What tourist attractions should you visit when visiting Hue? What interesting places should be marked on the Hue Tourist Map? Right now, let’s discover the answer in the article sharing the new and complete Hue Tourist Maps below!

A brief introduction about Hue 

Hue is a city which is filled mostly by trees, so the weather here is very cool, fresh and quiet. However, the city is not less busy and crowded than others. Each year, the city celebrates the fantastic festival to introduce the Vietnamese traditional food, flowers, trees, kite flying and Vietnamese traditional costumes.

Throughout the city, the ancient tombs, temples and gardens of age with a few hundred years old are still preserved. Hue has several tourist attractions which are very peaceful and ancient. Among these is Hue Citadel which was recognized is World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Hue Citadel is one of the place where attract the most tourists every year. Besides, there are many ancient pagodas, temples… that is also known by many tourist tourists around the world. In summary,

In addition, tourists also know Hue with its smooth, mellow voice and friendly people. Hue people are very rustic, cheerful and pretty. These are also the characteristics for Hue to hold tourists.

Hue tourist map 

Haven’t been to Hue? Do you search on google for Hue tourist attractions? There are too many places, too much information that makes you confused? So “holding” a Hue tourist map is really necessary. Digiticket’s summary map will help you find your way conveniently, narrowing down the hottest places today. Let’s consult now!

Hue Monuments

Hue capital

Start with a tour of Hue city with the ancient relics of the ancient capital. These are historical buildings built during the Nguyen Dynasty. Among them is the imperial city of Hue, the residence of the Nguyen Dynasty for 143 years.

Also somewhat similar to China, Korea, Hue preserves the ancient citadel of kings living from ancient Vietnam. Hue Citadel was built on the north side of the Perfume River, facing south. The total area of ​​this project is up to 520ha. The walls are delicately structured and the fortresses are spaced evenly.’

Initially, people used the land to build the citadel, in the reign of King Gia Long, it was built with more solid bricks. Around the citadel, there is a river system both to protect this work and to serve waterway traffic.

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Hue Imperial Citadel and Forbidden City 

Outside the Hue citadel is surrounded by the Imperial Citadel, also known as the second citadel. This is the place where the king and royal family live, as well as the place to receive the court. This place is also a place to worship ancestors and deceased kings of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Located in the innermost, or inner citadel, is also the Forbidden City (the Palace). The Forbidden City was designed and built in the second Gia Long year (1803). Currently, the Forbidden City is no longer intact because of the impact of the war.


Thien Mu Pagoda 

Hue Tourism Map cannot be complete without Thien Mu pagoda, one of the famous pagodas, appearing a lot in Vietnamese poetry. Also known as Linh Mu Pagoda, this pagoda has a long history in the city. Located on Ha Khe hill near the left bank of the Perfume River, this place reached the consensus of Lord Nguyen Hoang and the people at that time, so the pagoda was built.

In addition, there are many famous pagodas that you can visit such as Tu Dam, Tu Hieu, Bao Quoc, or Thien Lam


System of mausoleums 

Besides visiting the citadel, coming to Hue will hardly ignore the system of tombs of kings. There are all 7 mausoleums of famous kings. These include: Gia Long Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb, Thieu Tri Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, Dong Khanh Tomb, Duc Duc Tomb and Khai Dinh Tomb. Each mausoleum will have interesting stories revolving around these kings.

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Tourist places in Hue city 

Truong Tien Bridge

Referring to Hue is thinking of the Perfume River and perhaps everyone knows the famous Truong Tien bridge that crosses this river in the middle of the cityThe Vietnamese also call the bridge with another name, Trang Tien Bridge. The whole bridge has a length of 402.60m, with 6 spans of steel beams bent along the comb. The bridge is about 6m wide with typical Gothic architecture. The bridge head is located in Phu Hoa ward, the tail end is in Phu Hoi ward.


Huong river

Hue tourist map would not be complete without the Perfume River . More than 30km long, the flow of the river originates from the Truong Son range, using the fierceness to overcome 55 waterfalls to Hue, it flows slowly and smoothly. The river water looks like a new green shirt when crossing the foot of Hon Chen mountain.

Somewhere there are a few oars downstream with the sweet voice of the Hue people. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the famous “Hue royal court music” on this romantic river on the moonlit night.


Ngu Binh Mountain 

The Perfume River always goes with Ngu Mountain, these are two symbols of the natural beauty of Hue. If you have the opportunity to stand on top of Ngu Binh mountain , you will be “admired” by the beauty that appears before your eyes. From afar, Ngu Mountain has a fresh green color, lush trees, bringing a feeling of relaxation and peace.


