Visiting Thai Hoa Palace – the venue for great ceremonies and dynastic meetings under the Nguyen Dynasty, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the unique and ancient architectural style and discover many important historical and scientific documents. 

Hue is always associated with unique historical works. Thai Hoa Palace is one of the tourist attractions of the locality here. Visitors can visit Thai Hoa Palace to freely admire the ancient architecture, besides, this is also an ideal check-in place in the ancient capital.

Introduction to Thai Hoa Palace Hue

If tourists love to explore the culture of the Nguyen Dynasty royal palace, Thai Hoa Palace is an ideal destination. This is a place often held great ceremonies, dynastic meetings of kings, princes, and ministers under the Nguyen Dynasty.

Thai Hoa Palace is located in the complex of Hue Citadel relics

The work was built in February 1805 and completed in October of that year. The main hall at that time was located about 45m northwest of the present position, in 1833 was re-planned and completed the system. Up to now, Thai Hoa Hue Palace has also undergone many renovations.

Discovering Thai Hoa Palace, many tourists when traveling to Hue are not surprised by the majesty and magnificence. This is one of the unique architecture in Hue recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

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What is special about Thai Hoa Palace in Hue ancient capital?

Hue tourist sites are often associated with historical and cultural factors. Not only that, here visitors also feel the peace and closeness of nature and people. Exploring Thai Hoa Hue Palace, you will have the opportunity to admire the unique architecture, along with many historical values ​​through preserved documents and artifacts.

The typical architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty

The architectural style of “snail overlap” is learned by many tourists when visiting Thai Hoa Palace in Hue. Some locals also call it a “same-wage overlap”, referring to the overlapping roofs and interconnected houses.

The total surface area of ​​this temple is 1,360 m2. The electric ground area is designed to be about 1m higher than the ground, about 2.35m above the ground. The main hall is the house behind with a structure consisting of 5 compartments and 2 wings. In front is the electricity bill with 7 compartments and 2 wings.

As for the roof truss system, the front part is a “stacked-premium” type with an extremely delicate structure. The rear truss part has a simpler design. In between the two upper floors is a strip of match necks around the sides of the building. The uniqueness is shown in the fact that the compartments in the match neck strip will be decorated with drawings and poems.

The roof of the electricity is designed very delicately

Talking about the architecture of Thai Hoa Palace, many visitors will be mentioned quite a lot about the number 5 and 9. These numbers appear quite a lot on the steps of the palace, along with it also in the form of pages. interior decoration. When the King moves from Dai Cung Mon to the palace, he needs to step up the lower platform is 9 levels and the upper platform is 5 levels. The number of steps to the second and first Bai Dinh is 9. Besides, in areas such as the throne, the temple, … each place is decorated with a set of 9 dragons.

Visitors check in at the gate of Thai Hoa Palace – Hue

The unique architecture of this work makes Thai Hoa Palace a famous tourist destination in the ancient capital of Hue.

Inside Thai Hoa Palace is a “masterpiece”

The house frame system at Thai Hoa Palace is mainly made of ironwood. There are more than 80 columns painted with gold-plated dragons, which are very eye-catching and delicate. When visiting the electricity bill, it is easy to see the yellow painted plate, prominent in the middle is the three large words “Thai Hoa Dien“. In addition, there are additional small inscriptions indicating the time of construction, rework as well as the years of overhaul of this work.

Enjoy the virtual life inside the architectural works in Hue Citadel


Ticket price to visit Thai Hoa Palace in Hue

Thai Hoa Palace is one of the attractions chosen by many tourists when coming to Hue Citadel. In addition, here you can also visit many other works such as: Dien Tho Palace, Forbidden City, Duyet Thi Duong, …

Hue Citadel is a tourist destination not to be missed when coming to this city

Ticket prices to visit Hue Citadel are as follows:

  • Ticket price for Vietnamese guests: 150,000 VND/adult ticket, 30,000 VND/child ticket
  • Ticket price for international guests: 200,000 VND/adult ticket, 40,000 VND/child ticket

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Notes when visiting Thai Hoa Palace

As a cultural and historical attraction, when coming to Thai Hoa Palace, visitors also need to note some of the following information to have the safest and most convenient trip:

  • Choose modest, discreet clothing.
  • Visitors are not allowed to take pictures, record the interior and not touch the artifacts.
  • It is recommended to learn the sightseeing map in advance to avoid getting lost when moving inside.
  • Maintain hygiene and general landscape to ensure clean and beautiful relic campus.

If you are wondering where to go for a 1-day tour of Hue, the Thai Hoa Palace inside the Hue Citadel is also considered an interesting choice. This place not only helps you to discover and admire the architecture, but also a check-in point with bold ancient colors of the ancient capital.

Thai Hoa Palace with unique and ancient architecture has become a tourist destination not to be missed when visiting the beautiful city of Hue. Coming to this project, visitors also have the opportunity to expand their cultural knowledge and enlighten the long-standing historical values.