistake. With beautiful shimmering pastel pink and such radiant beautiful architecture, visitors are lost in a fairyland.

No matter at any angle, you will be able to choose very cool and beautiful backgrounds that you can pose freely. Please immediately invite your close friends or a caring photographer to the cathedral to capture beautiful pictures during this meaningful trip to Da Nang.

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Participate in solemn ritual activities organized by the church

On normal days of the week, visitors coming here will be able to visit and hear the bells ringing to help purify the soul. Or on weekends, you can also stop by the church to attend solemn services to learn more about Catholic rituals of Christians.

In particular, if you have the opportunity to visit the church at Christmas, you will experience many more interesting things. At that time, the church was decorated with extremely splendid beauty. You will be able to witness and participate in countless solemn ceremonial activities and spectacular art shows.

Mass at Danang Cathedral

If you want to participate in church services, you should consult before the ceremony to come here:

  • Weekdays: 7:00am – 7:00pm
  • Sunday Mass: 5:15, 7:30 (Children’s Day), 10:30 (English ceremony), 15:30, 17:00.
  • Church confession time: 14h30 – 15h30 every Thursday and Saturday.

What should you pay attention to when going to Da Nang Cathedral?

When going to a dignified and sacred place like a church, of course you will have to follow the rules and regulations there.

  • First of all, note about the costumes. You should dress modestly, such as wearing long pants or knee-length skirts, high-collared tops or shirts in minimal colors, and shoes or sandals with straps.
  • If you participate in the ceremony, please pay attention not to talk, not to make noise to avoid affecting people around.
  • Do not listen to music, watch movies, take pictures or record videos to avoid losing the solemn atmosphere of the ceremony.
  • Another thing that you need to know is that the church is open to visitors completely free of charge, no admission tickets are sold. So, if there are scammers selling tickets at the main gate and back gate of the church, you need to be careful.

Some attractive tourist sites near Da Nang Cathedral

Having come to the bustling tourist city of Da Nang , how can you resist the captivating beauty of attractive destinations? And once you arrive at the cathedral in Da Nang, you can completely visit the hot places nearby.

Museum of Champa Sculpture

Cham Sculpture Museum is located at the intersection between 2/9 Street and Trung Nu Vuong Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang.

This is a historic destination with high cultural and artistic value that many tourists love to visit. It displays more than 300 sculptures so you can learn about the golden culture of the time.

Dragon Bridge

Da Nang Dragon Bridge is a unique architectural work and a symbol of the city located quite close to Da Nang Cathedral . Coming here, visitors will admire the panoramic view of the romantic Han River and enjoy impressive fire and water spraying performances on weekends.

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Love bridge

Besides Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge is also a beautiful symbol of Da Nang. This is the place where couples often stop by and express their loyal and romantic love through locks engraved with each other’s names.

In addition, Love Bridge is also an ideal virtual check-in point for you to freely pose for those super beautiful photos.

Da Nang Con Market

If you come to Da Nang but don’t know what to eat, please visit Con market right away. This place is a paradise of delicious food. Especially attractive snacks with super cheap prices. You will certainly not be disappointed when you come to this famous old market!

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Da Nang Cathedral promises to be a very meaningful destination in the journey of traveling to the coastal city. Through the above article, Danang Private Car  hopes that you have learned more useful information about this place. Wish you have a happy trip with your loved ones to new lands.