Kayaking in Trang An is extremely suitable for the exciting exploration journey you are aiming for. Combining sightseeing and physical fitness training with Trang An Kayaking is truly fantastic. This article serves as a summary of what you need to know if you choose Kayaking in Trang An as the main form of adventure for your itinerary!

Why not choose Trang An Kayaking for your adventurous preferences?

Trang An Kayaking has been operated by the Trang An tourist area since August 17, 2020, and up to now, it continues to attract young visitors amidst other popular and unique forms of sightseeing in Ninh Binh, such as rowing boats in Tam Coc, or exploring Trang An by helicopter.

For those who are hearing about Trang An Kayaking for the first time: Kayaks are small and narrow boats, typically accommodating only 1 to 2 people at a time, made from wood covered with seal skin on the outside to enhance durability. To cater to the needs of tourism in Ninh Binh, the structure of the boat undergoes slight modifications to provide a comfortable and safe experience for tourists participating in this adventurous activity.

The current Trang An Kayaking journey offers two separate routes, both ensuring a complete exploration experience for you. Additionally, when choosing Trang An Kayaking, you will have a team of kayak technique guides, as well as the necessary protective gear provided to ensure safety throughout the 2-3 hour journey (equivalent to 5-8 km depending on the route).

Explore 2 routes of Trang An Kayaking

Trang An Kayaking Route 1: Central boat dock > Trinh Temple > Tam Quan Gate > Dark Cave > Quy Hau Cave > Ngoc Mountain

Trinh Temple

Presenting itself at Trinh Temple, the first destination of Trang An Kayaking Route 1, will provide a profound insight into the temple built in the shape of the letter “Dinh,” which has existed for over 1000 years, dedicated to the deities of the Dinh period. The temple, regularly renovated since 2003, possesses a splendid and much sturdier appearance.

Trinh Temple – The first prominent destination with a unique Dinh-style architecture

Trinh Temple is placed at the beginning of the list of attractions for Route 1, with the hope that travelers have a smooth journey and gather many interesting experiences before continuing their kayak journey in Trang An.

Tam Quan Gate

The Tam Quan Gate is the second stop when kayaking in Trang An on Route 1. You can sit on the boat for convenient check-ins or climb several dozen steps to the top of the Three-door Gate to capture the magnificent and breathtaking scenery of Ninh Binh’s nature.

The Tam Quan Gate is a sought-after check-in spot for travel enthusiasts

Dark Cave

To ensure safety, you can only kayak to the entrance of Dark Cave. The cave has a winding structure, preventing light from penetrating, so locals call it Dark Cave. The cave’s ceiling is relatively low, but the natural and beautiful stalactites inside compensate for it. From the cave entrance, you can already appreciate the overall allure of Dark Cave.

The entrance to Dark Cave stands out with its crystal-clear water and a system of natural stalactites, incredibly beautiful

Quy Hau Cave

Similar to Dark Cave, you can only stop at the entrance of Quy Hau Cave. “Quy Hau” translates to “Return.” This location marks the final exploration point before concluding the journey and returning to the central boat dock.

Ngoc Mountain

Ngoc Mountain is the habitat of three individuals of the “white-thighed langur” released into the wild since September 2020. If you’re lucky, you may have the opportunity to observe them running and jumping among the tall branches on Ngoc Mountain. Kayaking in Trang An becomes even more fascinating when you get to see a species listed in Vietnam’s Red Book, don’t you think?

Trang An Kayaking Route 2: Central boat dock > Old Kong Island dock > Thuy Dinh (Water Palace) > Vu Lam Palace

Old Kong Island Dock

Before being dismantled in 2019 after 2 years since the release of the movie “Skull Island” outside the theaters, this place was the famous “Kong Film Studio” that once attracted tourists due to being used as the setting for King Kong’s homeland.

“Throwback” to a once-iconic Kong film set

Trang An Kayaking Route 2 will take you to explore a significantly different Old Kong Island, transformed into a Vietnamese ancient village resembling an outdoor museum with unique prehistoric models. Coming here and discovering the process of human evolution and adaptation to life in Southeast Asia is a truly valuable experience.