Phu Cam Church 

There is a place like Europe in the heart of Hue that is Phu Cam church. This place is known as the cathedral of Hue Archdiocese. Located on a hill called Phuoc Qua, from here you can see the beautiful scenery of the ancient capital. Overview of the church is designed in the shape of an arc with the famous Gothic architecture in Europe. The wall was built of brick and stone, through many ups and downs of time, the church still retains its unique beauty.

Thien An Hill – Thuy Tien Lake 

If you have joined the travel review group community, you are probably no stranger to this place. Famous for its mystery, with a bit of horror, Thuy Tien Lake is a destination that attracts many young people to check-in. When you come here, don’t hesitate to make a ghost or “cool” pose.

In fact, this is the park built on the side of Thien An hill . This hill has vast pine forests and green trees, so it is likened to “Da Lat in Hue“. The most prominent is the image of a giant dragon by the lake, you can go inside the dragon and enjoy the view from the dragon’s mouth.


Dong Ba Market

Want to go shopping for gifts to bring back to your family? Dong Ba Market is probably very familiar through many songs and books. This is also a bustling shopping destination, in addition to a luxurious commercial center. With the age of hundreds of years, Dong Ba market has existed since many Nguyen kings. Up to now, the trade and business is still busy, attracting many tourists to visit.


Huong Thuy Xuan Village

Vietnam has the custom of worshiping Buddha, gods and ancestors, so incense sticks are used a lot in the daily life of Vietnamese people.

One of the other beauties of Hue is the preservation of traditional craft villages. In which, the most prominent is Thuy Xuan incense village and is praised by the international press as an attractive tourist destination. Bouquets of incense with brilliant colors of red, blue, yellow, purple, are arranged side by side through the skillful hands of the people. This is an ideal virtual live background for you to be creative.

Tourist places far from the city center

Lang Co beach

Going a little further from the city center, let yourself be close to the sea. In Hue, there is Lang Co beach, which is known by many international tourists. As one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in Vietnam, Lang Co has fine white sand and clear blue sea water typical of the central terrain. Here, you can participate in sea activities such as skydiving, swimming, or canoeing…


Thuan An Beach

Thuan An beach is as famous as Lang Co because of its wild beauty, there has not been much exploitation of tourism. However, it attracts many tourists to visit because of its peaceful beauty, cool blue water, fine sand. Here, you will enjoy fresh seafood.


Lap An lagoon

Another interesting destination near Lang Co beach area is Lap An lagoon. This is the coordinates that many Vietnamese young people are passionate about to hunt for the sunset moment. In the distance is the blue color of Bach Ma mountain range, the sunset gradually disappears, the calm water surface sparkles like silver by the late afternoon golden sunlight.

That moment was like in a peaceful oil painting. Coming here, you can also enjoy many delicious dishes made from oysters because this is the land of oyster farming in Hue.

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Tam Giang Lagoon

If you have the opportunity to come to Hue, you must not miss the opportunity to explore Tam Giang. This place is the confluence of O Lau, Bo and Perfume rivers before flowing into the East Sea. This is also home to the largest mangrove area, many aquatic animals live here. There are also many species of water birds that choose this place to live, making the scenery here more vivid. When the sky falls in the afternoon, Tam Giang Lagoon brings beautiful scenery.


Ho Truoi

Owning an area of ​​400ha, Truoi Lake is known as the largest hydroelectric project in the province. With a capacity of up to 60 million cubic meters of water, it contributes to supporting rural work for the city. But thanks to the surrounding natural beauty, Truoi Lake is praised as an impressive tourist destination in Hue.

Located at the foot of the majestic Bach Ma mountain, coming here you will see a large green lake surrounded by mountain ranges and fresh trees. The scenery of the water is charming, it would be a waste not to visit this coordinate. With the peaceful mountain and water background here, it will be very suitable for the “deep” concept that young people love today.


Bach Ma National Park

Located at an altitude of 1,450m above sea level, Bach Ma National Park will be an interesting vacation spot in your Hue tourist map. This place has four green seasons, a poetic waterfall, a cool and fresh climate suitable for many rare animals and plants to live.

Coming here in the blooming azalea season, you will have the opportunity to see a huge and brilliant flower carpet. Standing on the top of Bach Ma mountain, zooming in further, you will clearly see Hai Van pass, Tuy Van mountain or Cau Hai lagoon.


That’s the end of the  extremely detailed and interesting Hue tourist map . Hopefully through this article, you will have a better reference for your upcoming trip. Don’t forget to update more famous mausoleums in Hue  from Danang Private Car’s . Wish you have a trip full of joy!