Explore Bach Ma National Park Hue: Detailed travel experience from A to Z

With a rich and diverse ecosystem, along with charming natural beauty, Bach Ma Hue National Park is a place that receives the attention of many traveling devotees. The following article provides some information about Bach Ma National Park in Hue, hopefully it will be useful for you in your upcoming Hue exploration.

About Bach Ma National Park

Where is Bach Ma National Park located?

Bach Ma mountain range is the boundary between two provinces, namely Da Nang and Thua Thien Hue. So many tourists will wonder which province Bach Ma National Park belongs to ?

Bach Ma National Park is located in Thua Thien Hue province. Bach Ma Mountain Hue is actually a mountain located in Bach Ma National Park, located in Phu Loc district, far from the city center. Hue is about 60km to the south.

Bach Ma is one of the 30 most abundant flora and fauna reserves in the country and has been ranked at the national level.

How to get to Bach Ma Mountain?

From the city center. Hue, you move in the direction of Da Nang, go to National Highway 1A to Phu Loc district. Notice that you will see a signboard to go to Bach Ma National Park or ask the locals.

From the city center. Da Nang, go straight along the route Dien Bien Phu – Ton Duc Thang – Nguyen Luong Bang – Hai Van Pass – National Highway 1A passing through Hue. Drive to Cau Hai market, turn left to reach the road leading to Bach Ma National Park. Google Maps

The best time to go to Bach Ma mountain – Bach Ma National Park?

You should take advantage of going when it is still sunny, the summer here lasts from December to April and the period from June to July; avoid the rainy season.

Description of Bach Ma National Park

With an altitude of 1,450m above sea level, Bach Ma Peak is attractive by its unique climate of 4 seasons in 1 day.

Bach Ma mountain area also has more than 55 species of precious animals and more than 500 species of plants, in which there are many rare species of plants such as rosemary, agarwood, Bach Ma nuggets.

Along the small paths leading into the deep forest, you will easily encounter many strange-shaped animals such as saola, pheasant, and pheasant.

In the buffer zone surrounding the National Park, there are 4 ethnic groups living: Kinh, Co Tu, Van Kieu and Muong. People live in concentrated villages in alternating villages. Cultivation practices of all communes in the region are mainly wet rice production and livestock raising and forestry.

Travel experience in Bach Ma National Park

Visiting Vong Hai Dai

Located at an altitude of about 1,430m above sea level, Hai Dai Vong (marine observatory) is located at the top of Bach Ma. From this position, you can capture the entire Bach Ma national forest, Lang Co bay or Canh Duong beach in sight.

Five Lakes Bach Ma (5 natural lakes)

As a landscape that converges from 5 small lakes, creating a rather special large stream, Ngu Ho waterfall is about 2km from Bach Ma peak, right at Do Quyen villa.

Do Quyen Waterfall

It is the appearance of rhododendron flowers that Do Quyen waterfall has such a name. In March every year, the waterfall area is more brilliant because the flowers bloom white in the whole area.

Truoi Lake – Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery

Truoi Lake has an area of ​​​​about 400 hectares built for the purpose of irrigating fields. Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery was built on a high mountain, next to Truoi lake, with charming and feng shui scenery.
Here, visitors can understand more about the Zen line Truc Lam Yen Tu; learn more about the origins of national Buddhism.

Visiting Bach Ma Village

As a new tourist area put into operation, Bach Ma Village is located in Khe Su village, Loc Tri commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province – in the area of ​​Bach Ma national park.

Bach Ma Village is “hidden” in the middle of the vast mountains and forests, leaving the hustle and bustle of the crowded city, bringing quite wild beauty, fresh and quiet air.

Here, you will have impressive experiences such as soaking in the cool stream, camping and visiting the “dwarf” houses.

Ticket price to visit Bach Ma Village tourist area

Adult ticket price: 150,000 VND/ticket.