Thuy Dinh(Water Palace)

In addition to the Three-door Gate, Water Palace is another equally “hot” check-in location. With a charming natural landscape, the pleasure of kayaking in Trang An along the water flow, Water Palace may captivate you to the point where you can’t look away. Especially on festive days, the large bell inside the Water Palace will resonate, creating a fascinating festive atmosphere.

The serene and delightful scenery surrounding the Thuy Dinh

Vu Lam Palace

Moving on to the next historically rich destination in the Trang An Kayaking Route 2 journey, you will reach Vu Lam Palace. As a cluster of relics located behind the Water Palace, it was a military base during the Tran dynasty and currently belongs to the core area of the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex. Witnessing the magnificent architectural beauty of this place, you can’t help but admire the ancient artistic talent of your own people.

Dazzled by the beauty that seems to be only seen in movies when admiring the Vu Lam Palace

Trang An Kayaking Ticket Prices

With prices that are quite affordable compared to what Trang An Kayaking has to offer, MIA.vn believes that this journey is well worth reaching into your pocket for an unforgettable experience. Below are the ticket prices for your upcoming travel plans to Ninh Binh:

  • Single Kayak Ticket for 2 hours: 250,000 VND per boat
  • Single Kayak Ticket for 3 hours: 300,000 VND per boat
  • Double Kayak Ticket for 2 hours: 350,000 VND per boat
  • Double Kayak Ticket for 3 hours: 400,000 VND per boat

Notes for Participating in Trang An Kayaking

Rules to Follow during the Experience

To have a smooth and enjoyable Trang An Kayaking journey, you must adhere to the following rules when participating in this form of transportation. Specifically:

  • Tickets will not be refunded once you have boarded the boat or entered the departure area.
  • Always wear specialized life jackets throughout the journey.
  • Be conscious of maintaining hygiene, order, and protecting the landscape and natural environment.
  • Ensure you follow the designated tour route, avoid restricted areas, and refrain from jumping into or swimming in the river.
  • Respect the local traditions, customs, and dress appropriately for temples and pagodas.
  • Do not play music in the tourist area using any means, and do not bring personal speakers.
  • Ensure good health before boarding the boat and are required to sign a commitment.
  • Fines ranging from 1,000,000 VND to 3,000,000 VND will be imposed for violating the mentioned rules.
  • In case of causing fire, damage, or loss of rented equipment, whether unintentional or intentional, penalties will be based on the extent of the damage; serious violations to the heritage area may lead to prosecution.
Adhering to the rules when participating in Trang An Kayaking is essential to ensure a complete and safe experience for yourself and everyone involved

Why You Might Be Restricted from Joining Trang An Kayaking

If you fall into any of the following cases when wanting to kayak in Trang An, congratulations, you might have to “wait for another turn.” Let’s wait for a more suitable time in the future if you still intend to explore Trang An in this way!

  • Children under 16 or individuals with weak physical conditions; those with heart, blood pressure, nervous system, bone, or joint problems.
  • Individuals using stimulants and alcohol when entering the tourist area are sure to be restricted from participating in Trang An Kayaking.

Other Important Notes

In addition, before kayaking in Trang An, DanangPrivateCar.com would like to bring to your attention some other important considerations. Make sure to note these down on your bucket list:

  • Physical training at least 1 week before participating. You must commit to ensuring full and stable health to engage in vigorous physical activity and have no underlying conditions such as respiratory or cardiovascular diseases.
  • Listen carefully and follow instructions before boarding the boat. Also, familiarize yourself with kayaking techniques through pre-trip videos or basic guidance from the tourist area’s guiding team.
  • Always wear a life jacket throughout the journey and essential protective gear: wetsuit, towel, hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen…
  • Apart from the designated locations in the Trang An Kayaking route, you are not allowed to move to other coordinates or traverse through underwater caves.
  • Secure the boat carefully and neatly when reaching stopping points, and do not jump into the river.
  • Prepare personal medical supplies such as bandages, first aid tape, medications, hydration, and light snacks.
  • Use appropriate clothing for kayaking on the river: water-resistant shoes, sweat-absorbing clothes suitable for strenuous activities.
  • Avoid bringing electronic devices, or if necessary, prepare waterproof covers for protection.

Everything about the Trang An Kayaking routes that you should know if you’re planning to immerse yourself in the magnificent and picturesque nature in Ninh Binh. Hopefully, you’ll also create meaningful moments alongside your dear ones during the upcoming journey.