+ Children under 0.9 m tall: free

+ Children from 0.9 m – 1m3 tall: 60% of adult fare

+ Children over 1m3 tall: 100% apply as adult tickets

For people in Loc Tri commune and Phu Loc town: 75,000 VND/adult and 50,000 VND/child. Free for children under 0.9 m.

Ticket price to visit Bach Ma National Park

To visit and explore Bach Ma National Park, you just need to buy an entrance ticket with the reference price:

  • Adults: 60,000 VND/person
  • Children, students, students, people with disabilities, people over 60 years old: 20,000 VND/person

Where to stay in Bach Ma National Park?

Thong Nang Campground

Thong Nang campground is located at Km 17 on the way to the top of Bach Ma, the campground can accommodate about 40-50 people, the camping fee is as follows:

+ Cleaning fee and electricity and water (mandatory): 60,000 VND/adult and 30,000 VND/child

+ Supervision fee (mandatory): 300,000 VND/group

+ Tent rental fee (if guests need to rent): 250,000 VND / tent for 3-4 people (including Tent, insulation pad, pillow and sleeping bag)

+ Charge for renting a charcoal grill (if guests need to rent): 100,000 VND/stove + 2 kg of coal, 30,000 VND/kg of coal for extra use

Villa Do Quyen

Reference price from 750,000 VND -1,000,000 VND/room

Villa Phong Lan

Reference price is about 1,050,000 VND / room

Villa Kim Giao

Reference price is from 750,000 VND to 950,000 VND/room

Bao An’s House

Reference price is about 750,000 VND / room

Bach Ma National Park tour 2 days 1 night for reference

Day 01: Move to Bach Ma


08h00: Depart for Bach Ma National Park, stop at the showroom to do procedures and listen to introduction about Bach Ma

11:30: Have lunch at restaurant and check in hotel to rest.

Afternoon: Walking to explore Bach Ma primeval forest, visit Tran Le Xuan villa, Hai Vong Dai villa, Ngo Dinh Can villa. Here you can admire the beauty of the vegetation and have a panoramic view of Cau Hai lagoon and the bay – Chan May port.
18h00: Dinner at restaurant, free rest and explore Bach Ma at night.

Day 02: Bach Ma – Lang Co

Morning: Breakfast. You continue the journey of walking through the forest to Kim Quy stream – Scorpio valley to visit and bathe at Ngu Ho.

Here, you will immerse yourself in the shimmering, magical water of a system of 5 lakes and a series of magical streams and waterfalls. Leaving Bach Ma for Da Nang
Noon: Lunch at Lang Co.
Afternoon: Move back

Review of visitors about Bach Ma National Park

Nature has bestowed upon us humans a wonder of the vast green forest with diverse species like Bach Ma so precious and precious, I had the opportunity to visit 2 years ago and now look back at the old pictures. I still remember the fresh air of Bach Ma here.

Trip from February 2021. On a sunny day. My sisters and I walked from the gate of the National Park up to Do Quyen waterfall. It’s very hard, but the scene is very beautiful, there are many scenes that can only be seen with real eyes, the camera can’t describe it. Along the way, there are many big poplar trees, many lonely trees, etc. in general, there are many beautiful and strange phenomena.

National parks are associated with nature. If you go to the potty remember to start early and make sure to be healthy. Going up the mountain takes all day, otherwise by car, you can pair with another group to split the cost. The scenery is excellent, many animals, beautiful views, and impressive waterfalls.

Beautiful, majestic nature. Unfortunately, it has not been properly exploited to promote its potential, many old villas are abandoned, which is very unfortunate.

Experience traveling to Bach Ma mountain

  • Bring clothes that have good elasticity and absorbency
  • Sports shoes, sized to fit the foot for convenience for walking and climbing.
  • Prepare more cold medicine, oil pain, mosquito repellent, cotton bandage.
  • If you decide to camp overnight on the top of the mountain, bring your tent, tarpaulin, sleeping bag (or blanket), food, mini gas stove, etc.

Transport To Bach Ma National Park From Danang

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